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Merry Curry-sumasu everyone~

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Unreliable as a Mime.
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  • [February 11, 2011, 11:47:12 PM]
Re: Random and DD battle suggestions - 32% Complete!
« Reply #60 on: February 11, 2011, 11:47:12 PM »
Wow, I haven't posted or looked at the first page of this for a couple of months. I feel even worse than usual seeing what a pushy bastard I come off (read: am), which is exactly why I'm going to keep being a pushy bastard. Gotta channel that hate after all.

...However, since I don't have any decent battle ideas--hey, maybe you turn coked-out Snow White into something--at present, I'll just resort to commenting on the front page for now and some quotations:

  • I'm not sure how I feel about the whole idea of the Explorer units, especially with the 1 movement; I can understand why it's there, but still. I'm rather rusty, so it doesn't help that I can't remember how Innate Death Sentence acts with regards to resurrection and such.
  • What are the asterisk for by certain fights in every map? For example, in Mandalia Plains South, what's the asterisk by the "Save da kitty!" for?
  • Zeklaus Desert North: Why are all the birds in the Falconer family fight Immortal? Is it to prevent Train or something? It seems kind of overkill otherwise, especially since birds have Hurricane now IIRC.
  • Lenalia Plateau South: I'd kind of expect the colors to be reversed, though maybe that's why you did it. Otherwise seems like an interesting enough idea, though I'm horrible at picturing FFT maps in my head, much less starting positions.
  • Fovoham Plains South: I'm guessing that Flotiball in the Flotiball Gimme is supposed to read "Flotiball Guest", correct? Or do you plan to have an enemy Flotiball and a friendly Flotiball?
  • Araguay Woods East: Those six Treants aren't Guests? Also, when you say "Equip Axe + Axe" for the Knights, do you mean that you're going to force them to always have Axes even though you're also forcing them to always have Equip Axe? Or that by forcing them to always have Equip Axe, they'll always Equip an Axe? The former seems a bit unnecessary, especially since it means that they're weapons won't level up with the rest of their gear. While that's less of a problem with their only being three axes (still), it's still something to consider. Then again, I'm not even sure if the latter is possible.
  • Zirekile Falls East: (All of Zirekile Falls is instead spelled "Zirekile Files" FYI.) I'm not sure this is such a great place for 5v5v5, just because of how uneven the terrain is and such; that bridge being such a bottleneck doesn't really help either. Still, the Blue Mage duel could be interesting enough, even if it's weird to see Chocobos paired against Squids. ...Wait, is this even a 5v5v5? Or it is just a 5v10 with a misleading name?
  • Bariaus Hills: The tag is missing the second "a".
  • Bad Desert: I'm guessing this is some kind of in-joke? I don't really have a problem with that. Just curious.
  • Bariaus Valley: No potential battle here has an asterisk by it.
  • Yuguo Woods East: Out of curiosity, how do you intend to make the Blue Mage represent "Air"?
  • Bervania Volcano South: Cool, Draakenguard. I've learned a fair about how screwed up that game is via TVTropes, but I've yet to play it myself. Nice to see a non-FF cameo.
  • Bed Desert North: The Megabomb tends to just explode? Ah, I'm disappointed.... Hmmm, I think I get the asterisk thing now. Are they just for the rare battles?
  • Poeskas Lake North: Any idea what you're going to replace Monster Skill with since it's no longer going to be necessary? Not really a huge deal, but still just something to ask considering two of the battles here explicitly use it.
  • Doldobar Swamp East: No piece to represent the Rook in that Chess match? It looks like you have room could just make it another male Knight if both the Knight (chess piece) and the King are male Knights. Might be a bit confusion, but it seems a bit weird to just leave it out completely. I guess you could also just make it a Squire.
  • NOGIAS: That Geomancer Swarm idea seems a tad...ridiculous. Like it might verge into too hard territory unless maybe you made them all absurdly lower in level than you. What's the terrain like in NOGIAS again with regards to Geomancy/Elemental? All Sandstorm panels and stuff? I mean, it's something that you can avoid with Float, then maybe it will fine, otherwise....
  • TERMINATE: Is this just a regular Ninja? I'm not getting the name reference. (It honestly just keeps making me think of Giratina from Pokemon.)
  • DELTA: SCC? Do you mean that they only have their own skillset, but it's completely mastered? Or do you mean Short Charge Caster?
  • VALKYRIES: Kind of weird to see a battle involving Miluda...not have Miluda in it. Who are the Archer, Priest, Wizard and Squire supposed to represent anyway?
  • TIGER: Wizardry Tribute? I guess it's just another reference I'm not getting....
  • Hi-ho Boco!: Have you found a way to make this work yet?
(Sigh. We can't make numerical lists anymore, can we? Profound sadness.)

edit:  Also digging through

edit:  Damn, Damned had a field day in that topic too.

