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Leftover ability slots - new generic class or perk performers/monsters?

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Simply put, there are still about 14 or so spare ability slots.  I want to keep a very small amount around (4-6) as blanks for future development, but this frees up 8-10 slots that I still have no clue what to do with.

My initial instinct was to pump up the number of monster abilities to help diversify the tiers and give elements/range/proc/etc to their to-be unique-but-currently-normal "attack" commands.  

But then I looked at the dancer and the bard and with Slow Dance / Speed Song removed from the game, each of these classes boasts a whopping 6 skills.  On top of that, in keeping with one of the ideas of ASM'd, Song/Dance are losing their map-wide effects in exchange for a large self AoE.  A simple solution to the song/dance problem would be to just combine these into a single skillset.  With 12 skills and both offensive and defensive options, Performers as a whole would see more use imo.  This of course leaves a gaping hole on the job wheel.  It's an easy solution but it creates a new problem. (Well, not a problem per se, just something undesireable)

So... in keeping with another idea of ASM'd (show off what we can do), with the use of the Ability Requirement Hack I can create the Phaseshifter(?) class, who is able to both activate and cancel the "cursed looking" status, which is either required or prevents his abilities.  Cursed version is of course darker, focusing on self-harm, large single-target damage, and negative status.  Light side is more defensive dealing with HP curing, light AoE, and positive status.

Meanwhile, I can also throw in two additional abilities into bard/dancer and then pump the rest into monsters as above.  But I'm at a loss on what exactly to give dancers.

Requiem - High % chance to sleep/damage/something undead
War Song - Grants 5 Br to everyone in the area

Sword Dance - Self AoE 1 dealing normal melee damage to everything in sight (its like wave around, only it's not)


Note: I think most other classic FF classes are redundant with the current scheme with the notable exception of Scholar but I just can't think of enough worthwhile and unique abilities to justify giving him a spin.

But, enough blather!  Vote!  It closes in two weeks and the majority will rule.

The only reason why I don't like the idea of the "phaseshifter" is that the ai would be completely unable to use the job. And because of this, I'd rather see the performers gain new abilities along with monsters. 

A bandaid for this would be to introduce a new accessory that is initial:cursed looking and forcing that on several of them as they're encountered.  But, yes, it's something to be considered. 


--- Quote ---This of course leaves a gaping hole on the job wheel.  It's an easy solution but it creates a new problem. (Well, not a problem per se, just something undesireable)
--- End quote ---

How doe this leave a gaping hole in the Job Wheel, precisely?

Merge Bard and Dancer, make both skillsets contain all the various "Performer" skills, tweak their prerequisites to be the same, call it a day.  Just because they're technically two different classes on the Job Wheel doesn't mean they can't be made to seem like the same one.  Plus, gimmicky classes like Phaseshifters have no business being on the generic Job Wheel when every other class isn't a giant walking gimmick, and the AI issues mean that they'll always only be able to use half the skillset, meaning even a band-aid fix means any introduced is only working at 50% capacity.

Thus, my vote is quite literally fuck both Poll options, Merge Bard/Dancer, give more Monster abilities.  You have a few breeds of monsters that would greatly benefit from the added skills, after all.  Then again you're talking to the insane bastard who dedicates 8 skills to each Monster, but even 6 each works plenty.

The Damned:
[Out of curiosity, I must ask two questions:

[*]If you went with the monster option, does this mean that monsters would have more than 4 attacks, including the Monster Skill one, per monster? Or would you "only" be diversifying their Attacks as you said?
[*]Personally, what "niche" do you feel like the Phaseshifter is adding to the game that is a suitable "replacement" for either Bard or Dancer (assuming that the class you're adding in is going to be one that only a single sex can access)? What other classes have you considered?

As it stands, I sort of agree with Raven, but I need more input before I can actually "vote" on anything.


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