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Do not use ePSXe (PC)! Instead use any other emulator. For the purposes of FFT, pSX works wonderfully well!

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Welcome to FFH, Wrongstuff! What skill descriptions are still wrong? Most of them should be accurate, minus the monster and special unit skills. Sadly, I have no idea how to make story units dispatchable, and it probably couldn't be done without breaking the game. :(

Chocolatemoose: Saves will be compatible with each update. :)

I would say that it depends on what you're looking for. Due to the way level scaling works, it works based on your ENTIRE party's levels, so keep that in mind. I, personally, just usually stick to my starting units + story recruits.

FYI: new recruits will scale with level properly in the next update, which will likely be released after the craziness of Valentine's Day next week. In Vanilla, generic job recruits would only scale in level and max out at 30. Now the max is 99. Likewise, all new recruits can now level scale between 1-99 properly in the next update.

Has anyone made any further progress on this? I'm at the point in development in FFTA2 GG where I really need to be able to edit actual formations and units, but that's ridiculously tedious at the moment and I'd love to see a battle/formation editor soon! It'd be great to see with all the new FFTA/FFTA2 patches on the horizon!

I actually totally forgot that recruit levels were capped and that the level addresses were in that spreadsheet until you mentioned it, so thanks! That's been fixed for the next update.

EDIT: I wonder if level could be uncapped to 255...

EDIT 2: Level is hard capped at 99. Sadness.

The testing continues. I discovered a bug wherein Bravery- the new Scholar spell- summons Exodus to drop a meteor on your allies' heads to raise their ATK. As awesome as that is, that'll be fixed for the next update. Also, I discovered that new party members will only join up to level 50, which really kills the party average level for difficulty. I'm at Illua II (The Ritual) now, and even 30 levels beneath me, she can completely solo my party and whittle them to nothing. It's both kickass and awful at the same time.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA2: Semi-Balance Patch
« on: February 08, 2016, 01:37:06 AM »
Something to note is that during my test run for FFTA2 GG, a lot of enemies in fights seem to have set AI patterns of which skills they'll use. I'm not sure how/why that works, but alas. Even with buffed skills, enemies still act very foolishly quite often, which takes away a lot of the challenge. Brute forcing it with buffs alone doesn't seem to work. :(

Hmm, that's strange. His Steals are marked as 3 Range in the Patcher... that's something I'll have to check on. Also, as much as I wish I could make you able to select which fight you get, I unfortunately don't have that capability. :(

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'd greatly appreciate a post with all your feedback once you complete the game! :D

To answer your question, the Materia Blade was booted to make room for a multiplayer item in single player. Therefore, it doesn't exist any longer. That being said, Limit Breaks no longer require the Materia Blade specifically, but do require a Sword to be used. Hope that helps!

The Lounge / Re: Ramza in Dissidia
« on: February 04, 2016, 01:08:49 AM »
Air dashing/dodging was in the original Dissidia/Duodecim as well.

Also, not sure if this is real or not, but...

EDIT: And this...

The Lounge / Re: Ramza in Dissidia
« on: February 04, 2016, 01:05:04 AM »
The official introduction trailer. Dat remix.

What changes didn't you enjoy? I can't fix things unless I know what they are. :)

Lamias are initially tough, but using things like Tame helps a lot. Honestly, I like how Hard Mode is playing out. I feel like Normal Mode will be really easy.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you downloaded 0.6 or 0.61, please download 0.62, which is attached below. The Scholar changes didn't take in the previous version, but this fixes that. Thanks!

As promised, today I present an update for FFTA2 GG, bring it up to 0.6! You'll definitely want to update using a clean ROM, but your save will still work between versions. The update features the following:

-The introduction of the Corsair, Moogle Hero, and Kunoichi jobs.

-Multiple bug fixes: Kotetsu now deals damage properly, Oust and Parley have fixed animations, etc. Some minor bugs remain, such as Storm's AP cost, as well as Drill Shot and Diaga's AP costs.

-Level scaling; enemies will scale to the party's average level, but if the enemy's level would normally be higher than the party's average, it'll use the higher level for the enemy.

-Multiple balance changes, many of the larger ones detailed below.

-Many textual references to old job names that no longer exist have been fixed. Unfortunately, I still can't edit the job names in the item/ability menus.

Some of the larger balance changes are as follows:

-Scholar buffs now have AoE, meaning they're far more useful. Teleport and Vigilance have been removed for Bravery and Faith, which boost ATK and MAG, respectively. Scholars are the go-to job for buffing your party.

