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Wanted: Artists (Not sprites/pixel)


Looking for a(some) artist(s) to draw up to 5 images in Call of Power.
Instructions will be given in PMs.

Images needed:
-Chapter 1 Title card.
-Chapter 2 Title card.
-Chapter 3 Title card.
-Chapter 4 Title card.
-New game over card.

The size of each image is 256x256.


Has someone applied yet, Koko? If there hasn't been one, I'd like to work with some, although... I'm not so familiar with how fft interprets the chapter images

I've had 1 more response, but I am still brainstorming the images for chapter 4 and new game over. (Well... I've just been lazy, il PM you both soon)

alright :D

Well Kokojo take you time. I'll definitely be waiting here ready to draw what you need.


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