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Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs  (Read 41651 times)
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  • [July 09, 2012, 01:56:13 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #300 on: July 09, 2012, 01:56:13 AM »
        Clayton was sitting on the floor propped against the wall in this chair-less shamble of a house, trying to regain control over himself, his wild heartbeat and trembling muscles rattled his entire body as he tried to collect himself. He found that one of the best ways to calm himself was thinking about his next move. Finding nothing else more focusing, he began taking deep breathes and prepared for his strategy. He could leave Dorter right now; nothing was stopping him. But then his revenge plot would be incomplete and will fail, and his time and pain spent today would have been for naught. But he needed that monk; he needed him as an informant. There is so much Clayton needed to know right now; why didn't that stupid woman listen?

        "I needed that monk! He was to tie everything together. Well, I suppose I don't need him alive, do I? He just needs to be there." Getting that monk meant going back to the house again, which is insane; he barely escaped whatever magic she was preparing to hit him with, he might not be so lucky this time. On the other hand, the element of surprise is his element. And he has just the tools to aid his attack. He thought as he pulled out one of his smoke bombs. "I sneak up, smoke out the place, kill that bastard of a monk and get out. I think I get away with that." He paused and thought for a moment. "Hmm, I was going to wreck up my house so it seemed that there was a break in, explaining my missing items, but since I don't have that kind of time, burning the sucker down would work to cover up as well. It's more suspicious, but I don't have the time or opportunity to stage anything better. It'll also maximize my chances of escaping. I'll also need something to wrap the body in as well. Can't have blood trailing behind me." He pulled out some oil bombs, and a phosphorus strike stick. A dusty rolled up rug caught his eye, it was lying in a pile of assorted junk propped up against his opposite wall. He pulled it out of the heap and rolled it out onto the bare wooden floor

        "I suppose this will do. That guy looked heavier set than that boy, so if I don't get away clean, I can't do hand to hand. I have plenty of bombs on hand this time however if things get at their worse." Despite his resolution to venture into danger once again, his strategizing had steadied him. His tools at the ready, he cloaked himself and looked out of the window, spying on his own house again. Clayton could see nothing, not in his backyard. He designated his route to his house and began to move in. "This has to work, the sun is setting, I can't be in Dorter any longer than I have to." Cautiously, Clayton tip-toed back onto his property, eyes and ears alert. He made contact with his house, crouching underneath the window-still. Stopping for a moment to take a breath, and ready himself for anything that might happen. Relaxed and ready, Clayton peered through the window in the back. The house looked the same as when he left, McCloud was in the chair adjacent to the monk's couch, where he had been resting this whole time; although one thing was out of place, Mother was not there. Clayton took in an investigative sniff of the air, but the results ended only in Flowers and the Stew. Clayton pulled out his oil bombs and silently broke them open, proceeding to spread its contents in rising vertical stripes on the outside and the door.

        He was once tasked to burn down some house; he was advised that spreading fuel vertically makes it burn better. Another was broken open; this time spread over in front of the landing of the door, to impede possible pursuit. Satisfied with his oil prep, Clayton pocketed his remaining Oil Bomb, and readied himself. He cast illusion of a closed door on the door, allowing free opening and closing of the door without any notice. Opening the door, he let himself in, but opted to leave the door open. His eyes peered around the house and around corner into the kitchen to see what was lying in there. Mother was in the kitchen, stirring the soup. Her eyes, focused on the monk, her face, distraught. Feeling the soup to be ready for its third and final meal, she grabbed a bowl of soup and brought it with her to the living room; Clayton ducking out of the way when she passes him, watching the both of them intently. He decides to close the door, just as a precaution, and naturally he did such oh-so quietly.

        Mother took her seat in the chair closest to the Monk, her eyes not moving from the Monk, it is obvious she is in thought. Without thinking she took a sip of the stew, but in reaction to the heat she placed the stew on the table. Empty handed, her mind was made up.

        "Clayton really wanted info from you...." She got up and moved to the floor next to the sofa. "As an apology and as the only thing that it appears I can do for him now.... I guess the best I can do is help him achieve that" She leaned in and began whispering powerful words into his ear. She pulled back slowly and aims her voice now at McCloud.

       "Get packed please. It’s about time for us to head out. I think we have already over stayed our welcome here. And besides it’s best to leave with-" She cuts herself off, and stares at the Monk. How could she have just thought to call him a present. A gift? An item? He was human, no mire item. "Well, I hope Clayton can get good info from this monk."

       McCloud stood up after Mother stopped talking, and began roaming about the house picking up his armour. Mother’s attention was snatched up by the Monk. She stared at him until she felt it right to speak again.

        "Sir, I'm sorry for what you're likely going to go through soon. Interrogation is not fun... But look at the bright side. You won't have to get punished much since I just made you want to talk." The last sentence was hard for her to choke out. “Well. If it goes well for you, you will wake up and he would have not come here. Your other option is death. But for a good cause." Again, her last sentence seemed hard. She didn't know if that was true. Would Clayton truthfully get such a large task done alone? Highly doubting such, but still wishing him luck, Mother gave him her blessing. McCloud appeared back in the living room with all of his armour in hand. Mother turned to face him.

        “Oh, dear, I don't think we will be wanting that." She stood up and took a gander at the armour. “I fear we cannot afford such repairs, and that armour is in no use to you. Also, nor can we buy a new suit so soon..." She looked up at him. “I think you're going to have to say bye to it dear.”

        The Knight looked longingly at the armour, he knew she was right, but how could he part with
it? He didn't have a shield since he used a two handed blade. Without his armour, how would he protect Mother so easily? What if he took a fatal blow in battle? No armour would make protecting Mother increasingly harder to do...

        "I know what you are thinking McCloud, but it would be too much of a burden. But you're going to have to part with it. And the next time we have a chance to get you some armour, I promise I will get you some!" McCloud looked hopeful at Mothers words; she's never let him down, ever.

        Clayton snuck back outside briefly. Once outside he pulled out a bag of some of his Gil, and precisely tossed it as silent as possible over the roof into a in the front. Clayton wasn't sure how much he gave, truthfully he was looking to buy supplies, but seeing as he had gotten it for free, might as well give it to someone in need.

        “Now dear,” Mother started at McCloud “I think it’s time to part from this house now." She stood up, and picked up her bag, which now had a newly obtained white flower sticking out of it. Agreeing with her, McCloud nodded and proceeded with leaving out the front door. Following behind, but drawing to a stop was Mother. There was so much on her mind that she had yet to speak, so much to tell Clayton. Mother turned back to face the house. Drawing in a deep breath, readying herself for what may spill out of her mouth, she began to speak as though Clayton were there.

        "Clayton I'm sorry our little party didn't work out. We are leaving now, for your sake. But if I ever see you again, I promise to tell you my true story, for I actually spoke false. What I told you last night before bed was only partly truth. I feel as though it is necessary at this point, that I retell it to you with no fabrications set to cover the truth. I’m not afraid of my past and I’m ready to tell anyone it. I want you to note, that although I seemed harsh, uncaring, out to get you, and anything but what you needed at the given moment. I actually care for you deeply, and I wish your quest to be successful, you have my blessing child, good luck." She turned back to the door and took a step, but stopped quickly, as there were more words to tell. "Clayton. I know you cannot hear me. But, when you are done with your quest. Please promise me that you will continue as a flouriest. It is one of your many gifts in life, and I personally think the best. You can really change lives with it. And you are amazing at it. Ta-Ta my friend." With that she took her finals steps out the door into the cold night, closing the door behind her.

