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FFT: Emergence 2 [EN/ES] (PSP) v1.0 RELEASED!

Started by darkskyx, March 07, 2023, 06:54:52 pm


March 07, 2023, 06:54:52 pm Last Edit: April 03, 2023, 07:16:44 am by darkskyx
FFT: Emergence 2

New characters & sprites, new reworks, new balance, no hard farming... A Vanilla+ experience. Project also translated in Spanish.
This revision project doesn't add any new event story or new battles, but there are A LOT of changes I made up for 2 years.

Project developed with the author's permission of Emergence 1. Let me know if you wanna see some changes in quick reply.
Use Ctrl + mouse wheel to better read this post. Read FAQ to know everything you need. Download attached at the end of the post.

Summary of changes:
- Emergence hackmod as a base for this re-patch, so you can notice the similar changes if you have played that one.
- New fair game rebalance. The most important would be Parry reaction that I buffed a lot. You will notice this in early stages.
- Many reworks of units, some units are completely different. New sprite models & secret characters.
- Every unit will feel coherent and almost everyone will have a huge pool of skills.
- A LOT of new skills! You'll still feel like it's vanilla but with a lot of improved changes.
- (Release patch) Improved descriptions that will make the game more clear than vanilla. 

(If you want to know more about it you can check the next information or go to last patch spoilers)

(* New sprite, for male, female or both)
⚫︎ Many reworks and new abilities have been developed to make the game fresh and consistent for each job. Characters are intended to be more powerful than mercenaries... usually.

*Paladin (old Squire): A good starter unit. You will transition into better ones for mid-late game. Agrias is the improved version. It works around Parry, a skill that wasn't used (all weapons were buffed for this change). Now many enemies will use this skill instead of Counter Tackle so Double Wield won't be as good.

*Merchant (old Chemist): Still has everything that our lovely Chemist has, but now has better flexibility. I never liked that this unit name because this unit just used items, so there is a change.

Knight (Soldier in Emergence): Maintains everything that Emergence provided. This unit is now physically so much tankier.

Archer: Maintains everything that Emergence provided. Now has a damage skill.

Monk: A good unit that will scale into a more powerful unit than ever, with AoE damages.

Cleric (W. Mage): Maintains everything that Emergence provided. A good utility unit.

Wizard (B. Mage): Maintains everything that Emergence provided. Now it is a little less oppresive at the start. A good AoE damage unit.

*Mentalist (old Time Mage): This unit is so good at supporting that I delayed it for mid-late stage. Also, the access to Gravity is very powerful for bosses, I kept it but now will suffer without this unit as you won't get it as early. Now has access to shield so it won't be as fragile.

Summoner: Maintains everything that Emergence provided. Fragile unit but good at AoE damages.

Orator: Maintains everything that Emergence provided. Now works with Guns and has Barrage, a powerful long-range damage skill.

*Rogue (Assassin - old Thief): Has everything that Thief has plus Assassination skills. You get this unit when you usually get Ninja. If you like Dual Wield this is the unit you should prioritize to get double weapons.

*Rebel (Varmint/Knave - old Ninja): Crossbow usage. Medium range unit that will be transient. Still has the Throw mechanic (as it is hardcoded and the unit can only learn 4 skills if you want to use another skillset than Throw). The unit has the same dodge as normal Thief.

Mystic: Maintains everything that Emergence provided. You get this unit when you usually get Thief.

*Geomancer: I lowered the damage and I gave this unit some AoE again like the default one. I didn't like that in Emergence this unit was so similar so Rapha/Marach (but they scale better on AoE). Also, damages were OP in early stages and this unit didn't scale with AoE. Now has better weapon flexibility and speed.

*Dragon Knight (old Lancer/Dragoon): Maintains everything that Emergence provided.

*Samurai: Has damage and it's supportive. Very good unit for later stages. Removed AoE Wall (Protect+Shell) as it was too oppressive and easy.

*Math Conjurer (Timespace Mage - Arithmetician): I've removed some very powerful skills from Arythmetics like Holy so this unit won't burst every team and you will able to use earlier. Also has the dummied ability Zero Charge. Have fun with this job.

Bard & Dancer: Maintains everything that Emergence provided.

*Mime: It still works as default but now male has a new sprite & model.

Magus (Dark Knight): Maintains everything that Emergence provided. Added a few more skills. Still hard to get as it is hardcoded, you will get it for post-game.

Chocobo Knight (Onion Knight): Now this unit is much harder to get as I intended initially. This is a job that you can't change their sprites so it will only work as a way to obtain some free skills or reactions that I don't want people use to change mechanics of my re-patch, like Equip Guns. I've added some Chocobo skills and a hint to ride Chocobos in their description so it has a better "lore" as a Job. Don't try to rush it, it's not worth it. Also, you get Move+3 once you unlock it as I think it's so powerful with my item changes that gives movement. To make this unit usable I've added the unique skill Aegis.

- New secret characters -

*Vincent Valentine (FF7): Dark Sniper is his job name. He has Sniper skills from Mustadio and some very powerful skills too (if you don't get Magus AKA Dark Knight this unit can be your most powerful damage & support unit). This unit has Gun usage. I also added Cerberus as a buyable weapon (not new sprite, rare Stoneshooter gun has a similar appearance). Obtainable in the mission of Beowulf & Reis in Lionel Castle (if you try to get Byblos you will encounter him in the way, a mission after the dungeon).

*Llyud (FF12): Obtainable in the Construct 7's battle (as it was the hardest I had). I didn't know what to do with this unit, so I gave it some less broken monster skills, not only for damage so he can support. This unit flies, has a little resemblance to Rogue and has the most basic evasion of the game. I made him flexible so you can play him supportive, ranged, medium or short range.

*Fran: Vieras can be assassins in FFTA so I though it was a good idea to use her as an assassin. Obtainable in the same battle as Balthier. She has rogue & archer skills.

- Characters-

Ramza: The unit is still a Dark Knight, but now is much stronger as I gave this unit the reactions from Magus.

Luso: This unit has been converted into an Astrologer with supportive skills from other jobs.

*Melia (reworked from Meliadoul): Occultist is her job name. She has strange Dark Arts. The appareance is a Succubus. I wanted this unit to feel fresh and original. She will use some bosses skills.

Mustadio: Unit similar of an Archer but he uses Guns and can Throw Items. Now has Barrage too to do great damage. Since you get it early I can't make it better. This unit also appears in cinematics so I can't really change him much. It will be your transient Sniper unit until you get Vincent V.

Reis (Human): Pure damage and dragon control. I gave this unit the skill Manaburn that can be useful vs. certain units. Maintains everything that Emergence provided.

Beowulf: I did some changes and this unit now scales better, has damage skills and now has at least a good AoE skill.

Cloud: I didn't do much changes as I think this unit is well balanced.

Construct 8: I added a revive and a few more skills so this unit will feel stronger. Very braindead unit for players that don't want to complicate.

Orlandeau: Powerful & tanky unit that you will use to destroy the mid-late stages. It doesn't scale that well but I think it may be fine.

Red XII (replacing Byblos): This unit has the most powerful monster skills.

Agrias: Since you get this unit early she can't be that powerful. She is the best Paladin so use her if you like that job.

