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 on: January 03, 2020, 11:16:16 PM 
Started by Portalenthusiast - Last post by Xifanie
Try to breakpoint on write for a specific job's total or current JP and then in that routine you should see a check for gender being male/female I would guess. It's pretty easy to create a breakpoint for this stuff I can help you get the address to breakpoint on if you need.

Though we have a lot of stuff documented so far, we don't have every routine catalogued, and we don't have everything with notes. I personally never documented anything because I'm ASM dyslexic, but I'm super thankful to Glain and Choto who did most of that work because it's such an invaluable resource.

 on: January 03, 2020, 10:49:00 PM 
Started by Portalenthusiast - Last post by Portalenthusiast
I looked through through the data table locations and WORLD.BIN on the wiki and i couldn't find anything about monsters not earning jp, knowing all abilities available, or about a job wheel check (i saw that for special monsters but not generic ones? and i think that was just about sprite's being greyed out anyway (WORLD.BIN, 0x00122262)), and i was wondering if any of these really were known about.
(I also figure that there won't be enough room for me to do jobs for all monsters, so I'm mostly going to stick to yellow chocobos, and maybe only give them 3 or 4 jobs at most.)

 on: January 03, 2020, 02:10:12 PM 
Started by Portalenthusiast - Last post by Glain
As an aside, if you're looking for specific data in the PSX version, we've documented a lot of it in the Data/Table Locations page on the Wiki.

 on: January 03, 2020, 09:05:28 AM 
Started by Portalenthusiast - Last post by Elric
I appreciate your response.

You must understand, everyone who is still active on FFH, specializes in their own things and their own ways of doing said things. Also, to add to what Nyzer said, I've attempted to teach event editing to at least 10-15 people over the years. While this is nowhere near as complex as ASM hacking, and these people promised that they would stick with it and be dedicated to learning when they were able. Guess how many of those people are still around, or stuck around for more than a month or two? Nyzer, he is the only one. And while i am grateful to him for doing so, and that him and I have gotten to work together for many years now, it's also disheartening to know that maybe 8% of my work teaching people, was not wasted. If that makes sense. Even he though, started here at FFH doing very different things than what he does now (he is one of 2 head event editors for Jot5, next to me. Xifanie was going to do more as well, but her health won't allow it and I'm not going to push someone who i care for and have known for almost a decade.

We are a tight-nit group for the most part, and while we may come off harsh at times, all we really want is to see people succeed and get better at what they came here to learn, but we also want to see them stick around.

TL;DR, if we come off harsh, it's because we want you to apply yourself and enjoy what you are doing here. It doesn't mean we don't want to help, its just that there isnt many of us, and of those of us who are here, very few have the knowledge you are looking for currently

 on: January 02, 2020, 11:03:44 PM 
Started by Portalenthusiast - Last post by Portalenthusiast
that being said, I've found what I'm looking for, and for all intents and purposes this thread can be marked as solved to avoid further toxicity caused by my end
"00125540 - 001255e0: Locks the screen that allows equipment/ability change if unit is Monster or Mime"

 on: January 02, 2020, 11:01:54 PM 
Started by yamish - Last post by yamish
The shop progression field by each item, is this when the recipe will begin to show in the synth shop?

Does the synth shop pull text from game for item name changes, or should that be changed in the text area of the spreadsheet?

Also, after fully setting up and saving, it now appears i have lots of blank fields where i altered things.  I'm guessing this is because i'm using open office and not excel? if so, i can paypal somebody to set up this synth shop in excel and send me the xml output.

Edit: i probably found an excel so I'll just update this when i test it and stuff.

 on: January 02, 2020, 10:27:56 PM 
Started by Portalenthusiast - Last post by Portalenthusiast
The outburst, I can understand, was a bit much. I'm sorry. Life is no excuse given the two completely different circumstances and I should not have treated you all in this way.

Glain, by operations I mean anything with an OPcode in the disassembly and memory, like branching, jumping, logic operations and such. You can edit the bytes of the word with the operation to change the overall effect. That kind of stuff.
And to be more specific, i want to know how to find job and 'gender' (male, female andd monster) data. In the psx version. There's a reason I posted in psx hacking instead of psp hacking, and it's because I know not a lot of people here want to or know how to extently hack the psp version.

Nyzer, Again, I posted explicitly to the psx hacking part of the forum because there are people who know how to hack this version of the game. I understand the difficulty, and this is why I'm trying to ask for help because I know I can't learn myself if I have no basis. I'm aware it's way harder that ffpatcher and I haven't given up yet.
I'll be sure to take your collective advice on the singular question asking.

Elric, im sorry. I'm not exactly sure what to say to that. But I'm sorry. I honestly am trying my best to learn asm. I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go after the tutorials on the site, but I shouldn't have made an outcry like I did, it was childish of me.

Xifanie, I'm sorry I forced you to write that in your condition. I would never have expected you to write anything if you're literally dying.

I should have made myself clearer in all aspects of my initial posts, and I sincerely apologise to all of you for being so childish.

 on: January 02, 2020, 08:49:28 PM 
Started by White Knight Wiegraf - Last post by White Knight Wiegraf
Bugfix patch 1.43c is out

 on: January 02, 2020, 05:00:30 AM 
Started by Portalenthusiast - Last post by Xifanie
I understand it's christmas and new years, but i have seen replies to comments elsewhere in the forums since and frankly I'm insulted that you don't think i'm even worth enough your time to say "no"
Ok, I could possibly help to a certain extent, though I have my own very unique style, but I've hardly done any ASM hacking in the past 3 years due to health and financial problems, and I've literally been dying for the past 5 weeks. I hope you're happy now! And don't think I'm pulling one on you. I'm very, very serious and possibly having a heart attack as I type this.

I also don't know anything about, or have any experience with WotL/PPSSPP/whatever. I already told you you'd essentially be on your own. I applaud your efforts so far, but that's about all I can do.

 on: January 02, 2020, 04:52:30 AM 
Started by Portalenthusiast - Last post by Elric
Sorry, I will immediately go out and actively scold the 2 people who are even active on this site who know anything about ASM hacking, and make sure they write you a guide immediately for something that very few people ever learned and even less who are still around...

How dare they not want to talk about ASM when they are busy with their lives. And how dare the people who saw you post and knew nothing about ASM, not comment on something they knew nothing about...

For real man... everyone here has taken the time to 'learn' a thing on their own, with minimal help. In terms of difficulty with what we do here, if you were to rate it the way a turorial site does, we would not be at the green and easy level, we are talking about red difficulty levels with some of this stuff. So no, no one is immediately going to drop what they are doing, and hold you hand here...

I joined this site over 9 years ago, when it was still very very active, even then, i got no help with my projects until i proved i was competent enough to hold my own in what I was wanting to do. To the point of spending hundreds of hours working on event work, only to tear it all down and rebuild it again, several times over.

This site exists for people who are willing to put in the work, with the info we've provided across multiple different things we do in regards to modding FFT. Many people have taken time out of their days to make tutorials for their specific craft here on FFH, and you will not come here and demand that they do more. If you cant be patient and begin research and learning on your own, then you wont be happy here.

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