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Happy Ramza's 34th anniversary~

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Hmm, that's really strange. My -guess- is that clan battles are somehow hardcoded to drop certain items, but that's just a guess. I reworked random mission drops to all be usable items, so that's what should be dropping (and has been dropping for me, but I haven't done clan battles yet).

Shortly after you pointed it out, I noticed the evade issue on my end as well. I'll figure out a way to approach that, if I even keep armor weight at all.

Hey Qavex, thanks for the response. It's actually kinda funny that you mentioned the things you did since 90% of those things are things I noticed on my own playthrough today.

Evade: That's likely the reason, yes. What item(s) were you looking at?

Gold Armor: Clan battles should only be dropping a usable item, no armor, weapons, etc. That's weird, and I'm not sure why. I'll take a deeper look at it.

Time Mage/Green Mage: I noticed that today during my playthrough, and it'll be remedied soon. The likely scenario will be the -ra Rods being moved to Tier 1. It might be overpowered (though MP cost is always a concern, and some enemies pre-Tier 2 can use -ra spells anyways), but I would like Green Mages/Time Mages to have skills to learn. This way they can each learn 3 skills. Also, on the note of Green Mages, they'll be losing MP Gift for Slowga and their MP costs will be decreased slightly for a little more ease of use. Further, Protect/Shell/Barrier on White Mages will also be seeing an MP cost decrease.

Bards: Conch Shell (Minne) and Fairy Harp (Lifesong) will be moved to Tier 1, most likely. On the topic of Bards, Paeon is being reworked to cancel buffs and debuffs instead of restoring MP. It'll act as a blend of Esuna and Dispel, basically.

Scream: Berserk increases physical damage, yes. Unfortunately, it's not very useful. Future updates may instead make Scream boost the user's ATK instead.

Reaver: Heh, the cat's out of the bag, I suppose. One of the things I'm attempting to do for .993 (and is why said update is taking a bit, comparatively) is because I'm attempting to revamp Reaver to what it was originally intended to be: a Dark Knight/Necromancer hybrid for Nu Mou. Right now it (and Alchemist, which I'm getting to shortly) are in the process of being changed significantly. Since you brought it up, I may as well reveal what their (hopeful) skillset will be:

Basically, a Dark Knight with control of the Undead that learn skills by ripping away souls from enemies. Which is badass, IMO. But that may just be my Dark Knight fetish showing itself. :P

Reavers are armored mages that can change the tide of battle by turning enemies (which are in larger numbers now, compared to Vanilla, simply because you can't use as many allies) against each other and crushing them with the HP lost by your own attacks. This will only happen if I can find a way to disable Nono's shop (I need access to those text strings that his shop uses for new text), so we'll see if we can make it happen soon-ish.

Likewise, Alchemists are being revamped. I'm sure you've noticed that now they're "Arcanists". That was the original Necromancer job I had planned for them, but they're being revamped to "Evokers". Inspired by Final Fantasy III's Evoker job, Final Fantasy X's Dark Aeons, and the early Persona series' Reverse Arcana, the Evoker will be a Nu Mou summoning job with summons whose effects are reverse of the Summoner's. Their exact skillset has yet to be determined, but some examples are Kirin inflicting damage and dispelling buffs (a reverse to Viera Kirin healing and dispelling debuffs), Phoenix inflicing Undead on a large area (a reverse of Phoenix reviving the dead properly, also to help Reavers out), Maduin healing HP over a large area (a reverse of Maduin dealing damage), etc. Shiva/Ramuh/Ifrit/etc. have yet to be determined. Also, should their animations work, Chocobo will be returning on Evoker (and Summoner!), but only if both their sprites don't bug out. The real issue is that I'm running out of skill slots to work with. I should have enough to make Evoker work, but fitting Reaver in will be tricky.

Catch is exactly how it was before. Proceed as such. :P

It's funny you mention Geomancy and Moogles. I'm tempted to give Mediators Geomancy (although they couldn't directly benefit from it) so that Moogle Mages would have a little more power.

EDIT: Still attempting to fix Paeon. Unfortunately, every change I make seems to not work. Whenever Paeon is used, it won't restore MP and (somehow) inflicts Reflect on the party instead.

EDIT: I'm also perplexed as to why certain items- namely accessories- aren't appearing in the stores.

EDIT 3: Items are now appearing in shops properly. Fun fact about FFTA I learnt just now. If you want an accessory to be buyable in shops, it has to be Shoes. If it's anything BUT Shoes, the game won't allow it to appear in the shop.

