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Please use .png instead of .bmp when uploading unfinished sprites to the forum!

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 on: Today at 12:26:46 PM 
Started by Mercilec - Last post by Mercilec
Hello, i wasnt sure where i should open this topic..

As the title says, im looking for a hack that doesnt have suicidal NPCs.
In games i like to have full control of whats going on in battle.

thx in advance.

 on: Today at 11:17:58 AM 
Started by Windows X - Last post by Windows X
Thank you. I've fixed my mod here. I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts about my project for further improvements. :)

 on: Today at 11:14:37 AM 
Started by Windows X - Last post by Windows X
Version 1.0.1 is now released with some fixes and corrections as below.

-Added Slowdown fix for USA by Nexus and EUR by Eternal
-Crystalization causing game crash is now fixed
-Defend/Counter Tackle innate abilities are added to Delita/Argath too
-Improved Cure/Cura healing efficiently a bit to scale better and reduce Curaga MP cost a little
-Increased Monk's physical attack a little but still nerfed with default's PA Growth
-Reduced Fire/Blizzard/Thunder CT by 1
-Reduced Meteor CT by 5
-Potions will heal at rate 30/70/160

I play my mods for a while and found something like Auto-Potion being too powerful so I reduced it back with respect to original's abilities design and scaling. Cure/Cura are boosted based on +6 +8 +10 similar to damage spells at +4 +6 +8. :)

 on: Today at 06:24:05 AM 
Started by lepiton - Last post by lepiton
Managed to find some data for unique jobs on posted by edea. Checked the Hex myself this doesn't seem right maybe he was using a different version of the game? The guy has been working on this for ages and has a lot of other hex editing posts so I'm assuming he knows what he is doing.

Update:Ok I am almost certain I've found the information he was referring to it starts at offset 053FFEA0(was going through all the unknowns in lennart's spreadsheet that more or less matched the number of player jobs + hidden jobs) in the NA version of the game and follows the structure described above. I haven't gotten around to testing this yet.(Haven't setup an emulator and I've been working on this for 3 days I need some sleep), but I've manually gone through the first 10 or so entries and they all match the values you would expect from humes. If that is some kind of coincidence then I am GONNA BE PISSED.

Post below.

Normally I would edit instead of double-post, but this felt bump-worthy: I found the data I was looking for!  It had to be manually traced, though; a trace logger would've saved a lot of headache on this one.

The requested data starts at offset $0540018c when looking at the ROM in a hex editor (I'm not sure how to put that in proper notation, apologies).  The space occupied is filled exactly; there's no room to add new Jobs unless someone manages to expand a DS ROM (not likely at this time), but the jobs that are already there can be manipulated pretty easily.  Note that the Job's Race byte (located elsewhere, in the $0522CAAB area) must be set to match the unit's, or the Job still won't show up on their list.

Each entry is 12 bytes long.
Code: [Select]

Byte 00: Order the job will appear in on any given unit's Job List should they qualify.
Byte 01: Actual Job ID.
Bytes 02-03: You can specify up to two unique sprites here; only units with those sprites will have the Job show up
     on their List, even if the unit otherwise belongs to the correct race.
Bytes 04-09: A-Ability mastery requirements from up to three different Jobs.
Bytes 0A-0B: Quest completion prerequisite.

 on: December 11, 2017, 03:43:35 PM 
Started by ffta707 - Last post by franswaa
I'm currently trying to put Turians into FFTA. Gonna slowly reskin this into mass effect, mark my words. Or don't, I might get lazy and quit.

 on: December 11, 2017, 03:32:26 PM 
Started by Eternal - Last post by franswaa
Jelli: Try grinding with quests like chocobo help. Another thing that can help out is reducing clan size below 6 and losing a fight- that results in you getting a quest to find a new unit posted by montblanc. Those are great ways to get stronger classes.

