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Jacking Cheetah's original post here.

We will not be using WotL names or anything derpy like that.

This will play out the same way as something like CoP, however will also include a NG+ and certain materials that can only be acquired randomly
after you've beaten it once or twice. It is not meant to be a very long mod and instead is supposed to be more focused on replayability, more is
avaliable the more you play it.

I can think of plenty of game mechanics for a game like this, if you wanted.  Stuff like making Materia-accessories that give the characters access to a new skillset when equipped, etc. if you want to have gameplay more akin to FFVII's Materia System over FFT's Class System.

Story-wise, the second is very close to how I'm handling Special Power Rangers Edition, so I could easily get behind that.  I also like the third one too, though.  Not feeling the first option all that much though.  It's be easy to do but it feels kind of cheap to do "lol FFT with FFVII cast."  The second option also works best with trying to emulate the FFVII system in FFT - the generic FFT classes, etc. can all remain, and customization can be from the FFVII-unique Items and Equipment. 

(For example, turn weak items like Linen Cuirass and Small Mantle into the Items our FFVII cast would access, keep things like Crystal Mail Vanilla or close to it, so you can have generic enemy FFT humans fight a properly equipped FFVII cast, and if they're allowed to shop, even allow for mixing and matching between FFT-verse and FFVII-verse items.)

The hard part is the sprites, and we have those already.  It's just figuring out when in the FFVII plot we're going to rip our party from (Mideel?), then giving them an equipment, Materia, etc. pool accurate to that, and going from there based on whatever mechanics we choose to use.  I'm just really liking the idea of using Materia to allow skillset customization, probably Item innate to all the FFVII units, maybe allowing FFVII-unique Clothes/etc allow for innate Supports or something that can be equated to things in FFVII but have lower HP than the FFT gear, etc?  Considering ALMA is mostly functional now, and the FFVII cast will all be player-only controlled (for the most part), we can have tons of fun with the actual mechanics.

Using ALMA to recreate the materia system is a pretty amazing idea Raven. Will it allow for the depth of customization found in FFVII and are there any other limitations you can think of.

You could even center a simple story around them needing to find materia that also got transported over with them in order to get back. Thus you would have a good reason to travel around the world map with little need of an in-depth story. You could even keep things pretty open ended with a variety of paths you could take.

I like the idea of leaving the majority of the FFT world alone and just introducing new mechanics for your FFVII only party.  Innate item for everyone would be okay as long as the actual consumable items where relatively limited and difficult to acquire. Would you keep each character with some unique skills or would it be completely dependent on that materia? What would you do with JP, and is there any need for EXP?

I would say Exp is needed.  You do want some kind of scaling.  Just make the level 1 raw stats equal to an average level 50 unit, set the level cap at 10 or 20, give each FFVII character unique growths, and go to town.  This'd also make the FFT units scaled properly, as the raw stat changes will affect them as well.  JP would only have niche use... you could use an ASM I had Pride make for me to hardset JP to something like 10 per Action (maybe do the same with Exp just because?), and give each character a pool of R/S/M to learn from.  Maybe also cost their Level 4 Limit Breaks and give them Levels 1-3 for free, as your average FFVII player should have at least most of the first three Limit Break tiers on their characters by the end of that disk.  This would give you enough things to buy to have some skill progression in their main jobs while still being decently believable in terms of being an FFVII-verse tie-in.  (Obviously, I'm assuming everyone's Primary Job contains their 7 Limit Breaks here.  I'd also say each should have a Critical Only requirement through ARH to better simulate FFVII and add more value to the customization elements, because that was a cool part of FFVII.)

Consumables I'd leave purchasable.  If you use my above idea, you can't break level 10 or 20 anyway, so your Gil gains are going to be fairly low, and you'll also probably be wanting to use FFT's gear on at least some of your characters, which'll be costing you a pretty penny in some cases.  Maybe raise consumable prices some to make sure things like the Cure materia are still important if really needed, though your FFVII cast wouldn't have Throw Item so the ranged-healing still would be important.

The only limitation I can think of is that your characters will only have one Materia Slot... but you can just make each Materia Accessory a bangle with pre-equipped Materia, explaining why it may have Cure, Cure 2, Fire-All, Shiva, and HP +40.  Yes, that should work quite nicely, since we can even have ALMA give stat modifications like one would see in FFVII with that kind of Materia mix equipped, and even in percents if we want to go to that level of detail.  This would again further distinct these Items from FFT accessories - which give things like Movement and Evasion and such that FFVII Accessories just wouldn't give.

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
FF7 only has one weapon, one bracelet, and one accessory, so you could go with that and use the remaining equips for materia.  You'd have to rebalance everyone's stats, but you could do it.


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