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Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs  (Read 41643 times)
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Dynablade [Posts: 133]
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  • [June 01, 2012, 11:03:31 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #280 on: June 01, 2012, 11:03:31 PM »
First off, the oversight. Probably should have assumed he's the boss because he could take a decent lick and keep ticking. Then got a little too sympathetic, with Junior now approaching from the front, Machete at the rear in a pincer maneuver. But his current disappointment would become the lesson of the day: Finish your plate. When you go up against someone, make sure you've won before going to the next challenge. The two were getting close now, and trying to fight one and avoid the other's attack would require a psychic vision, so Quint would opt for the easier of the two targets in Junior.

Running up to meet the boy, Quint would fake a sidestep in order to force Junior's action, he trying to stab where he anticipated Quint to be, but soon found his ribcage full of knees, a series of three strikes to his chest, using an arm both for leverage and to keep the weapon at bay, having grabbed the kid by his wrists. Quint also kept their bodies moving forward, in an effort to keep Machete a safe distance away. His weapon would fall before he did, it clanging to the floor, Junior following soon afterwards.

From here he'd take a quick bound over to the far side of the room, keeping his eye on Machete behind him. Now back at the table, Quint wielded the shovel on its top again, ready to use it at least to parry the blade.
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Dokurider [Posts: 2807]
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  • [June 01, 2012, 11:44:45 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #281 on: June 01, 2012, 11:44:45 PM »
It was now a 1 on 1. His advantage of the reach of his machete was gone. But he did not despair as he was fast with his machete. He couldn't possibly fend him off for long with that stupid shovel. Slowly, he circled towards Quint, weapon drawn and ready to attack.
Dynablade [Posts: 133]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 12:32:35 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #282 on: June 02, 2012, 12:32:35 AM »
Tired of being reactionary, Quint brought the fight to Machete, holding the shovel at waist height, using it to limit his opponent's options with swinging his blade. Like with Junior, Quint was able to close the distance without much hassle. Unlike with Junior, the initial jerk to the side was met with a broad sweep of Machete's weapon. This was countered with Quint running the metal tool end across the edge of the machete, ending not a half step away from the leader at the hilt. From here he'd simply shove his hardest into Machete, dropping the shovel and forcing both in a sprawl to the floor of the dusty house.

A small struggle for control ensued, blows were exchanged by both and punches turned to curses as Quint finally got an upper hand first by isolating the hand his opponent was using to hold the weapon, and the other firmly around Machete's throat. With a good mounted position, Quint kept his grasps until the bucking from beneath him slowed, then finally stopped. Quint wasn't trying to kill the man, but he'd leave his hand there for a few more moments after the struggling ceased, not ready to make the same mistake twice.

Slowly Quint would rise to his feet to meet the only other person still standing on their own accord, the mage, who turned out to not be a threat at all. Shuffling over close to the mage, Quint cleared his throat.

"Lets try that again. Give me whats in the box and I don't have to rough you up." He'd give the mage a stern poke to the chest, a clear sign he wasn't playing around.
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Dokurider [Posts: 2807]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 12:53:20 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #283 on: June 02, 2012, 12:53:20 AM »
From the corner of the house, a small voice, shaken by the violence that had taken place in front of him, rang out without subtlety, "Okay, okay, I will! Just don't hurt me!" He got up, walked to the entrance of the dark room, casted a magic torch spell, and walked up to the hole and crawled in. Once inside the hole, he started casting something onto the chest while sliding his fingers on the crest in specific patterns. A moment later, he sighed in relief, confidently touching the chest and nothing happening to him; the trap was gone. "Okay mister, you want our stash," he said while opening the chest, "you got it."

Dynablade [Posts: 133]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 01:22:18 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #284 on: June 02, 2012, 01:22:18 AM »
Following mage to the chest, he really took a moment to calm himself, ready for the post adrenaline aches and pains. It had been an exciting couple days, but it was about to pay off, Quint's first treasure! It didn't come without taking it's toll, his sides either bruised or cut up, along with the decent sized cut along his arm. But all that could be overlooked, getting healed up should be no problem after selling the...

"W..What the hell is this?!" Not eager to get put away, Quint kept his back towards the wall when stepping to the treasure, picking up a packet with a blind reach. His eyes were too busy making sure of the mage, always couldn't trust those slippery types, first chance they get they can take you out from around corners, so impersonal.

A small soft packet, so it wasn't money, not heavy enough to be sold.. He'd have to open it up to look at it, the brown paper obscuring, and this could easily be another trap or some kind of poison.  "Not even in the mood ya got five seconds before you're eating whatever this is.."
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Dokurider [Posts: 2807]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 01:29:07 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #285 on: June 02, 2012, 01:29:07 AM »
He takes one of the packets and opens it up, showing it is indeed red powder. "What? You don't what Blood Powder is? Red Cocaine? Rust? It's a drug. You snort it. Have you been living under a rock?" Upon closer inspection, it is the exact same stuff that crazy naked guy had on him, that he had running down his nose...
Dynablade [Posts: 133]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 01:58:23 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #286 on: June 02, 2012, 01:58:23 AM »
"Well...I.." Quint trailed off, but soon snapped back, "I just didn't know from the bag. O-Of course I know what it is, just never seen this much before, I've only seen it lined up on tables, not in these pouches.." An obvious lie. Besides, how would he turn this into money anyhow, and probably more importantly..

