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Here we will make a duplicate of the Routine Locations section, although we will insert ASM hack routines so that we know what sections have code, what code doesn't account for load delay, and what hacks conflict with other hacks.

Kanji Table Space


000E92AC: Weapon Strike Fix

000E92E0: Raised Palette Limit Hack

000E930C: Brave to Fury Hack

000E9378: Generic Skillset Fix

000E948C: Global C-Ev Hack

000EA0E4: ALMA


000EC470: Move Find Item innate all v1.1

000EC4C4: Formula 4E Dmg_(MA*Y) Hit(100)% becomes 4E Dmg_(MA*Y) Hit(MA+X)%

000EC4DC: Item innate all v1.1

000EC50C: 46 Undead Oracle is mountable

000EC52C: Defending reduces physical damage by 25%

000EC570: Blade Grasp trigger : sword attack only

000EC570: Blade Grasp now blocks all melee 1 range weapons except bags (v2). (FDC)

000EC5BC: Max of X items per battle 000EC63C: Max of X items per battle

000EC5BC: Razele's Item Limitation Hack (v2). (FDC)

000EC6DC: Float weak against Wind, Oil weak against Fire (Razele's version)

000EC6DC: Oil takes 2x damage from fire attacks. (FDC)

000EC6DC: Oil takes 2x damage from fire; float takes 2x damage from wind (v2).(FDC)

000EC748: Wall reduces physical damage by 99%, duration : 1 turn

000EC774: Potion formula Hack

000EC7FC: % formulas use current HP

000EC814: Poison damage from MaxHP/8 to Min(999,MaxHP)/8

000EC834: Regen heal from MaxHP/8 to Min(999,MaxHP)/8

000EC888: Steal checks for charm (fixes duplication exploit) (Choto)

000EC8E8: Oil takes 2x damage from fire; blind takes 2x damage from darkness (v2). (FDC)

000EC958: Blade Grasp now blocks all melee and lunging weapons (v2). (FDC)

000EC958: Blade Grasp now blocks all sharp weapons + fists (v2) except axes and flails (FDC)

000EC9A4: Invite will now be appropriately used by the AI (v1). (FDC)

000EC9EC: Blind and Confuse overrides concentrate/transparent accuracy bonus and now divides accuracy by 2 (v3). (FDC)


000ED9C4: Crossbow formula becomes WP*WP

000ED9EO: Rod formula becomes MA*WP Updated

000EDA00: Bag formula becomes PA*WP

000EDA1C: Cloth formula becomes... "axe formula"


000F12A4: Formula 3E becomes Dmg_(CasterMaxHP - CasterCurrentHP)

000F12B8: Darkness lowers accuracy by XX%

000F12E8: Support 1/2 spaces below non-charge increase damage/healing done to/by unit by XX/YY% (Needs fixing?)

000F1364: Reaction between counter and distribute gives front evasion for all sides

000F1388: Reactions don't need critical status (needs fixing?)

000F13A0: AI teleports XX farther than max move

000F13B4: Silent walk becomes flee (+XX move when critical)

000F13E0: Jump formula becomes Jump*WP*X/Y (editable)

<incompatible> 000f1414: Minimum/maximum brave for all units

000f1450: Minimum/maximum faith for all units

000F1414: Ability CT reduced by stat XX (needs fixing?) 000F1450: ^^ </incompatible>

000F14DC: Short Charge affects Charge skillset


000F2F14: Designated R/S/M enables learn on hit for specific job instead of active 000F2F54: ^^

000F2F90: Half of MP multiplies MP cost by XX/YY

000F2FB8: ALMA

000F4C64: ALMA

000F4B84: ALMA

000F5390: Level up/down fix


000F59BC: Random unit gear based on story progression

000F59BC: Random unit equipment based on unit flag 0x0169

000F59BC: Random unit gear priority: [Flag 0x0169, Default, Level]

000F5B00: Formula 11: Damage = MA * (WP+Y) 000F5A50: ^^^

000F5B50: Crystals: learn from any base job

000F5C00: Swordskill strengthen - Strengthen should work with ability element for Holy/Dark sword; Dark Sword gains strengthen, status proc, (WP+Y)


000F67F4: Endurance Hack

000f6858: Formula 11 becomes (Jump * 2) * WP

000f6858: Formula 11 becomes Damage = Y

000f690c: Formula 20, 21, and 23 become MA+PA/2 * Y

000f6948: Formula 13 becomes Heal HP (Attacker's Current HP) Hit F_(MA+X)%

000F699C: Formula 2D becomes (PA + Y)*XX/ZZ*WP

000F69EC: Formula 42 or the "Work" formula gains Status, Elemental, Physical Evasion

000F6D64: Formula 28 (Steal Exp) becomes (100 - Target Faith) * (MA * Y)

000f6e20: Formula 5E becomes (PA + Y) / 2 * PA Hit_(1+X)

<incompatible 000f6ebc: Elemental Weakness reduced to 3/2

000F6EBC: Wall becomes "Mist" or MP Regen </incompatible

000f6ecc: Formula 4e becomes Hit_(MA + X) Dmg_(MA * Y)