Rapha/Marach: Maintains everything that Emergence provided but now they scale better with a few new skills.

Still working on (Patch v1.0+):
Balthier [Sky Pirate]: I guess he is fine as it is. I'm gonna let this unit intact until I figure out what to do with him.


- Items: -
· Remember bags have been removed from the game, instead we have a few items that were not obtainable like fell swords and a gun. This is a change from Emergence. I've added just 1 Bag to be buyable and 1 fell word less. I did other changes to balance the damage & block % of the weapons.

Hackmod media info: Soon

(Video zone - coming soon)

Difficulty: ★★★ or ★★★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆ ( ★ Easy ★★ Normal ★★★ For RPG players ★★★★ Experienced on Tactics ★★★★★ Challenging)
Balanced, a little hard overall but you will get more powerful skills than the original game, so maybe it can't be challenging for some very experienced players. The start can be easy for some people (or it can be hard for others) but it will gradually increase the difficulty. It's perfect for some experienced RPG players that have played FFT and wanna play FFT again. The idea is that you won't need to farm a lot. So, overall the grinding has been greatly reduced. You'll farm easily initial skills and you can even have some free skills sometimes for newer units. And all skills/jobs for post-game will be very expensive/hard to get.

I'm looking for testers! If this post have many comments that say that I should increase the difficulty then I may try to make a more difficult version. I'll modify stats for enemies (mainly bosses and monsters) and maybe I'll even delete some skills, but you will need to tell me what you want as I will need all the help from hardcore players. I think I've balanced overall the difficulty from easy in early-game to hard late-game (all the story) without too much farming, but that can lead to strange play patterns.
(Read known bugs at the end of this post before posting anything)
- Tell me if you found a broken strat and a boss fight was too easy (I know those based on mana shield or reflect, they are fine).
- Tell me if a character or a skill is so much above the rest for the moment that you got it and even since things went in easy-mode, I can delay it or modify it slightly.
- Tell me if you think a story battle is too hard or too easy. Not just easy or hard for you. For example: Low units in a battle compared to yours, so I can add another or add to that boss 20% more HP.
- Tell me what monsters do you think that need stat buffs for late game stages. They don't need to be impossible but easy to step on either.
- Due to v0.99 changes, all Thief became Ninjas & viceversa. Let me know if you found some Rogues early (those with skills from Thief + Assassin) in which battle. Also if one enemy unit is out of place or if that unit has a different skillset. For v1.0+ I'll replay my repatch again so fixes will arrive.
- Let me know about misplaced text or text that doesn't relate to the character.

FAQ for players:
· You need to use PPF-O-Matic. Very easy to use. You'll find the download file at the end of the post. Patch the .ppf file on a FFT EUR ISO (WoTL).
Follow this tutorial if you don't know how to do it, but it is very easy.
· You also need to download my .ppf file. You'll found it in a .zip at the end of this post (don't forget to extract the file!). If you see more versions, always download the lastest one. The rest of patches can be there if the new version is experimental.

· Optional info: If you emulate it, try to use the lastest version of an emulator (like PPSSPP). Also let me know if it works in a physical PSP. Legally you need a copy of the game on a UMD. All hackroms are free, and if you found someone that is not, you are being cheated.
Also, be sure to defragment your ISO if you have any slow issue. Here's a post about it.


For Spanish speakers:
· Para jugar a este hack mod en castellano primero necesitas descargar el parche español para aplicarselo al juego original (europeo), y después aplicar la versión española de mi parche más reciente, que iré actualizando a la vez que lo actualizo en inglés, en un archivo zip.
La descarga del parche al español lo podrás encontrar al final de este post en un link. Es un archivo bastante grande, ya que modifica mucho para adaptarlo al español. Lee las instrucciones que hay para descargar si tienes alguna otra duda.
-Stats re-balance: I had in mind 5 fundamental ways to understand how to balance the game around: Tank, support skills, melee damage, range damage & flexibility.
If a unit is more oriented to damage from range they need to be squishier. If they don't damage that much from range they need to be tankier. Other units that doesn't support that well I gave them more ways to survive (Enchanters) or some damage (Orator). That's why Squire units are allrounded, they have tank, support and low range damage skills. And that's why I gave greater weapon flexibility to units that scale worse, like Chemists, Squires and Geomancers.
- Unique units will be a little better than normal units (or just very different).
>Look this beta graph I did around units actual damages here< (Patch 0.8-0.9)

-For some JP costs or Job requirements, I had in mind when it would be fair to get that skill or Job.
Scaling or SCA (ESC in Spanish) means the type of power you need to make to buff the damage or the hitrate %.
WP = Weapon Power (PA - Poder de Ataque in Spanish)
PA = Physical Attack (AF - Ataque Físico in Spanish)
MA = Magic Attack (AM - Ataque Mágico in Spanish)

Some skills can have these shortenings in the description:
%Fa = %Hit Faith force based (%Fe - Fe in Spanish)
%Spd = %Hit Speed force based (%Ve - Velocidad in Spanish)
%Bra = %Hit Bravery force based (Bravura in Spanish)

The maximum hit force is 25.5 - Skills normally have that hitrate force around 20.
Note: All MP costs won't appear in description since this can be very likely to change & they appear in the in-game skillset, so there is no need. "Speed" was renamed to "Hit force" to make it clearer.

Hacktitians/modders FAQ:
Because it's the most comfortable for me as I usually play FFT in my PSP and can also be emulated more easily than PSX in mobile devices. Even if it's sad that this version is limited, I didn't want this to be a very laborious project with many people involved in it. I just wanted to do a vanilla project myself.
If you want to make a new big project I recommend you the PSX version. There are better tools to use and you are much less limited. If you still want the story of TLoW on that project, I recommend you to install instead >this patch<
- For the in-game text changes from the PSP ISO you have to follow these steps from this post. And use version 0.457 of FFTacText. The changes needs to be done in 1-go. On v0.91 I've tried to make text changes and that's the solution I found searching in the forum.
- To patch you need to use FFTPatcher lastest version, you can get it from here. It's very simple to use. You use it to edit patches yourself and you can share changes but those changes won't change in-game text.
Oh, and this is important: That last program have more tools to easily make everything about hackroms.
· You need Shishi, don't use other programs. I followed this guide, but some steps may get issues, so also read my comment. You need to use a powerful or specific program for that, some will use Adobe Photoshop but there's also GIMP or GraphicsGale.
For the palette changes I used Palette Editor v.131b, very easy to use. You can click & drag the mouse to copy easily.

· If you have any issues with portraits in spritesheets (just for palette changes or uploading already done skillsets), try to use Palette Editor clicking the palettes to see if the avatar fixes itself so you can save and it's done, it's the best way. Maybe that doesn't help to you, so you can follow this useful tutorial (I don't know if there is a better one) to see if you can fix it.
If you see a grey square in your .bmp image that mean the initial image is somehow corrupted. You must reupload again the first spritesheet, convert it to BMP again (I use Photopea online, but there are more tools) and then finish again your palette changes. Don't forget to save your changes that you did for palettes and load them again.

· Understanding that last tutorial you can even make a new title screen for your project (you'll found it in Shishi: Other images -> Menu Options). Here's my tutorial about it.

