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 on: Today at 03:12:33 PM 
Started by Mrfuzzy - Last post by Elric
Palette Editor.

This site is really only helpful for those who are willing to help themselves with the buttload of info we have already provided for you.. Handholding is at a minimum, especially on the extremely easy stuff

 on: Today at 07:27:44 AM 
Started by Celdia - Last post by RavenCurow
IIRC 12 and 17 in the unit bin are also safe as those models are never used. Not sure on 17 though since that is Teta's portrait location as well.

 on: Today at 06:03:23 AM 
Started by Mrfuzzy - Last post by Mrfuzzy
Does anyone know if the sprite editors have been updated to change colors or sprites in a more simplistic way? I just don't understand the tutorial :,(

 on: Today at 01:56:24 AM 
Started by Elric - Last post by Elric
The movies will be optional, as that will be a 50mb version of the patch and its just the intro and opening movie, not the others.

Already been edited several years ago. Just didnt update the image

 on: Today at 12:38:48 AM 
Started by Barren - Last post by Barren

 on: April 19, 2018, 11:41:07 PM 
Started by Valkoor - Last post by Valkoor
I was just wondering if there is any software to mod an apk for android devices.

 on: April 19, 2018, 06:10:12 PM 
Started by Elric - Last post by Squaresoft
Just doing my monthly stalking. I dream about this every night.
I have a question though:
Will the PSP Intro Movies be optional?. Since you are keeping the original translation, the original intro may help(some people?) to keep the Vanilla feeling.
Oh, the transition from the Intro Movie's dark colors once it ends--to the Tittle Screen's brown colors is "dramatic", except that it's going to be edited.

 on: April 19, 2018, 01:00:07 PM 
Started by Celdia - Last post by chaosflarz
Thanks, i tried dlding the wentries spreadsheet, from : thread

1 question is that when i open the spreaadsheet it says to edit only the yellow highlighted TAB, which is per entry, but from what i know wildface and unit.bin values don't match for e.g a certain class can be 001 for unit.bin and 002 for wildface.bin.

2nd question is what does it mean to copy the XML tab into a .xml file? haven;t really use FFTORGASM before how do i actually convert the spreadsheet and patch it ?

EDIT** : hey thanks a bunch got it working already, didn't know patching with FForgasm could be tht easy.. btw is 08 and 09 the only untouched values to mod? is there other values which are safe to use?

 on: April 19, 2018, 02:00:29 AM 
Started by Celdia - Last post by RavenCurow
You can use the UWentries spreadsheet to change which jobs corrispond to which entries in the unit and wldface bins then patch it with FFTorgASM

 on: April 18, 2018, 01:23:34 PM 
Started by Celdia - Last post by chaosflarz
Hi I have a question.

Tried doing this with the youtube guide but it doesnt seem to be working, i am pretty sure i editted with graphic gale correctly and save the correct files and CD mage it back into the ISO UNIT.BIN WILDFACE.BIN and WILDFACE4.bin

Attaching the screenshots of the result happening in my FFTEVGRP.

I am using a emulator on PC PSXE and i have tried to gameshark the values 3A ( CELIA unused class) to get into the new sprite class, upon turning on the ISO, the potrait and sprite still remains celia , while the shishi editor works changing my sprite when i enter into battle.

Any help and advice will be appreciated pls. Thanks!

EDIT*** I think i found the solution after googling and looking up other people tutorial, so apparently the SHISHI Editor 3A values is not the same and doesn't correspond with WILDFACE.BIN and UNIT.BIN 3A values, for e.g seeing how some1 editing a Summoner class on Sprite editor the value is 67 , and UNITBIN value is 20 and WILDFACE.BIN Value is 21, what i did was to edit all the 3A values since i thought they corresponded. If that's the case how do i tell which 3 sets of values/numbers would then work together?

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