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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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PSX FFT Hacking / Pride's ASM Thread
« on: April 28, 2017, 08:44:51 AM »
Welcome to my hacking thread. Hopefully you'll find something you like. I do take requests but depending on how difficult the request is... I may decline.

Standard ASM Hacks

[01] MP Switch Overflows damage to HP
  • Any excess damage from MP Switch no longer goes to waste. It will damage the target's HP if there is any excess.
  • The Variable changes the % of damage (xx/128) that the MP portion takes, the default is the vanilla 1:1 ratio. Changing this number to x40 would cause the MP damage to take 50% less damage until MP is reduced into spillover range.
  • You can also set it to ignore spillover and increase/decrease the amount of damage MP takes alone.

[02] Remove Spill Over JP
  • Does what it says, no units will gain spill over jp.

[03] Earn no extra Gil from Level Bonus
  • Earn no Gil from the level bonus in the ENTD tab.

[04] % MP gained at turn start
  • Gain 5% (default) MP at the start of the unit's turn. Determined from variable/128, in hex of course.
  • Game crash: Causes the game to hang during tutorial fight. Investigating a solution.

[05] Enemies can now randomly spawn with PA Save, MA Save, and Speed Save.
  • Removes an (intended?) bug that removed PA Save, MA Save, and Speed Save from being randomly selected on enemies.

[06] Charge gains unique status effects.
  • Charge can have an assigned status inflict ID, overwritting the weapons status effect (IE Poison Shot inflicts Poison).
  • Use the Patcher to determine what Status ID to use under the "Inflict Status" tab.

[07] World Map script edit. ID x16 now uses a required level.
  • x16 now functions as a level check and the event or command will not run unless the unit is at least the required level. The level that its checked against is the highest leveled unit in the party. Works fully with any other World Map check (sprite ID, integer check, etc.).
  • Use World Map editor found in one of RavenOfRazgriz's spreadsheets to add to the requirements.
  • Format follows as: 1600 XX00 with XX being the desired level required. Example: 1600 0700 wouldn't allow the event to play unless the highest level in the party was at least level 7.

[08] Move the World Map script to kanji space.
  • Moves the World Map script to kanji space (x80142ae0) so you can't collide with other data if you're world map goes over the allotted space.
  • This, however, does not change where the World Map data is saved so you'll have to manually edit the .xml produced from the spreadsheet to its new location (62AE0 in world.bin).

[09] Ability Animation 07 00 00 will always swing weapon
  • Removes the Ability Flag 'Weapon Strike' from being required to swing a weapon during animation 07 00 00.
  • Should be no more unwanted punching while using an attack unless unequipped.
  • Removes the ugly glitched sword that normally appears when using the draw out animations (03 XX). This was not intended and testing other combinations where there might be an issue but appears to only affect animations where having the equipped weapon is preferred.
  • Useful if you're using another ASM that uses 'Weapon Strike' to merge the ability element and weapon element but you don't want to inherent the weapon element.

[10] Attribute Rewrite
  • Allows a secondary Item Attribute to be attached with the 1st unknown in the Item Data in the Patcher.
  • Also allows R/S/M to be attached to Items with the 2nd unknown using the Ability ID. x100 is added to the total so to add Short Charge to an item, you would set it to E2.
  • Allows you to set negative stats with values 255 - 128. 255 being -1, 254 being -2, etc. There isn't any protection about your units falling into negative stats, so be careful with that.
  • ??? Unit's will not have their HP/MP reset to 999 if they have a Helm/Armor equipped.
  • It also allows you to adjust HP/MP caps for both type of units, change the materia blade item, and change the items required for "Sword & Knight swords"

[11] Move disabled from Attacks
  • Weapon Ranged, Linear AOE, and Draw Out AOE type with a Charge Time all disable Movement while Charging.