"Two more questions and you're free to go. First, who's was this? Don't wanna find out this goes higher than your boss. Secondly, and I don't even know why you'd help me would I get rid of this?" For the first time since he first met the thieves, he laughed nervously. "Maybe I help you out too? There's a lot here, I'd gladly give you some of it for your...troubles today if you help me out..?"
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Dokurider [Posts: 2807]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 02:29:55 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #287 on: June 02, 2012, 02:29:55 AM »
"We were supposed to be holding this stash until it could be moved up to Igros. Fritz was supposed to head up there to arrange a drop off... But yeah, most of our profits go to our bosses and the only people that can mass produce this stuff, the Black Platypus. And yeah, they aren't going to be too happy that their stuff got swiped, with you or us. In fact, uh, would it be too out of the question, if you took me with you? We can sell the stuff at Goland Coal City. I know some people up there you can sell it to. You could probably get about, 500 large for all this? C'mon, man, they're gonna kill me when they get up. Goland is one of the only places left in Ivalice that the Black Platypus hasn't infiltrated yet. We'll be safe there." With no regards to shame, he's on his knees, begging Quint. "I didn't even throw a single punch at you. That has to mean something, right?"
Dynablade [Posts: 133]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 03:06:08 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #288 on: June 02, 2012, 03:06:08 AM »
"Perfect.." Sure enough, there was a guy probably smoking a cigar right now wondering why he hasn't gotten his drugs yet, and it'd be sorta crazy to just leave the stuff here, especially with all those guys upstairs possibly remembering his face. If that wasn't enough, this mage was now groveling before him, pleading to be taken along.

"Maannnn..." Quint brought up a bruised hand up to his temple, massaging it. He had some sympathy for the guy, who knows how he got roped into this gang, and so far he's proving to be helpful, and Goland --was-- to the east.. What has yet to be seen was what would happen should the two get in a fight. If it was anything like earlier, Quint might as well be alone. Yeah that sales figure sounded amazing, but it would amount to nothing if they couldn't get to the coal city.

"Alright, look." That massaging hand came down over his nose and mouth, trying to get the plan in order, "You are to stay ahead of me at all times. I'm going to carry all the stuff until we get in front of your buyer. And if we get into a mess, I'd really appreciate it if you helped out." He'd sigh, exasperated with it all. This was supposed to be an adventure, not a robbery..

"But first we need to get outta here. Lets bag this stuff up and get the hell outta dodge, maybe find an inn to law low until morning." Quint was hurriedly taking out the items from his sack he brought inside, stuffing the addictive powder in their places. "Sooner we get outta here, sooner we're...wait... did you say 500 grand, as in thousand?!" His work was rushed, but careful, tearing a bag could have consequences, if nothing but lost profit.
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Ryqoshay [Posts: 596]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 07:54:33 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #289 on: June 02, 2012, 07:54:33 AM »
   Mama is now searching with his eyes closed. Can he hear her next-to-silent breath? His vision seems to be second to none, but if his other senses are heightened as well, then he may very well be able to hear her heartbeat. Of course, if that is the case, there is little she can do about it.


   A read glow emanates from Mama’s cute little necklace thing as he starts to gasp as though suddenly drowning. He has been acting very funny as of late and it is all Anita can do to ensure she does not give away her position by laughing. He trips and she has to clench her teeth to prevent an outburst, but a smile still curls her lips anyway.


   “Miss Anita: Search: Magic.” Charon intones in her mind after an arrow strikes behind Mama.

   Magic? Did Charon see something she could not? Its vision was not limited by a single direction like hers, so it would not surprise her.

   Anita blinks and immediately senses no less than six sources nearby. She dismisses two, Charon and Mama, and focuses on the others.

   “Summoners.” She replies through the mental connection with her guardian. “Four of them. And something else.” She concentrates for a moment on said summoners. “They’re casting… uhm… Hector?”

   “Correction: Hecie. Concern: Great harm potential. Suggestion: Retreat.”

   “But Mama isn’t retreating.” She protests stubbornly. “I wanna stay with Mama!”

   “Retreat: Now.”

   “Don’t wanna!”

   “Evil Nymph of the forgotten forest,” voices chant from the direction of the esper mages “we release you from your shackles! Show your other side and relinquish magic! Hecie!”


   But not normal wind. Something about it feels odd. No, not odd, magical. She can feel the flow of aether throughout the twisting torrent. In the eye of the tiny storm is a fairylike woman with dark skin and funny looking horns. She looks like she is blowing a kiss to Mama. The spell ends in a heartbeat and the world returns to the way it was. Almost.

