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August 07, 2020, 07:51:48 pm


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A patch based on D&D [Upgraded the first post]

Started by Dome, December 08, 2011, 12:52:08 pm


This is how I'd make it...and I might work on it I get enough free time/will/help

Savage warrior, enters a state of frenzy during battle in order to become very powerful.
Rage: 100% Berserk on Self
Intimidate: Lowers brave of an enemy unit
Power Attack: Stronger attack with lower accuracy
Second Wind: Heals a small amount of HP, self only

The ultimate supporter. Can help his allies while still holding his own in close-combat
Suggestion song: Charms an enemy unit
Inspire Courage: +1 PA to near allies
Inspire Heroics: Adds Defend + Regen to near allies
Cure light wounds: Heals a small amount of HP
Levitate: Allows a unit to avoid Earth-based attacks
???: Removes some status

Great unit when it comes to heal/support allies and fight undeads
Turn Undead: High damaging ranged attack, works only on undeads
Cure Moderate wounds: Heals a good amount of HP. Damage undeads
Cure Critical Wounds: Heals a huge amount of HP. Damage Undeads
Restoration: Removes all bad statuses
Inflict wounds: Deal dark damage to an enemy. Heals undead

Can tame wild animals and support the team with varius spells
Wild Empathy: "Charms" an animal
Produce flame: Deals minor fire damage
Animal Trance: "Stops" an animal
Neutralize Poison: Removes "Poison"
Whirlwind: Wind damage around the caster
Poison: Inflicts "Poison" on an enemy unit

Skilled Close-combat fighter. Knows a lot of manouvers to overcome the foe
Sunder Weapon: Attempts to break the enemy's weapon
Bull Rash: Tackles the enemy, knocking them back
Feint: Low damage, unevadable, weapon range attack

Skilled fighter, uses ki to blast foes and empower his unharmed attacks
Flurry of Blows: 100% attack
Ki Blast: Ranged attack
Improved evasion: Defend on self
Wholeness of body: Regen on Self
Heavy Stomp: Earth Damage around the user

Holy fighters, fights the evil enemies without any fear
Lay Hands: Heal a small amount of HP
Aura of courage: Small Brave boost to all nearby allies
Turn Undead: Weaker version of the Cleric's Skill
Smite Evil: Attack that deals more damage to "Evil" enemies (?)
Remove Curse: Removes Some status

Long Ranged fighter that focuses on slaying beasts
Animal Trance : Puts an animal to sleep
???? : Confuses an animal
???? :

Cunning buglar, agile Fighter, a rogue always has some trick under his sleeve
Bluff: Charms an enemy, human unit
Sneak attack: Deals more damage to living creatures
Hide: Adds invis. on self
Uncanny dodge: Defend on self
Sleight of hand: Steals Accessory

Haste: Casts haste on an ally
Darkness: Blind on an enemy
Magic Missle: Magical Damage
Charm Monster: Charm on an enemy
Greater Dispel Magic: Remove buffs
Insanity: Confusion on an enemy

Fireball: AoE Fire Damage
Ice Storm: AoE Ice Damage
Lighting Bolt: AoE Thunder Damage
Vampiric Touch: Drains HP
Meteor Swarm: High Damage

Equipment does not grant HP or MP. Those 2 stats come only from the class (Items give you more PA, MA, immunity to statuses or other stuff)
Each skill costs MP (Only the "Attack" command is free)
No way to recover MP during fights
Each unit has the same speed, and not acting or moving does not grant any extra CT
Maximum level is 50
No charge time, everything is instant
You cannot change job. No spillover JP. You are what you are
Something like 10 a-skills for each job, 2 reaction/support/movement

*Warning* This post is not yet organized: I put ideas without a proper order/formatting/Checking the grammar of sentences

FFT: D&D Edition
The patch should be something similar to CCP: It does not change the story, just the classes and abilities

There would be 11 generic classes (Units cannot change class)


Hp Based on their Health Dice (Barbarian -> Warrior/Paladin -> Cleric/Druid/Ranger/ Monk -> Thief/Bard -> Wizard/Sorceror)

Barbarian - should have it's "Rage" (A self-only ability that inflicts berserk)
Bard - the same as Vanilla might actually work, but with an AoE of 3/4 instead of the whole field
Cleric - should heal and destroy undeads
Druid -something like geomancer?
Warrior - should be the only class able to smash equipment, and inflict KnockBack on the enemies
Thief - should be able to steal accessories, weapons, and use some talk skill
Ranger - should be able to "Tame" animals and use the bow
Monk - vanilla monk looks good
Paladin - Little heal, good damage against undead, Impervious against most statuses
Wizard/Sorceror - Various array of spells...Sorceror should have more MP but less spells known, the opposite as wizard

Share your ideas/suggestions here?
Who knows, we might be able to gather enough ideas/ppl interested to turn this into an actual patch!

