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The Damned:
Surprisingly yes, though I think much of it is that most FFT fans want to believe Ramza survived and Delita didn't, even the "written history" of Ivalice after the Lion War actually goes in the other direction.  Of course, Square's official pronouncements on this haven't exactly helped us here.  But that's tangential.

What I'd rather see is something like the original screen, or just a happy chocobo staring at the viewer with FFT ASM'd written in the original font.


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The more I look at this one, the more I think something can be done with it.

Brb, Photoshop.

Well I can offer a picture that is, well it looks fantastic but it does lack a Chocobo (though it does have Worker .

Here you go.

ah... that is one that I overlooked.

hm.  If I include the whole picture it becomes too poor quality if I cram it into a 320x240, but if I crop it prior and focus on the center...

Only flub is the Leo thing... gem is probably too stuck in there but I might be able to rub out the white text at least.  Use the top portion to include "Final Fantasy Tactics" and this really has some potential!


And then heres the dedicate picture...


Eh, too somber.  Sorry doku :p


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