· If you wanna do something more advanced like adding new portraits for different spritesheets, you need to follow Celdia's tutorial exactly, but I found a better way... once you understand it, of course. It was so hard to understand for me as I tried everything until something worked. Here's a message that solved one of my issues with new portraits... Read carefully:
Quote from: Xifanie on July 09, 2017, 04:36:12 pmI guess you didn't get that Celdia's tutorial is now pretty pointless.

In GG, open the bmp of the sprite, crop to the portrait, rotate it.
Select All & Copy (ctrl+c) (if you choose to load from clipboard in the next step)
Click the down arrow button under the palette colours, choose Load Palette/File/Load From Clipboard (or from file)
Copy the portrait's palette row (9th row unless you want a different one) to the 1st palette row. Then select the 9th row in the first box, and the 1st row in the second box, uncheck Match Pixels with Colors.
All Frames/Color Depth, choose 4bpp, OK.
Unfortunately, that will likely fuck up your palette's order (which is important), so you'll have to reimport the palette from file, selecting the original sprite's file and copy the 9th row to the 1st row again, but this time with Match Pixels with Colors.
Save the bmp and import in Shishi.
Basically to create a new portrait you need to first download the original WLDFACE portrait with Shishi. Then, you need to follow the instructions above. Once you have done it you will end up with a messy image (THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT). Now you can use this messy image to paste it in the spritesheet you are going to edit. When you have done that, then you have to go to Palette editor, click in your first palette and it will be fixed.
The idea behind it is that if the original image has for example red colors but you want to put blue colors you have to replace them all. If you already have those colors you can just copy+paste your edited portrait.

· [How to make new palettes like a noob] Following this tutorial you can understand how to make new color palettes. Do the tutorial loading a portrait or a spritesheet. Once you have changed it you only need to open it on GraphicsGale, save your image palette in a .pal, open it in your spritesheet and paste each colorful pixel color (it will be messy. so you have to fix it manually). Then play with the palette color in the Palette Editor until it shows a good result.
My best advice for this is: Try change the next pixel of a color equally (One color is 10 15 20 then change it to 12 17 22 and then 15 20 25).

· (Optional) Here you have a good amount of sprites that a lot of users has done: Sprite Thread. Give them credit if you use any of those!
You can follow this full guide (found it on this guide). It is for PSX but it works. Maybe I can do a tutorial for PSP but it is basically the same concept, because the idea is to replace unused characters that has a formation sprite and an avatar/portrait. There are a few units like Valmafra {F. Sprite: #12 & Job: #21 (skillset #49)} and Simon {F. Sprite: #0A & Job: #13 (there are unused skillsets like #49)}. Those units only appear on cinematics so it's safe to change everything about them. To change their appearance you have to use the program FFTEVGRP (made for PSX version but it works on PSP version) or Sishi Manager that works too.
There are very hardcoded units like Dark Knight and Onion Knight so you can't really change those units, you can only add/change skills. There are also hardcoded units but just for skills like Archer or Ninja that you can't change or have a full skillset but you can change their appearance.

Also, there is a way to add new units in the game than just Simon and Valmafra (used because they are easy to replace). This is something I tought myself while seeing that people made new units with Guests, but that's not as safe for PSP. These are all the unused units (you can read this from the FFT Wiki):
Quote from: undefinedThere are quite a few job classes that are unused in battle (...) More information on these jobs can be found in their respected articles; Cardinal, Duke, Duke, Elder, False Saint, Grand Duke, High Confessor, Viscount, and Witch of the Coven.
But there is a problem, you can only add units that appear both in WLDFACE.BIN & UNIT.BIN (WLDFACE4 won't work for your units as I tested it, I think this is hardcoded). The important thing is that they need to be tied. You can see this using Shishi Manager in Other images. That means you can add new units even for pure Guests (Rapha, Mustadio...), but in the PSP version the issue will be that you can't change their avatar/portrait sprite and you'll have to edit many events so I'll avoid that. You can still try use other Guests (Algus, Gafgarion...) that you can change their avatar/portrait sprite but you'll still have to modify events and maybe bugs will happen. So which are the units that are safe to use but require a little more work (events, swapping sprites)? I'll try to say some:
- The easiest one is Olan, as this is an enemy unit that you only see once. To replace it, use another unused unit from the list above (example: Goltanna).
- Serpentarius & Archaic Demon. Two monsters that you can also use to edit new units and you won't use on your journey. To replace Jobs & IDs, you can use units listed above. I didn't test those units but I think they will work. They are coded as humans but they have monster sprites. The only problem I see with those two is that I can't see more monsters to replace them in the list.
Remember you'll have to change ALL sprites for those, including all in-game sprites. Follow the tutorials for that, including to learn how to change sprites.
· Be careful with this crystallization crash error, it's very common for the PSP ISO.

· If you want to make a project yourself be patient, it will require years of work, and that's only for a vanilla+ project. After making this hackmod I think that if you want to get involved into something big it's better to jump into an existent PSX group project to make a huge hackmod.

· Keep in mind in FFTPatcher effect area is -1 (so 0 means 1, only for 1 character). Also keep in mind some character have hardcoded skills.  The only place I've seen this hardcoded list is in the file of FFTText Editor v1.1.

· In-game text are difficult to patch for the PSP version. That's why some people don't recommend to patch PSP ISOs, because it's easier to patch on PSX. There are better tools for PSX, but the simple answer to use the PSX version is that PSP will be a lot of work because you can usually get errors while making text changes and you can't save the file to keep updating, you have to manually put every text on a clean ISO. That's why I couldn't make in-game text changes until I finish all my changes, because I had to make all of them in one go.

· Before doing any in-text game changes with FFTactText just make a backup/copy of your ISO that you'll patch. Weird things can happen if you make something that the program is not allowed to do. Make sure you delete some kanji/japenese text to make some space before you make any change. Test the game to see if you have some issues too. Also check out this post to know more about in-game text changes.

· I don't how to use this Resource pack, but this post seems useful.

· Here is a useful video and a useful post about skill effects that you may use to change it to create new skills. Also, use this webpage to know how "inflict statuses" work

· To finish your project you'll have to use PPF Studio. Follow the steps of this video and you'll have a safe way to share your project that also will be lighter.
Additional info:
Bugs without solution:
- Some skills that damage around while selecting your unit won't show real damage/effect (some will show what effect that ability will have on your unit). For example: Samurai skills.
- Some skills (like Archer ones) will have a visual bug and you will see the effect or damage 2 times. Don't worry, those skills won't do double damage.
- Zero Change won't work with Knight skills (old Aim archer skills). Try Short Charge instead.

->All beta patches info here<- (v0.1 to v0.99)
Actual Patch:  Patch 1.0 BETA (PRE-RELEASE) - Date: October 14, 2022
Next one: v1.0

v1.0: All text changes. Official release. Spanish & English patch.

I'll move all 1.0+patches into this post. Beta patches will be no longer downloadable after 1.0 version.


