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OS Console Versions Requirements Authors Repo
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png 0.271
Glain (0.482+)

This program can patch to any file in your FFT Image at precise locations. It is mainly used for ASM hacks

When starting the program, it will load any .xml file present in the folder the executable is located. If the format of the patches inside the .xml is not perfect, it will simply not display those patches at all in the list. Sadly, there is currently no way to reorder the patches alphabetically or in any other way for that matter.

Raven of Razgriz's FFT OrgASM XML Generator can be used to generate properly working .xml files for FFTOrgASM.

As of .482, thanks to Glain, FFTOrgASM now supports raw opcodes and not just hex.

How to use

  • A list of hacks should appear as you start the program. If not, make sure the .xml is in the same folder as the program, then click "Reload"
  • Check which hacks you would like to apply to your FFT Image and make sure to enter the custom values if it allows to
  • Click "Patch ISO..." and select your FFT Image


Known bugs

  • Will fail to patch (without telling you) after you patch a first time. To patch again you need to restart the program completely.