I sadly can't edit things like that. The AI is just really derpy sometimes. :(

EDIT: Should Lullaby be moved to a later item for Bards? It's something I'm considering.

Welcome to FFH, CrowBlack! Glad to hear you're enjoying the mod!

The first, original post is highly outdated except for the job tree. Using the tooltips and such in-game are your best option. So yes, Whirlwind has extra AoE and Blizzard has a reduced MP cost. I can't change in-game dialogue yet, so talk of Combos will have to remain for now.

Mythril Blade and Dragonheart are known bugs. Mythril Rod is a new one though! I'll review it and adjust it as needed.

EDIT: Mythril Blade is fixed!

Welcome to FFH, Qavex! I'm thankful for your feedback, and glad to hear you're enjoying the game! Allow me to address your concerns.

First, I was considering bumping starting Gil back up to 3000, but I'm not sure if that would make things too easy. I- like yourself- also like switching jobs around early game and want people to have that option.

Second, enemies have an infinite amount of each item. Unfortunately, I can't really do anything about this. That's just how they were, even back in vanilla (though enemies didn't use items then).

Thirdly, enemy levels scale with the average level of the party. This goes for every mission and every enemy in the game. Most battles can be attempted upon unlocking, save for the random battle with Clan Dip. They're an early fight meant to test your mettle, though it's not easy to win until late-game, since enemies in Clan Dip have late-game setups and skills.

Good news, everybody! I've fixed more bugs! :D

All the Mediator/Reaver bugs were fixed. There were a few equipment/sprite bugs that slipped through and that's what was causing those issues.

@Blanky: Since all Accessories are Rings now, I guess I could make all Shields into Gloves, but that'd mess with Shieldbearer. So sadness. :(

@Ghostly: Welcome to FFH, I'm glad you're enjoying the mod! .993 will actually have reflected job tree information in-game in the Rumors section of the Pub, with any hope. Don't quote me, but it will be in-game soon!

EDIT: Also, Engagement is on Summoner, so Staves are perfectly fine for it!

EDITRA: The first post has been updated with an updated, accurate job tree. 0.993 also has updated job requirements in their descriptions.


-I'll investigate the Materiawood and Engagement issues. Rime is bugged currently (it's supposed to restore MP), but it's being dealt with.


Straight from the vanilla FFTA guide:

"apture is a useful ability, not only does it capture a monster for your
monster bank, and give you souls to use with your morpher, but it also removes
an enemy from the battlefield. Capturing monsters is also a prerequisite for
mission #100 (fiend run). In order to get that mission you MUST capture at
least 5 monsters, and then the operator of the monster bank will post a request
in the pub after you visit him. Now in order to use capture, several things
must happen, most obviously you need the capture ability. In order to use this
ability correctly, it can only be used on injured monsters (i.e. they cannot
have full health). Now don't be discouraged when you do this, the maximum
percentage you'll ever get for catching a monster is 24%. Just as another side
note, sleep, stop, blind and the direction you attack from have no effect on
the percentage to capture a monster. The way this percentage works is based on
the percentage of life remaining on the monster, at half health you'll have
12%. (If you really wanted to get technical, just take a monsters max hp and
divide by 24, this number is the amount of hp you have to take off in order to
get a 1% increase in your capture attempts). There are a few special cases for
capturing monsters:
> Any undead monster (zombies, vampires) cannot be captured.
> Any rockbeast monster (bladebiter, toughskin) cannot be captured.
> Any fairy monster (sprite, titania) cannot be captured.
> Any tonberry monster (tonberry, masterberry) cannot be captured.
> The monster you are catching cannot be the last enemy on the field.
> The monster you are trying to catch cannot be ko'd.
> The monster may be special, and in turn simply uncatchable."

I'll try and pick these off one by one:

-Malboro has been a bug that has persisted for ages now and I haven't a clue why. There's no reason for it to be happening, and I don't quite know how to go about fixing it.

-Mog Lance -should- be working correctly. Have you used it after you were wounded? If so, you probably were healed and there was just no animation of it. That said, it -will- be buffed to be weapon range instead of 1 Range. Currently it's just Steal: HP with a different name.

-Reavers should be able to use Shields. Again, there's literally no reason why that should be happening. Everything is properly marked in AIO... not sure why that'd happen.

-Loss seems flagged correctly. Did you have Immune: Confuse gear equipped?

-The Mediator bug is probably sprite-related. What skill did it use before it vanished?

-Osafune should hopefully be fixed for .993.

