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October 16, 2021, 05:12:18 am


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Patch Ideas Proposal Thread

Started by RavenOfRazgriz, September 17, 2012, 06:12:58 pm


What Goes Here:

This thread is specifically for suggesting ideas that you personally don't intend to pursue or don't know how to pursue, but think would be cool to pursue.  If you do not intend to actively work on the Project Idea and are just posting it to see if others might be interested in pursuing it, post it here, do not make a new thread.  Making New Project Ideas threads is reserved for ideas the topic creator will be trying to pursue themselves.  The old "Patch Proposals/Ideas Thread" can be found in the Old Project Ideas Archive here.  Note that this thread is Archived, meaning that (obviously) it is old and that it may contain information that is no longer accurate, but it can still be useful in finding Patch Idea discussions that may aide you in figuring out exactly what you want to do with your own Patch.


Pretty simple.  If you intend to actually work on the idea yourself, you're in the wrong thread.  Go make your own thread detailing your idea and what progress you've made so far.  If you simply want to post something like "Someone should make a Halo FFT Patch", but do not intend to or do not know how to make such a patch yourself, that goes here.  You can also use this thread as an Interest Check thread if you want.  For example, "Would anyone here be interested in playing a Halo FFT Patch if I began working on one?"  Note that even for an Interest Check, it is common not to get feedback until you've made something to show to people, so don't immediately get discouraged if replies are sparse early on.  It's a hard road to prove you're worth people's attention, and it can be discouraging, but work and show you're working and likely to finish the project you've started and help will eventually come to you.


Here's an Idea, If no one else has brought this up of course. I always wondered about when your men discover secret places and secret items on their missions in FFT. I always wished that those places tied in to the story. Like That Floating Castle, Floating Continent or Forbidden Land Eureka. My point is, wouldn't it be cool if a game was made based on Ramza sending his men on these missions?
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The Damned

(It took me a while to remember what GameFAQs document had actually information on the Unexplored Lands.)

Well, that could potentially be interesting, especially since pretty much all of the Unexplored Lands are references to the other six Final Fantasy that preceded FFT, i.e. Magic Train = Phantom Train, Chocobo Forest from FFV, at least four of them referencing FFI. The non-Zodiac Stone, non-Germonik Scripture treasures might also be interesting to focus on for the same reasons, though the only reference there I recognize is to the then-contemporaneous FFVII with Materia. Well, that and Excalipar/Excalipur.

(It's actually kinda problematic that I forgot a certain weapon exists there with regards to Embargo. I really wish that we could make the equipment there just automatically pop up with their own Item Attributes and such, though that's besides the point....)

The thing is that there are at least two major hurdles to this. The less major one is that I think there's still no one here that really knows how to (effortlessly) hack the (world) map system, especially in terms of adding new locations. From little I've understood and from little I've seen discussed on the forums, it seems rather difficult just to make the map unlock out of order, much unlock into less places it "shouldn't".

The actually more major one is the fact you would have to make new maps. As far as I know, the only person here who has (publicly) done that is Kokojo and it seems to be a huge, laborious pain just to finish one, much less sixteen.

That in itself is actually a moderate problem: Even if focusing only on the Unexplored lands that are have sensible descriptions, which, let's face it, "Pandemonium" and "Tower of Babel" (somewhat appropriately) don't, you're still left with trying to introduce way too many new places all at once. Even if you also exclude "Magic Train" for not being an actual "land", that problem still applies.

Of course, I suppose you could make it so that the game and world map only focused on new lands (somehow), but even then, you'd still have to at least (heavily) edit some maps. That's still somewhat of a pain but far more manageable than having to create multiple new maps to battle on. I suppose one could also "salvage" some of the unused maps in the game, but to my rusty "knowledge", most of those that aren't just blanks/tutorial-purpose maps are interior maps (that screw with the AI's targeting).

Regardless, it seems like it would be better to focus one or two areas, maybe four max, to (thoroughly) explore for a patch like this. It certainly seems like that would make plotting and reusing & editing maps a lot easier....

This gives me an idea for a proposal now, but I'll end this here since it has already gotten long enough.
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If anything, though, having the star as one of Ramza's men being sent on propositions would be kinda neat, even without any new maps. You could do a ton with the story that wasn't told.

Actually, you might even be able to cut the world map in favor of a menu/mission system. I have no idea if this is plausible, but you could be based at a bar, listen to rumors, and be sent through mini-series of maps when you selected to do a 'mission'.