✪ Pre-Patch 1.0 (Sprite .ppf v0.99 patch):

▷ Recap:
- Preparing sprite changes & new units.
- General revision of all my changes & every job/character:

▷ Visual changes:
- Swapped Olan & Goltanna (#12E event, unused) sprites.❌
- Added all other sprites (custom & new), listed here:

Vincent Valentine:  Fully done.✔️
Fran:  Fully done.✔️
Llyud:  Fully done.✔️
Blonde Agrias:  Fully done. No portait change.✔️
Melia:  Fully done.✔️
Paladin M:  Fully done.✔️
Paladin F: Fully done.✔️
Merchant F: Fully done. No portait change.✔️
Brown Female Monk: Fully done.✔️
Brown Male Monk: Fully done. No formation sprite change.✔️
Mentalist M: Fully done.✔️
Mentalist F: Fully done. ✔️
Rogue M: Fully done. ✔️
Rogue F: Fully done. ✔️
Geomancer M: Fully done.✔️
D. Knight M: Fully done. ✔️
D. Knight F: Fully done. ✔️
Samurai F: Fully done. ✔️
Rebel M: Fully done. ✔️
Rebel F: Fully done. ✔️
Math C. M: Fully done. ✔️
Math C. F: Fully done. ✔️
Mime M: Fully done. ✔️

Red XIII: Fully done. ❌ Sprite animations were not finished by the original author. Needs testing to see if it's fine so I didn't add it yet.

▷ v0.99 Hotfixes:
- (Items) Bags were not usable: 1 bag added as buyable. Swapped with 1 rare fell sword (#73 & #108). Now there's only 1 buyable (Chapter 4. almost the end).
- Fran character fixes (Skillset, evasion & weapon usage).
- Llyud added in the event (it was Valmafra) instead a random monster (#1D4).

Note: You have an overall explanation about how I did the sprite changes in FAQ new units.


✪ Patch 1.0 BETA (PRE-RELEASE)

▷ In-game text changes:

Done (ENG): ✔️Job Names | ✔️ Skillset Names | ✔️ Character Names | ✔️ Item Names | ✔️ Job Descr. | ✔️ Job Requer. | ✔️ Skill Names
Done (ESP): ✔️Job Names | ✔️ Skillset Names | ✔️ Character Names | ✔️ Item Names | ✔️Job Descr. | ✔️ Job Requer. | ✔️ Skill Names

❌ Skill Descr.
❌ Items Descr.
❌ Skillset Descr.

(Not all changes are described)

▷ Skill names:
✔️Shout >> Cheer Up
✔️Breathe Fire(144#) >> War Cry (Shout?)
✔️Stall >> Not Now
✔️Salve >> Assistance
✔️Unholy Darkness >> Darkness
✔️Darkness >> True Darkness
✔️Shadow & Dusk Blade(2) >> Sanguine & Infernal Blade
✔️Vanish >> Shadow
✔️Graviga >> Black Hole
✔️Focus >> Stopga
✔️Aero >> Doom Fist
✔️Quake >> Earthsplitter
✔️Quake(2) >> Earthquake
✔️Crushing Blow >> Dimensional Blade
✔️Shock (Vengeance) >> Gates Of Death/Hell's Gate
✔️Rush >> Focus {new descrip}

? (Monk) Abandon >> Bellicosity

✔️Goblin Punch >> Vendetta
✔️ Sleep Touch >> Poison Combo/Poison Slash
✔️ Spirit Blade >> Swordblade
✔️Zombie Touch >> Dark Resurrection
✔️Fire Anima >> Wind Anima
✔️Dispel (#F4)>> Ultima Dispel
✔️Charge >> Hidden Power
✔️Oily Touch >> Wallga
✔️Bequeath Bacon >> Wild Hunt
✔️Ice Breath(151#) >> Steal Life {Effect Drain or Drain Touch}
✔️Thunder Breath >> Assassination (Death effect?)
✔️Fire Breath >> Unholy Darkness
✔️Glitterlust >> God's Blessing
? Karma >> (Dark Blow?/Vengeance/Demonic Blade)

✔️Concealment >> Vanish

All Emergence 1 skill name changes.
(ES) 234-247 ❌
(ES) Other skill names ❌


▷ Skillset Names:
✔️Onion Knight >> Chocobo Knight
✔️Agrias Job >> Master Paladin (holy knight in descr.)
✔️Templar >> Mystic Knight
✔️Melia's Arcane Knight >> Heretic, Occultist
✔️Sword Saint >> Master Swordman
✔️Lancer > Dragon Knight
✔️Chemist >> Merchant
✔️Magus >> Dark Paladin
✔️Luso's Job: Game Hunter >> Astrologer
✔️Ramza's Job: Vagrant >> Noble, Heretic, Dark Knight
✔️Squire >> Paladin (+Holy Arts)
✔️Marach Job: Earthseer >> Netherseer
✔️(Ninja >>) Thief >> Rogue (Assassin?)
✔️(Thief >>) Ninja >> Rebel (Varmint/Knave?)
✔️Arithmetician >> Math Conjurer (Timespace Mage?)
✔️Conjurer >> Mentalist (Dimensional Mage?)
✔️Soldier >> Knight
✔️Cloud's job >> SOLDIER
✔️Time Mage >> Mentalist (Can use the power of shields as an spiritual defense)
✔️Meliadoul >> Melia
✔️Simon >> Vincent Valentine, Job: Dark Sniper
✔️Valmafra >> Llyud, Job: Harpy
Byblos >> Red XII, Job: Experiment; Great Magicks
✔️ Olan >> Fran (I kept Olan as enemy), Job: Assassin

· Enemies:
✔️Assassin >> Dark Dancer

▷ Item Names:
✔️Stoneshooter gun >> Cerberus

▷ Beta changes:
- Added sprite changes from Emergence 1.✔️
- Sprites added again (For Spanish & English version) ✔️
- Some job tree changes: Added +1 Paladin to some jobs.✔️
- Swapped Olan & Goltanna (#12E event, unused) sprites.✔️
- Testing: Elidibus/Byblos event (#1D9) to change Red XIII sprite. ❌
- Not included before: Marach has Darkness skill.

▷ [v.1 beta 3 ENG Hotfix]:
· Fixed a corruption issue (3 hotfixes for this one).
· Included slowdown removal.
· Oil from Rogue nerfed from 900 to 1500 JP.

▷ [v.1 beta 4 ENG Hotfix]:
· Removed blade skills from Paladin.
· Preview of next patch: Added some balance changes.


