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August 06, 2020, 08:14:04 am


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Spacestation 13

Started by Eternal248, July 16, 2011, 02:08:50 am


Ever wanted to go into outer space? Ever wanted to be a heroic fighter of justice fighting for a large corporation? Or maybe you just like blowing things up. Eitherway, Spacestation 13 is for you!

The premise of the game is simple.

Each round, you're assigned a job. It's your duty to do your job to keep the station running (or you can choose to shirk your duties- but that may not be wise). Each round has a villain (or villains) which you and the rest of the crew must stop. These can range from Syndicate operatives trying to blow the station up, to traitors amongst the crew, to Changelings, to Xenos, to Space Wizards, to Space Ninja. They want you dead and it's your job to stop them.

The game is RP heavy, which is why it deserves mentioning here in the RP Forum. Each round has an incredible amount of things you can do, and the game itself is huge (and free!).

To play it, simply download the BYOND client at www.byond.com, select Space Station 13 at the main hub, and choose a server. The server I usually play on (as does Kokojo/Celdia) is Powerful Station 13.




Anyways, on longer rounds you can choose to build to the station, serve food, discover superpowers through genetic testing, make cyborgs, etc. The saddest part is when the round ends! (Unless you're dead- then it's a blessing.)
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
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  • Discord username: eternal248#1817


While the premise of the game is simple, learning the interface is not. At least, not for everyone. Once you get a hang of a few basic methods of interaction though, the initial learning curve levels out fairly quickly. Don't be afraid to just jump into the game and start experimenting, but if you do try to do so in a Job that isn't crucial to the station. If you want to experiment with something higher up and not interfere with an established server/community, come see if I'm on IRC. I can set up a learning server that you can just up and destroy shit on.

A random warning: Sometimes the game's required calculations for Atmosphere can cause the game to lag pretty bad and the commands you input might not get registered. This is less common on the better servers, but if I'm hosting a learning game definitely expect some lag. If someone blows something up, expect that lag to spike for a bit.