[12] Status CT Timer Edit
  • Every Status can now have a CT by setting the time in the FFTPatcher and setting the variable x01 to x0F.
  • You are still limited to only 16 timers but they can share CTs. I.E. Poison and Regen can share a CT but will need to cancel and/or not allow them to stack on each other.
  • If the status does not have a CT, set the variable to FF.
  • It also comes package with two new Supports: To increase/decrease the length of the CT timers.
  • If you do not use my spreadsheet, you'll have to manually edit the information to change the needed data. Check the Battle Stats page on how to edit the supports and see the image for more information on how to edit the data.

[13] Move +1/2/3 & Jump +1/2/3 edits
  • Turns Move +1 into Move +?
  • Turns Move +2 into Jump +?
  • Turns Move + 3 into PA +?
  • Turns Jump +1 into MA +?
  • Turns Jump +2 into Speed +?
  • Turns Jump +3 into Class Evade +?
  • Keep the variables the same for the pairs otherwise you'll throw off the preview when you equip the movements.

[14] Transparent not lost on action or taking damage
  • Transparent status is no longer removed after taking an action or taking damage.
  • This is intended to be used with CT Magic. Unless you want permanent Transparent.

[15] Defend not removed on act
  • Defend status is no longer removed after taking an action.
  • This is intended to be used with CT Magic. Unless you want permanent Defending.

[16] New Support: Inflict Status (ID) to Weapon Attacks
  • Inflict Status: ID to weapon attacks (except Fists) that do not have a proc already.
  • Check your FFTPatcher to make sure you are adding (or cancelling) the status you want to be. Defaulted to 09 (Poison).
  • This is defaulted over Secret Hunt. Edit unit data to choose which data is checked. See for more information.

[17] Disable Secret Hunt
  • Removes the vanilla function of Secret Hunt; poaching monsters.

Spreadsheet Hacks

[01] Reaction Rewrite

[02] Generate Treasure Rewrite

If you want to see my old thread with older hacks; please refer to this thread. Its very old and several broken hacks, I would not recommend taking any ASM from there but I'll keep it there for anyone that wants to look.

The Lounge / Inactivity
« on: November 06, 2013, 05:17:24 AM »
Current have no internet at my home and my phone is turned off at the moment. So my activity is relatively limited. I will have internet back up at my new home some time around the first week of Dec. I'll still come to Starbucks/Library on occasion to keep in touch. Just a fyi for anyone wondering why I'm rarer to find then usual ^__^'

New Project Ideas / Pokemon: Tactics version
« on: June 12, 2012, 06:54:18 AM »
Pokemon: Tactics version overview
In an alternate universe, Pokemon have been set in Ivalice and White sets off to become the Champion of Ivalice after receiving his first Pokemon by the brilliant Professor Cedar. He must defeat the eight leaders of Ivalice, battle past his rival, and thwart the plans of an evil crime syndicate.

Battle System
Currently, the main character, along with other fellow and rival trainers, will act as a minor support unit with a new modified Item command (which will feature Poke Ball). They will lead a team of Pokemon into battle that level up and can evolve once they reach a specific level and visit the Pokemon "Breeder" located at Nelveska Temple. Each Pokemon will learn up to four moves, which vary between species of course.

Videos and Images

Development Status: Active
Currently working on event layouts, events, and the ASM aspect of the game. If you have ideas for potential attacks for the Pokemon, feel free to post your opinions. Don't be afraid to suggest mechanics that do not exist, they can be made.

Current Team
Pride [asm, story, events, other misc.] and Elric42 [events, maps, converting sprites into FFT sheets]

Spam / Picture enclosed
« on: January 28, 2012, 07:59:29 AM »
I thought this was deserving of a thread. Discuss.

Help! / Ramza's Job Change
« on: May 25, 2011, 08:50:52 PM »
Does anyone know what causes Ramza's Job change in between Chapters 1-2 and 3-4? I thought it might be in the events but I can't find anything that even remotely looks correct and due to a lot of crashing, I cannot accurately test this...

PSX FFT Hacking / Pride's ASM Thread (MP Switch overflow damages HP)
« on: April 04, 2011, 11:12:17 AM »
This is a legacy thread, please visit my new thread for new and updated ASMs.