Dreamtrain, it's originally gladiator but was changed so it fits better with the bangaa theme.

 on: December 11, 2017, 02:06:10 PM 
Started by Windows X - Last post by Nyzer
No, it's the text patching. A known issue for WotL. You need to change the "unit turned into crystal/treasure" lines.

 on: December 11, 2017, 11:45:22 AM 
Started by Barren - Last post by Dokurider
Very topical team we have here today. 49% of insta killing units at a range is preeeetty good.

 on: December 11, 2017, 11:08:19 AM 
Started by lepiton - Last post by lepiton
Does anyone know where this is located in hex? I'm assuming it has a similar structure as ffta, and I've been looking for it for days its driving me nuts.

 on: December 11, 2017, 08:33:54 AM 
Started by Windows X - Last post by Windows X
Hi guys. I finished playing Tactics Ogre: LUCT on another day without grinding and it was a blast. I enjoyed it very much with job leveling system that new units can shine without grinding required.

After coming back to Final Fantasy Tactics again, I found this game is a pain without grinding. I checked a few mods people made in forums but they're not very friendly for no grind run.

I thought I'd mod this game for the sake of no grind run at first. But I ended up doing a complete vanilla re-balance patch with adjustments based on Tactics Ogre and other SRPG I played before.

This Valeria mod represents how I revamped FFT with battle mechanics based on Tactics Ogre. All job abilities will remain the same except Arithmetician job with new some new abilities set.

>=== Reworked jobs ===<

I find many jobs being unbalanced or hardly useable especially Archer with uselessly long Aim and Arithmetician being too over powered with math abuse.

Magicians are as fast as malee units and White Mage is even faster making me feel weird comparing to Tactics Ogre when mages are more balanced with turning and timing.

So I decided to revamp some parts of jobs that need some works with some changes and enhancenents while staying vanilla but more fun to play.

[Specialized jobs with innate abilities]

Back then when I was playing Wild Arms XF, I found each class being so useful with its unique abilities and you can learn that skill to use on other classes. Chemist with Throw Items is awesome and I wish more jobs can be like that too.

But this game can't add many skills freely so you're stuck with only one each making some abilities seem less useful than others and often ignored. Some jobs are utilized for getting abilities and ignored.

The hard part is choosing the right abilities that makes job more interesting to play without breaking the balance between your units and enemies. Enemies will gain benefits too making gameplay even more interesting.

Squire: Defend/Counter Tackle so they can always defend and do some damage while defending
Chemist: Treasure Hunter since Chemist already has Throw Items
Knight: Parry and that'll make Knight doing better job in taking damage
Archer: Concentration and now you can't take Archer lightly anymore
White Mage: Regenerate increasing surviability significantly
Black Mage: Magick Counter so you need to think twice before using magic to take down Black mage
Monk: Counter making ranged job be more useful to take down Monk
Thief: Vigilance/Poach which are very useful skills to have as an innate and often overlooked for more powerful skills
Orator: Earplug so this job won't be affected by Speechcraft
Mystic: Manafont increasing Mystic's usefulness as hybrid job
Geomancer: Nature's Wrath/Lavawalking and Geomancer abilities won't hit your friends now
Dragoon: Dragonheart so Dragoon won't go down easily in battle anymore
Time Mage: Swiftness making Time Mage job more powerful with other support skill
Summoner: Halve MP and this job can spam Summon with other support skill
Samurai: Doublehand/Swim making Samurai stronger and scary as it should be
Ninja: Waterwalking doing better stealth mission as a ninja
Arithmetician: CT 0 for chantless magic with poor magic stats
Bard: Magick Boost improving magical efficiency during battle
Dancer: Fury improving physical efficiency during battle
Dark Knight: Vehemence for even more high risk/high return
Mime: Treasure Hunter since it's very fast job so it's good to walk for treasure
Onion Knight: Attack Boost/Defense Boost/Arcane Strength/Arcane Defense and halve elemental damage

Special jobs from other unique characters are powerful already, some are considered broken so I won't add innate skills for them. I also won't add JP Boost as well since some abilities can learn immediately and have JP cost reduced.

[Re-balanced UberSquire jobs]

Ramza's Squire job is uber strong and always like that since the beginning of the game. So I locked PA and MA to be the same value as generic Squire in chapter 1. This applied to Delita and Argath too.

