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Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
« on: June 24, 2015, 11:25:35 PM »

Weapon Guard is innate all units and is used as part of the game balance for equipment.  Its slot as a Reaction Command will be used in a future release for a new ability instead.  As Elric mentioned, ability space is precious, and this decision both gives us a new Reaction Command slot to make use of in the future and makes positioning yourself correctly as the player more important to winning each battle.

Link has a small moveset because the "essence" of Link is a versatile character whose full potential is brought forth via his equipment.  This is why he's the only character to learn Equip Change and why his base class can use almost any item in the game, affording him item combinations that otherwise can't be made, even when considering various "Equip:" Support Abilities.  Ability Space as Elric said is also an issue that has to be worked around so we try to give every character as few abilities as possible to do what they need to do.  This is also why Cloud doesn't retain the "Cherry Blossom" skill from the original Final Fantasy Tactics.  Dante has a wide move pool because it was the best way to convey his gameplay from Devil May Cry 3 into Final Fantasy Tactics, and it gave players who were too stubborn to change from the Five's base jobs enough options to shore up party weaknesses.  Obviously, since Link relies on equipment, his utility is partially restricted by the fact the game has only had one chapter released so far, but as more chapters get released, Link's unique traits in his main job will become more prevalent.

Some of Snake's abilities like Move! or Assassinate do have very low base hit rates, but this is due to their relative power in Snake's hands.  Move!, for example, allows the character whose already the fastest unit in the game to trade his turn to any other unit on the field, regardless of range, which helps units normally balanced by low Speed to get extra turns and wreak havoc.  Snake is a strategic character who allows you to either make high risk plays with abilities like Move! or Assassinate or use Hide and his high Movement range to manipulate the battlefield to your advantage.


These are the stats of the Five when leveled from 1 to 99 in their base classes and without any influence from Multipliers.  Note that this does include the fact Ramza benefits from Female MA and MP, which is the main reason he appears superior to the other units, as the other members of the Five all use Male Growths. 

Dante at 100 Speed Growth sports 11 Speed, while at 150 Speed Growth, Link and Cloud only lose 2 Speed.  Human jobs have an SPM of either 90, 100, or 113, with the exception of Snake's Job, which has 120.  At 90 SPM and 113 SPM respectively, the speed differences become:

Note that due to the nature of CT, Speed points are more important when Speed is lower than higher.  At their lowest (90 SPM), Cloud and Link get 80% of the turns of Dante, who has the "standard" Speed Growth.  At their highest (113 SPM), they get ~85% of the turns of Dante.  So no, they aren't penalized "25%".  Further, since you've at least got experience with things like SCC, it should be obvious that the game balance in Journey of the Five moves heavily away from the ability to oneshot or twoshot most units, even comparing the first chapter here to the first chapter of the original game.  This, and the higher prevalence of MP costs, mean the accelerated HP and MP Growth of Link and Cloud are important factors, both because of the increased utility of things like Move-HP UP / Move-MP UP / Regen / etc., and an enhanced ability to either spec themselves towards tanking or towards using stat-boosting equipment to further their offensive potential without risk of being quickly killed in later chapters where you'd both have a wide variety of equipment options and actually be Level 99.  It's also worth noting that in Journey of the Five, Haste only boosts Speed by 25%, which also lowers the importance of a difference between say, 8 and 10 Speed.  Once Hasted, a 8 Speed unit has 10 Speed while a 10 Speed unit has 12, a far smaller difference than the 12 and 15 Speed gaps that would occur in the base game, and would further be exacerbated by lots of Speed-boosting equipment that will be harder to come by in later Chapters of Journey of the Five.

The Five's base Jobs also don't contain the "best" stat growths, they merely contain more heavily slanted stat growths than the Generic Jobs which lean you toward what that character is known from in their main series.  Link comes out as a slightly bulkier Ramza with a bit less PA and MA, Dante comes out as a tank who can easily trade hits with anything, etc.  Generic Jobs have less exaggerated Growths, but there's nothing really "bad" about them as they follow the same basic rules as the Five's in terms of game balance.  They also become more focused as you get higher up the Job Tree.  For example, the Samurai has Growths very similar to the Duke, but has lower Speed Growth in trade for more HP and MP.

