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This is the discussion thread for the Monster Hunter Guild RP. It is a freeform FFT RP, set, uh. You will be working for the Monster Hunter Guild to preempt monster swarms and keep monster populations down, kill marked monsters, or marks and just deal with other monster related problems in general. This RP will have a focus on action and fighting, so bring your A game.


1) I am the boss. Rather, I'm the head of the Monster Hunter Guild. What I say goes and you work for me. Failure to comply will result in anything from a warning, to death and finally, to termination of employment.

2) All Guild hopefuls must submit an application (via Post Mailing or PM) to me. I will determine if you are a good fit for our organization. Criteria for consideration include, but are not limited to:
- Job Diversity. Teams tend not to do well when they suffer from overlapping/redundant roles. The application process will weed out job and role redundancies.
- Combat effectiveness. Undead Bards with Charge +2 are not necessary. We need effective setups for the tasks at hand.
- A willingness to get the job done. Ninnies need not apply, nor do I hire broken men.
- Personality. Showing some color is encouraged and very much appreciated in the application process. That being said, I don't want to hear your life story about how your mother wouldn't let you suck her tit after age 5 or whatever else dramatic misfortunes befell you. You aren't going to impress me with your tragic village-burnt-to-the-ground backstory. Keep it brief and simple.
- Qualifications. You will have to do better then being some shlub commoner/peasant that one time almost beat a immature Chocobo 2 on 1.
- Elite Classes. We do not hire elite classes such as Holy Swordsmen. If the need for one arises, we will request one from one of the various armies around Ivalice.
- Jobs outside of the Ivalician Standard Catalog will be considered after a through review. (Custom Classes). Blue and Red Mages are open with welcome arms.
- Monster experience is not necessary, but a plus. We will teach on the job.

And some other stuff like references or criminal records or some other shit like that. I don't know, I don't really look at that stuff or anything. Just kick some ass and you'll be fine.

3) You may bring your own weapons, but rare weapons will have to be considered on a case by case basis. Weapon Insurance gets really finicky about having to cover multiple rare weapons, especially on one person. Otherwise, we will provide the weapons and armor necessary for the jobs at hand.

4) You may apply multiple times.

5) Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue. All reports of Sexual Harassment will be taken serious and will always be investigated. If any individual is found to have committed an act of unwanted sexual attention, they will be killed and/or immediately terminated from employment.

Once I evaluate your application, I will post it here and you can start when I give you all an assignment. I will assign your task once I receive at least 6 applicants.

**This thread bares no relation to Monster Hunter© series owned by Capcom. All rights reserved.

[Monster Hunter Guild's Task of the Year]

We are the Monster Hunter's Guild and we are responsible for keeping the monster populations down. It's not an easy, or thankful job, but we are what stops Ivalice from being overrun by the monster hordes. We fight for the survival of man.

A supertribe of Goblins has sprung up in Araguay Woods. The previous year, we failed to stop Goblin traders and merchants from reaching Araguay and giving the other goblins new technology. Now they're using Goblin technology from all around Ivalice, slings, boomerangs, atlatl. Just a supertribe of well armed Goblins would be bad enough, but it gets even worse.

There has been reports of Goblins using tech they can't possible make. Things requiring great dexterity, metal work, or magical power have been appearing. Katanas, Crossbows, enchanted armor and shields, rune weapons. Things that only a human could make. It's quite possible they managed to enslave humans to make them weapons.

Bigger, smarter, and more vicious than ever, it is critical we destroy this supertribe before summer, where Goblin raiding season kicks into high gear to ready themselves for the winter months. Supertribes also tend to attract other tribes; the bigger they get, the faster their size increases. If we let them keep growing, we could looking at full fledged goblin army. They'll complete ravage everything in Gallione, and then, who knows? They've already been leading minor raids on Dorter and Gariland, but they get bolder by the day. It'll only be a matter of time before they launch a full on assault. We have to stop them now. Grab some ice, ladies and gentlemen, it's goblin killing season.

Current Members:
Dokurider [Head of MHG]
st4rw4lk3r [Evaline the Priest]
Dynablade [Quint the Monk]

Instructions in Plain English Edition:

1. I am GM. I have the last say.

2. Everyone that wishes to join will have their characters screened. PM me your character sheets for the screening process.

I want a name; Primary and Secondary Jobs; other Jobs unlocked; Skills Learned; Support, Reaction, and Movements; background (doesn't need to be dramatic, but color is always appreciated); and optionally, a personal weapon or armor piece. You can have original jobs, items and skills, but I have to approve of them first.

3. Combat is pretty much based on FFT, how much is pretty vague honestly, being a freeform RP and all. However, I will be determining the success of your attacks, as well as controlling the monsters/enemies themselves.

4. You may have multiple characters, in fact, it's encouraged.

5. Controlling other player's characters are not allowed unless permission is granted.

6. This is not a sexual RP.

7. Be willing to work together with your fellow RPers as a team.

And that should be it.



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