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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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I understood about 1/4 of what you actually said there.  Would it be too much for you to break it down into noobspeak?
Thanks for looking into that for me philsov.  So, can I assume that Archer works the same way?  If I change Charge to default, will its original skills (Charge +1, Charge +2, etc) still work?  Is it possible to recreate those skills so they work in a default formula?
Help! / Re: Monster skills on Humans
March 28, 2010, 04:18:32 pm
Nothing I've tested myself.  I won't get a chance to start testing any thing until late next week, when I can get my hard copy back from storage.  In the meantime I've been relying on the generosity of the people for knowledge and research.  formerdeathcorps, gave me a list of classes you cannot change in another thread.  Here is a link: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4850.

And, here is an excerpt:
Quote from: "formerdeathcorps"OK, I have a list of classes you shouldn't combine as in you cannot add more skills into the moveset.

1. Archer
2. Chemist
3. Samurai
4. Ninja
5. Mime
6. Calculator
7. Geomancer
8. Lancer

So, if you know how to add more skills to the calculator moveset that would be awesome, but don't forget that the Calculator moveset is also subject to a dramatic slow down for AoE special effects.  Here is a link to that thread: http://www.ffhacktics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4868
Help! / Re: Monster skills on Humans
March 28, 2010, 02:41:28 am
So what I'm going to do is give Mathset to the Knight and rename it Battle Skill and change it to default, then I'll rename Battle Skill "Blue Magic" and give it to the Calculator.  That way, I can put 16 actions in the calculator moveset.  Since there are only two battles where you can fight Calculators in the whole game and both of them are in chapter 4, I can probably just create one single moveset where some of the moves cost 0jp and others cost 9999jp.  That way, my Blue Mage still has to get hit to learn all of his moves, but I can create an automatically learned yet limited moveset for the other blue mages.  

Will this work?
Help! / Re: Monster skills on Humans
March 27, 2010, 11:57:48 pm
Quote from: "formerdeathcorps"
Quote from: "Jack of All Trades"Anyway, is there a list of animations that are compatible with both humans and monsters floating around out there?  
All the monster animations are incompatible with humans.  Their sprites are a completely different type so none of the animations will look right.
Really, because R999 would feel differently?  This sucks if this is true.  See below for his quote.

Quote from: "R999"There are certain animation codes that work for both human and monsters. Some people are fine with that. But if you really want to keep the original animations, you should consider making new skills using existing ability slots (since you only have a handful, that should be easy to do, just override the blank slots).
Help! / Re: Monster skills on Humans
March 27, 2010, 11:05:48 pm
Savage a blue magic thread to hijack.  I've been searching through the threads and its feels like 80% of all blue mage threads are people debating on which spells to use.  I'm trying to work out the mechanics of blue magic before I start fantasizing about what spells I want to fill

Anyway, is there a list of animations that are compatible with both humans and monsters floating around out there?  

Also, I've read some scattered information about how if you give create a generic with a skillset of actions that cost 0 jp to learn and are learned on a hit, the enemy version will start with the entire skillset learned.  Is this true?  Is there a work around or should I just charge 5000jp per skill?
I just want to say that this has been the most educational thread I've read thus far.  This needs to be stickied.
So, I hate to sound like a broken record but I never got an answer from earlier, does the Mathset get the slowdown only when using area attacks with special effects or is it any attack with special effects, like throw stone or steal heart?
  • Knight - Cannot use Equip Sword, Equip Shield, Equip Armor.
  • Archer - > Change Action Menu to <Default>. No reported problems so far. Cannot use Equip Bow.
  • Monk - Cannot use Martial Arts.
  • Mediator -  Cannot learn Monster Talk, cannot use Equip Gun.

There is one more work around for these guys that nobody has mentioned that I think might work.  It's so simple that mentioning it feels a bit redundant.  However, its probably worth mentioning for benefit of newbies like myself.  

If creating a new job over top of one of the above jobs.  Just be sure that the new job has the innate abilities of the old job.  So, lets say you want to replace the mediator job with something else.  Just make sure that whatever job you replace it with can use guns and talk to monsters innately.  So if you want to replace the Monk with another job, just make sure that said job is kung fu appropriate.
Fantastic news.  I had the same idea about switching it out with the squire.

