Storyline Progression

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Storyline progression table (incomplete). The address for storyline progression is 0x800578D4. These entries are the places where the storyline progression variable is triggered.

Byte (hex) Description
0x01 Magic City Gariland
0x02 Balbanes' Death Scene
0x03 Mandalia Plains
0x04 Igros (family meeting)
0x05 Sweegy Woods
0x06 Dorter Trade City
0x07 Sand Raaaaaats!
0x08 Igros (Larg's Praise)
0x09 Thieves Fort (Miluda 1)
0x0A Igros (Attack on Beoulves)
0x0B Reed Whistle
0x0C Lenalia Plateau (Miluda 2)
0x0D Fovoham Plains (Wiegraf 1)
0x0E Fort Zeakden
0x0F Orbonne (Ch 2 start scene)
0x10 Dorter 2
0x11 Araguay Woods (Save Boco)
0x12 Zirekile Falls
0x13 Zaland Fort City (Save Mustadio)
0x14 Scene with Mustadio after Zaland
0x15 Barius Hill
0x16 Lionel Castle (Scene with Draclau)
0x17 Zigolis Swamp
0x18 Goug Machine City (Mustadio leaves)
0x19 Goug Machine City (battle)
0x1A Warjilis Port (scene with Delita)
0x1B Draclau hires Gafgarion
0x1C Barius Valley, Save Agrias!
0x1D Golgorand Execution Site
0x1E Lionel Gate
0x1F Chapter 3 Start
0x20 Goland Coal City
0x21 Lesalia (meeting with Zalbag)
0x22 Lesalia (Zalmo 1)