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Suikoden patcher

Started by MasterGrand, September 26, 2011, 05:45:04 pm


I just thought I should show you guys this rpg maker suikoden 2 system.

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Wow cool game (RPG VX), i wonder when release this game ?
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Hi guys

I show you guys Suikoden change Music in events .

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Hello guys

Suikoden Event Camila changed to Pesmerga !!

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November 30, 2013, 01:54:20 pm #86 Last Edit: December 18, 2013, 03:21:04 am by MasterGrand
I want system events for edit all events like EasyVent Editor .
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December 18, 2013, 03:22:51 am #87 Last Edit: December 24, 2013, 06:47:34 am by MasterGrand
New Video guys  :mrgreen:

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hello guys

Suikoden patcher for change characters status but i'm not yet complete it for all characters but I want show you something about it.

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Watch enjoy  :mrgreen:

Suikoden War Battle

Suikoden Add characters

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Omg, and to think this all started when I was looking for a way to have Odessa stay with me the entire game! :o

Hi guys, I was reading this thread, and I know it's been a couple years since we talked about it, but reading MasterGrand's posts as well as you guys made me feel REALLY excited! >.<
I uh...I wanna be able to try to fan make Suikoden >.< I'm actually a very good writer and I think that if its possible to change character names as well as rewrite the script, that would be AWESOME! If I could have some help on how to do it all, i would dearly, DEARLY appreciate it!!!
please reply back as soon as any of you can! >.< I'm really really stoked about this


Poor fella, I hate to be the one to tell you, but MasterGrand was more like MasterTroll. He used his language barrier to intentionally troll people. The only thing he ever figured out was 1 offset for 1 event, as well as throwing some gameshark codes into a GUI
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omg :( man i'm sorry...I had no idea this was a TROLL! >.<

It really sucks!!!! for a game like this it would've been AMAZING if I could've revamped it with my version you know? Although, if there's a way to have Odessa that would be really nice >.<
Thank you so much for telling me this though, just goes to show that I'm gonna have to learn how to make such games like Suikoden, such a fantastic series...


Quote from: pokeytax on February 03, 2013, 11:51:07 pm
I translated Card Stories and am doing the ASM for Suikogaiden Vol. 1 & 2, but the overlap between those and Suikoden I & II is 0%.  They don't even use the same compression format.

The most knowledgeable Suikoden II hacker I know of is Pyriel, who's fixed most of the bugs and worked out some of the scripting, IIRC: http://suikodenbugfixes.wikispaces.com/

I do love Suikoden more than is healthy.  I would love to see a Suikoden III/IV demake or a fan Suikoden VI; the main thing keeping me from hacking it is the lack of gameplay depth.  FFT has a really robust engine with untapped potential that you can leverage with a bit of ASM and hex editing into something fantastic.  Suikoden II is always going to be 90% about autoattack, because the draw is the spriting/characters/storyline.  You would need multiple dedicated spriters and someone who can really write to really get anywhere.  But that said, I'll keep an eye on this thread and see if there's anything I can help out with.

Just found this topic and wanted to give a huge thank you to pokeytax for the great work on translating the Suikogaiden games which add a lot of richness to the Suikoden universe. I am a massive fan of the Suikoden games and happy that you and your team took the time to bring me these games.

Suikoden 1 & 2 are my absolute favorite games of all time, didn't care much for Suikoden 3 or 4 but 5 was pretty good and brought the series back to its roots. Suikoden 3 kind of bored me for the most part with having to experience the same storyline 3 times over despite being from different viewpoints before moving on to the next events and the major battles were a let down for me. I am going to leave a link to a freeware game called Exit Fate which was inspired and borrows heavily from Suikoden 2.


Check it out if your a Suikoden fan and check out another game on the same site called Last Scenario. They are worth the time.
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Sorry to necro this thread,

but i feel the need to share some thing. i'm a huge lover of suikodens, (i did every iterations at least 10 times, 1&2 20 times)

i post this as a last try to a botched effort.

2 years ago a friend who was a begginner unity programer tried to make a basic suikoden but with an implemented multiplayer interface
(think pokémmo, but with people as viktor, camille etc etc) we shared idea and it begin to grow. (i was doing the spritework and fiding game ressources files)
create your character, choose between base classes who can evolve, play as another mcdohl bodyguard for the main story, but be able to do housing,duels,wars, minigames or coop with other players.

we worked 2 months (i still work on it a little sometimes) but my friend just let the project fall after just making a basic movement interface wich used the sprites.
i did 5 of the 6 basic classes i wanted to do, one evolved class,every class with 3/4 palette swaps,did a chart of the classes with descriptions and skill affecting gameplay ideas, found all the music, all the sound effects; all the sprites exept magic animation, minigames, maps 1:1 size of every location and world map. part of it extracted from the suikoden chinese pc win 95 version.

if someone see this, do we still not have figured anything about sprite modding suikoden? i could settle in peace on atleast modding some secondary characters into other things.

most youtube channels, rpg maker projects are just dead and suiko source is not better. i'll joint some of the work i did. mainly frankensteining vannilla sprites and doing palette work.
it's not pro work but well i still hoped to do something with it.

dont pay attention to the dazz signature, i just worked with the vanilla sprites he nicely extrated on spriter ressource site.