I'll have to take your word for it between the fact that I am a wordy bastard and the fact the link is down. Sadface.

I thought of another one!

"Highway Robbery" Bed desert or zeklaus. The idea is that the battle contains thieves (4) who start VERY close to you (and by very it could even possibly be adjacent to you, as they would be robbing you). They would need to know most, if not all, of the steal skill set.  One might have item, the rest with either no secondary or as described. RSM are 1: Weapon guard, concentrate, move +2, 2: Abandon, defense up, move +1 (this thief should have a mantle preset, and be female), 3: punch art, Counter, martial arts, jump +2, 4:  HP restore, Maintenance, move HP up, along with sprint shoes and a strong ninja sword. As support, 2 caster types should be in back, White mage and blue mage. The white mage (who is female) should have counter magic, short charge, and move MP up, with black magic secondary, random equips. The blue mage should have some blue magic (whichever way you can give it to him), and geomancy, along with also boasting a heavy armor piece and a MA boosting head piece (probably circlet), with hamedo, magic attack up, Move +2, and having a set shield.

This is rather hard to read, especially when you go from talking about Thieves to talking about mages as (I guess) support all of a sudden. Might be better to list what you units you want first and go from there.

Lord of the dance: Either sweegy or araguay woods

Basically, a performer with 5 mimes on his team. The mimes start in a row behind him.
Like this.

The performer has float, defense up, damage split, with summon magic secondary. He has random weapon, but he has a wizard robe, along with a circlet (even though he can't use heavy armor, but for a bit of strength) and comes with a 108 Gems.

The mimes all have feather boots, even though the boots disappear out of combat they have the boots so they can float and this (somehow) affects the dancing magic kind of.

The point is the mimicked dancing and the mimes to add to damage.

Interesting, but it has two problems: I'm sure we've all entertained the idea for a bit, and then we all realized how horrible boring it is to have to face a bunch of Mimes, especially ones that spam something with an overly long animation that individually hits every (enemy) unit on the field.

I mean, the really fast Performance skills would get really old rather quickly.

Basically, 5 squires. The thing about the squires is that they all have strong RSM, and have very good skills.

Each squire has a different weapon, so each can use their special squire skill. They all must be immortal. Squires are as follows:
A)Rune blade, Aegis shield, Thief hat, Black costume, diamond armlet, Geomancy, Meatbone slash, defense up, move +1 Br 80 Fa 40
B)Zorlin shape, Diamond shield, Flash hat, black costume, (whatever adds 1 move), Throw, Blade grasp, concentrate, Move HP up Br 80 Fa 40
C)Scorpian tail, Venetian shield, Maximillion, Robe of lords, genji gauntlet, (insert skillset from wizards in yuguo story battle with dak hold and stuff), MP switch, Maintinence, Move MP up Br 50 Fa 70
D)Poison bow, Diamond shield, Thief hat, black costume, Sprint shoes, sword spirit (for masamune and chiri), Damage split, Magic defend up, move HP up, Br 70 Fa 70
E)Slasher, nothing, Twist headband, Power sleeve, Bracer, Time magic, Weapon guard, Attack up, Move +1 Br 50 Fa 70

The point is for them to just be scary squires. If it is too hard, you can always tone it down, or make it a rare fight.

It seems interesting enough, though it's probably a bad idea to give a generic, even on with Maintenance, gear that you would normally find only in the Deep Dungeon; it's why I (just) realized that suggesting Ribbons on all the "Soap Mouthers" was kind of a stupid idea.

You'd have to make him Immortal or something to keep him from potentially turning into a chest.
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philsov [Posts: 4599] Logged
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  • [February 14, 2011, 05:58:23 PM]
Re: Random and DD battle suggestions - 32% Complete!
« Reply #61 on: February 14, 2011, 05:58:23 PM »
Gotwald - thanks for the suggestions!  I'll plug em in.  I think I've already got a robbery scenario but I'll need to double check.  The squires idea (especially coupled with their weapon skills) is one I wanted to persue but you captured it well. 


