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December 06, 2021, 10:20:44 pm


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Topics - darkskyx

- I'd like to change the sprite of my units (at least Squires).
- I'd like to put in my re-patch this hack code.
I'm working on a revision of a hackmod that I liked but I feel it lacked some changes. The author gave me permission to do it.

I've tried to rebalance the original patch, remake a lot of units and make a lot of new skills & give it a fair scaling difficulty.

I've been working on this for months and I will do a post on "Completed mods" it on version 1.0, when I will do an official release with ALL text changes. (If you wanna help me with some sprite changes please PM me, I have no idea)

You can start to ask me for some changes in this post (maybe I will do it if I like that). And you can test now the beta too:
Check it out the re-patch beta version here (download and patches there)

Additional info:

- Some underpowered jobs buffed: Flexibility! Many jobs have access to other weapons: Chemist to guns... Thief to Crossbows... Samurai, Ninja and dancers to bows...
- Ninja rework: Assassin. Very flexible unit (range or melee), now it has have skills to hide and assasinate units; works around Speed. Throw skills went to Onion Knight. [Patch 0.6]
Even this unit can be very powerful, it can't kill any bosses & can still work vs some mini-bosses. I'm thinking to give this unit an skill with area of invisibility. [Patch 0.97]
- Squire rework: Paladin (A Paladin's Apprentice). Now works like a true paladin/squire! Uses Parry. Adds protection to the allies, and have some damages too. It works around low HP too like Dark Knights. [Patch 0.8]
- Monk rebalance: Monk skills usually start with low range then high range, so don't usually use many of their skills. Now works like this: You have access to medium range skills that do lower damage then close skills that do great damage and then you get some very good long range skills. [Patch 0.9+]
- Samurai rebalance: No more access to Protect+Shell on all your team. You only have 1 way to make your team Protect+Shell and will be with Purple Magicks, waste 2 turns for it or having lucky with RNG (with Bard, Astrologer, etc). Buffed a little as compensation.
- Rebalanced gameplay experience that feels fair and will make viable characters you usually left behind in the early game and others better later. (For example, Cleric & Wizard have less AoE on initial skills, Enchanter now have more ways to survive, Orator have utility and damage... Other worse options for jobs were buffed on stats growth.)
- New job tree around damage/weapon types. It's still intuitive, but the numbers are balanced around how powerful is the unit & when you should get it. Jobs like Onion Knight and Arithm. are more easy to get, while others are still delayed.
- JP Rebalance: Some JP cost for initial skills are down, so you will feel better when you get a new job and you don't have to grind at all. Cost up on some brutal skills.
- Fixed broken interactions of the original Emergence patch, like some setups that destroys the early game, like very hard fights without some accessories (some battles vs Some bosses or Archers were broken on early-midgame. I had an incredible hard battle for some stages because the units lacked ways to counter their strategies or they had skills with just pure damage). You can still get powerful units and battles on later stages.
- A few new skills replacing others I found redundant. Some skills got a new damage formula.
- On version 0.9+ the jobs are re-touched to make a good fantasy of their playstyle and I've added new passives (innate skills) that makes the game different. I did add even more skills to some Jobs and the stats were changed to differentiate better between tanky units and non-tanky units (supports & mages mostly).
- Revision of all unique characters. New skills added to them, making them a better version of other general units. Better approach to Beowulf, Luso, Mustadio, Agrias...´
- Byblos rework (is getting a rework soon, so:) It will feel like a pseudo-blue mage. The only unit to have many monster skills. Your GOOD skill-based monster unit.
- Luso re-touch: As it is the main protagonist job, I gave Dark Knights more tools, so they will have the same passives than Dark Paladin (Magus). Be careful vs them!
- Many changes that inherently have sense, mainly around elemental power. Like Earth halved on monsters that fly. Some weapons are buffed with elemental stats too.
- Visual changes that makes the abilities have more sense.
- Meliadoul rework: Occultist. A unit that will use some obscure skills.
- (On my second playtime at version 1.0) Harder version: Monster & bosses changes.
I took a look to the Excel that comes with the patch, so I got some early ideas to make the rebalance:
-I'd rebalance in general the job system around job types by damage type or utility. I don't think it's a good idea to separate between tiers, some jobs have a bad late game.
-I want a ninja rework. So I'd remove the ability of the ninja of throwing weapons, 'cos to me that's stupid... Id' add some damage skills to ninja job or I'd just change the skills overall (I always disliked playing as a Ninja in the vanilla version because it had weird skills). I liked more the version of the Ninja in FFTAdvance with status ailments (but the Archer have it in this version so that's unnecessary). One idea I had could be to make the job more difficult to get and just let it be a Master Tier rank with better stats & could use many weapons. Idk...
-I feel like Thiefs could use crossbows and maybe bows too, while Ninjas could have a different approach. I remember when I played vanilla ver. I usually just got Ninja to get Dual Wield and that's all. And this is pretty obvious, but thematically Ninjas have the art of using any weapon like Onion Knight does (most of them), while Dual Wield is more of a Samurai thing.
-Looking at Soldier I think that job needs to be better, but I don't know how to do it, maybe just a buff on stats.
-I like Magus but I think it needs some skills (I'd say more M+P skills to Magus maybe? an utility one?)
-I'd like to change some in-game texts even for Jobs, like the name for Chemist that is now Merchant (makes more sense to me).
For patch 0.8+: I'm gonna change some requirement jobs. Maybe I should swap the ones from Samurai to Onion Knight, and maybe to get Samurai once you master Monk and Soldier (like you unlock Magus once you master Wizard and Geomancer but not that hard). Also, I could add some points in Archer to get Samurai because thematically Samurais use bows too.
-Maybe I'll add more requeriment points to Dancer and Bard, testing trying to rush that jobs I'm so OP. Arythmetician feels more balanced than expected with some changes (you need to learn some skills to make this viable, the job doesn't have that much MA multiplier and also you will hit to less enemies most of the time), so I will put less requirements to get that job. Squires now needs protective spells (because I moved their skills to other jobs).
-I'm trying to give Squire a clear parry role. I've tried to add innate reactions like Archer's Bane to Squire instead innate Parry skill but it doesn't work with other reactions like Counter (so I might buff other aspects of the Squires}. The idea is that they parry attacks and maybe evade arrows.- So the best way to kill Squires will be with Magic. But only 1 reaction can work at the same time so I'm gonna buff other weapons.
- Discarded due to a bug of the game (Ninja can't have more than 4 skills): New skills for Ninja: Ice/Wind/Thunder/Water anima. Possible skill added to Ninja/Thief; name: Bomb blast. (Effect: #1CB mini explosion) instead ???? skill.

