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Someone needs to do major changes to FFT!!!!

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Everyone on here has major talent but isnt using it to their full potential, atleast i dont think so.
Someone should give all the classes NEW COOL moves, that makes sense instead of some of these other weird classes ppl are coming up with. New movesets and new animations for the moves are key to a more fun and entertaining game. Especially for the swordskills, someone should make new animations for those. I know ya have great and amazing ideas so let me know when ya come up with a new patch.

O_o wut?

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
I like where this thread is going!

You're free to make your own patch if you don't like what others are doing here.

That aside, maybe you could give some actual, helpful feedback instead of just saying the jobs are boring or weird.

Do it yourself, or GTFO


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