   Something has changed. Anita has never seen anyone summon Hecie before, or if she has, she does not remember it. She knows that different espers do different things, like Shiva is the ice queen and while many claim Ifrit to be the king of fire, she is certain she has heard about a more powerful flame-esper-guy. But this Hecie-girl-esper-thing did not appear to really do anything. Well, the wind blew some leaves off the trees and scattered them, but what was the point in that? It had to have done something more, because something feels different. But what?
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Taichii [Posts: 812]
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  • [June 02, 2012, 06:20:19 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #290 on: June 02, 2012, 06:20:19 PM »
Taichii sees 6 people and one unknown entity... 2 from above the trees... 4 below... and an evil aura between their formation...
The 4 demonic girls below raised their hands and a circular symbol appeared above them.. it formed  an orb, floating up higher and higher until it explodes and turned into a mystical creature....
This is the first time taichii saw this...
The demonic girls started chanting....
"Evil Nymph of the forgotten forest, we release you from your shackles... Show your other side and relinquish magic! Hecie!"
Suddenly... the mystical creature spoke but no sound came from her mouth... The trees and the grasses were blown away towards Taichii and Anita's direction... Taichii points his blade above and slashed, splitting the incoming trees in half..
winds and leaves floated around him.
Suddenly something soft fell down on him...
He recognized her face immediately under the moonlight...
"Anita!" He hugs anita thight but quickly looked back where he was a moment ago... "Arrow? Oh no.. this is bad.. Anita dear, There are bad men over here... stay with me..."
He draws his blade and searched for the entity who released the arrow...
His vampiric eyes start to function ...
"get behind me anita..." He says as he opened his arms to engage the upcoming opponent.
"What's is this?" Taichii felt thirsty again...but he can tolerate it a while longer... he hopes its enough until he protects anita from the bad people...
The two archers from above each drew their arrow and pointed at Taichii... Taichii saw that the arrows were pointed at him...
He moves left and right towards the mages that raised their hands and are going to cast another magic...
"Let's go Crimson!" Taichii raised his blade and called out his white wolf.. but nothing happened...
"Huh? what's wrong?" Taichii felt confused.. "what is wrong with me? "
a voice echoed inside his head...
"You're silenced... the mages that enchanted silf a while ago... that's its can't use your magic... haha! i can help you... Just let me IN"
its taichii's ancestor...
Taichii freezed in his tracks... "So i wont be able to cast any magic huh? No way im letting you take over me.. i can fight without your powers!" Taichii screamed inside his mind..
the archers shoot their arrows... Taichii's passive vampiric senses functioned... He raised his blade and deflected one of the arrows... He then bent forward and dodged the other arrow... After dodging the arrows he looked at anita and said...
"Be careful anita, they are dangerous..."
He then looked back at the mages.. He kicked upwards sending him charging at the mages....
While charging.. a question pops in his mind..
"What's that aura? why isnt it moving?"
Taichii felt unsure of his move but he kept on charging forward... with or without magic.. he will fight them.... He nears two of the mages with his blade ready to split them..
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  • [June 05, 2012, 04:37:13 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #291 on: June 05, 2012, 04:37:13 AM »
Clayton knew what the Count was getting at. "That sounds pretty big. But as much as I would like to investigate these odd going-ons, I have one and only one purpose, and that is to destroy the Black Platypus." "You mean eat the sun?" the Count retorted. Clayton took a moment to swallow the Count's criticism and his own indignity. "It sounds absurd, but the Black Platypus is held together by one thread, the clan head. Without him, the Black Platypus will tear themselves apart in civil war." "And how do you know that?" the Count continued his criticism. "When I was a boy in the clan, I overheard my father and his most trusted men conversing about the Black Platypus leadership. If the clan head dies, there is no son to inherit the title, and it must go to one of the most prominent families who otherwise hate each other." The Count was not impressed. "You are one man, how do you expect to kill the leader of the most powerful criminal organization?" Clayton would not relent, and answered just as promptly as before. "I'm fully aware of my current inadequacies. I know building up a force to fight them will not happen overnight. I have the money."

"You seem so sure of that." Talking to the Count was like talking to his own conscience. "How long has it been since you've heard that? And even if it's still holds true today, how are you so sure it'll work, that they will do nothing to prevent their downfall?" And for once, Clayton did not have a practiced answer. "...It's the only way." The Count did not let up. "Have you just considered just hiding? Surely they cannot find one man, especially one with your talents and magic skills?" Clayton felt the sting of the Count's sharp words pushing itself deeper inside him. His hands smashed themselves into fists. "I'm not just doing this for myself. There is this girl. She is, was, my financee when I my old clan still stood. I don't know what happened to her. I haven't seen her since my clan fell. There is also my best friend and older brother I need to look for."

"So if you find them, hide 4 instead of 1." The Count was relentless. Clayton could barely contain himself anymore. He steadfast refused to let out a complete emotional outburst. Nevertheless, he could feel his emotions occasionally spilling forth, giving his words unintended volume. "I will not live the rest of my life cowering in fear of the Black Platypus. Even in these past 10 or so years, I've lived in fear that the Black Platypus was right around the corner. I could never call Dorter my home because I lived ready to pack up and run when they found me. I am not going to live like that for the rest of my life, nor will my family." "Are you willing to do anything to destroy the Black Platypus?" The Count asked simply. "I will do anything to get what I want." Clayton said with difficulty. "You do not sound completely convinced. I know enough about the Black Platypus to know that they are utterly ruthless.  If you are less than relentless against them, you will fail. And I think you already know what will happen if they do catch you." Yes, Clayton certainly knows. They get very vindictive and...creative when dealing with rebels.

Silence fell over the table. "Do not forget the trouble you have caused me and my city. Taichii may be long gone, but the Black Platypus are a more pressing matter. At the very least, you could be a valuable insider to me." 'Why was Taichii so important to him?' was what Clayton wanted to ask, but he was in no position to ask. "I have not forgotten. turns out my family is no more, then I will investigate Limberry and Taichii for you. Meanwhile, I can help you with the Black Platypus. The first thing you want to do is..."

Clayton had finished his advisory to the Count, telling him the basics of how to handle the Black Platypus, as well as establishing a method to contact and communicate with each other in the future. Clayton found himself at a odd ease opposite of when the Count was questioning him. "Thank you for that advice. You have saved me much time and grief. I have much more to discuss with you, but it is getting late. You need to get going." Indeed. Nightfall was approaching, but he had one more question to ask of the Count. "Thank you, my lord, but I have one request before I go. I need some supplies for the journey ahead. Potion, Ethers, Phoenix Downs...Would you happen to have some on hand? I am prepared to pay a fair price for them." The Count was amused at this simple request. "Nonsense, I will have you fitted with all the supplies you will need at no cost." Clayton did not consider himself a cheapskate, but he was relieved to hear he would be receiving his much needed supplies for free. "That is very generous of you, my lord." His amusement was continued with Clayton. "Please, just call me Vasquez." This dissolution of formality somehow did not surprise Clayton. The Count is a very unusual for a noble. "Very well, Vasquez. I will write you first thing when I get to Goland. Until then, I bid you goodnight." And with that, he was escorted to a store room by the royal servants and received his supplies.