- Explorers are at incredibly high speed.  They'll be boxes/crystals long before someone can revive them. 
- The asterisks denote the Rare fights
- Immortal birds because that's what was suggested.  I didn't filter much.
- The colors at lenalia denote team color, not palette.  It's a 5v5v5.
- Araguay - No, that many guests is overkill.  "Equip Axe (well, equip meleeset + Axe" means they're forced to equip axes and then also forced into the support.  Not that the support is necessary, but it's fitting.
- Zirekile - no, that too is a 5v5v5.
- thanks about the tag
- Bad Desert - Very much of an injoke.
- Bariaus Valley has no rare (!)
- Yuguo - Air = palette number 4!
- Poeskas - Now that ALMA is out there's certainly options abound for Monster Skill.  Nothing with a radial effect towards monsters, sadly, but it can be warped into a variety of things now.  The best part is that most supports don't need any alma-tization, so it'll probably change into something like "half all elements" or something, and get renamed and shuffled completely.  But I'll make a post about potential alma funsies in the right topic.
- Doldobar - I think I just forgot to mention him.  Yeah, it's another male knight (stupid sprite limits)
- Nogias - Yes, elemental can be countered with some pre-planning. :)
- Delta - only their own skillset, yes
- Valk - Pretty sure Miluda is supposed to be a guest there, here.  The suggestion is somewhere in this topic.
- Tiger - another non-FF series.  Awesome dungeon crawlers.
- Hi-ho - Yes, but it's a the effort to gain ratio is pretty small so it's definite back-burner material.

I mean, the really fast Performance skills would get really old rather quickly.

true that.  However, song/dance isn't map-wide so when you and the enemy are making the approach it might use... battle song?  Should shave off some of the time.

Just another rebel plotting rebellion.
Unreliable as a Mime.
The Damned [Posts: 2110] Logged
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  • [February 23, 2011, 04:07:19 AM]
Re: Random and DD battle suggestions - 32% Complete!
« Reply #62 on: February 23, 2011, 04:07:19 AM »
(Obligatory "I see" response to the above.)

Anyway, I believe that I've finally thought up another fight. It will be relatively simple for once to point where I don't mind sharing it (and I mean that both in terms of using the same match and it not being overly complicated/working with your abilities); I figure that it will probably be best if it's near a castle, but I think this match can probably go anywhere really:

Ladies' Knight! OR How About You Take Off All Those Clothes? - Given that you only have one skill set that can utilize Charm, that will mean that Steal will have to be used even though it's still kind of redundant with Knight's abilities. Aforementioned male Knight with Steal would be the Leader here with a male "wingman" that, depending on how early it was or where it was in the game, could either be a male Squire with Steal or Mediator with Steal or even a Mime. Both "Charming" parties would have to always have equipment that denied Charm and thankfully you have two different accessories at different levels (Small Mantle and N-Kai Armlet) that fulfill this; I'm not sure whether it would necessitate always giving them Maintenance too, though.

Beyond that, there would be harem of whatever type female classes. He's not too choosy. Maybe a Chemist bartender. Really, I want not to be overbearingly specific for once, so go for broke if you want to use it.
Unreliable as a Mime.
The Damned [Posts: 2110] Logged
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  • [March 08, 2011, 06:59:10 AM]
Re: Random and DD battle suggestions - 32% Complete!
« Reply #63 on: March 08, 2011, 06:59:10 AM »
So, after a week or so of not being able to think of a battle (that could fit in your patch) that wasn't related to Undead of some sort, I get inspiration from, of all places, Pixar short films and someone's apparent user name.

The first battle I'll probably use in my patch; the second I can't because, well, Ninja are dead in my patch (at present):

1. Fancy Rats! OR What Type of Princess Are You?! - This battle would contain 4 Male Thieves, 1 Male Knight, 1 Female Leader Princess (with female Thief sprite) and maybe 1 or 2 Monks. I figure that this battle can be available in Chapter 2 around/after the time you rescue Ovelia so that you'll have a bit of foreknowledge of what the Princess class can do (if you don't already know) and it could happen near a castle or even in Zeklaus Desert (coming from the south). Not much to stay about it outside of maybe making that Princess has some type of distance weapon and revival at all times.