        "Alright McCloud let’s go!" She called out to the knight, who was busy on the ground rummaging through something. He jumped up, startled by Mother's voice. "What have we got there McCloud?" Mother inquired. He looked as though a child had found a bag of gold, for it was true. As though to say: "Lookie what I got Mommy!" McCloud smiled boldly and walked to her holding the bag.

        "What’s this?" Mother questioned, but she was answered quickly when the bag's contents were show to the light of the world. "Gil..." she trailed off. “Last I saw this we gave some to that Inn Keeper..." Picking her words back up just as quickly as the trailed off, she demanded an answer. “Where did you find this?” McCloud pointed to the bush that bore obvious signs of recent activities.

        "You found money. In a bush?" McCloud nodded in response. "Interesting... So money doesn't grow on tree. But on Bushes!” She said in a comical tone. “On a more serious note dear, I doubt that this was here earlier. More so do I doubt our friend was hiding it there. He’s much smarter than that. I will bet two Gil, the ones in that bag of course since we are taking it with us, that that bag was meant for us to take. Clayton would have obviously hid money elsewhere, in a more remote and harder to get to place." Mother slipped her left arm out of the strap to the bag, making it fall to the right and swing to her front. She opened the bag and placed the newly obtained coin purse in there. Picking the bag back up and over to her back, she immediately slid her arm back into the bag.

        "Are we all ready to head off into the darkness in a random direction in hopes to continue a ridiculous quest and hope not to starve to death or die of other horrible causes on such ways?" McCloud held his sword up in the air, since it was no longer attached to his armour, and shook it in the air.

       "I'm ready!"

       "Good then off we go child, off we go."

       And so the two picked up their lazy feet, and began walking in a random direction; knowingly into a path of fatigue, starving, and pain; unknowingly further into the gapping mouth of what continues to await them at the end.

        Meanwhile Clayton leaned against a non-oil covered section of the wall. Life had once again thrown a curveball at him only this time; it had curved straight into his hands

        "Be a florist when this is all over, eh?" He couldn't help but feel somewhat bitter. If he was to plant flowers ever again, they would be blood red, growing out of corpses.
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  • [July 17, 2012, 12:18:59 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #301 on: July 17, 2012, 12:18:59 PM »

   Mama is in a trance again.

   The leader-general-guy attacks… and misses? How does one miss a stationary target? Well, maybe he had anticipated Mama dodging, but since Mama did not dodge, the attack missed. That seems like a viable explanation. Yes, that seems right. But, he looks like a skilled warrior type, so he probably will not be fooled for long.

   “Does he know my every move?” He mutters aloud, just barely loud enough for Anita to hear.

   Mama does not move, but continues to stare blankly into the distance like before.

   The leader-man walks around Mama as though inspecting things. Placing his blade against Mama’s cheek, he pulls it a little. A small drop of blood trickles down, but Mama still makes no reaction. Hey! That’s not playing fair! The bad-man seems satisfied with the situation and begins to cast something. After a moment a set of manacles appear, binding Mama’s hands and feet.

   Hey, hey, hey!

   Anita teleports down from the tree. She can no longer stand idly by and watch. Even without her magic, there has to be something she can do! The plaintive pleas of a helpless little girl work well on most individuals, perhaps they will work on the leader-general-guy. Coming out from behind her cover, she starts running towards the others.

   “What is this?!” Mama asks, waking from the trance. “I can’t move!”

   “We have a lot to talk about, old man.” The bad-general-man says. “I guess you have forgotten about the things that you thought me, being constrained in that young boy’s body and all.”

   “What’s this feeling?” Mama struggles against the constraints, albeit weakly. “Uggh.” He groans, appearing to lose more strength.

   “Wait!” Anita cries, approaching fast. “Please don’t hurt Mama!”

   The general-man turns his head towards her with a raised eyebrow, which may indicate a small bit of confusion or curiosity poking out from under the overwhelming aura of irritation at the interruption.

   “Mama hasn’t done anything wrong!” the girl continues her pleas as she latches herself tightly to Mama’s leg.

   “Save the tears, kid, I have no business with you.” The bad-mans-leader growls.

   “I am not a kid!” she retorts quickly, pursing her lips in frustration. The crying may have been forced, but her fears are real. She has never been affected by this mind-frog and has no idea how long her magicks would be croaked. Without her beloved abilities, she feels lost. Now is when she needs Mama most of all. “Mama is my Mama, not yours!”

   The general snorts rudely in response.

   “Don’t worry, Anita dear.” Mama says, reassuringly. He places a shackled hand on her head. “It will be alright.”

   Though she pushes up into his palm reflexively, enjoying the affection, she is annoyed by the lie. Mama has always had a bad habit of saying everything will be alright when the truth was the exact opposite. And he was incredibly bad at it. Often he would tell her to trust him, or ask if she did. She always responded affirmatively in order to receive more attention or affection. Still, it was disheartening, because all too often, it marked when Mama was going to go away.

   The bad-leader-guy laughs. “You act as though she is really your daughter.”

   Both Mama and Anita ignore the comment.

   “Be a good girl and go with Lulu and Mikoto.” Mama explains gently. “I will meet you all in town.”

   “Not if I have anything to say about it.” The general-man says, grabbing the manacles. “If there is anything left of him when I’m done, you may pick him up at my castle in Limberry.” He explains, more as an afterthought than anything else. Then, in an instant he and Mama are gone.

   Suddenly deprived of the leg that had been supporting her, Anita stumbles and falls to her knees. “Mama!” she calls out, despite knowing it will go unanswered. She takes a ragged breath as hot liquid blazes a trail down her cheek. No longer needing to be faked, the tears flow freely, and she cries. Hard.
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  • [July 18, 2012, 08:23:56 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #302 on: July 18, 2012, 08:23:56 PM »
Meanwhile in Gariland...

"Th-Thanks man!. Alright let me just deactivate the magic trap I put on the door here." said the nervous mage. He walked up to the door, and slide his fingers on the surface of the door in a complex pattern. A moment later, he opened the door wide open. "By the way, I'm Max. What's your name?" he asked back at Quint while scanning the neighborhood for threats.
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  • [July 18, 2012, 08:40:40 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #303 on: July 18, 2012, 08:40:40 PM »
With the red dust shouldered on a limb that didn't throb with aches, Quint followed behind Max, readjusting the sack as the two emerged from the dank musty house. A question asked and Quint would answer, but not without a pause on whether to lie. A name could be found pretty easily if you know the right people. He would shrug it off though, his injuries and fatigue fogging his mental process. "...It's Quint." With a slight nudge Quint would prod Max forward, hastening their pace. Quicker they could find a shop that'd buy these drugs the better. With the threat of police intervention, going to a clinic was nixed, both passing by its front doors hurriedly.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #304 on: July 18, 2012, 11:14:34 PM »
Quint and Max arrive at the local inn, two story tall tailored specifically for travelers, but otherwise unremarkable. Being on the bad side of town, the conditions are somewhat shabby and tenants having business you don't want anything to do with. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't comfortable either.