If you don't like the class, don't level up in it, but the disadvantage of 150 Speed Growth is far lower than you make it out to be, possibly because you're checking the stats via FFTastic and not a program like lvlsim or my Utilities Workbook and getting the wrong results, as FFTastic is only designed to be used with the base game.

FFT+ / Re: Moving forward 1.02
« on: February 04, 2015, 08:12:18 PM »
You have to remove the check for Beowulf being in your party from the World Map Instructions.

Works in Progress / Re: Souls of Destiny
« on: December 20, 2014, 06:50:03 AM »
Okay, I played up through Sand Rat Cellar completely blind.  Haven't even read the OP, so I don't know what's actually in the Changelog or planned in future revisions.  I went in with no expectations or impressions besides "CONMAN made a story patch, tell me if you think it's good" from Elric.  Below is feedback / bugs / etc. found based on that.

* Steal Heart's text or effect is wrong.  The text says it adds Charm, yet every time I tried using it, the displayed status was Death Sentence and none of the times it actually landed a status so I don't know what it's actually meant to do.

* Characters don't save between the Intro at Thieves' Fort and Magic City Gariland and it's very disorienting, because there is no reason for them not to save between battles.

* You get no revival options in the first two battles, as well as no healing options whatsoever besides Wish, and in the second battle your characters are capable of Crystalization. 

* Your main non-hero characters can Crystalize without a Game Over and the game continues as normal.  I tested this by having Chelsea Crystalize in the second fight and was able to complete up to Sand Rat Cellar without any issues or the game caring in any way despite one of my main characters literally being dead.

* La La does not join immediately after helping you so she resets before joining your party.

* After La La joins, your Inventory is completely reset.

* La La joins at a far higher level than the rest of your party.  I believe either Level 7 or Level 8 while the rest of your party is still floating at Level 2.  It might be a bit lower than this because I didn't think to check her level until Sand Rat Cellar but by that point she was Level 10 while the rest of my Party was Level 2 and Level 3 so she had to join at least at Level 5.

* Enemies starting after La La joins seem to be far higher level than your other playable characters.  I'm guessing battles are Party Level based on this.

* Mandalia Plains restricts you to 3 Units despite you having 4 Units and there being no Sprite Limit issues. 

* Mandalia Plains has enemies up through Level 7 including a Squire with a Battle Axe that can oneshot anyone in your party.

* Other enemies tend to grossly overlevel the party.

* Zalbag uses your main character's formation sprite.

* Zalbag sucks.  Really he's completely fucking worthless.  The only useful thing he did for me was act as a high MP target for Jenna's Osmose skill.

* Zalbag's AI in the Sweegy Woods battle makes him twice as shit as he is in other battles because he hides behind your party unless the enemy moves in close.

* Sweegy Woods only allows you to deploy 3 characters despite there being no Sprite Limit issues.

* Enemies in Sweegy Woods on average are over 3x the level of your party unless you're grinding.  My units that weren't La La averaged Level 2 and the enemies averaged Level 7 on top of outnumbering you heavily despite you likely having no ability pool yet.

* Dorter Slums finally allows you to deploy all your units, too bad one of mine was dead forever.

* Units in Dorter Slums outlevel you by even more than Sweegy Woods unless you've been grinding.

* Monk can oneshot any unit in your party that's not Zalbag unless Compatibility saves you.

* Units in Sand Rat Cellar begin breaking Level 10 despite all my units that aren't La La being Level 2 or 3.  Zalbag doesn't count because he's literally more worthless than Algus because he doesn't start on the side that allows his corpse to be used to block the door.

* Enemies include a Level 11 or 12 Samurai that can twoshot your entire party including Zalbag simultaneously via Draw Out.

* Monk present still oneshots entire party that's not Zalbag, La La included.  Zalbag is still worthless despite this so him not being oneshot honestly does more harm than good.

That's where I stopped playing for now.

Other notes:

* Sprites are borked, but you know this already.

