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July 06, 2022, 08:25:36 am


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Goodbye, Farewell and...

Started by Celdia, July 12, 2013, 01:40:04 am


With the close of the most recent spriting contest I've finally decided to move forward with something I've thought about for a while now and that's the retirement of both Celdia's Complete Patch and my own term here as a moderator. This isn't some idle decision I've made over a cup of tea but rather something that has been long in coming and I can't imagine any of you that really know me to see it as a surprise. It has been quite a while since I really separated myself from the more social aspect of this community - something that was done for various reasons that need not be discussed here - and while I'd hoped that would help me find motivation for this project, instead it just showed me how well and truly done I was with it.

First I would like to thank everyone who helped me with this project. Your names are forever immortalized in the generic character name lists in CCP1 and my apologies to the few people whose names I never got around to adding. Those of you that helped make this project as fun as it was know who you are though and you were all invaluable to me as I plodded along from the first changes I made back when I still called it CEAP.

Next, of course, I have to thank everyone who actually played this half-broken monstrosity of a patch. In lieu of not having the constant affirmations from the players, I realize a lot of my motivation came from each of you telling me what you thought of the patch and watching you each play it either via live stream or Youtube videos. I never had so much fun doing anything as watching all of you face off with my creation, everyone coming up with interesting and unique solutions to the roadblocks I placed in your way.

Lastly I would like to tender apologies to anyone who may have been still following this project and hoping for the next update even so many months since the last one. I would also like to extend special apologies to both Choto and pokeytax for the extra work they did on my behalf that I never got to apply to the patch and test. I'm sorry the fruits of your labors never got an official release of any kind. However, they will not just be lost to the void...

Attached to this post is a collection of various resources I used to create both versions of my patch along with what I believe were the latest PPF files, FFTP and FFTTEXT files, ODS/XLS files and even some unique XMLs for FFTorgASM, some short note files and my Resources.zip files for both CCP1 and 2nd Beta. Those unapplied pieces are also packed in there as well as some other odds and ends I don't think I ever got to putting into the Beta for 2nd. I'm officially releasing all of those as well as the content of my patch as open to anyone who wants to borrow or steal from it, just so there is no question about that in the future. I hope something there gets put to good use. If there is anything anyone feels is missing from the packet that they would like or can't seem to remove from a patched ISO, leave a message here about it and if I still have whatever it is you're looking for I'll try to post it. However in a few months time I'll likely have either backed-up everything onto a storage drive or just deleted it so do try not to dawdle with requests.

I have to admit I've had a good run. I still can't believe the number of downloads I've seen for my patch over the years I've been working on it. Hundreds of people played something I made and that still fills me with a sense of wonder and awe little else has in my life. I just wish I still felt the way I did back when I was scrambling every week to release a new version while trying to fix it and re-upload it 5 to 10 times in one night. It was hectic but it was fun and as much as I may have complained, everyone's comments the days after always made it worth it. Again, thank you all.

As for myself, I'll be stepping down as a General Moderator. I find myself more out-of-touch with what goes on around here than I feel is proper for someone that should be in a position of authority or even management of posting on the forums. That said, you very likely won't see much of me around anymore so this is also a bit of a farewell. I hope some of you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. They say to go out on a song but no one ever liked my music choices anyways, so I guess I'll just leave one of my favorite quotes behind. Good luck out there and happy hacking! Elric, I leave the rest to you.

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Celdie, I thank you dearly for all of the work you've put in, all of the ideas you've inspired, and for the friendship you've fostered. Thank you for your time here, for your contributions, for your thoughts, input... everything. You have inspired many and given much. Never forget that.

Thanks for all the fish.
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Thanks for running the contest, and good luck.


Sorry to hear you're leaving the modding community, but I'll still see you around on the blimp, Matriarch.
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I'm gonna miss you, Celdie! CCP may have been held together with duct tape, bubble gum, and the broken dreams of children but it's still amazing! Hopefully you'll revisit it someday! :)
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The Damned

(Yeah, I figured this was coming sooner rather than later.)

Fuck. I had meant to play or at least start one of your patches before you left, but of course my unreliable ass didn't get around to it for various reasons.

*points a finger at the Jot5 videos he's still editing*

It will be unfortunate to see you go, but it's understandable and if you think it's what's best, then good luck with your future endeavors.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

*wonders if that sounds vaguely sexist*

Regardless, feel free to pop back in any time you want and stuff. If you want. No pressure or anything.
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"Farewell" is such a sad word...

See you later, Cel :-)

"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"


I may have only been here a very short time, but in that small amount of time I had found you immensely helpful, friendly, and am a little sad to see you go.


Goodbye Celdy, you will be missed by all.

I loved playing CCP, never stop making awesome stuff like this!
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Sad to see you leave, Celdia, but yeah it's not a surprise like you mentioned.

CCp was the first non-storyline patch that made me want to play FFT all over again when my motivation was dead, and for that I thank you. The amount of item sprites you put it, god fucking bless you, people should follow your example. I will always treat you as a dear friend, Celdia, even if you posted my drunk perls and laughed at me from time to time, haha.

Will miss you ;)
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I may be a bit late with this message since we already spoke on IRC, but it is always a sad day to see a member leave that has been here for
so long (much longer than myself). I remember when I first joined FFH, the first FFT mods (and really the only mods) I played were CCP, CoP, +, and PW.
It was thanks to people like you that I gained the motivation and found the resources to start making Jot5. Not to mention everything you've done
for modding in general before and since then.

You will be very much missed Celdia, especially by the lot of us that still mod and know how tedious it can be.

I thank you for your confidence in me, and look forward to hopefully working with you again at some point and time.
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Well, since this is my first post we've never met, but I am sad to hear that I won't get the chance.

Good luck in your future endeavours.  :mrgreen:


It's nice to know I'll still be missed even after being as transient as I have been these past months. I hope to hear about good things coming out of this place after I'm gone. No slacking off, ya bums!

Also, +1000 to Myrmidon for getting the reference. Carry on, soldier!
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"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"


thank you master celdie~~
Please do share your ideas and suggestion for my project:

Join our RP :)



The things I miss when i'm gone....

I know i'll miss you, Celdie. Can't say I thought of anyone while i'm at sea (stress and little sleep will do that to you), but knowing you won't be around so often is depressing.

I would like to keep in touch, though i'm sure you know the ones you'll keep talking to. If not myself, that's fine, since i'll be often busy and whatnot.

I do wish you happiness with whatever it is you do. May not come true, may be doubted, but I still want it for you.
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I am new here and this topic is old. I know this won't be read by C, but I just want you to know that you are inspiration to everyones eyes and the ONLY reason why i replayed fft(ccp of course). I wanted to get into hacking, but now that your gone, I kind of think there is a reason for everything so maybe I shouldn't. Anyway, we never met and never will, but I will always be one of your biggest fans period. GREAT JOB, but you should come back once you cleared your head and had time to breath, DONT WASTE YOUR TALENT! Now time to play b02


thanks for all the fish :( like many have said your patch was the inspiration that got me started hacking. ill miss you