"Hello boys," said the innkeeper, a fat balding greasy middle aged man, "we got plenty of room tonight, are you going to be staying long?" As Quint spoke to answer, Max leaned in to whisper to Quint. "We should request a ground floor room. We might need to flee tonight."
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  • [July 18, 2012, 11:36:27 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #305 on: July 18, 2012, 11:36:27 PM »
Suggestion noted. Lacking healing, cash past what a room would cost or even a meal in this seedy inn, the two were very vulnerable. Add to that the rather expensive cargo and you had a need to sleep with one eye open. It seemed though that no one had followed them, a small reprieve.

As for the nosy innkeeper, "Just passing through. Got a night's worth of gold and a bit extra if we could get a room down here with a window. Not for nothin, but this place smells like the air itself needs an antidote.." Quint would wave his hand in front of his nose for emphasis.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #306 on: July 20, 2012, 09:05:35 PM »
   How long had it been? Too long. That’s how long. She could no longer remember what his face looked like for it had been so long since she had seen him. It had been so long that her loneliness was going through a phase she had never experienced before. She was accustomed to sulking, waking up crying, being crabby with his weapon for no reason and various other similar emotional reactions, but this time, it felt like it was physically manifesting and accumulating in her body. Her breath was labored, her heart throbbed and every movement felt heavy and forced.

   A storm was coming. The skies had been threatening all day, but now, the rolling of nearing thunder and the drastic shift in the wind announced the inevitable downpour. She needed shelter.

   By the grace of St. Ajora, upon reaching the crest of a hill, she was able to spot a small town nearby. Well, perhaps town was an overstatement. It was really just a cluster of about half a dozen buildings. It was doubtful that any of them were inns, but she was certain she could charm her way into room and board for the night.

   The sound of a dog barking as she approached was nothing new. Most dogs barked at her. Some became friendly when she neared, others grew more aggressive as they assumed she may invade their territory. The sudden yelp and hasty retreat was new, however, and she found it very odd.

   The next clue that something was not right was the astonished gasp of a woman who immediately threw one hand to her mouth and used the other to shoo her child away.

   She found herself quite confused until she caught some black in the corner of her vision. She turned her head to find that her wings were out. Why? She hadn’t summoned them.

   A speck appeared in her vision. It grew rapidly and she wondered what it was. Then it hit her. A rock. Someone had thrown a rock at her and hit her square between the eyes. What was with this town?

   As she held a hand up to her forehead, she noticed a wispy, dark aura around it. Oh, so that’s why…

   Suddenly, shouts could be heard across the town and within moments, men and women armed with torches and makeshift weapons gathered quickly and began to make their way towards her. It was becoming abundantly clear that she was not welcome in this town.

   Why was this happening? She hadn’t summoned any of her powers! This was just like the time with the bandits… the time with…

   Another stone struck her shoulder, causing her to cry out in pain. This wasn’t fair! All she wanted was shelter from the storm! That and to find him, but she didn’t think he was here.

   They were getting closer. Closer. She wanted to run away but her feet refused to obey her commands. She was scared. They had her surrounded. One raised a weapon high. She held her hands up in futile defense and cried out for him.

   There was an explosion. Dark energies burst forth from her, causing her to convulse and fall to her knees. The ground was covered in a viscous, opaque layer of condensed magicks and black tendrils sprang up from the surface to ensnare all those around her. Every living being, men, women, children, horses, cows, chickens, even the dog from before, was caught in her spell. She watched in horror as their faces contorted in pain, and she wished desperately that it would all end and she could just leave. All she wanted to do was go away.

   Then everybody else went away.

   With a strange sound, the tendrils disappeared. A deafening silence reined in the area for what felt like an eternity. It was broken by a whimper, a soft cry for him.

   A drop of water struck the ground near her. Then another. And another. Within moments, the sky had opened up and released the torrent it had held back for so long.

   But the rain wasn’t the only water falling. No amount of precipitation could hide her tears or wash away her fears.

   Why wasn’t he here? She needed him! Only when she found him could this pain be alleviated. Only he could shield her from the cruelties of the world. Only he would be the one who loved her like all parents love their children. Only he would always protect her and care for her…


   “Mama…” Anita murmurs softly in her sleep. Though she doesn’t wake, her tears still dampen the feathers she upon which she is sprawled.

   Mikoto and Lulu pay the child little mind as they continue their journey to Limberry where they hope to be reunited with their master.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #307 on: July 20, 2012, 09:54:29 PM »
Suggestion noted. Lacking healing, cash past what a room would cost or even a meal in this seedy inn, the two were very vulnerable. Add to that the rather expensive cargo and you had a need to sleep with one eye open. It seemed though that no one had followed them, a small reprieve.

As for the nosy innkeeper, "Just passing through. Got a night's worth of gold and a bit extra if we could get a room down here with a window. Not for nothin, but this place smells like the air itself needs an antidote.." Quint would wave his hand in front of his nose for emphasis.

The innkeeper rolled his eyes at Quint's dismissal of his inn. "Don't expect any chocolate on your pillows. I got a room just like that. I hope you were expecting to stare at the side of an alley. It's also only has one bed. It's the best I can do." Money and key were then exchanged.

The musty heaviness of the hotel's air seemed to be inescapable, even into relative safety of their room. The once gentle and comforting yellow of the walls and ceiling was now washed into bland paleness. Despite time and use taking it's toll on the room, it was still serviceable and many travelers have seen much worse. As the innkeeper stated, the window faces the uncleaned plaster wall of the alley running alongside the building. The bed at least looks like it would give a decent night's rest, for one person, or two people laying uncomfortably close together.

"So, uh...are we going to take shifts? Because they'll be looking for us tonight, for sure. We better be ready to escape at anytime."
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #308 on: July 21, 2012, 07:35:43 PM »
The sounds of droplets of water wakes up Taichii's subconsciousness... He slowly opens his eyes... he visualizes himself in a center of a cave with an open rift at the end..
He tries to move but he couldn't....
The sounds of droplets slowly became sounds of footsteps..
Taichii looked to his left... His ancestor sat on a rock platform near hi with an insulting look..
"Well well well, what do we have here? that's what you get for not trusting me..."

Taichii gave the ancestor a sharp look...
"But even if you defeated him, i still couldn't make sure that anita would be safe after that..."

His ancestor walked up in front of him... "How can you say that? do you think that i would harm a little girl?"

Taichii looked up... "I don't know, but still--!"

"but still you accused me... and boy, accusing people is not a good thing... what you did only makes you more like me..."
His ancestor interrupted as he pointed his finger at taichii..

"I- i dont know..."
Taichii lowered his head...

The ancestor scratched his head...
"This is not the time to be sad! Darn it.. this is not my style but we have to overcome this! We have to escape from what happened last night...."