He was then presented with a faintly glowing orange orb. "What is this?" "It is a teleport orb. The master decided to assist you getting home." the butler who held it on it's own royal pillow said. "It can teleport you anywhere within the city. Don't worry. It's not dangerous. It will not make a teleportation that will be dangerous. So just think of where you want to go and you will be there in a instant. The better you see your location, the more accurate your teleportation will be." 'An instant way home, how thoughtful.' thought Clayton. He didn't have a fence, so he thought to hide himself behind one of his bushes and crouched down accordingly. "I need to teleport myself behind a bush, to disguise my homecoming, if you please." "...Oh of course. Certainly." The butler said, crouching down as well. Clayton placed his hands on the orb, and thought of being behind the bush in the left corner of his house. Instantly, the wood and ceramic of the floor became grass and dirt and the warm conditioned air of the mansion became chilling humid air of evening. He was exactly where he wanted to be: behind the left most bush in the corner of his house. It was less than a blink of a eye and more like waking from a dream. He was home for the last time.
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st4rw4k3r [Posts: 529]
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  • [June 05, 2012, 03:06:52 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #292 on: June 05, 2012, 03:06:52 PM »
"Done" Mother said as she slapped the closed and stood up.
She felt horrible, absolutely dreadful, feeling as though all the hope and love in the world was pulled right from her grasp.
Wondering in her mind what McCloud was up to, likely the same as usual she told herself.
Wondering into the house, her feet casually brought her in through the front door.
Looking, and searching she found McCloud lying on the couch armourless and sound asleep. She took a sit on the couch next to him, careful not to wake the child.
Closing her eyes she began the think, reminding herself of the old days, in hope to find more hope
Looking and searching but every direction she turn, it seemed he was there, waiting, smiling.
Closing her mind from the pictures of him, she replaced them instead with happy images of her past.
But images of past turned to the Priest, the one, that gave her this book.
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  • [June 18, 2012, 02:56:02 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #293 on: June 18, 2012, 02:56:02 PM »
The Aftermath

Men, women and children wreathed and moaned on the ground in their own muddied fluids. The smell of blood and death choked the air. Many of the Blade and Scythe now lay in agony pathetically as their life ebbed away and permeated into the ground. Only a third of the Blade and Scythe remain standing, shaking, scanning the woods and especially the air for threats.

The Juravis have wounded far too many too significantly for their scant medical supplies to be of any help. Their only hope are the Chocobos that were scattered into the woods when the Juravis attacked. The few able bodies left in the congregation immediately spread throughout the woods in search for them, their calls echoing throughout the mountain side.

If this was flat and easy terrain, the Chocobos would have been long gone and search would have been futile, instinct carrying them all the way back home. However, the mountainous terrain had impeded many of the chocobos from complete escape, so they settled for hiding in bushes, crevices and whatever hiding spots they could find, their bright yellow feathering doing them no favors or wandering aimlessly.

One by one, the members found them and quickly herded them back to the main site. They were  spooked by the blood in the air and returning to the place of the attack. But their instincts to heal the injured and coaxing from the members eventually overcame their fears and they began their healing. They made their rounds, flapping their wings to spread the magic over their fallen human friends, occasionally offering an additional encouraging nudge or wark.

The Chocobos were of very common (and cheap) stock, so their healing magic wasn't as good as the members were hoping, but it was helping. Wounds that guaranteed a drawn out death became treatable. Some even made a complete recovery. Nevertheless, many of the fallen never got back up, either because the Chocobos were too late or their wounds were too great for the Chocobos' magic to overcome.

Overall, a third of the Blade and Scythe perished that night and many more remain in critical. They had exhausted all of their medical supplies saving whoever they could. The Chocobos were their only source of healing left. Chocobos can heal or move all day long, but not both. The attention required for the critically injured from both Chocobo and Human meant the journey to Limberry was going to be  a slow trek. But before the Blade and Scythe can move on, a service is in order.

The Zirekile Mountains have gone far too long without the warmth of the sun. Cold mountain stone chills the air. The world continues it's machinations without pity or remorse for the tragedy it's responsible for. An inappropriate sunny dawn had broken over the horizon, smiling upon them mercilessly. Man hunts Beast, Beast hunts Man, the war against nature is waged everyday, but since man's inception, neither side has ever seemed to budge.
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Ryqoshay [Posts: 596]
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  • [June 22, 2012, 11:05:09 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #294 on: June 22, 2012, 11:05:09 AM »
   “Awww…” Anita whines after a the third casting of Hecie has cleared enough leaves and flowers from her tree that one would have to be blind not to see here there. Her hiding spot has been compromised. This isn’t fair! She decides to ask Mama for a do-over.

   Perfect timing! He is about to pass under her in a moment. She hops nimbly down and he catches her awkwardly, as though he was not prepared for it.

   “Anita!” he cries, hugging her, earning a giggling response. But then he turns more serious as he sets her down to face the summoners and their companions. “This is bad, Anita dear. There are bad men over here. Stay with me.”

   Bad mans?

   Well, they did ruin hide and seek… Anita grins as she readies herself for the new game that is about to begin. Shrugging her shoulders, she summons her wings…

   She shrugs again. Nothing. How odd. Perhaps she will just have to open with a dagger. With an over-exaggerated sweep of her arm, she casts forth one of her favored dark knives at one of the bad mans aiming a bow at Mama…

   She blinks and stares at her hand. What is going on?

   “Miss Anita: Mind fog.” Charon explains in her mind. “Magic: Unusable.”

   “Mind fog?” What is that? “But I feel…”

   “Magic: Illogical: Functional.” The sentient scythe interrupts.

   “But… that’s not fair!” She protests.

   “Reminder: Life: Unfair.”

   But magic is what she is! Without her spells, what is she? She is back to the way she was before she knew she could use her power, just a strange girl who likes daggers and scythes. Magic was how she helped mama, when he wanted her to. Sometimes Mama forgot she had mystic abilities and would be afraid when reminded. Anita had learned quickly how to recognize when Mama did not remember and would wait for the next time she met him. She was grateful Mama remembered this time.

   But now, this stupid Hecie-summon-thing had taken her powers away!

   “Wait, how come you can still talk to me like this?”

   “Answer: Unknown. Magic: Illogical.”

   “So, you can still heal me and Mama, right?”

   “Regret: Cannot heal.”

   “You’re sure?”

   “Reiteration: Cannot heal.”

   “Let’s go Crimson!” Mama shouts, summoning his wolfy friend… but the blade does not transform. Mama’s magic is apparently fogged as well.