✪ [Changes intended for Patch 1.0 OFFICIAL ENGLISH RELEASE] 🛠️

▷ Finish every in-game text that I didn't finish last patch:
- Skill Descriptions:
· For all basic jobs: ✔️
· All monsters, enemies & secret characters: ✔️  (I kept all mana costs in descriptions from monsters, if they had so. Monster skills won't have scaling description)
· Other reaction & passive skills: ✔️ (Items: No changes)
* Exceptions: Suffocate (B7), Petrify, Charm, Sleep Touch, Tentacles, Charge, Shadowbind?
- Skillset Descr. ✔️ (Made some in beta ver. but I'm revising it)
- Items Descr. ❌ (Moved to v1.1)
- Put every in-game text change loading a clean ISO again: ✔️
· Added to the ISO:  ✔️ Job & Character Names |  ✔️ Job Descr. |  ✔️ Skillset Names | ✔️ Item Names | ✔️ Job Requer. | ✔️ Skill Names | ✔️ Skillset Descriptions | ✔️ Skill Descriptions
(Monsters were not revised (Job descr. for example) and it will be done in next patch)

▷ Visual:
- Added new title screen, icon & image for the ISO ✔️ (Applied: ❌)

▷ Skill fixes & changes (while revising every skill): ✔️
· Faith % scaling:
- Slow/Haste nerfed from 210 to 200. Slowja/Hasteja buffed -> 210 from 200. Regen buffed -> 220 from 200.
- Oil from Rogue hitrate nerfed: 70%  -> 60% (+Spd).
- Zombie buffed: 16.5 faith scaling from 15.
- Disable nerfed: 18 faith scaling from 20.
· Buff: Range +1 to Mystic skills.
· Odin buffed: Formula dmg from 36 to 38.
· Cyclops: +200 JP +10 MP +1 formula dmg.
· Buff: Added some heal (5%) for some skills of Samurai.
· Bard:
- Life's Anthem & Seraph Song buffed: to 2 speed ticks from 4 (since it heals so little I wanted to buff it).
- Battle Chant, Magickal Refrain nerf: Hitrate to 95% from 100%. Nerf: +2 speed tick.
- Nameless Song buffed: From 65% to 85% to hit, then 25% to inflict each effect. Added Invisible.
- Rousing Melody. Nerfed to 55% from 100%. Buffed: -1 speed tick.
- Finale buffed: +5% hitrate. Nerf: +1 speed tick.
- Nameless Song nerf: +4 speed tick.
· Dancer:
- Forbidden Dance: From 66% to 60% rate hit. Speed tick +1 (to 7).
- Slow Dance buffed: +5% hitrate. Buff: -1 speed tick.
- Last Waltz buffed: +5% hitrate
- Polka, Heathen Frolic nerf: Hitrate to 95% from 100%. Nerf: +2 speed tick.
· Removed Rush from Melia.
· Praise/Preach nerfed from 20 to 16 Bravery/Faith. Enemy skills still makes -20. This is to control better the permanent bonuses and to make it less rewarding for tryhard people.
· (TEST) Demonic Blade: Buffed damage and damage received.
· Magical Bullet: Nerfed from 70 to 65 but added 25% Undead. JP cost from 500 to 1500.
· Climhazzard back to default formula dmg.
· Samurai's Muramasa: Berserker -> Randomly Undead or Doom.
· Math C. (Arythm.) delayed a little. +2 Cleric? (Don't forget to add it in Job. Req. description✔️)

· (Enemy/Ally) Gaffgarion: Drain HP/MP uses same skills. Now uses Unholy Chant & Dark Knight reactions.
· Some skills like Goo buffed. Added more skills overall. More minor changes.

▷ New skills & reworks:
- Discord (old Voodoo) reworked: Zombie Touch: Convert a unit into a zombie that joins your group. Effect: Undead, Traitor. Hit 90% + MA (If it's too broken I can make it maybe only Undead). Weapon Range. Added for Melia, removed Unholy Chant. {Visual effect: ?}
- Life's Anthem (from Bard) also added to Paladin & Balthier. JP cost to 1200???
- Mincing Minuet (from Dancer) also added to Melia & Rogue. JP cost to 1000???
- [ MAYBE I'LL BUFF IT ] Chant from Paladin moved to Dark Knight (back to where it was on vanilla) & Melia. New name: Unholy/Demonic Chant. Chant (persev) effect. Heal an ally by inflicting damage to oneself. (New visual effect: Chant & Squeal swapped). JP cost to 10 from 0.

▷ Palette fixes:
· All palettes from my sprites changed again due to a misunderstanding of how the game works. Added into the ISO. ❌ 
(In the game 4th & 5th palette are the most used for enemies, followed by the 3rd palette. I just tought the 2nd was the most used but it was rarely used)
Done: Rogue F/M ✔️ D. Knight F/M ✔️ Calculator F/M ✔️ Merchant F ✔️ Geomancer M ✔️ Mentalist F/M ✔️ Mime M ✔️ Monk F/M ✔️
Paladin F/M ✔️ Rebel ✔️ Samurai W ✔️

· Some palettes changed in story events, so 2nd & 3rd palettes will be more rare to be seen. ✔️
· Finished male & female rogue palettes. ✔️ (They only had 2. Male now has 3 palettes, female has 5)
· Some palettes were edited for better colors for enemies spritesheets and new accurate portraits. ✔️
- Paladin F/M new portrait edited by me. Spritesheets modified. ✔️

▷ Items:
Since you get 2 Cerberus with Vincent now this gun is not obtainable, you can only try to steal it from other units.
White Staff: Added (cancel) Confuse, Atheist, Charm, Sleep, Immobilize and Disable.

▷ Balance fixes due to my own changes of lastest patches:
✔️ Archer's Salve: It wasn't working as intended since you can't buff + cancel statuses. Now it gives +2 Spd. Changed battle message "Salved" to "Blessed".
✔️ Blind effect was incorrectly adding more effects.
✔️ Unholy darkness was giving Regen and also was in Poison Bow effect.
✔️ Aim Extremity (Leg Shot/Snipe Movement) fixed formula from Separate to random.´
✔️ Change Sleep Touch into another skill: Poison Slash. Added to Rogue. Tentacles monster skill back to default but +1 range (I started to delete monster skills because I didn't have more to freely use). Since there are 2 Tentacle skills, I've just used 1 for monsters.
(Not applied yet each one)

▷ Final changes ideas that required more time:
✔️ Paladin's new dmg skill. Removed repeated skill. (Dance mechanic atm)
Other minimal changes (The rest of ideas were moved to the next patch).

▷ Skillset names:
✔️ Chant >> Unholy Chant
✔️ Byblos Vengeance >> Demonic Blade
✔️ 2nd Bio >> Virus
✔️ 3rd Bio >> Virusga
✔️ Snipe Movement (Leg Shot) >> Aim Extremity
✔️ Snipe Action (Arm Shot) >> Magical Bullet
✔️ Luminaire >> Blaze
✔️Berserker Shot (Rend Magick) >> Divine Justice
✔️ Salve >> Blessing
Dischord >> Zombie Touch
✔️ Snipe Atk/Mag/Sp >> Destroy Atk/Mag/Sp
✔️ Snipe MP >> Spiritual Bullet
✔️ (Non-reworked skills*) >> HIDDEN POWER (Description: Unkwnown skill.)