"That reminds me... what happened last night? where's anita??"

The ancestor shrugs..
"I don't know... when your consciousnesses faded, i was transported into this cave inside your mind and the only way out is....

"Is when i wake up?" Taichii murmured.

"Yes... Alright, i don't help people but this is for my own good as well, you have to escape here as soon as possible.... Magic shackles is a technique that i thought him... that rotten general... i have a way to counter it but you kept denying me... It will hurt a little... but here's what you do..."
The ancestor whispers something in taichii's ear...

"No way!" Taichii immediately responds as the ancestor finished...

"But that is the only way! who knows... maybe the general is holding anita captive as well..." The ancestor let out a devilish smile....

Taichii could not respond....

"Well, goodluck to you... remember, you don't have a choice... " The ancestor grabbed taichii and threw him inside the rift...

everything went black...

the sounds of droplets of water can be heard again.... Taichii opens his eyes slowly....
"Railings everywhere.. this must be limberry's underground dungeons...."
He looks around and spots two knights doing their rounds....

"I really don't have any choice... Anita's safety is more important than anything right now...."
Taichii said as he tries to dislocated the bones in his hands and fingers...
faint crack sounds can be heard as he dislocates them one after another... in his mind, he chants the words that his ancestor told him...
"Vrakl Strah Gui Mest... Riluis Freim Sira Kuurs..."
A barrier soon formed between the dislocated hands and the shackles....

"Once the hands are free, all the other shackles and magic will be released... your dislocated hand though...With these words spoken,  all  effects that are inflicted on you will be released... but at the same time... your passive abilities are disabled ...  you wont be able to use them unless... "
Taichii remembers the ancestor's words....
"Alright that's what i have to do... for anita...." He thought...
He raised his hands as if he was still en-shackled...

The knights come closer..
"That was an awful storm last night... the thunder roars can be heard all through out the castle... good thing this morning ,the sun seemed to clear out the skies..." the knight with a sword said...
Hey have you heard the news?" the knight with a shield said...
"What news?" ,asks the sword knight..
"There seems to be a small town that was struck by an evil monster...." said the shield knight as he walked further towards taichii's cell
"what happened?" , asks the sword knight again while clinging on his sword...
"almost all of the townspeople are found dead, all with deep scratches...." the shield knight explained...
"How did they die?" the  sword knight said as he stopped in front of taichii's cell...

"Because of your bad breath maybe? you're so far away from me but your reek can be smelled even from far away....he he he"
Taichii interrupted...

"What did you say you punk?!" The sword knight screamed angrily at taichii while pointing his sword at him...

"I said... your breath smells like goat piss.. " Taichii insulted him more...

"You have some nerve talking like that.... do you know who i am?!" The sword knight asked...

"Yes... you're Captain Vermillion Breath... The captain of stinkyness and body odor... a low rank knight who was born in filth-eria kadidirs slums... you have---"

"That's it!" The angry sword knight reaches for the keys...
"That is not a good idea comrade!" The shield knight tries to stop the sword knight but failed in doing so...
As the cell got unlocked, the sword knight goes in and points the sword at taichii...
"Now, time to learn your lesson...."

Taichii looked up, smiles and dashes towards the knight's side... The knight, in shock and started to panic as he did not expect that this prisoner is not shackled.... The knight started to wave his sword forward blindly...
Taichii, on the knight's side, jumped and crawled on his back... Within seconds, he grabs the knight's face...

"Unless you feed on blood... / For anita..." The ancestor's voice modulated voice mixed with taichii's thoughts...
Taichii opened his mouth revealing his sharp fangs.. without hesitating, he sank his fangs into the knight's throat and sucked the crimson red liquid from it....

Within moments, the knight turned into a thin corpse inside a knight's half armor... like a toothpick inside a glass....
Taichii felt refreshed afterwards.... He looked towards the thin corpse... "do you know who i am? I am Taichii... " He said as his eyes glowed... His ancestor instincts seem to be merging slightly with his attitude...

"T-Taichii?! Oh no~ This is bad!" The shield knight said as he panicked and ran towards the dungeon exit....

Taichii kicked the cell door open... and got out... "Thanks great great great grand dad..." He thought....
"Now the next thing you have to do is find your weapons.... Speak with them.. they are a part of you.. ask them where they are..."
The ancestor's voice spoke...

"Thanks a lot! I didn't know there's some good in you..." Taichii thought...
The ancestor's image appeared in his visions.. The ancestor shrugged and turned around....
"Meh..." The ancestor walks forward and faded slowly....

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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #309 on: July 24, 2012, 11:06:29 AM »
The innkeeper rolled his eyes at Quint's dismissal of his inn. "Don't expect any chocolate on your pillows. I got a room just like that. I hope you were expecting to stare at the side of an alley. It's also only has one bed. It's the best I can do." Money and key were then exchanged.

The musty heaviness of the hotel's air seemed to be inescapable, even into relative safety of their room. The once gentle and comforting yellow of the walls and ceiling was now washed into bland paleness. Despite time and use taking it's toll on the room, it was still serviceable and many travelers have seen much worse. As the innkeeper stated, the window faces the uncleaned plaster wall of the alley running alongside the building. The bed at least looks like it would give a decent night's rest, for one person, or two people laying uncomfortably close together.

"So, uh...are we going to take shifts? Because they'll be looking for us tonight, for sure. We better be ready to escape at anytime."

A small silent thanks was given to the innkeeper, Quint raising his keyed hand softly. As if the inn itself was offended by his remarks, the dank musk worsened as the two entered their room. But for the first time in a little while, as the door closed shut, a feeling of peace would waft over the two. It had been a stressful couple days, this rest was welcome. Carefully placing his cargo on the floor, Quint thought of the night's process.

"I'll take the first shift.." Yawning, his attention moved to the 'window'. A small alley, but big enough for a person or two to maneuver. Would make a nice second option, should things get crazy overnight. "We'll move out just before first light." Pulling up a chair, Quint took a seat facing the window, scanning the alley. If someone was after them, it'd be pretty unlikely they use the front door.
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  • [July 24, 2012, 10:17:43 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #310 on: July 24, 2012, 10:17:43 PM »
   He was looking for her.

   They were all looking for her. She could hear their voices ricocheting off the trees as they called out for her. Any moment now, and one of them should be able to spot her. Any moment now… Timing was everything, too soon, and she would run out of breath and someone would see her move, too late and they would not see what she needed them to see.

   She hated leaving this way, but it had to be done. The rumors had started again. People looked at her with that look they always got when she stayed with him too long. It was time to leave. It would be lonely for a while, but she took comfort in knowing she would eventually find him again when it was finally time to begin searching.

   He had spotted her!

   She could hear him trying desperately to get to her in time. He called her name several times. It made her happy that he cared so much about her, but sad at the same time, for what he was about to witness. His voice was quickly lost in the growing cacophony as she neared the brink.

   She was falling.

   With practiced timing, she teleported into a tiny hollow in the rock behind the torrent. This left her illusionary double to suffer being dashed upon the jagged stone, bounce into the churning froth and disappear, never to be seen again.

