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The Monster Hunter Guild Discussion

Started by Dokurider, July 09, 2012, 07:16:20 pm


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A short but stout humanoid, Goblins are regarded as the most technologically advanced and sophisticated genus of known monsters. While lacking the raw power and natural advantages that give other monsters their edge, Goblins use their intelligence and apply their monstrous strength to stone age weaponry to give them the edge to be the most populous monsters of Ivalice. Widespread, they can be found just about anywhere that doesn't get cold. Goblins are notorious for their inability to tolerate the cold. It is severe enough to inhibit even night time activities on all but the warmest nights. Their entire civilization revolves around gathering resources for surviving oncoming winter. Standing between 3-4 feet tall with tough leather skin, goblins identify their primary roles in their society and in battle by the color of the clothes they wear.

Common Goblins

Colloquially known as Red Goblins for the red fabrics they tend to wear, they are the most common subspecies of the Goblin. Their dexterity, while not as high as a human, still allows them to create and operate the most weapons and tools of the goblin subspecies. They can equip a dazzling array of weaponry and armor, from clubs and shields, to boomerangs and atlatl. They are the crafters, tailors, hunters and gathers of the goblin world. Occupying the lower ranks of goblin society, they are nonetheless the backbone of the goblin society. Without them, their civilization would fall apart.

The main danger from the Red Goblin is the unusual versatility it has for a monster, thanks to its weapon use. However, their versatility is limited by region and specifically, its access to local materials. Each region has it's own unique weapons and tools. It's tightly woven fabric armor and shields offsets it's otherwise low survivability. They make use of items, but they cannot perform the long range applications that the Goblin Shamans can.

Goblin Shamans

Colloquially known as Black Goblins for their darker colored clothing, these goblins specialize in magic. While not as strong as humans in magic. In fact, their magic is quite lacking. However, what little magic they know, they use to the best of their ability. Goblin Shamans are responsible for the creation of items, weapon and armor enchantments, and the practicing of medicine. They tend to occupy the upper ranks of goblin society, finding themselves leaders on occasion.

Goblin Shamans have several magic options at their disposal ranging from simple regeneration magic to exotic disable magics. However, revival magic is always standard and they rarely go without some form of it. Goblin Shamans have a higher proficiency with items, being able to use them at a range, similar to human chemists. Like the nature of goblin weaponry, goblin spells and items tend to vary between region to region. They do use weapons, but they lack the dexterity to use the more advanced weapons the Common Goblins use. The nature of their roles in battle as support gives them little incentive to wear armor and defensive gear, only equipping them when a surplus of armor is available.


'Gobbledeguck' is a rough human pronunciation of the goblin name for these sub species of goblin. Also known as Gobbledygooks, they are the most powerful and destructive members of the goblin race. Standing at 5 feet, but easily 2-3 times as wide as an average human being. Their strength approaches that of the great monster races of Ivalice. They have been recorded to make sports out of wrestling Behemoths to the ground. Their great constitution and strength allows them to eschew wearing armor or using weapons, preferring to use their fists instead. They are the fighters of the goblin society, they are know for their viciousness and fearlessness against those that threaten their tribes. Goblins born as Gobbledegucks are guaranteed positions of power high within goblin society and are typically the leaders.

Despite having neither weapons or spells, Gobbledegucks still have great variety among them, in skills and techniques that complement their massive strength on the battlefield. Ranging from the simple yet brutal Eye Gouge to the whirling devastation of the Turn Punch. However, all Gobbledegucks know how to use Goblin Punch. Like with weapons and spells, their techniques vary from region to region. They lack the dexterity to wield weapons, and they have no real need to carry them. However, from time to time, they may like the aid of some range or extra power and will improvise nearby objects into weapons. They have been seen using boulders, fallen logs, and in particular cases, human bodies as makeshift weapons.


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