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Well, I know what I'm going to be including in GG 2.0. Great work on this!

It's been a while since a proper update, hasn't it? Over the past few weeks I've been chipping away at this, reading this forum's posts all the way back from the beginning, making tweaks and changes that hopefully everyone will enjoy. 2.6 is very much going to be an experimental update. I'm making a lot of changes that deviate from the norm, mostly to see how they play out. I expect that sometime within the year, I'll be updating all versions of KO to 3.0 and with any luck, those will be the last updates ever needed for KO, so 2.6 will be a good starting point to see how these larger changes take, while still staying true to the feel of Vanilla. As such, your feedback is more important now than ever.

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback over the years to help make this mod as great as possible!

The update is both on the first page of the thread and attached here. Enjoy!

Because it's been so long, I'm sure a few things have fallen through the cracks in the changelog, but the below are the biggest changes made. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

@Stilgar: I haven't forgotten your request. I'll see what I can whip up when I have some more spare time. :)

EDIT: It looks like Dark Knight still has Move +3/Jump+3. I'm guessing this is a case of hardcoding. I'll look more into this for the next update- my apologies!

Mimik, it's not being dropped. As noted above, I've been working on FFXII and FFTA2 at the moment and I'm actively working on reworking this mod to be less buggy, using tools that have come out since the original release.

SFF has been updated and a link to the updated version is available in the first post. The update features myriad bug and balance fixes as well as a version that rebalances each of the 12 jobs for TZA's dual job system.


Full changelog here:

Probably not. I'm really only revamping jobs that weren't particularly interesting, and Blue Mage is already pretty interesting.

Great question! The formula would have to deal damage equal to the user's HP, so it wouldn't be able to be divided up. To ensure things don't get too crazy though, I think it's going to end up being 1 Range, 1 AoE (since the caster would have to be caught in the AoE for the Reduce to 1 HP Effect to hit themselves), so positioning would have to be very precise and it would likely consume MP. The other thought is to make their HP on the lower side, making it a good secondary skillset for higher HP jobs. I would vastly prefer it to be a large, 2 AoE skill (like Ultima), but I think that'd just be too broken. It'll all come down to testing and, honestly, if it's a little overpowered at first, I'm not completely averse to that as long as everything is fun, but this is the current plan.

I would need to test it, but yeah, it’s basically reverse Cover. The unit would be bestowing Cover on an ally instead of itself.

Of course! I enjoy doing it. As a reward for the patience you guys have shown, I decided to throw in an additional new job for the next update. Not only will you guys be getting the Slayer and Judicer, but you'll also be getting...

Introducing, the Vampyr!

Yes! There'll not only be Moogle Belmonts, but there'll be vampires for those Moogle Belmonts to slay! I'm working out the specifics, but the Vampyr will be replacing the (very boring) Hunter job, for both Humes and Gria.

Vampyrs focus on a few simple things- staying the heck out of an enemy's range of attack and storing up blood/HP for their Demonic Megido attack. Demonic Megido is slated to damage enemies equal to the user's current HP. However, upon unleashing that attack, the user's HP will be drained all the way back down to 1. Meaning that you won't be able to spam it unless you're healed up, but if you use it at full HP, you're able to do a lot of damage, very quickly.

This is where the Vampyr's other gimmick comes in. The Vampyr can either use Soul Steal to drain HP from a distant enemy or they can Feed on a non-human enemy, dealing increased damage and therefore absorbing more HP. To that end, you'll want to keep enemy monsters around to Feed off of, allowing them to quickly regenerate their HP for Demonic Megido. To keep themselves alive, they can use Daze to Charm an opposite-gendered enemy, or Lifepawn to force allies to Cover. Will you be able to master this horrible night?

Their current proposed skillset:

Skillset: Vitiate
Launch a ball of demonic flame at the enemy and teleport both the foe and the user away.
Infatuates an opposite target with one's eyes.
Drain the blood of the living, dealing increased damage to monsters and absorbs their HP.
Drains a foe's HP and MP.
Unleash an explosion fueled by one's soul, dealing damage equal to the user's HP, but reducing HP to 1.
Damage an enemy from afar with perfect accuracy..
Hypnotize an ally, coercing them to take damage for the user in its stead.
The user enters a state of demonic rest, bestowing REGEN and HASTE, but DISABLING them.

Great news! The Slayer and Judicer jobs are nearly done. Judicer just needs animations. I think I'll release an update without formation changes (since it's been a while), and then work on formations for the next update thereafter. Thanks for all of your patience, everyone!

New Project Ideas / Re: FFT - The Lion War
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:37:24 PM »
I'm super excited for this. Great work as always, Elric and team!