* Event Text is often broken or badly formatted.  Too many instances to document them all individually.

* Story seems rather confusing to follow.

* Story is twice as confusing to follow if you don't edit your name because you seem to have Ramza as an existent, separate character.  The default name should be changed if this is so.  This can be done via FFTacText.

* This happened during one of the scenes with Alma, forget which:

* Unique units don't feel very unique so far since the ones I've encountered so far merely utilize generic class abilities with higher stats and innates with only one or two unique abilities.  Having a lot of abilities on a Job isn't very important.  A character like Mustadio who has 3 unique and character-defining moves is much better than a character like War of the Lion's Balthier which has 12 moves simply taken from everyone else.

* The general idea of the patch seems to be that your starting units are far more powerful than the enemy generics so you fight a larger number of higher level generics.  At this early point in the game there are two problems with this formula:
** 1. This highly disincentives me as a player from changing Jobs to get new skills.  Journey of the Five has this problem to a lesser degree, but this patch seems heavily based on the "Squire" Jobs being heavily bad-ass so its far more prevalent here.
** 2. At this early point in the game, Level is easily one of the most determining factors in how strong a character is so, at least in my playthrough so far, most enemy units are as strong or stronger than my units by virtue of raw numbers.  If I were an average player I would have been forced to either grind levels and hope levels don't scale or stop playing.

* Despite all of the above, I was able to trivialize every fight except Sand Rat's Cellar despite the difficulty brick wall that seemed to get added to them via Jenna's Magic Ball and La La's Barrage.  However, this required a lot of mechanical manipulation that novice or intermediate players would not have considered, such as abusing Zalbag as an Osmose target to keep Jenna's MP full.

* Osmose does not seem to target the player like a normal spell with a CT, but targets the panel instead.  Not sure if this is intentional given this isn't how Vanilla spells function and everything else still seems to be pretty much set up like Vanilla.

Event Editing / Re: Basic Question About Using EasyVent Editor
« on: December 12, 2014, 01:16:01 AM »
Are you saving the event before compiling it?

That version of EasyVent compiles the last Event saved, not what's currently in your editing window.

Help! / Re: EasyVent Editor not on the download page?
« on: November 04, 2014, 11:51:26 PM »
I haven't because I want to remake a lot of those tools but, you're correct, Xifanie, I haven't been able to find the motivation to do that.

You can always find the most recent versions of my tools in my signature though, JantheX.

Help! / Re: Changing weapon sprites in the shops
« on: August 18, 2014, 01:35:59 AM »
Tutorial Link Index -> Item Icon Editing by Celdia should be what you're looking for.

Always check the Index first when you need to know how to do something.  It's a bit more reliable than trying to jam words into the Search engine.  There are other Indexes for similar things on other boards such as the one used for tracking ASM knowledge on the Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking board.

Is it possible to beat the 6-turtle-encounter at Zirekile Falls?  At this early in the game, it's such an overwhelming fight that I end up hitting reset.  :oops:

It's beatable but it's a lot easier to beat once you come back to it with more skills.  The enemies die much easier and it makes you feel like a badass after they've beat you up so much early on.

Help! / Re: Opening PPF files on Mac OSX
« on: July 05, 2014, 02:58:20 PM »
A PPF simply contains the differences between two files.  You need a program which can apply a PPF to another file such as PPF-O-Matic, and the original file the PPF was made from - in this case a US .ISO, .IMG, or .BIN of Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1 - to apply the PPF to. 

Obviously we cannot provide you with a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics so you're on your own there, and I'm not sure if PPF-o-Matic has a Mac version or what its Mac equivalent is but that's where you would start looking.  However, once you've applied the PPF, you can just open your game in your emulator and you're good to go.


PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Dokurider's Custom AoEs
« on: June 13, 2014, 03:56:23 AM »

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Dokurider's Custom AoEs
« on: May 30, 2014, 11:47:04 PM »
It doesn't even need the Kanji Space hack anyone technically, but best do that anyways to be safe.
Nothing ever "needs" the Kanji Space Nopper, all that hack does is make it easier for an ASMer to see how large their workspace is.  If you're not actively ASM hacking or working on a team where someone is you should never need to apply it unless the person making the ASM did something particularly brain-dead.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Bug Reports
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:20:56 PM »
Generally, running into dummied out abilities with no effects or descriptions is a side effect of cheating and hacking things onto your characters, yes.