Might as well post some ASM stuff... These are all Battle.BIN unless specified. If you have a formula you want created let me know and I'll create it (assuming its in my ability). You can request other asms but no guarantees as I'm not as well versed in some sections of the battle.bin. I attached an xml to the bottom that can be added to FFT orgASM.

Job Defensive Boost

This hack assigns each job with a number (both a magical and physical) that will reduce damage done through X / 256, so if you wanted a 10% decrease in Physical attacks you would have to use 0x19 (25) rather then 0x0A (10). You check the ai flag Magic Defense Up or Defense Up to determine if the ability will use the jobs Physical or Magical number or you can check neither and the ability will ignore these modifiers (probably very useful for boss enemies). Pokeytax was kind enough to create a simple to use spreadsheet which is attached below for everyone to use. It is VERY important to note that this hack is probably incompatible with Xif's Fury hack, I will have to fix this at a later time. 

Individual Weapon Proc 1.0

This asm creates an individual proc for each weapon, so you can have a special staff that cast Esuna at 100% and you don't have the terror of your book that cast Flare at 100% or a Knife that inflicts Blind at 100% and a Sword that inflicts Undead at 50%. You obviously use Formula 2 to cast a Spell. To set the rate for each weapon you need to refer to this list.

You then add the item number to 0xF6aa0. So if you wanted to boost Thunder Rod's proc, you'd add 0x34 to 0xf6aa0 and you'd change the value at f6ad4. All values are in hex of course (so a 25% rate would be 0x19 in hex). If you do use this ASM don't forget that you do have to change the values to the weapons you want to stay at 19% rate to 13%.

What also is included is a way to create an Accessory that doubles the proc rate for all of the weapons which is signified as XX below. Refer to the list above to set the Accessory. d0 = Battle Boots, d8 = Genji Gloves, ef = Salty Rage, etc. If you do not want this feature, set XX to F0.

Endurance 1.0
Based off of SentinalBlade's old Endurance for Symbols of Rage. The PA part of the formula is affected by Current HP * PA / Max HP. This is after Two Hands but before other XA modifiers such as Attack Up, and Compat. So any formula that uses the Attack Up modifier will be affected (Formula 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 2d, and a few others).  A few notable that it does not affect are Jump and Throw. I plan on redoing this; what I'm not sure what I should make it only affect.

Punch Formula becomes (PA + XX)/2 * PA
Change of the normal punch from of (PA * (Br/100)) * PA to (PA + XX)/2 * PA like the Punch Art formula. Change XX to whatever you would like, in hex of course.

Formula 11 becomes (Jump * 2) * WP
Turns the normally NS formula into this. If you look under the section f6858, you can change 3b to 36 for PA, 37 for MA, 38 for Speed, or 3a for move. Change 40100200 to 00000000 if you want to remove the * 2 part of the formula.  And 0239 to fa38 if you would rather use the formula Y rather then WP. Mix and match if the formula isn't what you want and I've highlighted the sections below that you can change. So you could have the formula read as MA * WP if you wanted. None of these changes will affect the attack up, defense up, etc. part of the formula though. Status are inflicted at 100% like Formula 2d and it takes the ability element rather then the weapon.

Formula 11 becomes Damage = Y
"Y" corresponds with the Y value in the Patcher. For obvious reasons, this is incompatible with my other Formula 11 asm.   

Formula 20, 21, and 23 become MA+PA/2 * Y
Requested by Mando a long time ago. Replaces the MA * Y for all of the relevant Draw Out formulas to MA+PA/2 * Y.

Formula 13 becomes Heal HP (Attacker's Current HP) Hit F_(MA+X)%
Basically White Wind from previous Final Fantasy games, some games heal it differently but most of the time it heals based on the users current hp so I kept that. It accepts elemental boost, 100% status, and damages the undead. I thought a flat 100% chance to hit was broken, so I added the Hit % function with Faith.

Untruth "Bug" Correction
Faith causes the units to have "0" Faith and Innocent causes units to have "100" Faith when using Formula  1F or Untruth.

Formula 2D becomes (PA + Y)*XX/ZZ*WP
Requested by DrBreen. Y refers to the formula Y and XX/ZZ are adjustable hex values indicated below.