   Perhaps Charon speaks the truth and cannot heal. This means it cannot cast fear either. Without her guardian’s protection, she is actually less than what she was before she discovered her abilities.

   Her still outstretched hand begins to shake and her heart rate increases dramatically. This is not good. Within seconds, the shaking has spread past her elbow and threatens to conquer her entire body any moment.

   “Request: Retreat.”

   Anita grinds her teeth together and growls, halting her quaking with a burst of willpower. “Damn you!” she shouts, pointing at one of the summoners. “Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!” she moves her finger towards each mystic in turn before moving to the archers. “You’re cool.” She directs towards who she believes to their leader. “I’m out.”

   With her her fool-hearted and prideful display complete, she turns, and for the first time in years, she obeys her guardian’s request. She retreats. Fast.
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  • [June 22, 2012, 05:22:43 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #295 on: June 22, 2012, 05:22:43 PM »
Taichii rushed into the demonic summoners....
"You evil people!"
He twirled and slashed to his front which hit one of the demonic summoners in the head...the demonic summoner fell down cause of the critical strike....
The other three however dodged and circled him... one hit his thigh with a staff and one hit his shoulders by a rod.... setting as a diversion as the last starts to cast another spell at him...
the two snipers launched a volley of arrows towards taichii...
"Let me in"
his ancestor spoke...
"You're no match for them..."
"Never!" Taichii shouted and then screamed in pain as one of the arrows hit his back....
He started to pant....
"You can't resist" The ancestor was persistent... taichii could barely contain him....
The demonic summoners begin their move again...
The one charges from the left.. and the one from the right....
He then concentrated.... At the last moment, he moved forward and ran towards the summoner who was casting a spell...
He hacked the summoner across the body making her bleed...
The two other summoners clashed and collided behind him.... It is the best time to make another move...
But Taichii didnt move.. he stopped in his tracks as he saw blood...
His eyes start to glow again...His fangs sharper and longer.... Taichii gritted his teeth.. "No!"
He exclaimed.... "Anita.... Run away... I can't.. hold it any longer!"
He looked back to where anita was.... To his surprise she was already far away.... Could she have heard him? He didnt put much thought on it but he was glad that she was far away from him... He is afraid of what he might do when he isnt able to stop...
"Got you! hahaha!"
His ancestor starts to take over his body...
He jumped into the bleeding summoner and bit her throat.. He sucked her blood and within seconds, the body turned into a very thin corpse..
He drew his scythe.. the two stunned summoners starts to gain composure....
The two snipers launched again a volley of arrows...
Taichii sheated his blade and then drew his scythe and twirled it in the air, blocking the arrows....
the two summoners rushed towards taichii with their rod and staff.... as they neared him... Taichii raises the scythe from his left and slashed it to the right... cutting the bodies of the summoners in half....
the archers launched another volley of arrows ... Taichii used the decapitated bodies as a shield.. but three arrows hit his shoulders and left arm....
"Puny attacks wont work on me HAHAHAHA!" The ancestor exclaimed while sinking his fangs on one of the bodies.....
He dashed forwards towards the archers.. jumping from tree to tree... the archers' arrows following his traces...
One of the archers got surprised as a hand grabbed the back of his head... Taichii then dragged it and jumped towards the other archer....
He then threw him at the other archer... as the archer tried to catch his comrade, The edge of Taichii's scythe pierced through the fallen archer's stomach into the other archer's chest....

"I told you you should let me handle it....."
"No! this is wrong! You're evil and you only wanted to kill them!"
"HAHAHA! then tell me... what is it that you want to do with them?! you have to kill sooner or later... if you keep running, they will only keep hunting you...With or without me, you would've killed them as well! admit it... i am you.. and you are me!"
"Im nothing like you! Im not an evil entity that gets satisfied and happy when he hear screams of pain! I am only here. to protect anita..."
"But where is she? She's not here.. you have no one to protect but yourself... Look at everything!"

Taichii looks around his surroundings... bloodshed decapitated bodies.. gore... 
"this is what you do... its okay to kill... You can't fight it... Your instincts... let them take over...Why are you training before? Why train in fighting and not farming or alchemy?! To kill of course! You're designed to crush over this wretched world.... You're a monster!"
"I-.... I... " Taichii lowered his head.... He could not think of any resolve left..
anita is gone.. and he failed to keep his evil side in.....

Suddenly... the unknown entity appeared from the darkness....
"Long time no see.. my old friend"
A silver haired entity with two long katana in a general attire walks slowly towards him....

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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
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Clayton remained crouching behind his shrubbery for a few moments after his teleportation, nausea nagged him. He felt sea sick, remembering the time he was on a ship on a job. He was very able use illusion to adjust and maintain his stomach to the sea. In comparison to having to upkeep his cantrip over his gut the entire trip, only having to adjust himself once was a piece of cake. He closed his eyes to enter the state of mind needed to optimally sense his body and undid the knots his guts tied themselves into.

His mini moment of mediation was also to help him clear his apprehension about coming back home to Mother and McCloud having left on such a bad note with them. He was still upset about Mother lying  to him and forcefully putting him to sleep, for such flimsy reasons as well. However, the light of dusk was fading; he had to complete the very last part of his plan and leave town by tonight. Interrogate that Black Platypus executioner, brainwash him, plant him right where the Black Platypus will find him, his revenge is nearly complete.

Making sure the patrols were nowhere near, he created his illusion barriers completely covering his path to the door. Knowing he was safe from prying eyes both from the outside and inside, he stood up and walked to the window, looking to checking if enemies were waiting in ambush. Inside sat an armorless McCloud, asleep, along with his Black Platypus friend.
He had to make sure if the Black Platypus weren't hiding inside. He wanted to wait for Mother, scanning every area the window would let him see, but it didn't seem she was coming. To his dismay, it seemed only McCloud could give him the okay. "Maybe I'm being too harsh on him. I'm pretty sure I could count on him when things are serious. Anyways, I'm sure it's safe, but now would be a good time to establish stealthy communicating. I hope I can wake him up.”