▷ About text changes:
✔️ Make clear how some skills work in-game. That means to say how much % of inflict status there is or how every skill scales.
✔️ Murasame New effect: Cancel near evil forces. [Confusion, Vampire, Atheist, Undead, Stone, Traitor, Chicken, Toad, Poison, Slow, Doom, Charm, Doom]
✔️ {Make clear that reactions like Archer's Bane uses Bravery as probability} (Something like "Bravery scaling") -> Moved to Br/Fa description
✔️ {Reis skills -> Dragon instead Target}
✔️ {Make clear how Teleport works: Teleport is 100% within the unit's regular move range. It goes down 10% for each square beyond that.}
✔️ {Monk's purification also removes confusion and Time Mage dispels remove defense}
✔️ {Make clear that Monk's Purification Range around is 1}
✔️ {Make clear how evasion/block works on Parry description & Reflexes that is a buff on Evasion rates (double physical and magical)}
✔️ {Make clear that Samurai skill to evade scales with Bravery, and it blocks back attacks unlike other skills that doesn't help from behind}
✔️{Make clear that Steal Life only steals HP from live beings}
✔️ {Remove "Hex magic" from Oil description, make clear that now affects various enemies}
✔️ {Assasination description: Uses a dagger to quickly try to kill aiming for a lethal point of the enemy, but it can miss.}
✔️ {Quick description: "To come more quickly" -> "To come instantly"}
✔️{Make clear on Orator's Praise/Preach that will affect mostly Jobs Reactions} (Increase x boosting mostly their P/M reactions)
✔️ Paladin's Revive: "with a powerful battlecry" -> "by the will of the gods"
✔️{Make clear that Geomancer skills or skills like Blaze/Darkness have hybrid scaling} ("PA&MA scaling")
✔️ {Mystic Immobilize/Disable (#25) add: "and from evading"}
✔️ {Golem: add "scaling with a percentaje of the user HP until..."}
✔️ {Seal Evil Description: Add "Imbue the weapon with a strange fluid to"}
✔️{Darkwave: "to damage all" -> "to damage all enemies in an area around"}
✔️{Flame Shot: add "at a very high speed"}
✔️ {DK Sanguine Sword / Infernal Strike new descriptions and names}
✔️ {Short Charge is 50% less CT. Attack Up is 33% more attack.}
✔️ {Make clear that Praise gives 1/4 permanent faith}
✔️ {Add a hint to ride Chocobos in Chocobo Knight's description}
✔️ {Climhazzard: Fix the description (as default)}
✔️ {Make clear that now the skills from Templar do damage}
✔️ {Samurai's Kiku- (Yumi Bow) descrip: "wreaking havoc..." to "shoots an spiritual arrow with an spiritual bow that pierces the enemies in its path"}
✔️ {Samurai: New descriptions for changed skills}
✔️ {Make clear that you need a sword for all sword skills: "(Sword only)"}
✔️ {Monk's Earthquake: "Hit the ground to conjure up..." Scaling PA, on Tornado: Scaling MA.}
✔️ {Make clear that cleric has a halved attack damage in the job descrip.}
✔️ {Make clear that Samurai uses katanas in the inventory on Draw Out (Laido) description}
✔️ Added Hidden Power name and blank description to unused skills so I can rework each one.
? {Make clear that Allure uses giles to buy that unit (007B)}

▷ Fix all bugs I can, like:
✔️ Crystallization crash. (For text file, not applied yet)

- Last Step: Revision in-game to see if all is fine after patching .ISO file: ✔️ (Hotfix: Patch 1.01)

Note: Since I've made every description in the game very clear, an Excel with all the damage scales for the abilities is not necessary.
I also decided to not make a job requirement image like Emergence 1 since everything is in-game, but I'll try add some stuff like job requirements to the notes too.


★ From now on if I make a mini-patch or a hotfix with minimal changes I'll make a new .ppf patch with one increased number.
Example: Patch 1.01, Patch 1.02...


✪ [Changes intended for Patch 1.0 OFFICIAL SPANISH RELEASE] 🛠️

▷ Same text changes than last patch but translated: ❌
- Skill Descr. 🛠️  (until: Death{Chicken} )
- Items Descr.
- Skillset Descr.
- Last step: Put every in-game text change loading a clean ISO again.

▷ All balance changes. ❌
▷ Palette fixes. ❌
▷ Visual:
- New title screen. Done: ❌
- Added ENG icon. Added new translated image for the ISO ✔️ (Not applied yet) ❌

- Don't forget all undone Emergence 1 skill name changes.

▷ About text changes:
- Weapons/Monsters:
{Make clear that weapon Blood Sword Steal HP}
{Make clear how some RNG weapon works, like axes and flails or just put "This weapon may do less damage" & RNG in the description}


✪ [v1.0x Hotfixes] 🛠️
- v1.01 -
· Fixes to most general misplaced text in some descriptions.
· Fixes to all Melia's descriptions.

(More soon)


[Changes intended for Patch 1.1+] 🛠️

- Added all patch notes & job requirements to the .zip file. ❌

- Revise again all beta changes so see if I missed something ❌
❌ Revise damage from Ultima & Divine ultima.
- Revise Ultima boss fight and each skill.
- Due to how I replaced Rogue & Rebel, Ninja/Thief needs to be swapped in all ENTD battles/events. (Maybe moved to next patch)

- I need to re-watch all changes I did from "growth" to "impedance" and play the game again.
- All Jobs stat scaling
- Monster stat scaling
- Revise all Rogue (Thief) & Rebel (Ninja) events. {I need to swap both}
- Some final job tree changes and minor changes. Cleric & Arythm revision:
· Revise items from Cleric.
- Test Bylos & Altima battle. Check out late-game.

- Changed Byblos into Red XIII. Obtainable on Byblos' vanilla battle.
- Include a Reaver/Apanda instead Byblos to be a Guest for all of the battles, but it will have other Apanda skills). You won't be able to recruit this unit. Name: Reaver/Apanda.
- I could also include another recruitable monster with a lot of skills adding Serpentarius in a blank unit instead [Experimental].
- (IDEA) Can Materia Blade be used for making a skill only viable with that weapon or maybe change it visually? So then I may use it for Vincent.

▷ New skills & reworks:
- [ IDEA ] Melia's Cursed Reconstruction reworked. New name: Day of the Dead (#B7 suffocate): Now heals 15%? but hits everyone. Still effect Berserk + Zombie. Chant (persev) effect. JP cost to 3000??? (Effect: Glitterlust??)
- [ IDEA ] Hidden Power reworked: moved to Paladin. (Effect: Suffocate) Dance mechanic? {New persev. skill also for Bard & Dancer? Hit everyone?}
- [ IDEA ] Change Petrify into another skill (->B5<-/BB) Only bosses and Celia/Lette seems to use it
- [ IDEA ] Charm as new skill? Nobody seems to use that skill.
- [ IDEA ] Tentacles (11D) as new skill.
- [ IDEA ] Maybe change Shadowbind since it only seems to be used by Celia/Lette. Added Stopga instead?

{Visually swap some effects of the skills for Rapha and Luso to be coherent?}
{I can make elemental changes like: Monster units that fly will halve earth damage, heavy units will halve wind damage}
{I made axes forced 2 hands so maybe I should buff more Weapon Power or give PA buffs (no Concentration buff). Bags will also be buffed a little because they do RNG damage too}


Special thanks (to sprite authors):
Watch/DL portrait sprites here! (Part 1)
Watch/DL portrait sprites here! (Part 2)
Watch/DL spritesheets here! (Part 1)
Watch/DL spritesheets here! (Part 2)

My idea was to change every weird/ugly/inconsistent sprite model that the game has and I've added later some new cool characters:

-Drunkard's Sprite as Rogue (Thief). [I've added new palettes done by me]
Parts: M Ranger from Kagebunji / Concept by Twinees, M Rogue by R999 /  Lijj, and Xeldoran's M Chemist's legs.
Avatar/Portrait sprite used from Mograine_D.
· Mime male: From this message [Palettes edited a little by me] - by Seushiro.
· Fran as a new unit (swapped with Olan and replacing an unused unit). From this post - By Valkirst.