   In her safe, but cold little hidey-hole, accessible only by the means she had used, she quickly shed her soaked clothes and began to shiver. Her shaking hands formed several symbols and she muttered a particular phrase in a strange language. A second later, a pair of large, leathery, bat-like wings appeared off her back. She hugged her knees up to her chin and wrapped the wings tightly around herself.

   The design was not exactly what had wanted, but it was certainly closer than the formless blob of dark energy that she had originally summoned upon learning the ability. Over time, she had figured out how to make it take on a more suitable shape, and someday soon, she hoped to perfect it. Granted, she had never intended to use them as a makeshift blanket, but for being summoned out of nowhere, they were surprisingly warm.

   Drifting off to sleep, her thoughts turned to happier times, when she would find him again. Where would they meet this next time? What new adventures would he have in store for her then? What new friends would he have made by the time they were reunited? Would he remember her this time? Would he remember her birthday? What sort of presents would he give her? What new stories would he tell?

   None of the answers really mattered, because deep down, she knew he would always love her like all parents love their children. He would always protect her and care for her.


   Anita opens her eyes and looks around sleepily. Yet another vivid dream of the past. Did everybody have dreams like this? After a moment of thought, she dismisses the question because it really doesn’t matter. What is more important is if they have arrived in Limberry yet.

   “Are we…” she cuts off, remembering that Mama isn’t here and the chocobos do not speak. Oh, but once again, it looks like the question doesn’t matter, for there, down the hill and near the horizon are the lights of a city. Limberry! Mama!

   Another memory tugs at the back of her mind. There is something else here in Limberry, or someone else. What or who was it? A face coalesces out of the depths. Ah, yes. There is someone she must visit here, someone she hasn’t seen in quite a while. So now the question is, does she visit that person first or find Mama? She continues to ponder this as Lulu and Mikoto hasten their pace with their destination in sight.

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  • [July 25, 2012, 06:39:33 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #311 on: July 25, 2012, 06:39:33 PM »
A girl with black hair suddenly appeared from the never ending darkness....
she smiled and then pointed to her back...
"it's nearly time.... Rai, go north...."

Rai reached out his hands towards the girl.. "who are you?"

as his hands neared the girl, her apparition slowly fades...
"wait!" Rai shouted....
As his fingertips touched her cheeks, she disappeared completely... everything went white....

He suddenly felt that his body is being shaken... he opened his eyes.... He sees the face of Ignias ... "Wha? What happened .. Ignias?
Rai said as he recognized that he is being carried by the large veteran...
"Oh! great! glad to know you're fine Rai.. but now doesnt seem to be the time to celebrate..." He said as he kept running forward...
Rai peeked beneath Ignias arms... Its those gang of thieves that tried to rob them back at lionel...

"Why are we running? Ignias? we could easily take care of them! let me down.." Rai said as he struggles...
"No.. they are way too many .. and you cant fight yet.. not now.." Ignias said as he fastens his phase...
Along the barious hill, they reached a fork...
Over there on the left! Lucious said pointing at huge rocks beside the hill... "kupo! quickly!" Carl and Ardin said as they looked behind...
The whole team ran towards the left side of the hill and hid behind the huge rocks...

Ignias placed Rai down on a layer of soft grass... Carl giggled...
"Why are you laughing kupo brother?" Ardin asked as he feels the tension of their situation...
"It's just that kupo... they look like kupo lovers..." Ardin mustered as he pointed out to Rai and Ignias....
Ignias quickly backed away from Rai...
"Be quiet guys..." Lucious said as he peeked through the small opening on the huge rocks...
After three minutes of silence, Lucious lets out a sigh of relief...
"We lost them..."
"Alright kupo!" the moogle brothers danced in joy...
Ignias then sat behind Rai... "So.. how are you feeling young lad?"
He looked up and then sat... "I feel fine..."
"Really? then why the long face?"
"It seems that you can read my mind...."
"well not really, just a wild guess...."

Rai sighed...
"i had a dream of a girl... She said we should go north... and its nearly time.. i dont know what it means though...."

Everyone seemed to gulp down their spit... their eyes , as if they were in some shock....
"Did i say something wrong?" Rai said as he scratched his head.....

Lucious sat behind Rai as well....
"Well, last night... when we were curing you... your voice turned different... and it seems like, there's a different person inside you...."
"Yes kupo! you were scary last night kupo!" ardin said as he nodded with carl...

"hmmm.. I don't know what it is... but it seems we should follow your dream Rai..." Ignias said as he stood up...
"we may find more about what happened last night if we follow every sign... and following signs... it is a good thing to follow signs...."

"Alright then." Rai stood up as well and raised his hand clenched... "Maybe its connected to Ardin's orb... or maybe it's something else... i have no memory of my past , maybe this will be the chance to get it back.."

"But.. some things might be better left forgotten.. " Lucious said...

"We won't know kupo until we try! Yes let's go north kupo! back to araguay! There might be kupo families that survived the kupo fire... " 

"Well.. you might be right... ardin...." Lucious pinches Ardin and Carl's cheeks..
"Ouch kupo!" >_<

Rai lets out a smile... " Alright! guys! Off to north we go then!"
"Yooosh!" Rai, Ardin, Carl, Ignias and Lucious cheered their spirits up as they pickep up their things and headed north... beneath the golden sun...

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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #312 on: August 01, 2012, 11:53:00 PM »
Clayton looked at the man Mother left on his couch. Clayton wasn't entirely sure what she had done to him. Any sort of nuances he had to follow to keep up the brainwash was lost on him. Clayton figured he would have to get creative in getting his captive to do what he wanted...

“Young man, please rise.” a voice coaxed the fallen monk-ninja to consciousness. It was difficult to raise his head, the back of his neck throbbed deep from the point where he was stabbed. He opened his eyes to darkness all around him. In front and center stood the transparent figure of a woman. Her features could not be made out except her eyes. The white of her eyes glowed florescent white. He found that he could not meet her plea. Try as he might, his body's sapped strength could not overcome the pain of moving his neck. All he could do was face her and place his hands under his head for relief.

“It's worse than I thought.” she observed. He heard her voice coming from inside his head. Her lips did not move at all as she spoke. “I'm sorry I could not do more. It took a great deal of effort just to heal your awful wound.”

He starts to recollect what happened to him. Some coward slipped a knife into his neck in that hotel bath. “Well thank you very much for reviving me, ma'am.” he replied weakly. “But I can't imagine you did all this without a favor to ask.”

“Yes I do.” she stated. ”You were about to execute a man named Clayton Mizuhara, yes? I was watching the whole thing. See, that man, he killed me."
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  • [August 02, 2012, 01:40:16 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #313 on: August 02, 2012, 01:40:16 AM »
My name is Isabella Greene. I used to be a successful jeweler. Before that, I was just a housewife, waiting for my husband to come home from the war. But he never did. He died in an ambush. I was too old to remarry, my relatives had died of old age or the plague, and the death benefits were not as, good, as promised, so I had to provide for myself. It was so frightening, having to sell everything I owned, depending on what was once just a hobby. I never thought I'd have to take such a risk in my life, but if I didn't do, I'd end up on the street sooner as opposed to later. I worked long and hard getting my business afloat, living from month to month.