Clayton concentrated and transmitted bells ringing directly inside McCloud's head; only he could hear them. In direct reaction to the bells, McCloud stood up with what was unmistakably a well practiced situation. He looked around the room as though he were expecting someone or something. Seeing nothing, he sat back down, confused. Clayton, having McCloud awake now, sent him a one way message directly to his head.
(“McCloud, it me, Clayton. Is the house safe? Give a quick thumbs up if yes.”) Surprised again, McCloud looked around quickly in search for a face to the voice in his head. (“Yeah, I'm invisible right now, McCloud. Is it safe or not?”)  “Oooh.” McCloud worded, finally making the connection, trying to keep this little "game" up. He raised his arm and directed a thumbs up to where he thought the invisible person was. Clayton sighed irritably. "No subtlety whatsoever. If there were anyone around, I might as well have just knocked on the door." With that, he put the illusion of a still door behind him, opened the door, and walked in.

"Hello McCloud." Clayton sarcastically grumbled, sharply closing the door behind him for emphasis.
 Turning to the sound of Clayton's voice, McCloud directed the Thumbs Up at him."Yeah, I know it's safe now. Thanks.”Clayton curtly resigned. "Hello Clayton, how were the errands?" “They went great. Where's Mother?" Clayton's day had been long and his  patience was getting short and wanted to immediately get on with tonight.

McCloud's face got worried. "Shes... Not here?" "What?!”, Clayton exclaimed, “Well, where is she?" He frantically started looking for her, like a child that lost his bear. "I... don't know..." McCloud blushed. "I was um, just reading.... Yeah." he confirmed himself. "Well goddamn it, we can't be scouring the entire city looking for her.” Clayton was furious enough to fall back into his habit of pacing, thinking of what to do. "Lets look for her here then."

 "Are you ser- I really hope she's just here and you're just panicking for no good reason." Clayton continued to save himself from blowing up on McCloud, taking visible effort to suppress his rage. “The nerve of him!” Clayton thought, “Scaring the crap out of me like that. What is his problem?” Instead of giving into his homicidal urges, he opted instead to stare intensely at McCloud, hoping the sheer heat of his gaze will melt him on the spot.

"I don't know....What's near here?" Clayton has heard enough from this man. "Just go look in the backyard and try not to die in the process." He snarled, then barreled to start looking in the guest room. "Yes sir!"  McCloud cheerfully acknowledged. He turned and walked to the door to open it, attempting to push the door open, before realizing he has to pull it open.

"No wonder he gets on Mother's nerves” he thought as he made his way to the guest room. Clayton saw that the guest room door was open. He let himself in while knocking on the door. "Mother, are you in here?” No response. "She wouldn't be in my bedroom, would she? She better not be." Clayton muttered under his breath. He went to his bedroom, and forced the door open in prepared indignation. He looked around his room but sees nothing. His contempt for his guests was beginning to form into an unswallowable lump in his throat. "She wouldn't be, in the basement, would she?" He opened the basement door and looked in, only seeing emptiness. "She not here at all, is she? That foolish woman, she was supposed to stay put!" If she was in the kitchen, he would have most likely smelled dinner already. Nevertheless, he decided to look in the kitchen briefly before retrieving McCloud. He looks down the kitchen and sees nothing except a cleaned kitchen.

He rubs his forehead in frustration. Thanks to her unreliability, he has to replan everything. He looks at their captive lying in on the living room couch. He hasn't moved since he left this morning. Without Mother brainwashing him, he has no informant and getting info out of him now would be pulling teeth. His only use for him now is being a corpse for his plans. "So much for an informant." he internally groaned. "At least I get to finish him off now." Now his thoughts turn to McCloud. "McCloud is useless to me without Mother. I'll just tell him to go look for her in the city and I'll just finish up my plans here and leave without him. He probably won't want to leave Dorter without her anyways, so this is for the best." he decided.

Clayton went out to the backyard to bring McCloud inside. Outside McCloud was stumbling around "looking" for Mother, while smashing into plants. "Oh no!" McCloud cried out. Clayton could only shake his head at this knight drunkenly crushing all his flowers. As much as he flinched at the site of him destroying his precious plants, it didn't really matter anymore. Clayton was leaving to never come back and he'd have to wreck this place anyways, so at least he has a head start. "McCloud, come inside for a second before you hurt yourself." Clayton calmly called, motioning for McCloud to come inside. McCloud, in relief, dropped the bits of the plants and pots he was holding back onto the ground, shattering it further. He dashed to the door and into the house, slowing down when nearing Clayton, and rested in the living room.

Seeing McCloud finally settled down, Clayton began. "So it seems Mother is nowhere to be found.” Clayton began matter of factly. “We have very little time left before we must leave the city. You must go out into the city to find Mother. I'll wait here in case she comes back. Understood?" McCloud fell apart at hearing that. "but... Mother.... alone?..... city..... no.... noo.... nooo......." Clayton was genuinely angered with this knight's utter childishness. His inaction towards helping his one and only family sparked a fire inside him."Just what kind of knight are you? I didn't realize the knighthood had an Order of Cowards. If you're going to abandon your charge to the wolves, you should renounce your knighthood right here and now!" Clayton inserted a furious pause, then he went back to trying to get rid of him. "You're the only one that can, McCloud. My injuries have worsened from running around all day and I need to take a break if I'm to leave by tonight. She's out there all alone. You have to save her." The door creaked open and shut. "That's not really a nice thing to say now is it?"

Clayton immediately recognized Mother's voice and grunted in frustration. "Where the hell were you?" he demanded sharply enough to pierce the air. She ignored his question as she walked slowly to the living room where she took her seat. She took a brief, yet irritatingly casual, moment to look over McCloud, then to her hands, one of which held a book. "I would ask you the same. You came back late. Luckily for you, I have been heating up the stew all night." She set the book to rest on is back next to her thigh. Clayton found this shocking arrogant. "Well for one, I told you to stay here. And secondly, I asked you first."

