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FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance : Item fix ver2.0
« on: December 20, 2014, 05:28:23 PM »
I feel like it was posted somewhere, but I can't seem to find it, but is there a list somewhere of mission items that are required to get 300 missions? I'd like to make each one obtainable somehow.

Welcome to FFH, Marche! I would advise starting a new hard save with 1.0, because many things have been changed. Laws are set, many old items have been completely revamped, some missions have been altered, etc. Luckily, from 1.0 on, you won't ever need to start a new save again.

Yes, RRS, Excalibur has always been Holy Elemental, and Mistile Robe has always Absorbed Holy. Sun Blade is also Holy Elemental in GG. In fact, most Blades and Greatbows are becoming elemental, with the player needing to swap them out for certain battles as needed.

Meteorite is probably strong because the Fairy had Mag Pwr+ equipped. Otherwise it's just an annoyance, IMO.

Thanks for pointing out these bugs. I already knew about the DD one, but the OK one is concerning. It may force me to rework how OKs work, since I suspected there was some odd hardcoding going on with them that I just didn't notice. And yeah, OKs can only learn JP via Move-JP Up. Dycedarg and Zalbag are getting buffed.

The Dark Behemoth sprite bug was also fixed already. Thanks for all of your information- hope you're enjoying it! :)

It's taking a while for 1.0 to be released because I'm completely redoing the item and law system, by the by. Most items will be far more interesting now (at least, within FFTA's very limited item scope...) and many jobs will be able to pick between different weapons that can boost various aspects of that job. Just to give a very brief example from end-game Rapiers...

Steal from the Elementalist in "Materite Now!"
Boost: Dark, Earth, Water

Complete "For a Song"
(+12 MAG)

Gupti Aga:
Steal from the Fencer in "Brown Rabbits"   
2 Range

Complete "Old Friends"   
(+12 ATK)

Aerial Hole:
Complete "One More Time"
(+10 SPD)

Last Letter:   
Complete "Cursed Bride"
(30% EVD)

Femme Fatale:
Initial gear on Ritz
(+1 Move)

Basically, jobs will have a bit more flexibility in terms of gear, because different gear will boost different parts of a job. Items will also not be won randomly after fights. You'll win healing items, sure, but gear will now have to be bought, stolen, or directly won from certain missions.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Revised
« on: December 17, 2014, 03:03:38 AM »
Illua playable wouldn't be too hard in theory. Unfortunately, if you hack Illua into your party, it crashes the game when an Opportunity Command arises. Not sure how that could be fixed.

New Project Ideas / Re: FFT - The Lion War
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:47:04 AM »
Unfortunately, Ultiga -is- a canon name for upgraded Ultima. :(

Help! / Re: FFT - WotL Item Sprites Search
« on: December 17, 2014, 01:00:33 AM »
The palettes are the same in both versions. The new items just use existing, unused palettes.

It's a dummied law, but it actually works exactly as intended. The only laws that don't are laws that multiple people at one time could potentially break- this leads to the game crashing.

Just a very small screenshot of an example of the fixed law system that will be implemented into the next update. Fret not, an Anarchy version without laws will be released later as well!

Introduce Yourself! / Re: FFH Community Picture Gallery
« on: December 14, 2014, 03:19:21 AM »
Hmm. I haven't posted any pics on here in a while. Here's some new(er) ones:

Not the greatest in the world, but oh well. :P

FFT: Parted Ways / Re: PW 2.0 Job Rundown/Ideas (Insight/Feedback Welcome!)
« on: December 11, 2014, 12:05:36 AM »
The job tree is going to be shifted around a lot, if only because many jobs play a lot differently now. I'm hoping to have something playable out early next year. I work on PW 2.0 a lot when I'm off of work, but sadly that time has been sparse lately. :(

Many of those bugs have been removed in the upcoming update for GG. I'm still dealing with quite a few internal errors but they're being sorted out one by one. In a perfect world, GG 1.0 will be the next release, acting as a stable base for future updates, but I don't want to commit to that big of an update just yet. I can promise that upcoming releases will be far more stable than 0.95 though! :)

FFT KO is definitely a good patch to play if you're new to the series, but I would recommend playing the original untouched FFT first just to get a feel for the mechanics. KO is far from an overhaul and is very true to Vanilla- in fact, that's the entire point of it. You won't see any fancy new skills or jobs in KO. Instead, it just makes things a little more balanced and adds some enjoyable ease-of-life alterations.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Revised
« on: November 29, 2014, 12:47:49 AM »
In truth, I find A2 far more interesting than TA. Once I'm done with FFTA GG, I would really like to focus more on A2. It really is a great game.

The Lounge / Re: Pokemon ORAS Super Secret Base
« on: November 26, 2014, 12:41:32 AM »
There can be but one Eternal! I will hunt down this impostor and give him a sound thrashing!

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance : Quest Item fix
« on: November 24, 2014, 05:33:56 PM »
I don't see data of a Battle Scythe anywhere in Darth's editor, so I'm not sure if it even exists or not.

A lot of cool ideas. Glad to see someone else is interested in FFTA! When you come on IRC again I'll provide more detailed feedback, but what really sticks out to me is that there aren't many totally new, custom skills. Don't be afraid to experiment with new things. It's fun!

Very nice, thanks for your hard work! (Yes, GG is still alive. It's my winter project, so progress will be continuing more earnestly soon!)

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance : Quest Item fix
« on: November 23, 2014, 11:24:10 PM »
Wow, this is great. I'll definitely be using this in GG. Thanks for the patch!

Just some very minor screenshots of what to expect from KO PSP Critical Mode: namely battles with many more enemies and a concept I'll explain tomorrow to make Summons more than just "beefy Black Magick":

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