@Rzen: I don't have it right in front of me, but I think Mime is still the best overall. It's been a while since I've messed with stat growths, so I'm not entirely sure. But if you check the Patcher, whichever job has the lowest Growth number and highest Multiplier is what you'd want.

Hey guys! Apologies for the delay, I missed that there were additional comments until I just saw Stilgar's:

@Ged: I'll take a look and see why enemies are using Rend skills so much. I assume it's just because they're free and more accurate now, but I definitely don't want it detracting from the experience.

@Stilgar: I'll see what I can whip up. The changes were made mostly just to ensure that things are still somewhat balanced, as the Move+ skills can get broken pretty quickly. I'm also looking into the Rend skills. Should be an easy enough edit... I'll see if I can release a separate version when I release 2.6, which shouldn't be (too) far into the future.

Haha, that's a mighty bold show of appreciation. I'm glad you're enjoying everything. Welcome to FFH!

Hey MountainDew! I'm working on completely revamping this mod at the moment- I intend there to be a FFTA GG and a FFTA2 GG. Unfortunately, real life has just been super busy of late, and I've been working on my FFXII mod as well. Thankfully, that one is pretty much wrapped up, so my focus has been shifting back to FFTA2 and FFTA. With the advancement of many tools since FFTA GG first started, we can do things a lot more cleanly than we used to be able to, so I'll be redoing everything to be cleaner and, hopefully, less buggy!

Great stuff! I've been out of town for the past week or so so I haven't been able to watch the past few videos because the internet here is crap, but once I'm back I'll be having myself a Barren video marathon!

Hey guys! Apologies for the necropost, but it looks like the original post no longer has the attachment. For those wanting just the Item Fix patch, it's attached to this post.

Thanks Barren! Looking forward to your play through! Watching it now. :)

Hey guys! It's been a while! Now that I'm finished with my FFXII mod, I'm back and dedicated to working on A2 again. There've been a bunch of tools released since the last update- namely a formation editor. To that end, I'm finishing up with the new jobs and will be working on editing each formation now. I expect it'll be a tedious process, so it'll probably be a bit, but I'm excited to be back at it and able to edit all the things we can edit now!

Those of you who know me know that I'm a huge fan of Ivalice not only as a series, but as a world itself. To that end, I've modded most of the games in the Ivalice Alliance to some extent during the last several years of my modding career.

Recently, I was working on FFTA2 and kinda vanished from here for a bit, as I was pulled into modding something very different- Final Fantasy XII for the PC. I wasn't expecting the modding scene to be as advanced as it was, and I, along with a few others in the community, worked together and have created the world's first FFXII rebalancing mod. I'm excited to announce the release of Final Fantasy XII: The Struggle for Freedom, a mod that changes various aspects of FFXII to make things more tactical and interesting, while making things a little more difficult. Struggle for Freedom's biggest changes are as follows:

-Each character has a set role, similar to FFX or XIII. These roles are based off of other canon appearances throughout the series, and allows for a balanced party at every point during the game. Vaan is a Thief, Penelo is a White Mage, etc. If you don't like set jobs and prefer XII's job choice system, there's a version of the mod that allows you to choose the original, albeit slightly modified versions of, the original boards. Taking Quickenings early on gives you an early boost of power, or you can save them until later on in the License Board's progression to unlock bonuses for each character.

-There are more elemental options now- Gravity/Graviga are Earth Elemental, Bio/Scourge are Water Elemental- elements that were sorely lacking in the original game. Likewise, certain Technicks such as First Aid that were useless in the original are much more usable now.

-Equipment is rebalanced, and most final-tier weapons within the same category are unique in the sense that they're different, but each usable. For example, Gastrophetes has a higher Attack Power, whereas Tula is weaker, but fires faster. Also, the Three Invisible Items can now be obtained via the Bazaar.

-Enemies are tougher. Most enemies have 2x HP and 1.3x boosts to their other stats. Enemies that use weapons use various different weapons now, such as the Urutan Yensa using Bamboo Arrows to Poison the party.

-Espers have a wider array of skills now and entirely new Gambit sets to take advantage of those new skills. For example, Adrammelech focuses on outspeeding the enemy with Haste/Slow, whereas Cuchulainn can reverse the effects of items on the enemy.

There have been more changes than I can possibly list, but everything is notated in the Readme/Master Guide included with the mod download. I hope everyone enjoys SFF as much as I did making it, and I'm excited to be able to mod FFT/A2 again very soon! As always, feedback, suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome!

Full download here:!zfgF2LKD!p2PJe0a82Z4hE2KebRVb1xddZKxTWN_HrPdqBZjUKzM

Works in Progress / Re: Souls of Destiny 3.5 chapter patch release!
« on: June 05, 2018, 10:35:18 PM »
Great work, CONMAN! I'm super excited to be able to try it out. :)

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