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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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 on: November 21, 2019, 05:50:34 AM 
Started by Elric - Last post by Elric
There is a thread called changelog, in this section...

 on: November 21, 2019, 03:47:00 AM 
Started by DarthFutuza - Last post by DarthFutuza
So the FFHacktics site certificate evidently expired back in 2017, was just curious if you guys knew about Let's Encrypt?  They'll let you get free SSL/TLS certs so you can enable https or whatever, and its fairly easy to use (Github pages uses it for example).  Seems sorta important to me since there's an actual sign in option (on the forums for example) that isn't being being encrypted, which would allow someone to steal credentials, etc. in transit.  I dunno what the setup on the forums backend software is are exactly (looks like an ancient version of SMF), but I can't imagine it would be too difficult to get https enabled on the site.

Oh geez this reads like an ad doesn't it?  Lol.  Well anyway, just wanted to throw that out there, cause like its 2019 and https is a thing that doesn't really cost money anymore.

 on: November 21, 2019, 03:21:01 AM 
Started by Elric - Last post by DarthFutuza
There's no onion knights right?  Also is there a full change log/feature list somewhere or is digging through this thread basically it?

 on: November 21, 2019, 12:21:32 AM 
Started by BleuVII - Last post by Amici
Hey any news on the next version? I love your hack, and I'm itching for a replay of FFT. Your edit is perfect for my purposes :D

 on: November 20, 2019, 04:42:27 PM 
Started by Elric - Last post by Locke_Cole

 on: November 20, 2019, 01:52:59 PM 
Started by Elric - Last post by Nyzer
Aside from the Ashley Riot battle, yes.

 on: November 20, 2019, 12:32:43 PM 
Started by Elric - Last post by Locke_Cole
Amazing to see that there are still things to be done here at FFhackticks. Great job Elric and team. I joined this site in mid 2019 and have been playing alot of patches since then. So glad to find out that there is more coming! I have a question, does this version have the same level of difficulty as the original game? I found myself being so happy to play FF Tactics "Kind Of" because of it having a better level of difficulty and just more balanced in its build. Perhaps this is ment to be a basic version which can be built upon - is that what you usually call "Vanilla"?

Sorry if this is a noob question.  :)

 on: November 19, 2019, 01:38:13 AM 
Started by Leonarth - Last post by Leonarth
I fixed a small visual issue with item ability lists.

Also, I don't remember who asked for this but I think it's a good change so:

This was harder than I expected, mostly because I wanted it to be easy for people to customize the order easily.
I've selected Rumors by accident more times than I can count so this is nice QOL.

 on: November 18, 2019, 10:20:52 PM 
Started by BleuVII - Last post by BleuVII

Liking the mod so far, very early into it. Noticed a rather frustrating bug in my attempt to master Squire though. Water Animate appears on the skill list twice, and you can continually attempt to learn both skills but all it does is drain your skill points. I've inadvertently leveled it many times lol.

Thanks for bringing that up. That first one SHOULD be Fire Anima. I'm working on a v2.1 and will fix that.

 on: November 17, 2019, 10:14:28 AM 
Started by Valkirst - Last post by Taichii

Them renewing interest (internally) isn't good for sites that mod their games. Gives them more reason to C&D

neeeeecro bump 8D
hey bro been a while! xD
on the bright side, perhaps we can get new ideas from them that we can also implement on the patches on here..
i use a translator app to understand the mechanics of the game cause i cant wait for global release lemme know if you need help on fb hehehe. also i missed you guys :D

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