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November 25, 2020, 03:08:00 am


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Final Fantasy Tactics: Kind Of PSP (Current Version: 2.6)

Started by Eternal248, April 21, 2012, 08:53:46 pm


It's been a bit, but I -think- I just changed the text to something else and that fixed the WotL text issues. Sorry I can't be of more help, it's been a really long time.
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
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Just wanted to pop in and say "Thank you" to Eternal for all your efforts.
I discovered the site a couple of days ago and I am already fallen in love with your patch.
I can't express how it feels, it brings me back fond memories from sweet days of my youth.
Actually I've just begun Chapter 2, game is more challenging than Vanilla but the challenge is fun and I like it so far, frustrating in the beginning but I'm beginning to adapt.
I'll give a report when I'll finish my run
Good karma to you!

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I'm glad you're enjoying it! Please, let me know if you have any feedback, positive or negative. Everything helps!
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"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
  • Discord username: eternal248#1817


Well it's still pretty early, I've just recruited Agrias... anyway, to not risk forgetting, some very early considerations related to the first 2 chapters. Take it for what they are.
Premise: I've adopted a less grindy playstile, since level scaling seems a double edged sword, so I tried to keep the lowest profile possible. Don't know if I made the right choice.
I've never claimed to be skilled, but some story fights required me several restarts! Almost like the first time I've approached FFT. Maybe I should have gained more levels? Actually I'm stuck on the last Gaffgarion fight, which give me some food for thought: so overwhelming!

What I liked:
- Mp cost on sword skills makes the characters who use the, more interesting
- buff-debuffs
- a more balanced approach between physical fighters and magic users in party
- general monster overhaul
- reduced movement, placement now counts more
- skill overhaul (generally speaking), especially archers and onion knight
- a lot of other things. I had a lot of fun overall, and some victories were very very sweet, with epic moments and narrow episodes

What I found frustrating (so far)
- rending is very present, almost to a point where I see more and more appealing the "safe" passive to make equipment un-rendable. If that's the case, and this skill is a must-have, I'd prefer a slightly adjustment, as I don't like automatic choices
- support characters and dedicated healers are a must have (so far). See above about automatic choices
- magic carried the day too many times. When a scenario gives me problems, I bring 2 black mages and usually make it through (Again: I'm in the early game)
- rubber boots making lightning magic (and coral sword equip to a lesser extent) a dead skill pretty early (until at least I go beyond that level plateau. Everyone seemed to equip them)
- When I used Coco, I sadly discovered Esuna is vertical 0. I can see the reasoning behind it, monster healing is already fearsome in random encounters, still...
- Strangely enough, Squire Ramza cannot equip axes whatsoever (I wanted to give them a try)
- Sometime Tailwind is 69, sometimes 71 %. I don't understand if it's an error or a mechanic underlying that I can't see
- In some story missions, massed ranged damage and odd CT placement made too many, too frequent turn 1 kills, which I found frustrating (or maybe who knows I suck  :P). The last fight with guest Agrias, for instance, saw me and enemy start as 2 distinct blocks of CT time, and since they have the initiative AND range with 2 guns and 2 bows + skills, I've found it negative

What I'd like to see (so far)
- more knockback on rush and stone
- a more focused selection of onion knights active skills. I appreciated the change but it is not enough to entice me to play it - yet.

That's it for now! Keep up the good work, and thanks again

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Hi Eternal,
Fantastic mod.  I've had a blast playing it.  It feels as different from WotL as WotL was from the PSX version.  I wanted to add my feedback for your consideration.  I only had one show stopper overall.  I'd also add that I'm a very experienced player, and I'm very deliberate when it comes to strategy.  I've put about 90 hours on this mod so far.  I won't cover issues you are already aware of (sprite issues, etc.).  Overall I give this mod a solid "A".