Quote from: "R999"[li]Calculator - ***Dramatically delayed AoE special effects (see video below) **[/list]

Also, I just want to clarify, is this all just AoE special effects or any special effects.  It seems that all of the Thief and Squires are single target.  Would these skills work fine in the mathset then?
Quote from: "formerdeathcorps"The point is to not change the job number.

If monk knows A, B, and C in skillset 01 and summoner knows D, E, and F in skillset 02, then the swap makes "monk" (now properly called summoner) have D, E, and F in skillset 01 and "summoner" (now properly called monk) have A, B, and C in skillset 02.

Um, I'm confused, are you for or against doing this?
I've been toying around with giving every class gained JP up inherently as well.  I love the ability but thats because its basically metagame.  People on the D&D boards cry about how you HAVE to take some feats, they call it a feat tax.  I guess gained JP up is a support ability tax.  I guess, I'd probably get rid of it as well.
Quote from: "Kaijyuu"I quite like all the original jobs, just not necessarily their implementation. Case and point: Calculator was a great idea, I think, but not charging and no MP cost = what the hell?!

So in my personal patch, all I did was redistribute some abilities, remove gained JP up, balance out total JP cost to master jobs, bump up JP requirements for raising job levels, and other minor tweaks. No giant changes to any one job.

So when you balanced out the total JP cost to master jobs, did you standardize a set per job total and them split that total among the individual skills?

Quote from: "formerdeathcorps"I care more for overall balance between generalized categories (magic vs. physical; status vs. damage; specials vs. generics) than making all unit classes roughly equal in capacity or use.  Personally, I prefer difficulty and tedium over what most people on here consider balance.

More specifically?  I have a massive list.  If you want, I can PM you it.  I'll just say that I consolidated bard/dancer, replaced calculator with red mage, and redid almost all the previously boring unit classes (yes, even partial workarounds for mime, samurai, lancer, and geomancer).  All the specials except Mustadio and most enemies have been replaced with personal RP characters or various online personalities from the various forums I visit.
As for abilities?  I deleted blade grasp (and hamedo, effectively) from player use.  I redistributed all the counter abilities and created FFTA's bonecrusher ability.  Moved Gained-JP Up to a master class.  Made two key unit classes dependent on spillover JP for proper mastery (partly as a workaround, partly as a restriction on the number of physical fighters).  In every instance except one, JP costs for abilities or levels either stayed the same or were increased, but effectiveness was rarely reduced except on the most broken attacks.

Yes I would love a PM of your list.  I personally, want to start with making some small changes to vanilla like, playing with jobs, at first.  However, re-balancing the magic vs. physical jobs is something I'm concerned about as I get a better hand at this.

Oh, and I can't seem to find a single red mage build topic.  Are people just required to pay the jp cost to re-learn the various spells from white & black magic again, or is it possible to use the calculators ability to re-utilize all of the spells the character has all ready learned in those other magic classes.  Because, that would be gangster.
Inspired by my own desire to patch a custom version of Final Fantasy Tactics and the Least Favorite Jobs thread.  Seen Here: http://www.ffhacktics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3314, I want to know how everybody modified their job tree and their individual jobs.

For example.  I'm planning on giving Meliadoul's Mighty Sword Zalabag's ruin skills.  Also, I'm considering redistributing the Mediators abilities to other jobs like the Thief and maybe Squire and replacing him with a Blue Mage.

What did you do?  What jobsdid you hate?  What jobsdid you change or replace?  What new jobs did you include?  Finally why?
Is this hack as simple as it sounds?  Random battles are so much fun.  I could never do away with them.  Is there anybody that still does ASM hacking requests, because I have a great idea?

Optional Battles.  Simply go to a location open the menu and choose "Pick a fight" or something, and boom you are in a "random battle".  Most people reset the game when they get into a random battle that they don't want to fight or when they try to do just about anything else.  This option just eliminates the middleman and makes poaching, breeding, and proposistions a lot more convenient.  