But I persevered, and my little jewelery store was growing. I even met one of my husband's friends from the war. Jim, he defended my store against the thieves and burglars that used to rob me all the time. I was so glad to finally have someone there for me. My life was finally good. But then, one day, one of those crooks came in with his girlfriend and demanded we relinquish one of our finest rings to her. I moved to Dorter when I was married, and I have witnessed just what kind of, hellhole, Dorter really is. So what if the Black Platypus aren't here? That doesn't mean much if you have every other kind of crook, cutthroat, and deviant crawling around instead. I hate the corruption here, I hate the people here, and I hate the weather here. I hate Dorter and I had finally had enough.

I told the both of them to get out of my store and never come back, with help from Jim of course. Naturally, they didn't like that one bit. I didn't care. I decided it was time to sell the business and get out of this muddy hole they shameless call a city. The process was going to take a couple of weeks, so we had to fend off those thugs they sent after us day after day, each attempt getting more and more vicious. Jim was terrific and he wielded his katana like he was born with one in his hand, but I wasn't sure how much longer we could hold out.

Then, on the 3rd from last day before the selling was complete, a whole gang of those thugs just smashed their way in, led by none other than Clayton. That coward was content in sitting back and throwing knives at us and letting his grunts do all the work. Jim fought them with all of his might. He took a few of them down, and even gave Clayton a taste of the spirit of Heaven's Cloud, but there were just too many of them and they overwhelmed him. I tried to run away, but I wasn't quick enough. He, he didn't even have the guts to kill me himself, he ordered one of his filthy scumbags to snap my neck.
 The last thing I saw was Clayton's smug expression as they dragged Jim's beaten body away. I remember thinking just how badly I wanted to wipe that look off his face. It wasn't fair. I was so close to happiness I deserved. I didn't suffer and scrape and survive all these years, just to die like this. That face of his just summed up the petty disdain life had for me. I just hated that face so much, I think my soul managed to stay attached to this world. I became as you see now.

My only goal has been to get revenge on that boy. To destroy him like he has destroyed me. However, it's been difficult even finding that boy, much less getting him. But when I saw you and the rest of the Black Platypus lording over him, I filled with so much joy. Seeing justice in this world made feel my heart's warmth for the first time in years. I didn't care what kind of people you were otherwise, you were my heroes. But then, some bizarre force just ripped through the world and I was pushed away from the area. I had felt this presence before, when demons sometimes haunt around Dorter and I get close to them, but I had never felt a force like ever.

When I could finally come back, the whole area was devastated. When people die, you can sense their souls disseminating into the world. When I could finally return, I couldn't feel anyone. Their souls, were completely gone. They were completely removed from this world. Only one of you remained, and that was you. I summoned up all the power I could muster and I managed to cure your wounds and bring you back. Well, you aren't back just yet, but I'll get to that shortly.”
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #314 on: August 02, 2012, 02:21:33 PM »
   “Samson!” Anita greets cheerfully. She hops off Lulu and motions for the two chocobos to wait for a moment while she scampers off to meet her friend.

   “Needa?” the old man looks up when he hears his name called by a familiar voice. “Is it really you? Come,” he beckons with his whole arm, “come closer, my dear, so I can…” He runs his hands over her face. After a moment, his brow furrows a bit. “How long has it been?”


   “Oh well, it don’t matter none. What brings you back to Limberry to visit this blind and drunk old fool?”

   Anita giggles. “I got you something!”

   “Oh you did, did you?”

   “Uh-huh! Oh, wait, it’s in the pack, I’ll be right back.” She runs back to the waiting birds, rummages through the saddle bags, finds what she is looking for and returns all in less than a minute. “This should help you out a bit.” She holds out a sack of Gil.

   “W-what…” Samson sputters as he receives the pouch. “What is this?”

   “It’s money!”

   “I know that, but…” He hefts the weight to estimate the sum. “This is way too much. I can’t take this.”

   “But the bad mans I took it from don’t need it anymore.”

   “You stole it?” Samson’s tone makes it clear he is adverse to the idea

   “I made them go away. They left it behind.” Anita says proudly. “Besides, they tried to steal from Mama and me first.”

   “Ah, I see, they were bandits then.” The old man nods. “I don’t feel bad about taking it then. There’s been an exceptionally bad group out there recently that has been taking a lot of money from the travelers coming from the west. Makes the handouts from those folks a bit lighter when they get here. Wait, did you say ‘Mama’?”

   “Yup yup!”

   “So you found her?”

   “I found Mama!”

   A wide smile crosses Samson’s face. “Congratulations! Good for you. I told you you shouldn’t give up hope.”

   “That’s also a thank you gift.” Anita says, patting the bag of coins. “For all your help while I was here.”

   “Oh, you needn’t’ave done so much. Your keeping this old man company for all that time was thanks enough.”

   “And a gift of celebration for me finding Mama!”

   “Still as stubborn as ever, I see.” He laughs. “Fine then, I’ll accept your gift. Thank you.”

   “You’re welcome.”

   “So, where is this mother of yours?” Samson’s sightless eyes move around as though actually searching the area. “I should very much like to meet her.”

   “We were kinda separated.” Anita admits, a bit of melancholy entering her voice.


   “Mama is in a castle now, hopefully not for much longer though.”

   “Well don’t let me keep you…”

   Anita shakes her head. “I wanted to give you your present.”

   Samson chuckles. “And again, I thank you.” He reaches out and pats the girl on the head, earning a giggling response. “But the entire reason you left was to find your Mama, so go get her. And if you have time on your way out of town, swing by. If not, don’t worry about it.”

   “I’ll remember.”

   “Oh, and rumor has it a carnival is in town. Perhaps your mother will take you there if you’re a good girl. Are you a good girl?”

   “Always.” She says definitively.

   “I know. Now go find your Mama.”

   “I will! Bye, Samson!” She waves as she makes her way back to the waiting chocobos.

   “Good bye, Needa.”

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  • [August 04, 2012, 06:34:40 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #315 on: August 04, 2012, 06:34:40 PM »
"where are you guys?"
Taichii spoke in his mind as he closed his eyes....
suddenly, a bright white light and a burning red aura started to appear unto the vast darkness that he visualizes...
"over there!"
Taichii remembered where the light is located... he slowly opened his eyes and found himself looking at a room beside the dungeon exit...
Taichii ran towards the exit. as he neared the dark wall, he started to feel uneasy.... Cold sweat appeared from the back of his spine...
A shadow appeared from the hall exit.... Taichii stopped in his tracks...
"well well.. hello there , you must be Taichii..." A guy with red steampunk clothes said...
A flash of wind ran past him and another figure appeared behind him...
"what nice silver hair you have.... just like the general.. hihi~" a lady with white hair chuckled out...

"who are you guys?!"
Taichii exclaimed as he forms a stance....

"hey hey, calm down ... My name's Grey... An elite warrior of limberry... my element is fire...." He said as raises one hand up and opens it.... Immediately, a ball of fire appeared and started to float on his palm...