- The initial battle at Siedge Weald is very difficult if the player doesn't grind out a few levels and jobs first.  This isn't necessarily bad, but an observation.
- The bulk of Chapters I - Chapter IV (I've completed everything through Mullonde Cathedral) were very well done.  Enemy variety was very nice. 
- Itemization was fair (even if I wasn't happy with the loss of my over-powered items haha).  Sacrificing HP for +2 speed was a hard choice, but I nearly always went with the HP.  knight swords requiring 2H was probably a good idea from a balance perspective.  I could not dual wield flails despite the tooltips indicating it was possible.
- Guns are extremely underwhelming.  Fomalhaut does max of about 120 damage at level 99.  Blaze Gun ~70 damage or less.  Glacial Gun did better ranging from 120 - 180.  Blaster came out about the same.  I couldn't tell a noticeable difference when equipping gear that boosts elemental damage.
- The battle against Bremondt was very unforgiving.  I attempted the fight at level 80 - 85 before I had any endgame gear.  I didn't have many problems with the minor enemies, but his soulbind tipped the scale from difficult to frustrating.  Doing too much damage kills my party, but not doing enough means I can't get past his regen and calculator heals.  The dragon phase is manageable with the appropriate elemental resistance gear.  The fight just took a while because I wasn't doing very high damage without endgame gear.
- I grinded to level 99 for Midlight's Deep.  The battles were a bit easier than I anticipated until reaching the FOUR FIENDS fight on level 4.  It took balancing resist gear and finding a way negate the Death monster skill.  The unfortunate part is the Bomb only ever used Self-Destruct and the damage is non-elemental so it always hits for 999 each time.  Once I got a good feel for the fight, I kited the Tiamat with Sq/DK Ramza, ignored the Mindflayer completely, and balanced reviving my allies and using Phoenix Downs on the Skeleton.  Kill order had to be Skeleton then Bomb then Mindflayer then Tiamat.
- When I reached floor 6, I started encountering a crash, which I was able to repeat about every 2 - 3 battles.  It would always occur at the end of Ramza's turn near the beginning of the battle.  I've attached a screenshot of his setup.  PPSSPP v1.4.2 - ULES00850.

All in all, I think you've done a great job and you've kept up with it so well over the years.  Feel free to let me know if you need any specific feedback.
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So did this version remove 'blue mage' style learning of the lvl 4 Wizard -aja- spells? I've tried many times and can't seem to get my characters to learn them... and I don't see the change in the patch notes.
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November 23, 2017, 07:51:36 pm #306 Last Edit: November 27, 2017, 09:36:10 am by kiyroyoo
this patch is really fun and hard for a newcomer like me, but the thing is, the game freezes a lot at random times, only the patched version froze , i dont know the cause because most of the times are random and different reasons like casting, walking and attacking

using PPSSPP 1.4.2 EUR ISO with this patch 2.5

Edit:thanks to ildon the game works but i have one question, did you put degenerator traps in some maps? im really struggling in the early game
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Knight Lord

I have a thought that might me of some decent input...

I notice a LOT of ranged enemies repeatedly using rend weapon on my characters with rare weapons. Since there's a limited number of these weapons and I can't just go get a new one I end up just reverting to the last save until my weapon doesn't break. I understand it's intentional because those weapons are strong and you are constantly at risk of them breaking to make it more intense and careful around placements, but when the enemy archer has the high ground and can hit the entire map with rend weapon I end up just trying over and over until the weapon doesn't break. This makes it super tedious to get through these fights and really takes away more than it adds. Perhaps drop the rate weapons break so the risk is still there but not so strong I reset the same battle 16 times?


