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OS Console Versions Requirements Authors Repo
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png 0.271
Glain (0.482+)

FFTactext can edit most of the text that appears in game. It is included in the FFTPatcher Suite.

Each file has its own maximum upper limit in file size. You should not add too much text.

Warning WotL modders: It is highly recommended that you stick to FFTactext 0.457 as it is by far the most stable version for the PSP version.

How to use

  • Select "File/Import PSX-PSP ISO..." and select your FFT Image
  • Under "Text", select which file that has the text you want to edit.
  • Make use of QuickEdit! It's there to modify the text of many files at once, so it is extremely important for consistency. (For example, Ability Names are stored in 10 different locations on the CD!)
  • There is no easy way to know where is which text is where, but you can see everything in a big text file after saving to a .fftext file ("File/Save .fftext...") and using ctrl+f (find), you should easily find what you want. Save and reload the file when needed ("File/Load .fftext...")
  • Save your project as .fftactext for future edits and use. Reloading a text patched FFT Image tends to break things and should be avoided.
  • Select "ISO/Patch ISO..." and select your FFT Image


Known bugs

  • might glitch data when importing text from an already FFTactext patched image.