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This forum is for all questions related with FFT. This is the right section for posting all questions you have in mind. Posting other things other than questions will be moved to their respective forum section. Please read the description of every section, if you are not sure where to post.

1.) Use the Search button before starting a thread. We know it is sometimes hard to find what you need even if it exists, but if you succeed, it would spare you the trouble of having to wait for an answer from our members.
2.) Browse through other sections. Doing this will give you more knowledge with hacking\spriting\spam, and you can even find quite more detailed information on issues that were covered in other sections.
3.) Global Forum Rules apply. Be nice to everybody. If you want to say some not so nice things about somebody, do it here.
4.) Do not necrobump or necropost if no one responses to your question. If you are going to reply to a thread, then pay attention to the date of the last post. If the topic is too old, try leaving a private message to the member you want to reply instead. Don't use Revive on crystallized units.
5.) Avoid double-posting if possible. Note that you could always delete your newly posted messages and edit all your posts.
6.) Be descriptive for your questions. Be specific as possible.
Ex., "How do you give a guy stats over 999?", "How do you edit the generics you get at Gariland?", etc. Read this: Descriptive Titling!
7.) If possible, please speak in clear English. This will make your question easily understandable.
8.) If you think that your question is already answered, you can ask the moderator to close the thread. Or if you think that the thread was closed early, contact a moderator. The help section's moderator is Jumza.
9.) If you want an answer to your question really fast, try using the chat! You can access the Chat room via PJIRC or Mibbit which you can find at the top of the page in the toolbar. Alternatively, if you already have an IRC client, here are the following details for FFHacktics' chatroom:

Channel: #FFH
10.) Finally, may all your dreams come true!


Unique issue involving in-battle crashes concerning crystalized units (relatively for the PSP version; PSX may apply):

This should get stickied :lol:

Yep, I think that's pretty frequent, wasabi. Added.

--- Quote ---Too bad this topic's not here sooner
--- End quote ---

Yeah.. The help section is becoming active now so I think it might
be better if we have guidelines.

Yes, guidelines are good.


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