Safeguard helps, as does Archer's Bane. Also, you can reobtain rare gear later on in Midlight's Deep. Those are the best ways of dealing with those enemies, other than debilitating them.
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"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
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Knight Lord

Perhaps it's just my opinion, but it really feels as though safeguard is not optional when progressing, which, to me, takes away a LOT since it fills an entire slot just to make sure you can continue to use your weapon-specific abilities and range. That's a decent chunk of builds that's outright eliminated. Want to outfit a monk with heavy armor and give them the Genji gear so you can treat them like a frontliner? Too bad the archer broke your genji gear because you didn't have safeguard and took counter instead of archers bane. That being said, I get that there's a lot more importance on buffs and debuffs and less on equipment and I think that part has been very well done, but I can't help but feel requiring one of two abilities puts a huge damper on what I can do vs what I want to do. I don't know what kind of enemies I will face so to prevent it I will always wear one of these two abilities, and I have to learn them very quickly if I want to move on in the story shortly after I gain someone new. Grinding is meant to make my character stronger, not fulfill what feels like a requirement.

I also seem to be the only one with this opinion, so I guess just take it at face value.


Could you give some examples where you felt the Rend skills were overused by enemies? I'd like to re-examine those battles and see if something is amiss. I agree in regards to Safeguard- it's definitely not designed to be a required ability (no ability is designed as such). That being said, I would maybe just use less valuable equipment in those fights, disable the Archers, or use Safeguard on units with that valuable gear. That's ultimately a trade-off of rare gear. It's very strong and can help a lot, but it's vulnerable.
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"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
  • Discord username: eternal248#1817

Knight Lord

The one that comes to mind immediately is the battle at Germinas. The Onion knights are mostly using ranged weapons, I had to deal with multiple attempts on my weapons each round immediately after getting Orlandu, which of course means Excalibur broke before even getting a chance to teach him safeguard.

I'll let you know if I find more, though, that's as far as I've gotten, that battle in particular frustrated me to no end. I haven't gotten past Elmdore yet, bastard isn't giving me that genji gear easily, so I'm grinding out a second thief (and have since gotten safeguard for Orlandu) to make it easier.


I very much agree regarding safeguard. I basically train every character in Chemist before they move on to anything as a neccesity, as even common goblins can rend my weapon. While it was barely useful in vanilla (beyond Meliadoul fights), it is now very expensive to play without it. I enjoy the heightened difficulty and overall balance in the mod, but I think each and every one of us is an optimiser at heart (still replaying this game and whatnot), allowing your hard earned equipment to break is just too much to bear.

It especially hurts when archers and other ranged units have it, as then I'm hesitant to bring anyone without Safeguard equipped (as even backrow characters aren't close to safe).

I'm not saying it should be completely eliminated from the game, rather that it's too common. That kind of difficulty is forcing players to stick to certain tactics in order to avoid a particular obnoxious factor (keeping your equipment safe) rather than actually focusing on overcoming your enemies and fulfilling victory requirements.

I still enjoy the fresh feel of the mod by the way, and it's the first FFT mod I have even played (I discovered this forum by accident and am in shock that it's still relatively alive).
  • Modding version: WotL


I'm here just to say! Great work!! This is so far, my favorite game ever, both vanilla and WOTL. This is a great way to maintain the game a float, I love hacking and mods. WOTL (my unpopular opinion) is my favorite because of the quantity of items added. I love when people get exited when someone is doing a mod for WOTL.


Would it be possible to get a version of this with just the extra items, extra battles and quality of life changes? Failing that would you please be willing to make fftpatch the file available so others might implement a different version? I really love the idea of this mod and many of the features make this the definitive version of the game in my mind, but several features add a lot of tedium - move+ skills removed, rending enemies, magic costs on special abilities, etc.

Someone asked for a version with only these changes a while back:

-Multiplayer items have been imported into Singleplayer by overriding some existing, rarely used items.
-Multiplayer battles have been imported into Midlight's Deep.
-Multiplayer items have been added, and have replaced some existing items. Most can be acquired by beating battles in Midlight's Deep. (PSP)
-Ability to steal from Elmdore.
-Alicia, Rad, and Lavian come with 70 Brave and 70 Faith. (PSX/PSP)
-Cloud's Limits no longer require the Materia Blade, but do require a Sword to be used. (PSX/PSP)
-Braver, Cross-Slash, and Omnislash are now based on PA and WP. (PSX/PSP)
-Aim skills are faster. (PSP)
-1 day errands.
-Move-find items are 100%"

Would you please reconsider some sort of version like this? Perhaps a version with just the main extra content and quality of life changes or alternatively one with few of the more tedious changes removed. Either way... whatever's easier, or I'd be more than willing to try my hand at making these changes if you'd allow it. Thank you.

