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May 20, 2024, 02:56:15 pm


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FF6: Tactics Mod

Started by CONMAN, July 01, 2023, 08:44:46 pm


July 01, 2023, 08:44:46 pm Last Edit: December 25, 2023, 10:47:43 am by CONMAN Reason: release
Surprise! I decided to release a demo of the FF6:Tactics that has been shown off in videos.  This mod hasn't progressed as far as I would like, but there is still work happening!


Firstly,  all thanks must start with Queen Xifanie without whom the Final Fantasy Tactics community wouldn't exist! Sorry, if I missed credits, this is a work in progress and will update as I go.


Celes- Lijj
Terra- Valkirst
Sabin (Concept)- Kokanut
Locke- Bloodthirster0 (port- Lijj)
Strago- Madmartigan (port- Lijj)
Moogle- Kagebunji
Cyan- Kagebunji (port- Darkholme)
Shadow- MasterGrand (port- Lijj)
Atma Weapon (Teepo Dragon) - Valkirst
Ghost- Smash
Beaked Chocobo- Vanya
Skeleton sprite- NeedlessKaos
Wolf- Wolfram
Ultros- (Concept) Cingen (port- Lijj)
Emperor Gestahl (port- Lijj)
Flan- Choto (port- Lijj)
"Male Mestalist"- Lijj\
Generic Cavalier Male- Smash
Tonberry- ?Kagebunji
Berserker- Zozma
Goddess- Twin

Phantom Train      \
Floating Continent ---ArmoredKori
Narshe Snow Battle /

Asm Hacks:


Original Posting:
-General Outline

The plan is to avoid any world map/randoms/stores and just jump from one battle to another.  I'm calling it {battle" rush style.  Essentially the mod will assume that the player already knows the story.

The main characters will be: Terra, Edgar, Celes, Sabin, Shadow, Cyan, Strago and Locke.  Mog, Umaro and Banon will pop in as guests.  No human type1/2 sprite exists for Mog. I worked on one for a bit and it was a huge pain in the butt.

Pride's innate jump hack is used to add basic magic for all playable characters. This includes: fire, ice, bolt, cure, raise, poison, esuna, haste, slow, shell, protect and float.  All pc's have innate throw item and all items are learned with 0 jp. Hence, they should all have: Attack, Special, Item and  Magic available. The party will be immune to crystal and treasure to keep the party intact.

Terra and Celes will have unique skillsets that have their own innately learned magic.  Many of these quite a bit more powerful than basic magic.  Terra leans heavier towards magic and Celes toward physicals.  Debating adding "runic" as a Reaction for Celes.

Locke will come with all the various Steal skills.  I would like to switch bows graphic with a chakram to simulate some of his ranged options.  (Talcall already did some awesome work on editing animations but I couldn't crack the wep.shp)

Edgar will have most of his abilities actually be different weapons.  Magic guns swapped to Bio-Blaster, Noise-Blaster and Flash.  A couple of other abilities require equip gun to use.  Hoping to make a passable chainsaw out of another weapon.

Sabin's skills follow most of the original, but no spiraler (it's worthless).  Skills would require MP.

Cyan skills: Dispatch, Slash, Empower (drain hp only), Quadra Slam (yeah barrage!), Stunner (maybe cleave?)  Retort as a special counter dealing extra damage as a unique. Skills will require charge time.
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Final Fantasy 6: Tactics
-> Status updates/planning

- Short Term Goal:
   -Release a World of Balance Beta Release
      -Current Battles are: Narshe, Magi-Tek/escape Figaro,Vargas/Mt. Kolts, Ultros, Phantom Train, Narshe team battle, Zozo, Burning house, Floating Continent (would like to add Magi-tek Facility and maybe South Figaro for an exra Celes focused battle.  Might release a beta without these.)
      -more item and ability description fixes.  Debating using the Pride's Attribute rewrite to make the genji gloves add 2 swords instead of being an equip-able ability.)
      -Sprites for Kefka and Atma weapon (also a human Shiva if a Magi-tek facility was added.) Sprites for the "magi-tek" and Ultros need to be worked on - especially Ultros.
      -Minor event work in a few battles and slighlty bigger work for the Floating Continent. The "FC" needs an event to trigger the path to the statues (still not a lot of work)
      -Need to add some event work to make characters unusable for various battles.  Using the "missing for proposition" flag will allow exclusions where it makes sense.  Shadow should come and go and Terra shouldn't be an option for the Zozo for obvious reasons.
      -Some ablitliy work needs to happen.  Strago still needs some abilities added in.  Haven't created a proper "Bum rush" ability for Sabin- might just hold off for a later release.
      -Update proper acknowldegements for sprites/asm/maps etc.      

      -Would like to improve some of the current sprites
      -Some weapons could use a little adjustment to look more like they should from FF6
      -Would like to add a new weapon type: chakram.  Locke would really shine more if he was the one character with a ranged weapon type.  Tallcal has done some amazing work in this department and I would like to dig in long term.
      -Implement "Jump" as additional skillset. Currently Edgar has "equip" innately so that tools can be switched out more easily.  If jump was added to him, it would break the display and cause graphical glitches.  This might mean it has to be a choice between the 2.
      -Add a few more FF6 songs to the current selection
- Long Term Goal
   -Release a mod that ends with a God of Magic battle

      -Need to pick ~10 iconic battles.  Currently leaning towards:
         -Battle with Phunaba (however it's spelled)
         -Tower of Kefka
         -Battle/Recruit Umaro
         -Multiple Dragon Battles
         -Damn, It's tough to pick from so many!
      -Need to make about ~10 maps
      -Need to make at least another 5 or 6 sprites (thankfully Umaro is finished and ~90% of God Kekfa)
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Howdy! Are there any updates to this project?
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Hi Hloy2Tack! I've done a bunch of cleaning up on events and finally managed to make a functional boomerang style weapon type for Locke. I believe I have hit most the early "beta" release plans for a WoB demo.  I need to sweep through a bit more and update my credits lists.

Hopefully I should have a World of Balance Beta out in a few weeks. I had been working on another map with my eyes on a couple more, but it might be better to just release what I have.   
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Very exciting news! Thank you!
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Merry Christmas!

I have had this thing on the back burner tinkering here and there and I wanted to have something to play with, so I decided to release a demo of the FF6:Tactics that has been shown off in videos.  This mod hasn't progressed as far as I would like, but there is still work happening!
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Quote from: CONMAN on December 06, 2023, 03:45:06 pmHi, looks great gunna try this! can't wait to see this when it's completed
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Fantastic work, I expect a lot of progress. :)
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Hi. I am big fans of Celes. When I am playing the demo, after end up the first kefka fight, it comes black screen. Is it end of the demo or just get bug?
I am look forward your update and completed version of this mod.
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Sorry about that! There was a bug right at the end of the event.  I will try to put out an updated fix here in a week or less.  You will have to replay that battle once I release it.
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