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FFT's on Android now too

Started by Dominic NY18, February 17, 2013, 01:38:42 am

Dominic NY18

Square Enix is apparently continuing their mobile push, because FFT (and specifically, WOTL) has arrived on Android, at least in Japan so far, though I'd guess other versions of it aren't far behind.

The big change this time around? Further enhanced visuals

There's more screenshots of the new visuals located on Famitsu. To my (admittedly untrained) eyes, it looks pretty good and, assuming the game doesn't have any major issues, I'm looking forward to trying it on my Nexus 4.


I saw more of those screenshots, and gotta admit, this shit looks cool man. I really like how they tuned up the sprites, they look pretty much like HD versions of what we do. I assume there is no option to get this running on anything other than Androids(whatever that is) though, right?
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Wow, the visuals do look impressive. i have it on my iphone in all slowed down glory.
I really hope that they have fixed it.  now that i have an android handset, i will be curious to see how it goes. Suffice to say, the jury will be out until some playtesting has been done!
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Kotetsu Quad Killer!!


Smooth sprites...too poor for a smartphone


If I didn't have a PSP I'd definitely get that shit.

Neophyte Ronin

Did they change the glaring bugs the first two iterations have?

Anyone want to place bets...?

(It does look good though, almost Flash Vector-smooth).