Discarded ideas:
-Move geomancer to tier 1 and monk to tier 2. (Maybe move lavawalking and waterwalking from Samurai to Geomancer, makes more sense to me). But maybe I need to nerf Geomancer and I don't like that... I like how Geomancer is buffed in this mod.
I think this could be better because if you have a physical and magical unit, you can master Geomancer (that I think it should be an early unit) so you can then get Magus. And also there is the option to go to the physical route, so you will get Monk and then Mime. Another idea I have is to just separate Monk from Geomancer, I think they are 2 different classes and Geomancer looks like an hybrid version. In the vanilla version, I always felt like I play Geomancer too late (while Monk was too OP)... so I think I could update this mod just for fun, also with changes for late game.
- Ninja evasion changes. Ninja and Thief will have Innate Reflexes but won't be able to use the command Defend. Understand that Defend increase chance x2 to evade an attack and their turn will come faster. I've done this to not allow ultra high evasion rates, but they still will be able to counter attacks (I guess).
-Testing to make Geomancer a late game unit that hits in area of 3 (like Summoner and Wizard}; the problem with this unit is that it is so good at the start but scales bad due to the how the formula works (scale with PA and MA, not really with weapon damage), so to let the unit scale better I need to buff damage while making AoE hit hard. Maybe something like Damage formula +3, so much harder to get & AoE +2. Maybe I can still make it a semi-tank unit that is good on midgame, harder to get but with more AoE than now.
- Many testing innate skills, like adding Atttack Up (Boost) to Agrias as innate. (But adding damage usually destroys they early game, so I prefer to buff defense).
- Added innate Doublehand to Lancer (maybe I need to nerf early damage from this Job because of this and buff PA scaling on later stages).
- Make a Yumi (Combat Bow) for Samurai? {Idk how. I've tested it and each weapon is coded like the item type stays the same}. Now only displays into Kiku's description.
- Byblos' Manaburn -> Crystal Resurrection, fully revive an ally even as a crystal {It would be cool that he'd use half of his HP} Since this unit is so simple, it would be good that can be the unique unit that resurrects crystals. [IT DIDN'T WORK]