After chapter 1, Ramza's Squire job will gradually become stronger over the time based on Delita's scale as a reference. In his final upgrade, he'll have speed slightly faster than Delita and MA boost a little comparing to original.

I believe this will balance out the game play experience better and also give more realistic challenges using starting Squire job without damage boost. Don't worry, this re-balanced Squire hits a bit harder.

[Reworked mage jobs]

Default mage jobs are way too fast, as fast as Squire and Knight and White mage is even faster. Adding CT cast time didn't help at all seeing how they're as fast as malee units except Summoner which is already well balanced.

So only White Mage, Orator and Bard will have the same speed as malee jobs. Summoner will be slower as original and Arithmetician will be slightly slower.

[Reworked Archer aim abilities]

People complain how crappy archer is and often go with Aim +1, get some decent abilities and move on. Now archer is back, stronger than before and be more useful enough not break the game.

Aim abilities will have up slightly shorter CT with better scale. Last Aim +20 was changed to Aim +15 for more realstic and usable charge time.

[Reworked Arithmetician]

The original Arithmetician is too OP and broken when player knows how to abuse it. Looking into its original state, it has only 70 MA, lowest mage and lower than most magical malee jobs.

I find this is strange for so hard to get job like Arithmetician. Isn't math supposed to make people who's good for numbers smarter so I wonder why they're so slow and weak like that.

Then I found some unused abilities and one of them that caught my attention is CT 0. This ability will reduce CT to 0 for every ability and I was like. This is it! This is how people who's good at math act.

So I added CT 0 as an innate ability in Arithmetician job because they're good with math so they don't need CT, quite fitting with their job description and their stats too.

I replaced broken abilities with magic from White/Black/Time/Summon. Since slot is limited, here's list of magic spells I replaced for new Arithmeticks set.


Arithmetician's spells set is now like enhanced Red Mage with summoning. Though most spells are at fundamental up to intermediate level, they can be used without chant time.

[Reworked Bard/Dancer]

Default Bard/Dancer has a lot of disappointments like very low HP/MP and crappy evasion. It's like they're trying to tell you to not use these jobs more than support units.

So, in order to make these jobs actually useful as fighters, I compared stats to other jobs and try to find optimal niche it can fill in like having strongest physical attack in mage jobs and magical attack on malee jobs.

I boosted HP to only around Ninja and Summoner level with small Evasion boost so they won't break the game balance of other jobs. MP is adjusted with little higher than Mystic for Bard and Samurai for Dancer.

But that's not all, I changed success rate of Nameless Song/Finale to 45% and Forbidden Dance/Last Waltz to 35%. Having 50% is too OP especially when you have both Bard/Dancer together with Mime.

They also have additional equippable weapon such as Gun for Bard and Ninja Blade for Dancer. Both jobs can also equip Robe too which I think it should be within balanced area.

>=== Job leveling re-balanced ===<

In this Valeria mod, leveling requirements will be reduced by 1 for basic jobs similar to PSX version. This will allow player advancing to new jobs faster building up JP points for important abilities on time.

I also changed job progression path to be more friendly to no grind run and re-arrange job unlocking system to be more proper in my own understanding.

[Re-arrange job progression that makes no sense]

Why does Dragoon job requiring Thief job to be unlocked. Is it just me that Dragoon job is like Knight-varient? Why does Mystic unlock Orator not Time Mage when the job itself resembles Taoist who reads the star?

And Time Mage job unlocks Summoner that talks with espers instead of Orator that can talk with Beast and specialize in Speechcraft, not to mention both jobs are superior to Oratror in terms of magic.

Time Mage needs massive JP to master so it should be on the same level as Summoner and makes more sense for Mystic job to advance to Time Mage that can call forth Meteor from stars.

Dragoon: Knight(2) -> Monk(3)
Geomancer: Archer(2) -> Thief(3)
Time Mage: White Magic(2) -> Mystic(2)
Summoner: Black Magic(2) -> Orator(2)

It may sound a bit upsetting to use Time Mage slower when enemies can have it sooner with shorten cast time but yiy only need level 2 to unlock it so not too long to wait.