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I'm just glad someone else thinks that it's a good idea. It's one of those ideas I have that gets tossed aside. I would have pursued it if I could've just wraped my mind around this hacking thing.
Everyone else makes it look so easy and I've seen many interesting projects too.... Oh well, I hope someone picks it up.
Maybe it could focus around Rad, Alicia and Levian and your own character. I thought that your own character does his own thing for a little bit before he becomes a sword for hire and ramza buys him from that soldier place. (You know, when Ramza is a mercenary for a little while.)
I mean not just finding unexplored lands, but the other missions like when you depoly men out to handle bandits and all that.
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However, I have to agree with The Damned it may be problematic with the maps
.....you spellcasters and your words.....

The Damned

October 08, 2012, 04:07:51 am #6 Last Edit: October 09, 2012, 04:17:48 am by The Damned
(Please try not to double [or more] post unless it's been at least a couple of days. It's generally not a serious offense or anything, but an edit button does exist on this forum and we'd rather not have threads getting constantly bumped by the same person several times in a row, especially in a short amount of time.)

You realistically could do a great deal of patches--24+--just "exploring" in-depth even one location, like with Colliery or any of the multi-stage maps, though most of those were of course indoors. As such, it would probably be better to focus on outdoor locations regardless of whether they were "Unexplored Lands" or not, Phantom/Magic/Doom Train aside. It would make editing maps a hell of lot easier since you'd generally be able to get away with the same type of tiles for most, if not much, of the area. That would maybe kinda screw over Geomancy though, especially depending on the location; of course, simplification and consolidation of elements always exists, especially now that RavenofRazgriz made that handy spreadsheet.

In typing last night, I was thinking that, besides the Unexplored Lands, you could focus on the areas of the game where you actually do go, but that get utterly glossed over, especially since most of the maps and battles in the game are technically condensed. The chiefest among these would be Volcano, which you never even have to visit and which just randomly pops up on the map in Chapter 4 with absolutely zero story significance despite presumably being there since Chapter 1 technically. However, Volcano isn't the only place that's viable for this type of thing, especially if you didn't want to be limited to a patch or at least significant portion of a patch that has to use a lot of Fire (and Earth) "types" and potentially "have to" invoke "Convection Schmonvection". (Warning: TVTropes.)

Besides Volcano, there's Doldobar Swamp (which at least has a purpose as a shortcut unlike Volcano), Zigolis Swamp (why is that entire swamp poisonous?), Thieves' Fort (you never go back there), Zeakden Fort (you never go back there either), Poeskas Lake (Doldobar exists so you don't have go back through there), Yuguo Woods (Ramza never wanted to go back there), Bed Desert (Balk's base of operations or, at least, the site of his last scheme), etc. Literally almost any outdoor location--green spot--on a map could probably get an interesting patch done about it alongside some of the blue ones, mostly the ones that aren't castles. I plan to try to make Volcano and Doldobar more relevant in Embargo, but those changes are hardly going to be anything in-depth to warrant their own patch, obviously.

Of course, thinking of this made me realize something even more obvious that could be done as a patch that I'm surprised no one has done yet. I'll wait until Friday or something to talk about that, however, seeing as I really need to get to work for once.

Execution EDIT: Another prime location to "explore" potentially would be Golgorand given you both never go back there and it supposed to the remains of the place where Ajora himself/Ultima herself was killed.
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"Good and evil are relative, but being a dick cannot be allowed." - Oglaf's Thaumaturge in "The Abyss"

"Well, see, the real magic isn't believing in yourself. The real magic is manipulating people by telling them to believe in themselves. The more you believe, the less you check facts."  - Oglaf's Vanka in "Conviction"

The Damned

(Sigh, of course I'm way behind here as well. Terrific.)

I could use the excuse that I didn't want to double post here, but I honestly just forgot about this.

So, before I forget about this, I'll just explain the other idea that had hit me that I was cryptically referring to before: A Deep Dungeon-only patch.

In thinking about it only earlier this month, I was rather surprised to realize that no one had made one or, as far as I'm aware, even expressed interest in making one. Now, I understand that a lot of the "appeal" of Deep Dungeon was the rare items, but a lot of it was also the challenge of the (oft too) difficult teams.

Given that I'm pretty sure it's possible to reduce the map just to Deep Dungeon and to give the player access to various units and equipment, I'm rather surprised it hasn't happened just because of that.