Bugs without solution:
- There is a limit of 4 skills on Ninja's skillset. I think this is due the fact that Ninja is hard coded. If I don't find a fix... I tested until I was tired and I didn't find any solution.
- Some Guest skills are bugged in the skillset list (not sure if this is due the fact I'm re-patching a lot). I can't also buy Bags so it could be a bug too.
- Some skills that damage around you & select your unit don't show the real effect/damage.
- Some skills (like Archer ones) will have a visual bug and you will see the effect or damage 2 times. Don't worry, those skills won't do double damage.

If the post of the final version have some comments that say that I should increase the difficulty then I'll try to make a more difficult version. I'll modify stats for enemies (mainly bosses and monsters. But you will need to tell me what you want as I will need all the help from hardcore players.

Difficulty: ★★★ or ★★★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆ ( ★ Easy ★★ Normal ★★★ For RPG players ★★★★ Experienced on Tactics ★★★★★ Challenging)
Balanced, a little hard overall but you will get more powerful skills than the original game, so it maybe can be not challenging for some very experienced players. The start can be easy for some people but it will gradually increase the difficulty. It's perfect for some experienced RPG players that have played FFT and wanna play FFT again. You won't need to farm a lot for initial skills and you can even have some free skills. If this re-patch gets some attention I can make a difficulty mod once I finish it.

28/April/2021 Updated: Version 0.97e. Oficially releasing this re-patch with in-game text changes at version 1.0
Major changes will be added here on version 0.99-1.0 before making the official post.
Help! / Polearms/lances damaging 2 tiles?
December 25, 2020, 10:01:05 pm
Hey, I just played some FFT on PSP and PSX versions and I saw that some lances doesn't work as I remember, didn't that weapons use to hit in 2 tiles? I feel like that weapons used to be so good because of that. It's a bug? It's intended? Maybe I'm confused with FFTA.
And if you know how, I'm interested if I could make that work in a FFT hackmod. Thanks for those who will answer.
After long years, I played again FFTA and I found that itemization feels painful (because you waste more time):

- Items stats are not showed when you want to see info about the item in the equip menu (with the SELECT button nor R. So because of this when you are about to change a item, you waste time equipping/unequipping items to see the stats of your character).
- There is not a button for auto-equip, so you waste time equipping/unequipping the items (mostly when you change jobs).
- Same concept for the shop, there is not a button for auto-fitting like in FFT for PSX, so you have to check it manually.

At least you can see the stats in the shop... But it could be possible to change this writing some code? It's a idea I had.
Help! / How do I start with modhacking?
November 21, 2020, 04:30:05 am
I watched this tutorial:
And I don't understand a single thing... I'm a newbie on this. I just want to make a few changes from a mod I like. How I can change the requeriments from a job/class, move some skills to other classes and also change some JP of some jobs/classes (to 0)? I'm asking for PSP because that's where is the mod is made for, but maybe PSX is easier?
I would also like to buff stats, but that's optional to me. Also optional, I'd like to make something like adding crossbows and bows to thiefs. And from the last part of the video that I showed... Can I translate that skills into another language? I'm waiting for a response. Ty!