Formula 1F or "Untruth" becomes (WP + Y) * PA

Formula 42 or the "Work" formula gains Status, Elemental, Physical Evasion, and whatever else it was missing.

0 Gil earned from Level Bonus

Remove Female Only Equipment
In SCUS_942.21

Formula 28 (Steal Exp) becomes (100 - Target Faith) * (MA * Y)

Martial Arts boost by 25% instead of 50%

Wall becomes "Mist" or MP Regen
This is intended to be used with FFMaster's Wall asm to make the ai attack Wall'd units. The MP Regen recovers 1/4 of Max MP after each turn. I thought it was better then 1/8 like normal Regen.

Formula 5E becomes (PA + Y) / 2 * PA Hit_(1+X)
Takes everything you would expect from a physical formula.

Elemental Weakness reduced to 3/2

Formula 4e becomes Hit_(MA + X) Dmg_(MA * Y)

Remove Spill Over JP

Constant Faith

Faith adds a constant value, so it mirrors Xif's Fury asm. Change the bold 23 into which ever number you would like to use as a constant (in hex of course). Defaulted is 0x23 (or 35 in dec).

EX. (Damage * (Attacker's Faith + 35) * (Defender's Faith + 35)) / 10000

MP Switch Overflow damages HP
Any excess damage from MP Switch no longer goes to waste. It will damage the target's HP if there is any excess.
EX: Attacker deals 150 damage, Defender has 50 MP. The Defender would lose 50 MP (all of it) then receive 100 Damage.


Spam / I can post and edit my own post again! :D
« on: March 26, 2011, 11:02:25 PM »
I have the power to post and create threads again! Cheers!

Edit: And edit my own post : )


With the end of the Fifty Years' War, the High Priest Funeral decides that there is cause of celebration. A tournament between the powerful warriors across Ivalice is announced and there are many that wish to join, whether it be for the grand gil prize that is offered to the champions or be it the need to test one's ability. Each region (Fovoham, Lionel, Gallione, Lesalia, Limberry, and Zeltennia) of the game host different tournaments that lead into the final one at Murond. Each "tournament" or series of battles will be roughly five to seven. There will also be various other side quest and other challenging battles spread out through the map, which will often contain great rewards. The Deep Dungeon will also appear as an optional set of very challenging battles late into the tournaments.

Recent Events
Okay since I had problems with my laptop and I have to restart this project completely, I'm just going to post the concept here and updated it while I continue my work on it. This was a project I started a while ago with the basic idea of having a tournament based Final Fantasy Tactics, where the central focus is just battling with so me cheesy fighting-game-type story. I put this on hold when I found another project with a similar goal was being worked on, which is now the archived Ivalice Arena. I began working on a revamp of the vanilla Final Fantasy Tactics and learning other aspects of modding, such as editing story line progression, Attack.OUT editing, and asm. After the collapse of IA, I began tinkering with picking up the tournament base. Roughly two months ago, I put down the vanilla project I was working on and fully began working on this again until the unfortunate event . So, I might as well announce this and keep an update thread. Hopefully people will enjoy what I'm working on (this thread might keep me working as well).

Again, this isn't as filled out as I would like BUT feel free to suggest new support, job, items, abilities, etc. as I have plenty of room. Or if you want to suggest one of the battles for one of the regions. I plan on updating this as often as I can, I'm really looking to have a demo out very soon but with a few impending hacks it could be longer then anticipated.

The Lounge / Why, hello
« on: February 12, 2011, 03:44:24 AM »
Figured I'd join the cool people with a thread here. I'm Pride (Prideful on IRC due to someone registering Pride and tends to ghost me while I am on) and I'm pretty versed in most aspects in modding FFT and still slowly learning how to asm. Hopefully I'll have a public release of something cool in the near future. I'm currently working on two projects which are FFT: Parted Ways doing events and my own project (which I have restarted and refocused many times), I also try to be helpful to anyone that has questions or doing little edits that take no time at all. I think I found my way here from gamefaqs, or maybe it was a google search? Either way I've had fun here.