Edit - I just discovered that patched roms are editable. I've edited a copy of it but the slowdown patch was somehow removed in the process. It can be added back with this version - http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=9523.0
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Hey guys! Apologies for the delay, I missed that there were additional comments until I just saw Stilgar's:

@Ged: I'll take a look and see why enemies are using Rend skills so much. I assume it's just because they're free and more accurate now, but I definitely don't want it detracting from the experience.

@Stilgar: I'll see what I can whip up. The changes were made mostly just to ensure that things are still somewhat balanced, as the Move+ skills can get broken pretty quickly. I'm also looking into the Rend skills. Should be an easy enough edit... I'll see if I can release a separate version when I release 2.6, which shouldn't be (too) far into the future.

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"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
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Had I known I could make tweaks for my personal use based on your mod (and how straightforward the patcher is) I wouldn't have posted. Others may enjoy a more vanilla tuning though. Perhaps tuning is the wrong word... some added difficulty is welcome especially late in the game but some of the changes effect the gameplay a little too much for my taste. Move+ for example: after playing the game so many times over the years having them removed doesn't make it feel harder, it only makes things feel slow. Pricing Raise JP at ~750 didn't add any enjoyment for me either, it just artificially draws out time spent grinding. I don't mean to criticize, this is all just one man's opinion and I hope the feedback is useful. Your mod adds enough that I wouldn't want to play without it but some of the changes feel more like tedium, and that can be said for a few of the vanilla features too.

I've only played your mod through Chapter 2 and I'm almost caught up to that point with the version I tinkered with. I hadn't played the WotL version previously but I've played vanilla-PSX at least a dozen times over the years. As such some of the things I tinkered with may not be for the best, I'd like the difficulty to remain as high in CH 4 as it is in CH 1. Anyway here's what I changed, mostly just reverting some things back to vanilla. Maybe this will help if you're seriously considering making an "easy-type" or "vanilla+".

-Added Move+ abilities to their normal spots and gave +3 to Dancer too. Lancer got Jump +3 although it's redundant.
I never got much out of these other than convenience. I can see how the extra couple of movement points might allow a character to run away and live when they wouldn't otherwise but I think it's rare that the extra movement has much of an effect on the outcome of anything. Even with all jobs normalized to 4 movement, I'd leave +2 from Thief in at the minimum. Crawling across the battlefield isn't fun.

-Innate Raise JP to all classes/characters and changed (mostly raised) JP prices back to default in order to preserve the vanilla pace.
Considering this frees up the Support slot it could be seen as a buff but Raise JP isn't technically mandatory, although I've never gone without it. This just allows for interesting choices in that slot without excessive grinding.

-AI won't rend or steal equipment.
Either it's so infrequent that I'll savescum when it happens or it's so frequent that Safeguard become mandatory for rare equipment. There's no middle ground here; I'm unwilling to lose rare items.

-Removed the added RSM skills on named characters.
I enjoy the feeling of progression throughout the game, this puts a damper on that. With the added skills a lot of characters would only need to level a secondary action skill and then they're done.

-Removed the added mana costs on skills.
While it provided the potential for some interesting choices in battle, I prefer the versatility of the mana-less skills.

-Raised job unlock requirements back to normal for Onion and Dark Knight. Lowered the JP requirement for Level 8 of a job back to normal.