Oh well. Still, it seems like it would be "easy" to do, especially since it's not like you'd need a story like most other patches.
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"Good and evil are relative, but being a dick cannot be allowed." - Oglaf's Thaumaturge in "The Abyss"

"Well, see, the real magic isn't believing in yourself. The real magic is manipulating people by telling them to believe in themselves. The more you believe, the less you check facts."  - Oglaf's Vanka in "Conviction"


would be very difficult to create a mmorpg tactics (Final Fantasy Tactics) using the same sprites of spells, characters, plots, etc. ..?

sorry if posted in wrong place*

sorry for my english, I'm Brazilian, and I used google translator


First of all, stop posting the same question in different places. Second, look at Tethical.
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I'm sorry I was not finding the correct area, really forgive me, I'm new to the forum.

I made a slightly more elaborate description of what I'm really looking for on the topic: Jobs and Etc. Proposal Ideas Thread
I think that was the right topic


Hey All,

I apologise now for the absurd amount of text here, but I simply do not understand the posting code on these forums, so i'll try my best. I'm going to be using a lot of terms, which I will explain

I know this seems silly, but I built this account just to put forth an idea, since all of my efforts here have simply been in playing  :P I personally have no programming skills, but a vast amount of knowledge on both Pathfinder and FFT, and a lot of fleshed out ideas. I would be very dedicated to doing anything/everything I could to support this project. So, here's my concept.

FFT: D&D 3.5/Pathfinder RPG edition

D&D 3.5/Pathfinder are played in combat very similarly to the way you battle in FFT. The background mechanics are entirely different, but the concept is similar. I am wondering if there are those out there interested in making an adaptation?

(Before I move on, I just wanted to say I've done some searching on the forums for a project but found nothing in progress, just a few mentions).

So, some of the main concepts/changes would be this:

a. Each square would represent (in theory) 5' of space.
b. Diagonals count as 5' for the first, and then 10' for the second, alternating
c. Movement range would be based on character speed (not like fft speed. This is generally 30', or 6 squares). This number is determined by creature size, and modified by class and armor type.

a. Each physical attack would have a range, 5' (minimum) being all squares surrounding, not just adjacent (like in fft)
b. Each square which you can attack with a melee attack at any given time would be considered a "threatened square"
c. Any time you move through a "threatened square", you would provoke an attack of opportunity, or a free melee attack from the threatener even though it's not their turn
d. Physical Attack accuracy would be primarly managed by Base Attack Bonus (BAB), which is determined by your class levels.
e. You may make additional melee strikes per round once you've reached a high enough BAB
f. If your opponent is flanked, or there is another unit threatening your target on the opposite side, you get an accuracy bonus.

a. Weapons would deal damage based weapon type, modified by a character statistic (tbd)
b. Weapon damage in D&D works by random number generation, or "Rolls"
example 1: A Bastard Sword (AKA Knight Sword) deals 1-10 damage (or 1d10 damage, which means 1 10-sided die). Lets say Ramza has a Knight Sword and has a Strength of 5, that means he does 1d10+5 damage. (This means that HP and damage are scaled down quite significantly.
example 2: Fireball does fire damage of 1d6/level, up to 10d6. A level 5 sorcerer casting fireball would roll 5d6 to determine damage dealt. A possible scenario would be 1+4+6+2+6 = 19

a. HP - Would be rolled based on Class Levels, and a character statistic (tbd)
i. A level one Rogue has HP dice of 1d8/level. At 1st lvl, you get max hp (so 8+stat). At second level, you roll the dice, and add the stat modifier. That means a level 3 Rogue with a stat modifier of 3 would have a total of 3d8+9, which could possibly translate into 8+2+6+9=25 hp at level 3.
ii. Such low hp and damage capabilities mean that everything is scaled down a bit compared to regular FFT.
b. Stats or Attributes (What I keep referring to as Statistic or stats) - Would determine many abilities
i. D&D has 6 main stats or attributes:
Strength (Str) - Determines melee accuracy and damage, and thrown damage
Dexterity (Dex) - Determines finesse melee accuracy, thrown, and ranged accuracy. Determines Speed Resistance (Reflex Saves). Adds to Armor Class (AC)
Constitution (Con) - Determines HP. Determines Physical Resistance (Fortitude Saves)
Intelligence (Int) - Determines spell casting for Wizards. Determines skill learning (Not sure that skills could possibly translate)
Wisdom (Wis) - Determines spell casting for Clerics and Druids. Determines Mental Resistance (Will Saves)
Charisma - Determines spell casting for Sorcerers, Paladins, and Bards. Determines social skills (Not sure that social skills could possibly translate)
ii. The 6 attributes, together with BAB would pretty much determine everything in the character menu.