- I've used these sprites from Journey of The Five:
· Dragoon F/M as D. Knight [5th palette used - Palettes edited a little by me] - by Twinees
· Rogue F/M as new Ninja F/M (name: Rebel?) [1st Palette used] - by R999 / Port by Lijj
· Geomancer M as Geomancer M [4th pallete used - Palette edited a little by me] - by Lijj
· Samu F as Samurai F [3rd palette used] - by Lijj

- These sprites from this site:
· Paladin F/M as Squire F/M (maintain Paladin name) [Palettes edited by me - Female boots fixed by me] - by Lijj, Twinees
· Female Alchemist as Alchemist F. - by Choto, Square-Enix
· Vincent Valentine as a new unit (replacing unused Simon) - by Twinees
· Melia (Succubus model) as Meliadoul (Occultist [Dark Arts] job) - by Kagebunji, Twinees
· Enchanter F/M as Calculator F/M [5th palette used] - by Celdia, RavenOfRazgriz, Square-Enix
· Llyud as a new unit (replacing unused Valmafra). Palette by mav [3rd palette used] - by Twinees
· Red XIII as a new unit (replacing Byblos) - by Twinees
· Mentalist F/M as Time Mage F/M [Added a little more blue color to male] - by Lijj
- Female Mime was already changed in FFT Emergence 1 - by Lijj.

Others (vanilla edits):
- Meliadoul as Female Rogue (Thief) [Edited by me - Finished all 5 palettes].
- Agrias: Now the model sprite is blonde. [Palette changed by me]
- Female Monk: Now brown skin. [Palettes changed by me]
- Male Monk: New portrait/avatar. [Palettes changed by me]

I give permission to edit or use the vanilla sprites that I have edited. I only ask for a proper credit like I also did.

The project is already finished, with sprite changes done. There's only a few things like balancing battles that I'm gonna fix with some hotfixes.
Everything you need to know is inside the game. If you need other kind of information or feedback please let me know. You can freely DM me.
Emergence 2 works on an EUR ISO.
>Spanish vanilla translation patch (in PPF/XDELTA)<
I'm looking for testers and I'm still working on this! Leave a like if you have played this mod and you liked the experience.


March 07, 2023, 06:55:24 pm #1 Last Edit: April 22, 2023, 04:52:49 am by darkskyx
-Message reserved for the future-

Not finished yet (it lacks some descriptions & names but gameplay should be fine):

Spanish beta (I don't know if it still has the crystallization crash):


March 07, 2023, 07:21:09 pm #2 Last Edit: March 23, 2023, 08:23:37 pm by darkskyx
-Message reserved for the future-

Don't forget to let me know bugs and more!

Discarded ideas:

Removed from my original post (Outdated info/Not needed):

(Better display at version 1.0)
- Some underpowered jobs buffed: Flexibility! Many jobs have access to other weapons: Chemist to guns... Thief to Crossbows... Samurai, Ninja and dancers to bows...
- Ninja rework: Assassin. Very flexible unit (range or melee), now it has have skills to hide and assasinate units; works around Speed. Throw skills went to Onion Knight. [Patch 0.6]
Even this unit can be very powerful, it can't kill any bosses & can still work vs some mini-bosses. I'm thinking to give this unit an skill with area of invisibility. [Patch 0.97]
- Squire rework: Paladin (A Paladin's Apprentice). Now works like a true paladin/squire! Uses Parry. Adds protection to the allies, and have some damages too. It works around low HP too like Dark Knights. [Patch 0.8]
- Monk rebalance: Monk skills usually start with low range then high range, so don't usually use many of their skills. Now works like this: You have access to medium range skills that do lower damage then close skills that do great damage and then you get some very good long range skills. [Patch 0.9+]
- Samurai rebalance: No more access to Protect+Shell on all your team. You only have 1 way to make your team Protect+Shell and will be with Purple Magicks, waste 2 turns for it or having lucky with RNG (with Bard, Astrologer, etc). Buffed a little as compensation.
- Rebalanced gameplay experience that feels fair and will make viable characters you usually left behind in the early game and others better later. (For example, Cleric & Wizard have less AoE on initial skills, Enchanter now have more ways to survive, Orator have utility and damage... Other worse options for jobs were buffed on stats growth.)
- New job tree around damage/weapon types. It's still intuitive, but the numbers are balanced around how powerful is the unit & when you should get it. Jobs like Onion Knight and Arithm. are more easy to get, while others are still delayed.
- JP Rebalance: Some JP cost for initial skills are down, so you will feel better when you get a new job and you don't have to grind at all. Cost up on some brutal skills.
- Fixed broken interactions of the original Emergence patch, like some setups that destroys the early game, like very hard fights without some accessories (some battles vs Some bosses or Archers were broken on early-midgame. I had an incredible hard battle for some stages because the units lacked ways to counter their strategies or they had skills with just pure damage). You can still get powerful units and battles on later stages.
- A few new skills replacing others I found redundant. Some skills got a new damage formula.
- On version 0.9+ the jobs are re-touched to make a good fantasy of their playstyle and I've added new passives (innate skills) that makes the game different. I did add even more skills to some Jobs and the stats were changed to differentiate better between tanky units and non-tanky units (supports & mages mostly).
- Revision of all unique characters. New skills added to them, making them a better version of other general units. Better approach to Beowulf, Luso, Mustadio, Agrias...´
- Byblos rework (is getting a rework soon, so:) It will feel like a pseudo-blue mage. The only unit to have many monster skills. Your GOOD skill-based monster unit.
- Luso re-touch: As it is the main protagonist job, I gave Dark Knights more tools, so they will have the same passives than Dark Paladin (Magus). Be careful vs them!
- Many changes that inherently have sense, mainly around elemental power. Like Earth halved on monsters that fly. Some weapons are buffed with elemental stats too.
- Visual changes that makes the abilities have more sense.
- Meliadoul rework: Occultist. A unit that will use some obscure skills. I also tought to add the sprite from Vincent Valentine to this unit.

And I'm still not sure about this one:
Harder version: Monster & bosses changes, maybe more. (On my second playtime at version 1.0)
I'm working on a revision of a hackmod that I liked but I feel it lacked some changes. The author gave me permission to do it and I feel it's even a better experience overall.

I've tried to rebalance the original patch, remake a lot of units, make a lot of new skills & give it a fair scaling difficulty. This re-patch is a Vanilla+ hackmod, so don't expect a full visual rework of everything even if I reworked many things.

