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July 15, 2020, 06:22:47 am


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Patch Ideas Proposal Thread

Started by RavenOfRazgriz, September 17, 2012, 06:12:58 pm

Fernando Chris

should the idea realted to the the game only>
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Quote from: Fernando Chris on November 25, 2018, 12:38:54 pm
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You're posting a reply to a six-year-old comment made by someone that hasn't been to the forum in over a year.

Quote from: Fernando Chris on November 25, 2018, 12:40:25 pm
should the idea realted to the the game only>

Yes, patch ideas for FFT should be related to FFT...
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Nah, they don't have to.

I was thinking about how FFTPatcher lets you modify elemental affinities of jobs, and was surprised to realize I don't know any mods that revamp the whole elemental system and puts it front and center (Golden Sun comes to mind). Then I realized that someone could make an Avatar (The Last Airbender) mod.

I'm not gonna do it, of course. I've never seen that anime. But maybe posting this will help inspire a fan.
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Well, sure, but that's still modding FFT into that kind of game, right? So that'd be related.

Honestly, the question just confuses me.  :?
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Would it be possible to change Ramza's class after Ch. 2 ends, and how easy (or difficult) would it be?
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The fact there is a character named Beowulf and a family named Beoulve seems pretty stupid. It is not Ramza Beowulf or Beoulve Cadmus/Kadmas.


For some reason, I have this idea for a game modded onto FFT where each battle is:
- You start off invisible (Transparent). This represents your stealthiness when people don't know you're there.
- You go in and steal a character's shoes (losing invisibility).
- You put on the shoes.
- You then need to "escape".

Mechanically, the theft requirement is enforced by forcing you to reach a particular tile, which you can't do using your base movement. You need to Equip Change the shoes on, and then use the extra movement to get to the tile. Victory condition will either be to step on the "switch" or to kill a Chicken next to the tile.

It is possible to require stealing multiple pairs of shoes. You'll need to Equip Change to get past each shoegate.

Possible shoe effects, and their obstacles:
- Jump: Vertical height. Horizontal gaps.
- Move: Horizontal gaps. A corridor of units; if there are 3 units in a row, you need at least 4 Move to get past them. The units can be invincible corpses. (Wait, aren't there tiles anyone can walk on but not stop on?)
- Float: Water and lava.
- Status immunity: I imagine you can create a corridor of spike tiles which have traps that inflict Dead/Stop/etc. (which all the enemies are immune to).
- SP/Haste: If you're not fast enough, a sentinel at the end will instakill you when you try to approach. Need to time it so you can double-turn them.
- Elemental immunity/Protect/Shell/Evasion: Similar to above. Sentinel will deal fatal damage if you don't wear the right shoes.
- Combinations of the above.
- With an ASM hack, shoes may be able to grant innate abilities, such as Fly, Ignore Height, Move In Water, Move-Find Item, and Teleport.

Extra thoughts:
- The shoes can also have negative effects, forcing you to choose between using CT to take them off, and sticking with them.
- May need a self-Transparent skill (possibly with a cost), and/or Sunken State. I believe (hope) Equip Change breaks transparency, so you need to find a safe place to put on the shoes.
- The Steal Shoes skill should be 100% so that the first segment of the battle doesn't require so much RNG.
- There may need to be a hack (an Event instruction?) to remove items from your inventory after battle.
- Perhaps give a choice between multiple units to choose as your thief. Not sure how this will work with fixed builds.

Fleshing out the concept

- Fixed battles. You can't build your thief. They will be provided to you.
- The battles will come from FFT's story battles.
- Dialogue included? Skippable, hopefully.
- You will steal Ramza's shoes.
- You need to steal them before he dies, because he can't be revived.
- There will be three sides in a battle: Ramza's side, the enemy's side, and you.
- All enemies will have their AI set to target you. Once you are revealed, they'll all go after you.
- In some battles with bosses, you need to steal shoes from both Ramza and the boss.

I don't know, the concept of stealing shoes off someone's feet is just hilarious to me for some reason.
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All pretty much doable via events and attack.out sheet alone, but like... what? xD
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I designed it to be doable. The only part that I don't know how to do without ASM are the removal of shoes after battle and a way to implement character choice.
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