Is this doable, has it been done, and is there anybody around that can do it?  I'm still pretty new here so I'm trying to learn the ins and outs of everything.  Oh, and just so everybody knows I use the hell out of the search function
Quote from: "formerdeathcorps"The player can only have access to the following skillsets except in the original player controlled job classes each came in:
1. Charge (08)
2. Item (06, I believe)
3. Elemental (11)
4. Throw (13 or 14)
5. Jump (12)
6. Draw Out (13 or 14)
7. Math Skill (15)
8. Mimic (18)

Formerdeathcorps, you have to be the most helpful person ever.  Thank you so much.  That list is pretty awesome, except I don't know what this last part means.  Are these the skillsets I cannot modify?  I'm confused.

Also, can I add skills to Special Jobs like Meliadoul's Mighty Sword skillset and Ramza's various Guts skillsets?  These are probably the only special unit I want to modify.  Don't worry about me adding Swordskills to Ramza.  I'm probably eliminating the Orator and invitation may end up going to the Squire and therefore Ramza, I'm not sure yet though.
Help! / Can propositions be edited?
March 25, 2010, 03:32:10 am
I've been reading up on stuff on this forum, I downloaded some software, and I've been planning the changes I want to make to this game.  Specifically which jobs I want to alter and eliminate.  

I decided to eliminate the both Thief and the Mediator by combining them into one single job known as the Rogue.  For those of you counting, some of their respective support skills will be handed out to other jobs because of space issues.

Here is the thing.  What happens to the propositions and their recommended jobs for Thief and Mediator?  Can those be edited to make room for my dashing new rogue job?  Can I add job recommendations for any new jobs I create, like Blue Mage or Dark Knight?
Quote from: "Jack of All Trades"2. Is it possible to free up some slots for new unique classes by eliminating and almagating classes like Princess & Cleric.  (ie.  By eliminating princess and making both Ovelia and Alma into Clerics.)
3. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't some of the NPC class slots taken up by characters who never enter a battle.  Couldn't some of those be amalgamated into one class shared between multiple characters, in order to create new classes?

Is there a tutorial on doing this stuff somewhere?  Or a list of easily combinable classes?
Thanks for the quick reply philsov.  It kind of stinks about Dancer/Bard, but not too badly.  I'm wanting to get rid of the mime and/or the Calculator and replace them with classes that get individual skills anyway.  I am a pretty big fan of the Calculator's ability to target 60% of the battlefield with a no cost/no charge nuke/heal, but I'd rather have a Sorceror with all of those unattainable spells like Quake and Dark Holy.  It's been years since I played me some tactics.  If you don't mind I have some followup questions.

1. Can you add or remove innate abilities to a class, like poach or move-find item?
2. Is it possible to free up some slots for new unique classes by eliminating and almagating classes like Princess & Cleric.  (ie.  By eliminating princess and making both Ovelia and Alma into Clerics.)
3. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't some of the NPC class slots taken up by characters who never enter a battle.  Couldn't some of those be amalgamated into one class shared between multiple characters, in order to create new classes?
4. Is there any difference between Sanguine Sword/Infernal Strike and Shadowblade and Duskblade as far as damage formula and animation?
Hi, I'm totally new.  I just discovered that this webpage exists last night.  Final Fantasy Tactics is the favorite game of myself and just about every gamer I know.  Discovering Final Fantasy Tactics: Complete was both very exciting and just a tad disapointing for me.

Everything about retranslating, increasing the difficulty, and reintroducing some of the missing elements is amazing.  However, the lack of the Dark Knight class, the inability to allow more than 16 party members, and the inability to add to the Job Wheel leaves me slightly disapointed.

So, from browsing the forums I know that you can replace any of your existing Job Wheel classes with FFT patcher.  

    1. Can the bard and the dancer be combined into one gender neutral class that uses the bard sprites for males and the dancer sprites for females?  
    2. Would this open up a free slot for the Dark Knight?  
    3. Could Boco be given the abilities of the other Chocobos?  Or could he be made into a monster class like Byblos where he is allowed to switch Jobs between the other Chocobo class?
    4. Can Byblos have a second Job, like Apanda for the bios spells?
    5. Can I recreate the new items from the psp version of the game?
    6. Would I be able to add any of all of these patches to Final Fantasy Tactics: Complete?
    7. Finally, where is the best place to start?