-Put any removed skills back in and changed Ramza's skills to their default effects.
Ramza's +speed abilities can be abused but they're priceless for anything that involves grinding. I can see why you changed it to haste and it's more balanced that way but I don't abuse it outside of the most tedious of circumstances where there's no danger anyway. Some of the others may have been removed for good reason but I'm not inclined to break the game in the extreme anyway - Calculator could be entirely neutered but I'd miss Beowulf's Drain, for example.

-Removed the redundant Jump Action abilities from Dragoon. It's just +3 and +8 now.

-Added the strongest 2 katanas to shops at the end of chapter 4 at a price of approximately 35k and 50k.
It was always a shame to me that these couldn't be used as skills. Price subject to change.

-Ultima/Zodiark learnable with JP at a price of ~2000.
The price might need to be higher to make it an alternative but equal choice, maybe 3k and 4k for Ultima and Zodiark respectively.

-Undid almost all changes to stats, abilities and equipment including damage formulas, mana costs and item effects.
I left everything to do with enemies alone and kept the buffed hit rates of spells like protect, ct buffs, some minor mana cost buffs and Cloud's buffs.
This actually doesn't seem to effect the difficulty of the mod very much so far as most of the tweaks looked minor and the buffs apply to enemies as well, however I'll probably put the nerfs back in for end-game weapons. Overall this is my most questionable change in my mind. I'll have a more informed opinion on this one as I progress through the game.

Like I said I'm still on CH 2 but so far it seems like it's retained the core feeling and pace of vanilla but with added difficulty. It's noticeably harder but not excessively so with a few of the more tedious parts of the base-game streamlined. For what it's worth I'm enjoying it more than vanilla or your normal mod.
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It's been a while since a proper update, hasn't it? Over the past few weeks I've been chipping away at this, reading this forum's posts all the way back from the beginning, making tweaks and changes that hopefully everyone will enjoy. 2.6 is very much going to be an experimental update. I'm making a lot of changes that deviate from the norm, mostly to see how they play out. I expect that sometime within the year, I'll be updating all versions of KO to 3.0 and with any luck, those will be the last updates ever needed for KO, so 2.6 will be a good starting point to see how these larger changes take, while still staying true to the feel of Vanilla. As such, your feedback is more important now than ever.

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback over the years to help make this mod as great as possible!

The update is both on the first page of the thread and attached here. Enjoy!

-The odds of a unit having a Rend [Equipment] skill has been reduced by 20%.

-Job growths have been altered ever so slightly.
   -Squires get a buff to HP, PA, and EVD.
   -Knights get a buff to HP and a nerf to Move.
   -Archers get a buff to HP and Speed, but a nerf to Move.
   -Monks get a buff to HP and Jump, but a nerf to Move.
   -Thieves get a buff to HP, Speed, and PA, and a nerf to MA.
   -Geomancers get a buff to MA.
   -Dragoons get a buff to Speed.
   -Samurai get a buff to HP and MA.
   -Ninja get a buff to HP and PA.
   -Dancers get a buff to Speed, PA, and EVD, but a nerf to MA.

   -Chemists get a buff to HP, MP, MA, and EVD.
   -White Mages get a buff to HP and MA.
   -Black Mages get a buff to MP.
   -Time Mages get a buff to MP and Speed.
   -Summoners get a buff to HP and Speed.
   -Orators get a buff to HP, Speed, a nerf to MP, and lose Innate: Tame (to prevent a bug where enemy Orators could Invite the party's monster units.)
   -Mystics get a buff to HP, Speed, PA, and EVD.
   -Arithmeticians get a buff to HP and MP.
   -Bards get a buff to HP, PA, MA, Speed, and EVD.
   -Mimes get a buff to EVD.
   -Dark Knights get a buff to HP, MA and EVD, but a nerf to PA.
   -Onion Knights get a buff to MP, Speed, PA, MA- note that they also no longer "evolve", in order to prevent glitches. Their skillset has also been reduced to five skills- Tailwind, Chant, Steel, Shout, and Ultima. This is an experiment to see if this allows them to have something of a skillset, and it makes them something of the other half of Squire, giving them some of Ramza's abilities.