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Dokurider's Custom AoEs
« on: May 28, 2014, 03:01:06 AM »
Hamedo doesn't make Counter useless.  Countergrasp is also its own flag, so you can make it possible to trigger "Counter" against any damaging attack that happens to be inside your weapon range, while Hamedo with Choto's fix can filll the role of old-Counter by triggering against those types of attacks with a pre-emptive strike.  Considering many people consider Counter to be a lackluster Support, this is a change that both makes Counter more relevant and gives Hamedo more overall utility.

What makes things useless is lacking the imagination to properly diversify things.

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Dokurider's Custom AoEs
« on: May 28, 2014, 12:12:59 AM »
Normal Attack also controls whether the attack is intercepted by Hamedo.

I discovered what the flag did a long time ago when making Jot5 Chapter 1 but forgot to actually tell anyone about it.  But yes, it controls Golem, Hamedo, and maybe something else, it's hard to remember back to like 2012 when I noticed what it did.  (This is relevant if you use Choto's hack that "nerfs" Hamedo, since you can make it effective against more attacks to compensate if you wish.)

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Journey of the Five FAQ + Q/A.
« on: May 27, 2014, 09:04:35 AM »
Has something been changed with Monster Egg Laying?

Monster egg-laying was disabled to circumvent a few bugs caused by some of the ASM edits we use, among other reasons.  If you want a monster based party you'll need to tame each one individually. Battles like the one you found in Araguay Woods where monsters join automatically at the end were added to help offset this for people who enjoy using monsters, though.

Just so you know this still has a very small bug where it deletes some asterisks (*) that it shouldn't.

I'll fix it in a 3.0 later but it's not a problem when dealing with Vanilla PSX FFT because I'm 99% sure that character is never used.  But what Choto said, this doesn't actually make any space, it simply removes the Kanji you would normally write on top of so you can more easily see said space.

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Fur Shop Before Chapter III? [SOLVED]
« on: April 30, 2014, 06:07:23 AM »
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but you cannot change an equipment type to another because of how the game was coded.
You can, but you also need to change the battle graphic via my workbook, and if you want Secret Hunt, it needs to stay using one of the [WEAPON] formulas and not an ability formula.  I completely rearranged all the equipment in Journey of the Five to manipulate how the game determines random equipment and there's no bugs like this, you just need to be thorough about it.  It's a royal pain in the ass but we have all the tools to reorganize all the weapon / shields / heads / armors / accessories to any order we want without restriction as long as we keep them in their own broad groups.

It's not really an oversight.  Most games make the AI intentionally inferior to a human because the game would be unwinnable otherwise.  All things considered, FFT's AI is fairly fierce and robust for a strategy AI developed by a major gaming company.  See: the way most battles leave the AI with almost no relevant options to fight you with, and yet Vanilla is still difficult for newbies until they get win-buttons like Orlandu.

The AI doesn't have any understanding of the weapon proc and will only see "Hey my weapon does 0 damage, I'll go do something else." 

1. You can't make that kind of a formula with the current iteration of the workbook.
2. You put the value.  If you look at the formula constructor below the instructions you'll see that's how its built.  You only use the "name" of a stat when referencing WP.

1. That is what that number would be.  (It's in hex, obviously.)
2. Ability Proc Rate is the base proc rate of ALL abilities in the game that use the standard proc routine.  So if you wanted 100% status procs on all skills, you would set this to be 64.  It's a bit ambiguous because Pride just pigeonholed it there at the end and the rest of the workbook is strictly about items.

The AI doesn't like using 0-power weapons because it can't "see" the procs on your items, so I would recommend against that kind of design.  You would be better off asking someone to hack Formula 04 (the one used by Magic Guns) to suit your needs, since the AI properly understands that.

You should always apply your ASMs as the very last thing you do before testing out your ISO for bugs.

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