-Magick in general has been strengthened and now proves useful even late-game. I made this change mid-game, however, so if people find that it needs to be nerfed early-game, I'll see what can be done.

-Many broken Reaction and Passive Abilities have been removed from player use (such as Blood Price and Strikeback) and replaced with new ones that were formerly enemy only. This means that the player now has access to things such as Smasher, Resistance Up, and Archmage, just to name a few.

-Many monsters have new elemental affinities. Monsters such as Undead are far more resilient and require far more specialized units to take them on. Necromancers are quite useful. Dragons will likely be being buffed in the next update.

-Flan and Adamantoises have vastly improved DEF. Use magick!

-The Soldier's Break skills now deal damage and have a chance to inflict their respective debuff.

-All Ultima and Gigaflare have been nerfed.

-Chocobo Knights now have the best stat growth in the game, depending on what Chocobo is being mounted. The growth is as follows:

Using Chocobo Knights effectively as you level is key to grooming a proper Moogle warrior, kupo!

-Scions have been completely revamped. Scions were formerly little different from Illusionist skills, and they weren't particularly interesting. Since Scions can only be used once per fight, I decided to make them more akin to Limit Breaks, wherein they have very potent effects, but should be used tactically for best results. Think of them as one-time support units that can be used to sway the battle into one's favor. Their new effects are as follows (text changes haven't been made yet on those, as I'm waiting to see if they're too broken like this or not):

There are many other small changes, but these are the biggest. I hope everyone enjoys the update! Monster skill descriptions are still unchanged, as I'm still trying to figure out what to do with them. As always, any feedback/bug reports are welcome. Attached to this post and the first post are the updated versions!

@Boring Steven: Protectga would imply then that there's a Protect and Protectra, which there aren't. Therefore, Protect will be staying as-is. :P

Actually, I got my wires crossed. Ravager is Vartan now, which means their Crush skills are gone. This means I'll be making the Break skills inflict damage. Hopefully they'll find more use that way.

Animist rework is on hold for a bit. I have yet to fully determine what I want to do with them.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA EDITOR: All In One v0.7 is now out!!
« on: January 26, 2016, 10:04:59 PM »
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm here to help! :)

Basically, the Moogle Hero job is based on a number of retro RPG heroes that wielded both sword and magick, and I was just reminded of DQ1's hero who could use both.

Lamias have been slightly nerfed for the upcoming update. Further, Tame has also been fixed. A good way of dealing with Lamias is Taming them and having them Addle themselves. Saves a LOT of trouble, so Tame being fixed will be a big deal.

Thank you for reminding me about Level ? Holy's quirk. I'm going to have to change that so when the levels scale, that spell won't nuke everything. I'll figure out what else to make it. Maybe Level 3 Holy or something.

Soldiers are already getting a Move buff for the next update, so don't worry too much about that. As for Soldier's Break skills not dealing damage, it's because the Ravager's Crush skills do damage and lower stats, so I didn't want the jobs to be the same. I'm thinking of how to better buff the Break skills though.

Just a heads up, looking to release a new update by the end of the month regardless of whether or not I finish my test run. The update will have the new jobs released since the old one and will also have level scaling based on the average level of the entire party, except of the enemy is of a higher level, thanks to RFH's wonderful level scaling hack.

@Boring: Welcome to FFH! I'm glad you're enjoying the mod! The update will be quite a bit more polished and even more fun! In regards to a job that uses a turn to cast spells, that would be the new Daemon job, which you can read about earlier in the topic. The use Ultima Magicks and can claw things to death.

I've been continuing my playthrough, and I have to say. Engineer and Oracle are becoming my new favorite jobs. Moogle lasers, ftw.

I could do a lot of really cool things with Doom, but that would mean changing a lot of existing stuff around, which isn't worth it for a gimmick, IMO. Anyhow, I just finished the first fight with Ewen and a bunch of other missions. I changed monster elemental affinities around a bit, and Undead are quite a bit more tanky now, meaning that Necromancers are by proxy more useful. In general, I haven't Game Over'd yet, but battles have the potential to go badly quite quickly if you're not careful. I've also discovered a few minor bugs and those are being fixed as well.

EDIT: Chocobo Knights have been revamped and are more akin to Onion Knights in nature. Each type of Chocobo has a preferred stat and stat growth.

Yellow Chocobo: HP
Green Chocobo: MP
Brown Chocobo: DEF
White Chocobo: RES
Red Chocobo: ATK
Black Chocobo: MAG

By choosing your Chocobo mount wisely, your Chocobo Knight's growths can be optimized to your liking.

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