"And im Lily... Also an elite warrior of limberry.. my element is wind...." She said as a wave of cold air entered the dungeon....

The two individuals ran towards Taichii... Taichii got shocked by their quick movements.. seconds later, he felt a blow to his stomach and left thigh... He dropped down to the ground and knelt... The two foes, now switched places..

"Pain... I told you.. it's what keeps you weak.... it's what keeps you human..."
the ancestor's voice spoke...

Taichii ignored him... and held out his hands towards the dungeon exit....

"Are you really for real? A single vampire who ravaged a whole town? " asked grey...
"We may have overestimated you... You're weak.... What kind of town did you ravage? a hobbit town?" said lily...
"hehehe... i may be weak... but can you see the circumstance im in?" Taichii answered...
"Circumstance you're in? a while ago , you were all combatant with your stance and now you're kneeling at me? i know im beautiful and you're kind off cute but you do have a point... begging for salvation really is hard...."
"woah now, you say he's cute lily? that's taichii, not general elmdor..." grey said with his eyes closed...
"The real battle begins now...." Taichii said with a smirk ...
Sounds of cracking and crushing can be heard from the dungeon exit....
"Who's there?!" Lily shouted as she looked back...
Taichii used this advantage and ran past her.... A scythe and a blade comes out crashing from the dungeon exit's walls... the weapons, heading towards taichii... Taichii still with his hands held out, grabbed the weapons and turned around....
He assumed his stance again from before, the stance now reveals that the arm on the front hold out the blade for defense and the arm at the back is for grabbing momentum for an attack with a scythe....
"Welcome back guys..." taichii said in his mind...
The weapons glow....
He twisted a bit and slashed out his scythe sideways....
"Crez ventez!"
A barrage of generated red lightning lashes out towards the two elite warriors...
"Lily watch out!" grey said as he too, unleashes a barrage of burning fire blades towards taichii and then jumps on Lily sending them crashing inside an empty cell....
Taichii withdrew his scythe , stopping him from casting more generated lightning and switched it into his blade...
His instincts kick in enhancing his reflexes... He slashed his blade forward, sending a huge downburst of icy wind towards the burning blades...
The wind started to eliminate the flame... and as the flame burns out, the fire blades disintegrate into ashes....

Grey stood up and carried lily.... He walked outside the cell and put lily down....
Lily clapped her hands and smiled wide....
"Now that's the Taichii we've been hearing about!"

"we will be enjoying this battle comrade.... " fire started to explode on grey's arms and forms two swords from each hand creeping from his arms.....

"indeed.. grey" Lily said as a dark gust of wind started to appear in her hand and formed a rapier...

Taichii smiled in an evil manner... "Then let the battle begin hahaha!"

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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #316 on: August 05, 2012, 10:50:54 PM »
In the chaos of the Juravis attack, one woman was in the middle of the chaos. She was desperately trying to defend her son from a Juravis that had plucked him right out of the tent they were sleeping in peacefully mere moments ago. With nothing but a knife relieved from a former Blade and Scythe, she lunges at the beast. Seeing her little boy being ripped apart sent her flying at the night black avian, with any sense of self preservation gone.

Tackling the man sized crane with force that hurt her as much as it hurt the Juravis, even if she didn't know it at the time, she ripped and slashed at the monster with all the fury she could muster. However, its hard and stiff feathers made the knife slide across its skin. Just as the Juravis began to beat its wings to throw the woman off, she finally made it past its feathery armor and gouged the flesh just under the its eye. The pain elicited a metallic hiss from the bird, and a powerful flap of its wings, flinging the mother to the ground. Before she could even react, the Juravis moved over her and began its counterattack.

The overwhelmed mother had just barely covered her face and neck with her arms, but the monster's razor sharp bill effortlessly cut her forearms to the bone while ripping her abdomen with it's piercing talons. It was a desperate struggle to stop the beast from ripping her throat out. When the bird slashed her forearms, the severing of her flesh didn't hurt as much as the gouges it left on her bones. It was a blood curdling pain that left her arms trembling hard enough to shake the rest of the body with it. It was going to cut her arms in half. She was screaming, desperately hoping that anyone would come and help her and to relieve the pain of halving her bones cut. She would squeeze her fists like she did when she was giving birth, but she found she couldn't make her hands into a fist anymore.

Her arms were about to collapse under their own weight. Soon, the beast would finally slip though the protective cage of her arms and deliver the killing blow. Instead, it looked up to see its brethren taking flight. It hopped off the beaten mother and over to her little boy writhing in pain this whole time. With a sickening moist snap, it pierced the little boy's skull open. With its prey no longer moving, the Juravis grabbed the boy with its talons and flew off into the clear night sky, the with the child's body swinging limply.

Only a whimper came out of her mouth. She watched every second of that beast fly away with her child, hoping she would wake up with her little boy in her arms again, or something would drop the monster or her boy out of the sky. Anything. The sharp and dull pains of her flesh and bone became background to the aching emptiness collapsing in on itself inside her. She could feel her blood pooling around her; she didn't care. In fact, she welcomed it as it made crying unnecessary. She didn't have the strength to anyways. Her breathing became shallower and shallower as her eyes began to shut on their own. She could feel herself falling into the starry night sky.
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  • [August 07, 2012, 01:25:12 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #317 on: August 07, 2012, 01:25:12 PM »
   “Come over here, child, and let me read your fortune.” The withered old woman beckons.

   “Uh-uh.” The purported child replies, shaking her head.

   “A shy one are ye?” The ancient mystic chuckles. “Tell you what, for a lovely little lady like you, I’ll give you a discount.”

   Anita still hesitates. She typically is not fond of fortune tellers. In fact, she had avoided the area where the carnival was located for this very reason, among others.

   The old woman stares into her crystal ball and moves her hands around it creepily. All the while, the girl begins to back away slowly.

   “What is this?!” the medium exclaims, reeling back from the glass globe as though struck by an invisible force. “This can’t be!” she shrieks before pointing a bony finger at the girl. “You!” she hisses though a mouth that is missing several teeth. “You shouldn’t be here! Foul beast! Vile creature! Be gone!” She rises from her chair. “Guards!” she cries louder. “Guards! Somebody help!”

   Tears begin to form in Anita’s eyes as she turns to run…

   “Whoa there, girl.” A gruff, old guard says as the girl plows strait into his leg, banging her forehead painfully on the side of his breastplate. “What’s the rush?”

   “Guards!” the fortune teller continues to wail. “Arrest that girl! She is an abomination! She will kill us all! Arrest her! Arrest her, now!”

   The old guard sighs and gives a weary glance at his partner before turning to the old woman. “What are you babbling about now?”

   “Her!” she cries, pointing at the girl clinging to his leg. “I have seen inside her soul! Her tainted, corrupted and blackened soul! She is a threat to this city! A threat to all of Ivalice!”

   “This little girl is going to kill us all?” The younger guard asks incredulously as he places a gentle hand on the sobbing girl’s shoulder.

   “Yes! Exactly! She is his daughter!”


   “Yes! His!”

   “Who are you talking about?”

   “He whose name should not be spoken!”

   The younger guard holds his other hand up in a sign of giving up and shakes his head.