Ignoring Clayton's angered tone. Mother shifted her attention to McCloud. "How has the Ninja been? McCloud." "He has been.... Asleep." Seeing through McCould like a pane of glass, she nodded her head. "Yes, I do see. Did You know McCloud? There's this flower outside?" Clayton was at the end of his fuse.  "Its so brilliant, as white as an angel, large, and so...." She trailed off at a loss of words again
only to be interrupted by Clayton. "Did you at least get that Black Platypus ready for interrogation?" he stated as calmly and firmly as he possible could.
"Oh" In realization that Mother was supposed to do that "I didn't. I was so busy reading, and staring at this flower. I just... Love it, so much." She glanced over to a shattered Clayton. "You're amazing. How did you make that? It's so, breath taking." Clayton took a deep staggered breath. "As much I appreciate how much you appreciation for my flowers. It's a Fovoham Glory by the way.” he growled. Her eyes widen at the mention of the flower. "I needed to interrogate that man and I had to do it quickly.” "Fovoham glory? Wow.... that means..." Clayton sharply interrupted her dreamy diatribe."You do understand our predicament, right?" She snapped back to reality. "Right, yes I do." "If I can't rely on you, I'm just going to do things myself." "Sorry. Something about my past seems to be creeping back to me. You can rely on me" Mother said as she was getting up

Clayton has finally had it. "No, you're wrong. I can't." And with that, he moved towards the sleeping ninja, kunai drawn. Mother stopped in place. "Excuse me? Why is it that you think such?" "I already warned you.” Clayton roared. “Nobody gets in my way. If you can't do as you're told then I don't need you.” Clayton decided to give her one last chance to make things right. "Give me one good reason why I should listen to you anymore." he challenged. "Give me one reason why you should not" Mother tried to retort. Clayton just had to bitterly laugh. "Well?" "Why shouldn't I?  Why shouldn't I? Are you blind or just stupid? Because it seems you can't do one simple thing I asked you to do. It wouldn't even be so bad if you at least had tried and failed." "What have I not followed from what you have said? Oh right. I went outside."

A flurry of emotions explodes within Mother. "If you have to carry such a burden" She grabs for the book. "As this piece of shit. And still maintain a piece of mind." Clayton's indignation gives way to caution. "And manage to keep track of not only yourself but another person, who can't even take care of himself." Clayton senses danger, he's on his toes now. "And goes far enough to also add another person into the picture. And decides to also go even further. To pause her mission-" Clayton is not sure what's going on here or what she's on about, but he has seen enough. He bounds and sprints out of the house. "To focus on this new person, and make sure that they are safe and able to continue their amazing art." "Oh crap." he thought as he turned himself invisible upon entering the back yard. "I knew I should have just baled from the get go. She's prepping a curse on me!" He runs out into the street and  beelines for a nearby abandoned house.

McCloud, taking similar action as Clayton, hides behind the couch. Mother stops herself, seeing the reaction of the two. "Why...." She stares at the book in her right hand. "I guess I'm back to focusing on you again...Your curse is apparently mine." She grabs her bag and places the book in it, throws it over her back, and walks out the door. "McCloud I-" she chokes. "McCloud I'm going outside again. Help yourself to the food." She steps outside and takes a deep breath to calm herself more. Her hands clasp her face and she falls to the ground crying. "Why did I have to be left with this...I have always been such a good priestess. I followed everything under the commandments. Oh St. Ajora. What did I do...?" A familiar scent finds Mother, and she stops crying. She turns to face where the scent was coming from. "Fovohan glory... Where do I remember you from?" She walked towards it to inspect it. "I remember you, but where?!" Her hands pulled forward, and slowly went around the flower again. But this time, she grabbed the stem and plucked it. She took it with her back to the front door and sat there, smelling it and staring into it thinking of the flower, and the link between it and her.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
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   “Ow~ie!” Anita whines as her hand scrapes along a rough root and she loses her grip on her stuffed panda. “Xiao Mei!” she cries as it tumbles away. Her next utterance is cut short as she rolls to a painful stop at the base of the tree whose roots had just caused her to trip.

   Charon, having been jarred loose in the fall, lies awkwardly with its snarth askew her face and heel against her thigh. Its toe points skyward like a drunkard trying to find the moon, wobbling with every squirm of its charge under it. Under different circumstances, it would consider chastising the girl about watching her step, but knowing her current state of mind, it remains silent.

   Through the tears beginning to obscure her vision, Anita glances back to where she can hear Mama engaging the bad mans, only to find that her position behind the tree blocks her view of the battle. She arches her back and cranes her neck in an attempt to gain a better vantage, but finds that without moving a greater distance, she will be unable to watch. Continuing her twisting movements, she maneuvers onto all fours before leaning back to sit on her knees, ignoring the fact that she causes Charon to topple down to the ground.

   For a moment, she considers continuing her retreat, but finds herself reluctant to do so.  She just found Mama again! It is far too soon to be parting ways already! Besides, Mama is strong right now, he can take care of those bad mans by himself, right? And once they’ve all gone away, she can stay with him, right? Yes, that’s it. If she can find a good hiding spot where the bad mans can’t find her, she can come out when they’ve all gone away. Then everything will be good again. But is just being behind this tree good enough?

   Suddenly, she finds herself up among the branches. How did…? Has her magic returned? Can she fight alongside Mama now?

   She shrugs her shoulders and summons her wings…


   What is going on?

   She concentrates on turning invisible, but again, nothing happens. Why?

   Noticing Charon still below, she teleports down to retrieve her guardian. Looking up, she sees her duplicate staring back at her with a confused expression that matches her own. She limps over to pick up Xiao Mei, making sure to keep the large tree between her and the bad mans, then teleports back up into the branches.