-Crush inflicts Slow, not Blind. If the skill inflicts damage, it has (100 - Enemy Debuff Resistance)% chance to proc Slow. This holds true for any skill with a status proc.

-Blowup's bug is... weird. It'll likely be completely reworked for .993 at any rate.

-Not sure why Dual Wield wouldn't work. Maybe Blanky/Darth would have an idea.

Sorry, I know this post isn't too reassuring. Thanks for bringing these all to my attention though.

Spriting / FF Pictlogica Sprites
« on: March 19, 2015, 02:09:26 AM »
Hey spriters, stumbled onto these sprites that may be of interest as a reference. They're not the greatest, but they're official Square sprites, so they may be of help to you guys. Just thought I'd throw these out here!

Thanks for the feedback so far! I imagine level scaling is going to take a while to mesh out. I'm ultimately not too concerned though- I'd much rather something be easier than harder. Remember, too, that monsters haven't had their stats changed since my initial changes, so once RRS gets back to me, monster stats will be tweaked heavily.

Whirlwind's bug is a strange one. I'm guessing it's just too much for the game to handle, but there were abilities that hit all enemies at once. Strange.

Mug has been fixed. Because of how things used to be, there are two "Mug" skills- one used by Moogles and one used by Humes. The one Mug was marked as Physical, the other was not. That was pre-AIO times when we thought the world was flat! ;)

EDIT: Green Magic is getting a slight buff in the near future. Esunaga/Dispelga's MP costs are reduced, and I may reduce Protectga/Shellga to 15 MP each. In terms of Haste/Hastega, Haste's MP cost will be raised to 15 and Hastega's reduced to 25. Thoughts?

I'm sure if you look hard enough you can find plenty of other ridiculously broken things in GG! :P

Updated the first post (and attached to this one) is 0.992. It fixes Doubleshot, Demi, Quarter, and (hopefully) level scaling as well as fixing the laws for Emerald Keep and a few other fights while nerfing Magic Wood and Antilaws. Remember to patch a clean ROM!

@Blanky: That was my initial thought- equipment changes- but most gear hasn't been substantially changed in terms of ATK.

@Dragoon: Forbidden: Holy also affects -anything- Holy elemental, including Cure/Cura/Curaga/Life/Full-Life/Arise.

Which battles are you having trouble on? If you give details, myself and other players can provide feedback.

@Dragoon: I think what's happening is that the enemies are levelling up to their current level as their current job. So, say, a level 16 Thief has 16 full levels of stat growth as a Thief. If you- the player- have been switching jobs around while levelling, such as having your Myrmidon as a Bishop for a few levels, you're missing a few levels of ATK and DEF that you'd have gotten if you weren't a Bishop. I hope that example makes sense. I also fixed Drain Touch. For whatever reason, it was doing -ra level damage. Its power was reduced slightly, though it should still prove useful.

Generics CAN learn Combos, but their Combo skills are on mid/late-game weaponry. And you have no idea how much I love your tips for other players, everything you listed is EXACTLY what I was aiming for!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, but Nubswood Base and Emerald Keep have slightly altered Laws.

EDITRA: I suspect that the next big roadblock for people will be Mateus. I -may- need to nerf the Law for that fight. We'll see.

@RRS: Monster stats are being revised/reviewed as we speak, so they're going to be updated shortly. Like, within the next week, most likely.

@Dragoon: Doubleshot has been fixed for the next update. It was originally supposed to hit twice, causing knockback each time (so knocking a foe away two tiles), but it didn't work properly and I forgot to remove the MP cost and high AP requirement. Also, I actually nerfed Salikawood while nerfing Antilaws, so that was fixed for the next update anyhow! :P

Also, I changed around the level scaling hacks in AIO, so hopefully levels should go off of average level and not highest now. Thanks for all the feedback, every one of your posts is being read and acknowledged!

@Shintroy: Had you read the other posts, you'd have realized that it was a known bug.

@Fiddler: I'll be removing Esunaga/Dispelga from the Green Mage in the next update, and I'll take Item off of the second unit, as well as making the Myrmidon a little less tanky. That should be sufficient enough to reduce some of that battle's frustration.

What exactly is keeping you from winning? The skills the enemies have aren't exactly the greatest (aside from the Dual Wielding Ninja). I could see the two Item users being an issue (normally I try to make each battle only have one Item user just for the sake of less annoying sandbagging on the enemy's part), but that's easily dealt with with AoE attacks. Also, I'm surprised Antilaws is giving you issue and not Famfrit. :P

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