a. Defense from Physical Attacks would be based on your Armor Class, or AC. AC represents a number which needs to be overcome in order to be hit.
b. Armor would no longer offer HP and/or MP: It would offer an Armor Bonus to contribute to your AC.
c. Evasion from cloaks etc would be replaced by AC bonuses.
For Example: You have armor which gives you 5 Armor, a Ring which gives you 1 armor, and a Dex score of 3, you would have an effective AC of 10 (base) +5 (Armor) +1 (Ring) +3 (Dex), for a total of AC 19. Lets say the attacker has a BAB of 3, and a Str of 3. He attacks with his Longsword. The attack chance would be 1d20 +3 +3, or 1d20 +6, hitting on any roll of a 13 or higher, or a 40% chance to hit.
d. MP would be removed. The spells you could cast in each combat encounter would be replaced by your available spells per day based on your class levels.
e. Combat order would be determined by initiative (Ini). Instead of speed determining when you act in combat, you'd have an initiative score which would be determined at the beginning of each combat by a 1d20 + Ini roll. Position in the initiative count would be permanent, effectively saying that nobody could act twice before someone else. Initiative order could only be changed by delaying your turn for any reason.


I'm not even going to touch spell-casting, but we can get into that, as well as the specific mechanics of some of the other things I mentioned if there is some interest.


1. Is there interest in the concept?
2. Which of these concepts are possible to implement/replace, and which are not?
3. Would you, or do you know someone who would be possibly interested in working on this?
4. Is there someone else already working on the concept?


I thought of an idea as well, but I'm not sure if you can have infinite "castle battles" (battle, save, formation screen, battle, save, etc etc):

Its like described above, no world map but just battle after battle. It would be all on "castle" and "dungeon"-like maps, you would play as some evil monster king and your mission would be to destroy heroes trying to enter your castle/dungeon. Each battle you would get different monsters to deploy, and would play more like a tower defense game actually. Ideas or comments? Would this be interesting?
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What about your other project Jon?
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This was just an idea, I just wanted to see if it was a good one or not. I'm working right now on my other project, not anything else. No new events, only FFTPatcher and TacText. What do you guys think of that idea though?
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You can't get an infinite amount of battles, but you can get a fairly large amount of them.  Changing the player's party between battles would be the more annoying part.  It would be easier to just give the player 16 different units to choose from and see how far they get, since they can't be replenished once they die.


Idea: Badass Mustadio

I always thought it was strange that Mustadio has only 3 shitty skills even though he and his dad are basically the only people in Ivalice with the engineering skills to restore some sort of trans-dimensional warp-generator without knowing what it even is, yet he doesn't have any, other, how should we say, Tools? Like there's an entire working robot but not one laser or drill schematic or anything else that's fun.

I had a dream, and this dream I saw Mustadio with a chainsaw.

Realistically this would mainly be ripping off the Gadgets and their general theme and effects from Edgar's Tool command in FF6. So I guess what this would require someone to do is:

-Gather all the sprites from Edgar's Tool set for reference (should be easy)
-Modify them to 2 FFT "diagonally facing up and down versions" for spritesheet (note: I suck at spritesheet)
-Custom ability animations. I'm thinking this is something pretty medium-hard. You'd have to get Mustadio to do the crossbow aiming or spinfist or spear stab animations while floating the Tool sprite over him and animating it properly
-Really actually ASMing these kinds of custom animations into the game might require like, flags(?) and stuff(?)
But I'm 90% sure it's possible. I've gotten characters to throw out summon balls while doing like, wave punch animations, so like, break that, and fix it awesome if you could get my meaning. Meaning being that I currently suck too much to do so myself.
-We can all agree we want Mustadio to wear a Jason mask and impale Queklain with a howling death machine that produces exaggerated gouts of blood though right? (especially Agrias)

And this is one thing, but I had a pocket full of other FF6 themed ideas.

The next of which being: If I had to choose between getting Worker 8 or killing him to build Ride-able Magitek Armor, I would kill that metal fucker in a heartbeat

-I'm thinking draconian and bipedal, shaped like a Tyrannosaurus the way they're supposed to be. Something like the badass versions with energy cannons that you fight in Kefka's Tower.
-I don't care if it looks nothing like Worker 8 and is the exact size of a Chocobo, I just want it to shoot Tek Missiles and Bolt Beams and Bio Blasts and stomp aroung while going *CLANG CLANG* like a robot should
-Oh man could you imagine if -steam- came out of it? I practically pitch a tent thinking about this shit you guys, I'm hardly even fucking joking.