2. Gravity Ninja? OR Crouching Ninja, Hidden Superjump! - This match would be rather less varied in the terms of company you keep. Primarily it would be Ninjas (probably female since they have slightly less pathetic MA) would Time Magic or Yin-Yang Magic that focused on gravity spells and disabling while flying and Floating around. I'm sure you give the leader (if you make one) Jump Secondary and Equip Polearms for extra lols. It's pretty location neutral, though obviously the more rough the terrain, the more the enemy team gets to benefit from having Float and/or Fly on all of its units.

Not great ideas, but they're more fun and flexible than some of the other stuff I've been kicking around.
Unreliable as a Mime.
The Damned [Posts: 2110] Logged
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  • [March 20, 2011, 05:24:37 PM]
Re: Random and DD battle suggestions - 32% Complete!
« Reply #64 on: March 20, 2011, 05:24:37 PM »
Another idea I've just thought of after finishing Malboro's "first draft" (technically, second) up, including my research for it. This is another battle I'll possibly be using myself in some capacity.

1. Spirit-Tree Flux! Or How Many Years is a "Plant Year"? - In keeping with my lack of inspiration, here is yet another plant/forest-related battle that could potentially harbor Undead status; I have to use all those tired ideas at once, after all. It would feature 3 Morbols and 3 Woodmen, perhaps one of each class, in addition to 2 human units from a mix of Oracle, Priest and/or Geomancer. Really nothing more two it than that outside perhaps ensuring that the human units either are immune to a large amount of Bad Breath or can heal its effects away.

That's pretty much it. Once I get done with Dragons (after stupid Behemoths), I'll perhaps have something else in mind. I might even delete this post since I hate double posting, especially on the same day.
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  • [March 28, 2011, 02:22:35 PM]
Re: Random and DD battle suggestions - 32% Complete!
« Reply #65 on: March 28, 2011, 02:22:35 PM »
(Ugh. It's rather tiresome deleting things and reposting them because I'm so annoyed that I STILL miss at least one [CENSORED] typo.

In the words of the great Venture Brothers, "IGNORE ME!")

One week later....

1. Naughty Tentacles! OR How Long Does it Take to Rub [CENSORED] [CENSORED]? - I suppose I could have gone with "Day of the Tentacle", but it's not always daytime in Bariaus Valley--I still have no idea how that's determined. Anyway, brothers of the Tentacle unite to [CENSORED] [CENSORED]! Squidlarkin and Morbols show just why their [CENSORED] aren't understood as they [CENSORED] young maidens! Will their [CENSORED] Samurai brethen show they are truly the better [CENSORED] as you strive protect the [CENSORED] of your guest maidens from both rabid [CENSORED]?! Only you can decide, true [CENSORED]s!

2. "Matoya's Cave" Isn't A Euphemism, I Swear! OR What's the difference between "Dragon-hearted" and "Lion-hearted"? - To quote Red Mage, "Impossible! Only a maximum of nine enemies may be on-screen!" Let's prove him wrong again by having three of each generic dragon AND at least one other unit, a female Wizard with Summon Magic (preferably having Bahamut usable, of course). Maybe have a special Dragon--I always forget if palettes count towards sprite limitations--to represent Bahamut himself.

As ever, I'm probably going to use at least one of these, with it more obviously leaning towards the one that doesn't contain a class that won't even be appearing in my patch.
Gotwald [Posts: 224] Logged
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  • [July 30, 2011, 11:56:03 PM]
Re: Random and DD battle suggestions - 32% Complete!
« Reply #66 on: July 30, 2011, 11:56:03 PM »
Hilltop rescue! (Barius hill)

-A bard starts at the top of the hill, with panthers on either side. The party would start in one of the corners near where you start in the story mission (I think this is west). The panthers on either side are on separate teams, as though they are fighting to eat the bard. All of the panthers are random spawn, so 4 panthers on one side, 5 on the other, and a bard at the top (the bard would be a part of the player team).

If the players rescue the bard, he would have a chance to join the party. I don't know if that would make you want to force the brave/faith or just leave it random.
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  • [July 31, 2011, 03:12:54 PM]
Re: Random and DD battle suggestions - 32% Complete!
« Reply #67 on: July 31, 2011, 03:12:54 PM »

There's a thought -- human gimme battles.  I was doing just monsters (a lot of battles just write themselves when breeding isn't possible), but a few human rescue/join ups will certainly fit the bill.  Barius Hill is a great place for such a deal.

Just another rebel plotting rebellion.
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