   Her mind is still muddled, perhaps from panic, conceivably from the curse, and she is still scared, but she focuses her thoughts on her situation. It doesn’t take her long to realize that it makes perfect sense her teleport still works. Of all the things she has learned to do with the magical energy within her, she holds her teleport most dear. Her daggers may have come first, and her wings before as well, but she attributes much of her survival and well-being to the confusing nature of her decoy and instant movement in a fight. Outside of combat, the ability makes for quick transportation and allows her easy access to just about anywhere she wants to go. For these reasons, she has practiced and honed the spell to the point where she can do it as easily as breathing. Everything else still requires a bit of thought, which is likely why it is all being inhibited by the stupid Hecie mind-foggy-thing, but her teleport remaines unaffected.

   The realization that at least something still worked right helped ease her mind significantly. Wiping her eyes on her sleeve, she peaks around the trunk of the tree to check on Mama’s progress with making the bad mans go away. Silently, she offers a prayer to St. Ajora that the rest of her powers return quickly, so she can help Mama as soon as possible.

   “Long time no see, my old friend.” The cool leader guy says to Mama as he steps out of the darkness.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
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"my friend? long time no see?? What does this guy mean?"
Taichii stops in his tracks as he kept thought of what the general said...
"He's an elmdor.. Sigfried elmdor... He used to gather beautiful sacrifices for me before... so that i would leave his castles and towns alone..."
The ancestor voiced deep in his mind...

"What's the matter?.. Panther got your tounge? I see you got your hair cut..."
The general flipped his silver hair which shone brightly with the moon...

"And apparently .. he betrayed me and tried to stab my back... good thing he failed... meh i was too strong for him.. let me fight him.."
The ancestor's voice said....

"No i wont let you.. who knows what you'll do next if you defeat him."
Taichii said out loud...

"Who are you talking too? Its only us here.... have you lost your mind old man?"
Sigfried said while giggling...

"Let me Fight him! you're no match for him! trust me!"
"Trust is something that cant be asked for.. you have to earn that!"
"Then we will both suffer .. i have no choice..."

The screen turns pure black..
Taichii is transferred into the dimension of his mind...
he slowly opens his eyes.... he felt something sharp around his neck..
It was the Ancestor's scythe... he was behind taichii...
"Let me deal with this one i can assure you... i will let you back in control after... just let me settle this score with him..."
"I dont even know if you're telling the truth... and the way you point your scythe at me... it seems like you're ordering me to put you in control.."
"WE HAVE NO TIME FOR THAT!" the ancestor shouted as he kicked taichii's back....
"Argh! If only you lowered your scythe.. i might have trusted you! I wont let you have your way!
Taichii's pendant glowed bright blue....
He turned and slashed the ancestor... The ancestor intercepted the strike with his scythe and twirled it... sending taichii back a few meters away....
"then i'll knock you out of your senses..."
The ancestor spinned his scythe while relinquishing fire from it...
Taichii twirled his blade at a high speed also..
Both creating tornado of different element.. fire and wind...
"I will deal with him in my own way! im sure i can defeat him.. even without your powers!"
"You dont know what he is or what his powers are! You dont have a enough reasn and without that, you're useless!"
"I do! dont tell me you're in my mind and you dont know wwhat my reason is!"
 "I do! but it's useless! He isnt your father!"
Taichii released his tornado and also did the ancestor....

Everything turned white as the collision occurred....
When Taichii opens his eyes....
He was constrained in shackles which seems like magic....

"What is this?!" I can't move!"
Taichii said out loud....

"We have a lot to talk about old man... i guess you have forgotten about the things that you thought me....Being constrained in that young boy's body and all..."
The general said...

"What's this feeling? Uggh...." Taichii said as he felt weaker and weaker every time he struggles...
"you're pathetic.... I told you to let me handle him...." The ancestor voiced out... and with that.. Taichii fell into the damp grass unconscious...

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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #299 on: July 08, 2012, 10:52:32 PM »
Memorial in the Mountains

Against the rocky cliffs of Zirekille that shadow their disordered campsite, the Anisuasor spoke to his assembly:

“Ladies, gentlemen, everlasting members of the Blade and Scythe, today has been a dark day. Today, what we lost can never be replaced. Our injuries may heal, but the scars will live on forever. They were wonderful people, ladies and gentlemen, every last one of them. Beautiful, strong, intelligent, brave, faithful. No longer do they suffer mortal pain, they now walk hand and hand through the tender young grass and past the clear cool rivers in the holy valley of Shangri La.”

“When I remember their faces, I can't help but think back to how each and every one of them came to join our circle. I recall my first conversations with every single one of them. When Deborah asked me, 'So why is this vampire guy more important than St. Ajora?' When Eugene said, 'I'm just sick of how corrupt and worthless Glabados has been.' When little Molly questioned me if her dog would go to Shangri La with her.”

“Yes, they and all of you are all precious and worth remembering, not just to me and yourselves, but to the Holy Father himself. He nor his son, the Savior, would ever let something like this go unpunished. Make no mistake; this was no act of nature. This was not just some unknowable machination of the world around us. This was an attack, by no other than that accursed Geomancer!”

“Yes, it was him. Our Great Father gave me this revelation while I was praying last night. Who else has the motive and the know how to enact such an attack? Recall his union with that mangy wolf, how he rejected our hospitality, even when we were starving ourselves and choose to denounce our way of life! What's more, he even turned around to kill one of our own just to steal our food!”

“Clearly, this man has no morals, no scruples. He's willing to sink to any depth to destroy those that do not subscribe to his backwards way of life. He is Anti-Human. He would annihilate mankind itself for his god damned trees and animals. Last night was just a taste of what he plans. Even Glabados never committed such an atrocity against us. As long as you live and breathe, this man is your enemy. He is the Enemy of the Blade and Scythe. Let him know that justice will be served and he will answer for his cowardly attacks on us.”

“We will continue to remember those who we have lost today. But tomorrow, we must embark for Limberry. Our Savior is in his time of need. We’ve lost too much to falter now. May our friends and family live in our hearts forever. May the Blade protect.”

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