[Linear job progression path for Samurai/Ninja]

Back then we need to switch between Knight and Archer branch to grind a few jobs to unlock certain job to level 2 so we can unlock Samurai/Ninja job. So I re-arranged job unlocking requirements to make things simpler as below.

Samurai: Knight(3) -> Monk(4) -> Dragoon(3) - No more Archer(3) -> Thief(4) requirements just to unlock Dragoon
Ninja: Archer(3) -> Thief(4) -> Geomancer(3) - No more Knight(3) -> Monk(4) requirements just to unlock Geomancer

[Jobs' requirements summary]

Knight: Squire(2)
Archer: Squire(2)
White Mage: Chemist(2)
Black Mage: Chemist(2)
Monk: Knight(2)
Thief: Archer(2)
Mystic: White Mage(2)
Orator: Black Mage(2)
Dragoon: Monk(3)
Geomancer: Thief(3)
Time Mage: Mystic(2)
Summoner: Orator(2)
Samurai: Knight(3), Monk(4), Dragoon(3)
Ninja: Archer(3), Thief(4), Geomancer(3)
Arithmetician: White Mage(4), Black Mage(4), Time Mage(3), Summoner(3)
Dancer: Dragoon(3), Geomancer(3)
Bard: Time Mage(3), Summoner(3)
Dark Knight: Knight(M), Black Mage(M), Samurai(4),  Ninja(4)
Mime: unlock all 14 main jobs
Onion Knight: Squire(4),  Chemist(4)

>=== Items re-balanced ===<

I found some items working differently from Tactics Ogre or some being way too unbalanced crippling main jobs too much so I made some changes to make items being more useful to some jobs.

-Potions restores 40/80/200 HP
-Ethers restores 30/60 MP
-Phoenix Down revives and restores up to 29HP
-Knife gets extra evasion
-Pistol can be used with Dual Wield (Only basic Pistol that can dual wield so it should be OK)
-Monk can equip Pole (Use magical attack so it shouldn't break game balance)
-Dragoon can equip Crossbow (They can in Tactics Ogre and it worked fine)
-Time Mage can equip Rod (Time Mage is on last tier now)
-Bard can equip Gun (I know there's Equip Gun but Chemist can equip Gun so he should at least can too)
-Dancer can equip Ninja Blade (There's no Ninja Blade equip and Dancer with Ninja Blade is awesome)
-Bard and Dancer can equip Robe (They're semi-mage class so it should be fine, right?)

>=== Jobs and abilities re-balanced ===<

I find switching to new jobs and have unusable main abilities unacceptable so having some skills that can learn immediately will help a lot. So I'll make basic abilities for each job usable  and reduce JP cost for some abilities.

I won't change stats more than necessary like other mods as it might break the original game balance. I read changelog and tried a few mods but they lost original feel after tampering stats and abilities too much.

I changed only what really doesn't make sense like White Mage is physically stronger than Squire or some stats being too high/low for its role. I'll increase Squire's damage and reduce White Mage's damage a bit to make it more balanced.

My changes won't game mechanics too much. It's still faithful to original design, just to make sure that it doesn't go overboard. I also add JP Boost with no JP cost required so everyone can learn and equip JP Boost to level their jobs even faster.

>=== Changelog ===<

-Added Slowdown fix for USA by Nexus and EUR by Eternal
-Crystalization causing game crash is now fixed
-Defend/Counter Tackle innate abilities are added to Delita/Argath too
-Improved Cure/Cura healing efficiently a bit to scale better and reduce Curaga MP cost a little
-Increased Monk's physical attack a little but still nerfed with default's PA Growth
-Reduced Fire/Blizzard/Thunder CT by 1
-Reduced Meteor CT by 5
-Potions will heal at rate 30/70/160

>=== Download ===<

Here's my ppf patch file for original USA and EUR iso. You can apply universal slowdown fix patch after applying my mod. The reason why I made it this way because I want to keep my patch stable as some patch may cause glitches in some platforms.

I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again and again. :)

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