I've been working on this since November 2020 and I will do a post on "Completed mods" it on version 1.0, when I will do an official release with ALL text changes. (or ask a mod to change the article's board)
Check it out all beta changes (optional)

Once I finish my patch and the 1.0 version is uploaded, I won't make more in-game text changes. I will still be able to patch things like increase/decrease stats, change skill trees or remove skills for a hard mode, let shirahadori counter more skills...
- I'd like to change the sprite of my units (at least Squires).
Edit: I've figured out how to do it. I'll make that changes on version 0.99 or 1.0 - I guess.
- I'd like to put in my re-patch this hack code, this other and another useful ones. I'm trying to apply but I think it doesn't work.
Edit: Looking at info of the forum, it seems that is really hard to put ASM hacks on the PSP version. Maybe on the future it's possible.
I took a look to the Excel that comes with the patch, so I got some early ideas to make the rebalance:
-I'd rebalance in general the job system around job types by damage type or utility. I don't think it's a good idea to separate between tiers, some jobs have a bad late game.
-I want a ninja rework. So I'd remove the ability of the ninja of throwing weapons, 'cos to me that's stupid... Id' add some damage skills to ninja job or I'd just change the skills overall (I always disliked playing as a Ninja in the vanilla version because it had weird skills). I liked more the version of the Ninja in FFTAdvance with status ailments (but the Archer have it in this version so that's unnecessary). One idea I had could be to make the job more difficult to get and just let it be a Master Tier rank with better stats & could use many weapons. Idk...
-I feel like Thiefs could use crossbows and maybe bows too, while Ninjas could have a different approach. I remember when I played vanilla ver. I usually just got Ninja to get Dual Wield and that's all. And this is pretty obvious, but thematically Ninjas have the art of using any weapon like Onion Knight does (most of them), while Dual Wield is more of a Samurai thing.
-Looking at Soldier I think that job needs to be better, but I don't know how to do it, maybe just a buff on stats.
-I like Magus but I think it needs some skills (I'd say more M+P skills to Magus maybe? an utility one?)
-I'd like to change some in-game texts even for Jobs, like the name for Chemist that is now Merchant (makes more sense to me).
For patch 0.8+: I'm gonna change some requirement jobs. Maybe I should swap the ones from Samurai to Onion Knight, and maybe to get Samurai once you master Monk and Soldier (like you unlock Magus once you master Wizard and Geomancer but not that hard). Also, I could add some points in Archer to get Samurai because thematically Samurais use bows too.
-Maybe I'll add more requeriment points to Dancer and Bard, testing trying to rush that jobs I'm so OP. Arythmetician feels more balanced than expected with some changes (you need to learn some skills to make this viable, the job doesn't have that much MA multiplier and also you will hit to less enemies most of the time), so I will put less requirements to get that job. Squires now needs protective spells (because I moved their skills to other jobs).
-I'm trying to give Squire a clear parry role. I've tried to add innate reactions like Archer's Bane to Squire instead innate Parry skill but it doesn't work with other reactions like Counter (so I might buff other aspects of the Squires}. The idea is that they parry attacks and maybe evade arrows.- So the best way to kill Squires will be with Magic. But only 1 reaction can work at the same time so I'm gonna buff other weapons.

Discarded ideas:
-Move geomancer to tier 1 and monk to tier 2. (Maybe move lavawalking and waterwalking from Samurai to Geomancer, makes more sense to me). But maybe I need to nerf Geomancer and I don't like that... I like how Geomancer is buffed in this mod.
I think this could be better because if you have a physical and magical unit, you can master Geomancer (that I think it should be an early unit) so you can then get Magus. And also there is the option to go to the physical route, so you will get Monk and then Mime. Another idea I have is to just separate Monk from Geomancer, I think they are 2 different classes and Geomancer looks like an hybrid version. In the vanilla version, I always felt like I play Geomancer too late (while Monk was too OP)... so I think I could update this mod just for fun, also with changes for late game.
- Ninja evasion changes. Ninja and Thief will have Innate Reflexes but won't be able to use the command Defend. Understand that Defend increase chance x2 to evade an attack and their turn will come faster. I've done this to not allow ultra high evasion rates, but they still will be able to counter attacks (I guess).
-Testing to make Geomancer a late game unit that hits in area of 3 (like Summoner and Wizard}; the problem with this unit is that it is so good at the start but scales bad due to the how the formula works (scale with PA and MA, not really with weapon damage), so to let the unit scale better I need to buff damage while making AoE hit hard. Maybe something like Damage formula +3, so much harder to get & AoE +2. Maybe I can still make it a semi-tank unit that is good on midgame, harder to get but with more AoE than now.
- Many testing innate skills, like adding Atttack Up (Boost) to Agrias as innate. (But adding damage usually destroys they early game, so I prefer to buff defense).
- Added innate Doublehand to Lancer (maybe I need to nerf early damage from this Job because of this and buff PA scaling on later stages).
- Make a Yumi (Combat Bow) for Samurai? {Idk how. I've tested it and each weapon is coded like the item type stays the same}. Now only displays into Kiku's description.
- Byblos' Manaburn -> Crystal Resurrection, fully revive an ally even as a crystal {It would be cool that he'd use half of his HP} Since this unit is so simple, it would be good that can be the unique unit that resurrects crystals. [IT DIDN'T WORK]
- [ IDEA ] Agrias God's Blessing reworked: Chant (persev) effect. Hitrate: ?? %. (Effect: Belief (Faith) or Return (Map)?? )
- Anima skills: "Throw several elemental spirits in an area that can hit or miss" RNG 1-10
- Discarded due to a bug of the game (Ninja can't have more than 4 skills): New skills for Ninja: Ice/Wind/Thunder/Water anima.
-Possible skill added to Ninja/Thief; name: Bomb blast. (Effect: #1CB mini explosion) instead ???? skill.

- There is a limit of 4 skills on Ninja's skillset. I think this is due the fact that Ninja is hard coded. If I don't find a fix... I tested until I was tired and I didn't find any solution.
-Ninja's Throw is hard coded so I can't put it on Onion Knight that was my initial idea.
-One of my initial ideas was to put innate Parry to Paladin (old Squire) but it is bugged as you won't able to use one more reaction. This made the balance weird as I wanted to give a passive reaction for each unit but I had to give instead support abilities that were not bugged. Movement reactions are also not bugged.
(Outdated - This only work with .fftpatch files)
To patch you need to use FFTPatcher lastest version, you can get it from here. It's very simple to use. You can also use it to edit patches.
You need to apply the .fftpatcher patch in an existent Emergence ISO to re-patch it (right now it is the best way). So basically you need to re-patch it on an patched Emergence ISO.
If you patch from my beta version(s), keep in mind that all in-game text changes are not done yet (I'll work on a .ppf when all my changes are done in version 1.0).

⚫︎ New names for jobs have been updated to the jobs I tought they need it, to make the game consistent:
- All Job name list: Paladin (reworked, replacing Squire), Merchant (replacing Chemist), Archer, Knight, Monk, Cleric (White M), Wizard (Black M), Summoner, Rebel/Rogue (reworked, replacing Thief/Ninja), Mentalist (replacing Time Mage), Geomancer, Orator, Dragon Knight (Dragoon/Lancer), Samurai, Math Conjurer (Arithmetician), Bard, Dancer, Mime, Dark Paladin (Magus/D. Knight), Chocobo Knight (Onion Knight).
- All Character name & Job list: [IMAGES SOON]
Vincent Valentine: Dark Sniper
Melia (Meliadoul rework): Occultist
Agrias: Master Paladin
Templar >> Mystic Knight
Orlandeau's Sword Saint >> Master Swordman
Luso's Game Hunter >> Astrologer
Mustadio: Sniper
Ramza's Job: Vagrant >> Noble, Heretic, Dark Knight
Marach Job: Earthseer >> Netherseer