   “By St. Ajora’s holy blessings, I am about to arrest you for disturbing the peace, you crazy old hag.” The older guard says, raising his voice a little. “Now tell us exactly who you mean!”

   “Zainthrony.” The crone’s voice becomes ominous as she utters the name.

   The younger guard attempts to stifle a chuckle that comes out as a coughing scoff.

   “The Reaper of Souls is nothing but a legend.” The older guard explains. “Nothing but a fairytale made up to scare little kids, like this one here.”

   “Fools!” the old woman snarls. “Are you truly that blind? Do you not see that she wields his weapon? That is the very blade that reaped the souls and gave Zainthrony his title!”

   “So this little girl is going to wield this scythe,” the younger guard is on the verge of laughing aloud, “that is clearly far too big for her to handle, and kill us all with it? Preposterous! A squire in his first year of training in Gariland Academy could defeat her without breaking a sweat.”

   “Where did you get this scythe, girl?” the older guard asks.

   “M-M-Mama g-gave it to me…” Anita replies, as she looks up at him through tear flooded eyes.

   The man is clearly a bit concerned about the type of parent that would give a bladed weapon to a child, but he responds in a comforting tone anyway. “Let’s go find you mother, then, shall we?”

   “Uhnn…” the girl nods and sniffles.

   “Your choices now shall doom us all in time...” the fortune teller warns.

   The two guards ignore her and turn away, intent on returning a lost child to her parents.

   For her part, Anita glances back for a moment. As her eyes meet the old woman’s, a mischievous grin tugs at the corners of her mouth and she sticks out her tongue.

   “See?!” the crone’s voice cracks as she shrieks again. “She knows exactly what I’m talking about! She is a monster! A monster! Sweet Ajora, save us! Oh the horror! The horror!” Her babbling becomes incomprehensible as she stares up at the sky as though awaiting salvation.

    Neither guard responds to the mystic, but the older guard looks down at the girl at his side. She looks back up with a troubled expression that threatens another torrent of tears. He sighs and pats her on the head again. “Don’t worry about that crazy old hag.” He says softly. “Now, what does your Mama look like?”

Hurry down the chimney tonight.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #318 on: August 11, 2012, 05:35:36 PM »
It was morning over Zirekille again. The day of mourning had to come to an end. The night before was filled with dread and nightmares for another attack by the relentless monsters that plague all of Ivalice. Waking and getting ready was suddenly a monumental task for many of the members. It seemed even the air itself was thick with a bitter aftertaste. Thanks to the chocobos, many lives that day were saved, however, not only were they not bred for healing, healing uses the stamina they need for the journey ahead. It is a trade off between healing and being able to pull the carts and loads. The Blade and Scythe would be stranded without the chocobos' pulling power.

The journey so far has taken its toll on the chocobos' reserves. Even the break provided by yesterday's services was not enough to restore their spirits as the attack has made them restless and paranoid, robbing them of sleep and much needed relaxation. Needless to say, many of the members that still needed critical care continued to only be healed enough to not die today.

For one mother, it could have been day or night, fully healed or not, it didn't matter. She sat in the cart, despondent. Even if her abdomen was whole again and her body didn't sting and stab with the slightest sway and shift of weight, she wouldn't move on her own. The twisting nothingness inside her choked and smothered her until she bursted out in tears again and again.

All those promises she made for him. All those hopes and dreams she had for him. She watched him grow from a little bundle of a blanket to almost reaching up to her hips. All she could think about was how terrified he must have been when that monster dragged him right out of her arms. Why did he have to die like that? She asked to herself. She would have rather killed her little boy with her own bare hands than letting his worst nightmares come true.

Everyone had finished loading the ever dwindling supplies and equipment onto the carts and crowded themselves into the other carts once again, this time with noticeably more room to spare. With no more delays, they were off to Limberry. It looked to be a slow and difficult journey. Because the chocobos had to heal and move at the same time, they could only travel half as fast as they used to. And without full and proper healing, the wound of many of the members would return to what they were beforehand. They couldn't take to healing like soldiers do. Only a miracle would get them to Limberry without losing all the injured.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
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The path off Zirekile was no easier than the path going on it. The Chocobo found no relief, having to constrict their strides to stop themselves and the carts in tow from barreling down the face of the mountain. This and having to heal before they started down the trail had exhausted them before they even got halfway down the mountain. They had to rest at some cramped flat on the trail. The merciless and barren slope around then would bare no food for them; they would go hungry tonight. All they could do was rest and sleep. Everyone dreaded sleep and the torments their dreams would bring them, include one injured former mother of one. She laid there in her tent, studying the thread patterns of the canvas that covered them. She was joined by her cart-mates, a mother and daughter, and they noticed her staring a hole through the tent.

"Jo Ann honey, why don't you get some rest? You need all you can get." the mother softly called to her.

"I've been trying to avoid that." she flatly responded.

A brief silence divided Jo Ann from the mother and daughter as they searched their minds for something to say. "Hey Mom, remember when we were talking to Beth Peterson and...David? Well Jonathan told them that when he was having the nightmares, what he'd try to do was try to imagine a weapon."

"A weapon? You think that'd really work? I can't really see myself using one of those, dear."

"Well, I don't think you have to use the weapon yourself. You can imagine someone protecting you instead."

"Oh, okay, that's a lot easier. Hmm, in that case, I think just as they're descending upon me, suddenly out of the darkness, a light pierces one of them. It's a Lancer. He's swinging his spear left and right and he singlehandedly defeats all of them. He comes over to me and checks up on me. 'Are you okay?' he asks, his sweaty muscles glistening in the moonlight."


"'Oh, I'm fine. Thank you so much for saving me.' 'It was no problem. I'll always protect you.' Then he takes his helmet off and his long black hair just falls out. He's looking me over for any injuries. He's squeezing my tender body with his strong hands, making sure nothing broken or anything."


"And then lifts me off the ground. 'I need to take you somewhere safe.' His bugling hard arms are like tree trunks. Then he carries me to a satin king sized bed-"


"Oh, so sorry. Okay, so yeah, I hope that helps you out dear. Somehow. Well, have a good night, Jo Ann."

A little embarrassed and her daughter glaring at her, the mother decides to turn in for the night, her daughter following suit. They curl up aside on another, secure in each other's presence. It was getting late. Jo Ann's eyelids gripped her eyes in place. She didn't want to go to sleep. She knew what waited for her on the other side. It felt like death coming over her again.

"A weapon, huh?" she thought, trying to stay awake. When was the last time she really used a weapon, other than a knife...? When she was little, she would go arching with her dad while he was on leave. She had her own little bow he bought her. She wasn't too bad, but the bow she had wouldn't shoot very far. Not like dad's. So one day, she asked her dad if she could use his bow. He helped her at first, but when she insisted she could do it herself, she couldn't even stretch the bow an inch. "Don't worry, you'll get to shoot this off when you grow up to be a big girl." he said so gently. She missed him so much. She stopped with archery years ago. "Well, if I could remember how to use a bow again, could I use a bow to protect myself?" She was about to find out because Jo Ann had finally drifted asleep.
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