Inherent Support Abilities Limitations

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The following are RAM offsets.

0x00122d6c 4b Chemist?
0x00122d74 4e Monk?
0x00122d78 da Throw Item
0x00122d79 01 Throw Item
0x00122d80 4e Monk?
0x00122d84 da Throw Item?
0x00122d85 41 Throw Item?
0x00122d8c 54 Mediator?
0x00122d90 d8 Martial Arts
0x00122d91 01 Martial Arts
0x00122d98 54 Mediator
0x00122d9c d8 Martial Arts?
0x00122d9d 41 Martial Arts?
0x00122da4 59 Ninja?
0x00122da8 d9 Monster Talk
0x00122da9 01 Monster Talk
0x00122db0 59 Ninja?
0x00122db4 d9 Monster Talk?
0x00122db5 41 Monster Talk?
0x00122dc0 dd Two Swords
0x00122dc1 01 Two Swords
0x00122dcc dd Two Swords?
0x00122dcd 41 Two Swords?

These correspond to the unequipable Support abilities hard-coded to Chemist, Monk, Mediator, and Ninja.

You can edit the offsets to make another Reaction, Support, or Movement (R/S/M) ability unequipable, but when you try to equip the ability which was originally unequipable, it doesn't show up as equipped.

In short, this is only part of the code for unequipable R/S/M's.