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Hiya Dome,
I am sorting of working on a patch based on D&D at the moment, I am not sure about sticking to one class and not nbeing able to move. eg Lvl 2warrior unlocks barbarian, I like that, sort of like a suprise!! Anything posted below this could be considered the ramblings of an old man.

Have a look at this link

My ideas...
Barbarian Be able to self inflict beserk on self and on the enemy. I was also thinking that other abilities, can be berk + regen, beserk +reraise, beserk +protect etc
In terms of R/S/M Also that they should have Innate Meatbone Slash (I think it suits them) Move +2, well they are quick and also Equip Axe.
In terms of equipment, can use Axe, Flails, Daggers and Clothes.

Cleric You can change the names of the abilities to reflect D&D, so Cure 1, becomes Cure Light Wounds, Regen becomes regenerate, Holy becomes Holy Word. I think that they should be able to use Flails, and keep their RSM's

Thief: Keep all of the steals except for Heart and EXP, good idea about the talk skills, talk out of money and time etc. I would also give them Move+1, anad Innate Move Find Item as well, they are thieves, so they should be able to find things also move that to their skillset. Also probably keep Jump +2. In terms of euipment, keep them to Vanilla, though I do like them having a Ninja Sword....

Warrior: I like the break stuff for them, in terms of D&D, they should be able to use everybit of equipment, maybe not rods or staffs. Therefore eery bit of armour would be open to them. I was also thinking to give them the Triple Strike command and call it Whirlwind Attack, or use some of their feats, as in D&D 3ed. In terms of RSM, give them Vanilla Knights and maybe counter as well, or Counter Throw like in

Monk: Like Vanilla, just change the name of the skills, so Wave Fist becomes Flurry of Blows and Death Fist becomes Quivering Palm

Ranger: I would have them as you said and possible looking at innate poach as well, i hope that does conflict with Tame. I would also look at a Multi-Shot ability as well. I  terms of weapons, I would look at sword, bow, crossbow as well. Equipment, No armour, but all of the rest and may as well chuck in a shield. Also I would give them a movement ability that was well suited to travelling through forested areas.

As for Wizard, I would look at giving their old school spells like Sleep and Charm, and using the correct naming conventions for their spells. The fire-type spells would have a large AoE, but low damage, Lightning is Linear and Ice is somewhere in between the two.

Sorceror, I was thinking making it more like a Time Mages abilities...but then not sure.

Thaumaturgist: This could be the Summoner, and all you have to do is rename the names of the summons, Zodiac becomes Asmodeus, Cyclops becomes Gruumsh, Lich becomes Bane etc

Your Lancer, would become a Dragon Knight, probably have the skills of Reis

You can also through in Archmage, Slayer etc, so there is massive scope for this project

Just need time to thrash out the ideas, me thinks

Cheers Argy

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April 30, 2012, 03:42:47 pm #4 Last Edit: April 30, 2012, 03:49:28 pm by RandMuadDib
Perhaps turn undead should reduce brave significantly? That way magic will still do good damage, and a sufficient turn undead will do what its supposed to... make them run away (chicken)

Paladins smite evil could be a holy attack, which would deal extra damage to anything markes as weak:holy.

Monks's flurry of blows should really just be a renamed repeating fist... if you're using 3.5 rules flurry gives extra attacks (translated to damage) at lower accuracy.

Ranger should be able to dual wield and use longbows

Otherwise looks good to me.
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April 30, 2012, 03:45:32 pm #5 Last Edit: April 30, 2012, 04:05:50 pm by Dome
Quote from: RandMuadDib on April 30, 2012, 03:42:47 pm
Perhaps turn undead should reduce brave significantly? That way magic will still do good damage, and a sufficient turn undead will do what its supposed to... make them run away (chicken)

I don't think there is a formula that reduces brave and only works on undeads, sadly

And about flurry of blows...I cannot think of a way to reproduce it using existing formulas...

"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"