   -Delita gets a buff to HP and PA.
   -Mustadio gets a buff to HP, Speed, and Move.
   -Agrias gets a buff to PA.
   -Rapha gets a buff to HP and MA.
   -Marach gets a buff to Speed, PA, Jump and EVD.
   -Orlandeau gets a nerf to MP, PA, Speed, and Move.
   -Meliadoul gets a buff to HP and MP.
   -Beowulf gets a buff to MA and a nerf to MP and PA.
   -Reis (Dragon) gets a buff to HP.
   -Reis (Human) gets a buff to EVD and loses Innate: Tame (see above for reason).
   -Worker 8 gets a buff to HP, but a nerf to Move and EVD and loses Soulbind for Counter and Ignore Terrain for Defense Boost.
   -Cloud gets a buff to PA.
   -Byblos gets a buff to HP, Speed, PA, but loses EXP Boost for Arcane Defense.
   -Luso gets a buff to Speed, PA, and MA, and loses Innate: Tame (see above for reason) as well as Beastmaster and Beast Tongue.

-Huntcraft has been completely changed to make Luso more of a Blue Mage, akin to a potential job of his in FFTA2. The following abilities can be learned Blue Mage style on Luso:
   -Choco Esuna (Chocobos)
   -Goblin Punch (Goblins)
   -Self-Destruct (Bombs)
   -Blaster (Coeurls)
   -Dischord (Mindflayers)
   -Chop (Skeletons)
   -Drain Touch (Ghosts)
   -Doom (Ahrimans)
   -Glitterlust (Cockatrices)
   -Bequeath Bacon (Pigs)
   -Guardian Nymph (Treants)
   -Feral Spin (Minotaurs)
   -Bad Breath (Malboros)
   -Twister (Behemoths)
   -Ice Breath (Dragons)
   -Dark Whisper (Tiamats)

-Hesitation and Repose are now effectively switched- Hesitation is now AoE, whereas Repose is single-target. Hesitation now costs 18 MP and is 5 CT whereas Repose costs 12 and is 3 CT. Both now cost 300 JP.

-Human units are now immune to Invite and it now only works on Monsters. In other words, if you want human units, you'll have to recruit them from the Soldier's Office.

-Praise now restores 30% of an ally's HP.

-Intimidate now removes Protect, Shell, and Haste from an enemy.

-Beast Tongue is no longer needed for any Speechcraft ability and has been removed.

-Rousing Melody's Accuracy is down to base 20%.

-Battle Chant/Magickal Refrain's Accuracy is down to base 30%.

-Slow Dance's Accuracy is down to base 20%.

-Polka/Heathen Frolick's Accuracy is down to base 30%.

-Nameless Song can no longer bestow Reraise.

-Forbidden Dance can no longer inflict Confuse.

-The AI now correctly sees Bad Breath as adding statuses as opposed to removing them.

-Tail Sweep now correctly inflicts Immobilize.

-Adrenaline Rush has been removed from the player's use. On Balthier, Adrenaline Rush was replaced with Critical: Quick.

-Balthier's Plunder abilities should now (hopefully) work as ranged abilities as intended.

-Safeguard's JP cost has been reduced from 100 to 50.

-(Hopefully) fixed a bug where under certain circumstances units could use Rend skills on themselves.

-Fixed a bug where a duplicate Ramza could potentially join the party after a certain battle in Midlight's Deep.

-Tietra now uses Summons in Midlight's Deep rather than Arithmeticks.

-The bug involving Lezales not appearing in the Lezales' Revenge fight in Midlight's Deep should be fixed now- please let me know if it's still not working!

-A bug involving Dark Behemoth using Ramza's sprite in the Dark Halidom has been fixed.

-Move +3 has been properly removed from Cloud's skillset.

-Jump +3 has been properly removed from the Dark Knight's skillset.

-Move +1 has been moved from Knights to Thieves.