Idea number 3 is: Why aren't there Moogles in this game D:< Fuck dragons I wanna go to Narshe!
(Who the heck is Reis anyway?)

-This is just an event edit of the colliery with Mog and GoGo in the game and taking up interesting event slots instead of Beowulf and Reis who are broken characters anyway.

-Mog can use his special Dance command by customizing Elemental and it's action menu programming and adding custom effects and animations. This by all means seems so worth doing I don't know why it isn't some sort of standard add-on to any patch. I am almost but not quite entirely gay for moogles. I can't even control it, that little red ball, those wings, that face at some mysterious cuteness level between a bear and a cat!

-GoGo can rip off his friends instead of being an actual Mime. I'm not saying give him a whole bunch of custom command set options, but give him one set called "Mimic" that utilizes a few Iconic abilities like Quadra Slice, Pummel, Aura Bolt, Mug, A Few of the Tools, Bum Rush, maybe even an "out of universe" blue magic or lore and he could teach these skills to the player jobs if you wanted him to. It might not be entirely gameplay balanced that way but it would be fun >.>

-By all Means, Strago would probably be a lot easier to put in

-Relm would be impossible

-Shadow would be really fun to do, to make a special interceptor running onto the screen animation, and then you could add ninja magic scrolls to the ninja's throw list as a bonus.

-Actually I'm sure I could balance all that into a vanilla FFT or a custom patch from a gameplay mechanics sort of perspective or otherwise in FFPatcher, it's just the quirky guts of the thing you know, how does one ever find the time without a helping hand

-If you replace the colliery with Narshe you can change the boss at the end to be vs Triton the ice esper from the start of FF6, and then you could even make him a custom summon

-Make colliery look sort of like narshe by altering it's existing structure/skin? This probably isn't entirely necessary

This is so totally worth doing, you guys should totally get into this idea immediately or something


LOL!  ...Awesome crazy post!  That's wild ff6 love! (Understandable, I'm actually replaying it right now.)

Most of what you threw out there sounds difficult, while some relatively easier.  Mog w/ dance could be done very easy...

The real reason I had to comment on this post is your Mustadio/worker8/magitek scenario has been running in my own mind as well!  I like Musty the character but always felt his skillset was pretty lacking and I got bored of worker 8 pretty much the first day I recruited him.  Literally the other day I had the same idea of fusing the two into some sort of "Magitek" badass (again.. while playing ff6).  I spent about an hour yesterday looking at the iron giant/worker8 sprite sheet and surfing the web for magitek images for inspiration.

.....simply too coincidental to not respond to this post...
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I MIGHT work omn this myself, over time, but I've got no idea how to even do basic edits and whatnot, so it'd take a loooong while to do.

Basically, what I aim to do was replace FFT's story and such with that of Tactics Ogre's, as they're similar, and yet different. Or do a crossover story, taking elements from both and making something entirely new.

I AM kinda supposed to make a few sprites from TO, so that'll happen eventually.

Also, the classes. TO's classes are in-depth in a different format, and I've only played it's PSP remake, so i'm not familiar with how it used to be. Basically, instead of learning abilities from each class, classes in TO have skills and such, universal to most, such as Fortify I-IV(some classes may never learn the higher levels, but can still use them if learned while the unit was a different job), as well as having some that can only be used by one class (the Archer's Doubleshot, for example, can only be used by Archers).

Magic is also learned differently, as they're gleaned from scrolls and grimoires to learn the spells, rather than as a skill. They also had to have the base magic type for them learned, as it was not universal.

So seeing as much of TO's system implimented would be highly interesting, however difficult it may be.
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April 15, 2013, 12:29:17 pm #19 Last Edit: April 15, 2013, 12:35:54 pm by scbw1234
I was thinking is it possible to create a new version of the FFT with all the vanila things in there but only the store event completely shift to another characters perspective and thus alterd ending for these corresponding characters versions.

Let say if played from wiegraf's perspective(which have wiegraf as the main character),starting from trying to stop gustav doing sily things,which eventually failed,and then go through the entire chapter 1 in wiegraf's perspective but with the original story event.but starting from chapter 2 the events are all alternative which wiegraf then does not join the templar but try to fullfill his dream in his own way.

Or we could completely play delita as the main character and have the entire story in his perspective(which i think is pretty necessary since delita actually had as much story to tell as ramza).

Characters such as:Olan,Gafgarion,Islude,Elmdor,Zalbag,Orlandu they all deserves their own side stories too.

I personal would love to do this,but does not have the ability.I would gladly to learn anything related to this since its my childhood dream about this game.