I also play Pokemon competitively, serious business takes place on those forums I frequent. I challenge anyone that believes they can beat me in a standard OU match. =p

Old Project Ideas / Project Patch - FFT: Altered
« on: June 14, 2010, 03:39:53 PM »
Okay this is a little patch I've recently started working on and I just want to get my thoughts and ideas out in the open for others to weigh in on if they wish to....
Main Focus of the patch:

- New Classes. The class system drops down to the 13 jobs that can be edited without glitches, and Samuria will work perfectly for the Soul Seeker. Hopefully, I've created several new jobs that will make the patch enjoyable. I could potentially edit those jobs but I would have to reroute the skill set and require them to basically master the squire job. Because of this bug, I believe its better to leave those jobs at home. So good bye to playable Chemist, Samurai, Lancer, Ninja, Geomancer, and Mime. I could add back some of these... But I would rather not. You may, also, see them against you.

- Magic Rush. Magic jobs have always had a lot going against them, the charge time and variable damage are the main ones. Chemist also trumped any healing mage/unit with instant and constant healing -_- The Charge Time issue will be fixed by limiting the max speed for units, with 8/9 being the base speed and limiting the amount of speed boosting equipment. In addition, Charging status will not receive an added damage bonus, they will take standard damage from physical attacks. Many physical jobs have also received charge times on their attacks. There's two ways to go about the variable damage aspect. The first is to go with the Fury hack and make it like faith or to remove Faith completely. I was originally going to use the second route but after some experimenting I just couldn't find a proper level for the spells, so the Fury hack comes into play.  

Class changes: Basically... I destroyed nearly all of the jobs. The only ones retaining most of their moves are Black Mage and Priest (both known as Black and White Wizard). 14 is more then enough to have a good amount of jobs and not having too many clash and such.
All jobs are now decided on! Spell Blade will take up the final slot, and will be one of the most balanced classes magically & physically.

I've only worked on one of the special jobs and the main enemy of chapter one. The chapter one enemy is remain hidden for now.


For the items not mentioned, its because I haven't decided on what exactly is going to be done with them which is a lot of them. Another thing I've been thinking about is creating a new type of headgear known as hoods. 'Hoods' would replace them ribbons and create a new mage type headgear. It would basically follow: Helmets --> HP Boost; Hats --> Stats Boost/Immunities? ; Hoods --> MP Boost. It would basically be the inverse of Helmets, great MP Boost but much less HP boost. I would then break up the job classes where each one could equip the specialized equipment (Armor and Mage set up) and clothing set up. The problem would be breaking up the Helmets and the Hats to create the new group. I could take 3 of each but it would seem funny, to me at least, to have 3 of the hoods found in the castles, and 3 hoods found in the towns or trade citys. Its a shame that the shops are difficult to edit. I might be able to do it through a hex edit, however. Again another thing to test. Having them in two different locations is more of me being a perfectionist rather then having a real issue though :|

And the last thing is the events. As of now, I'm just rolling with the normal events of the story but... I'm thinking of altering some of them and adding new villains and such. Other thing I could attempt is to create a new story. And the final thing I could do is make this into an arcade version of the game. Basically I would attempt to make a wide array of items all viable (maybe 8 of each item?), have all jobs unlocked at the start, and the player goes on a trail against the mass formation of enemies. Saves would be added periodically (every 5-10 levels?)

This is very much a work in progress but if people want to play it anytime soon, I could create a beta with main battles of Chapter 1 completed after I work through some of the move set kinks and do a bit of debugging.

Help! / Editting Attack.OUT
« on: March 11, 2010, 09:49:53 PM »
According to this thread changing the battle condition is possible. But its not working for me... Obviously I'm doing something wrong but cannot figure it out.

line 153e0 contains the battle conditions for the algus battle which is 80 00 00 00 04 00 07 00 06 00 07 00 00 00 19 00.
When I change the line to 80 00 00 00 04 00 07 00 16 00 19 00 as the thread says, the game crashes when I try to load the battle. Ive tried a few other things but those changes just make the battle not end.

I'm new to this stuff so I get confused easily, so I'm probably just missing something obvious...

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