-Thieves have lost Jump +2.

-Archers have lost Jump +1 and gained Jump +3.

-Jump +3's JP cost has been reduced from 300 to 200.

-Flame/Ice/Thunder Rod no longer boost their respective elements (in order to balance them for when they're available), but in exchange, they now cast Fira/Blizzara/Thundara potentially on hit, rather than the tier 1 spells. They're now available at different times in shops as well to compensate. Black Robe will be your go-to for elemental boosting.

-Various other small bug fixes and balance changes have been made, namely to certain fights in Midlight's Deep to try and fix a few bugs therein.

Because it's been so long, I'm sure a few things have fallen through the cracks in the changelog, but the below are the biggest changes made. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

@Stilgar: I haven't forgotten your request. I'll see what I can whip up when I have some more spare time. :)

EDIT: It looks like Dark Knight still has Move +3/Jump+3. I'm guessing this is a case of hardcoding. I'll look more into this for the next update- my apologies!
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
  • Discord username: eternal248#1817


For what it's worth I would also love a vanilla+ version of your mod! And ETA on that? Thank you  :)
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown

Prof Oats

Hi! Made an account just to comment on this. Played 2.4 a while back, and decided to check up on this mod literally a few hours after the 2.6 update, pretty wild coincidence. I'm at endgame for this new patch now (4 floors into Midlight's Deep), and I've got some feedback. Hope any of this helps.

- Like the stat changes. I definitely feel the difference for Geomancer, Mustadio, and Rapha (that girl is kinda busted now, but I'm not complaining).
- Luso's new class is a lot of fun. Choco Esuna, Guardian Nymph, and Bequeath Bacon are all incredible, and definitely give him a support class feel, and Goblin Punch and Dischord are useful in the right situation. Ice Breath never seems to do damage, though. I'm not sure if you used the damage formula for Reis or an actual Blue Dragon, but yeah. Chop wasn't very useful either.
- I don't know how Luso's supposed to learn Blaster. Either it misses and I can't learn the move, or it hits and I'm petrified/stopped, and I can't learn the move.
- I might have just been dumb and missed it, but if I remember correctly, none of the 3 Behemoths had Twister, even when given the extra move. I ended up learning it from an Ultima Demon.
- Speaking of Twister, it works on EVERYTHING, even when it's probably not supposed to. A few of the boss fights in Midlight's Deep turned into "cast haste and protect Luso as he pounds away with 999-damage Twisters again and again".
- Throughout my entire playthrough, Praise had a 0% chance of success.
- Thank you so much for reducing the amount of enemies with Rend skills. I was tired of losing my Ribbons. It feels much more manageable now.

And since I have yet to comment on the mod in general, a few thoughts that aren't 2.6-specific.

- The endgame stuff at Lionel is a bit strange. During the first battle, I was really just fighting Aliste and one Ninja. The two archers fired into the wall the whole time, the mages buffed the archers and stayed back, and the second Ninja flew onto the gate and started throwing Icebrands into the wall for a few turns before trying to attack me. The second fight is a lot of fun (always been one of my favorites) but Bremondt feels significantly harder than all of the Midlight's Deep stuff I've done so far (done all the fights on floors 1-3, just got to floor 4). I'm not sure what could be done about that, if anything, but it felt odd being "locked off" from Midlight's Deep because the battle blocking the way was so much harder.
- The fight where you unlock Balthier. Because of the Aim buffs, Balthier nerfs, and whatever else, both playthroughs I ran into this situation, where an Archer would aim at Balthier and one-shot the poor guy before any of my team could interfere. On the second playthrough (2.6 patch), I loaded my save, leveled a few times and tried again, and this time Balthier survived with a few hit points.
- I really like the elemental magic variations. They feel more natural in this than the FFTA mod you also made.

Anyway, that's all I got for now. Thanks so much for working so hard on this! It's definitely my favorite mod to one of my favorite games.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown