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June 06, 2020, 07:47:53 am


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

what is the reason the new jobs and characters are not included?

Started by wemustexpandordie, April 10, 2011, 03:39:49 pm


April 10, 2011, 03:39:49 pm Last Edit: April 10, 2011, 04:10:29 pm by wemustexpandordie
I am no expert at all in modding so, i would like to know. Especially since, personally that is what i would want most.

Now i am guessing it is either really hard or imposibble?

I hope the answer isn't impossible.

if it is just hard-

1. isn't that what people want most? (feel free to correct me if i am wrong)
2. could you just modify hidden jobs and hidden characters?
3. if you can't modify hiddens than can you give up one job for another?

If you can only give up one job for another-

Does anyone like the idea of merging knight and squire to get a job in? (or any multiple jobs)
squire and knight are so similar. Doesn't squire become obselete anyways?

Maybe at the last chapter, ramza can become a dark knight at least of all people?

would it hurt if algus' job were the same as delita's or ramza's or even ordinary?

Maybe a character like weigrafs sister (forgot name) could be an onion knight, and that job could be added.

If there are problems or dislikings in my ideas please state them.

if they don't work, can you state the problem and if i can fix that with an idea?

If my ideas do work can you mention more places where i can add ideas?


Because the psp made changes we don't have access to, however the latest 1.3 has onion knight a death knight ect...

The PSX version can only hold the same amount of generic jobs as the original iirc...

Also this is very oddly worded I cannot follow along well. Don't post the question in the topic because the first sentences are like WHAT?
Topics are headings.
If this is a request for this change you may want to read up more on how to make the changes yourself because many people are already dedicated to current projects...
Search the job wheel on here and you may have find the answers. I don't bother with the psp version or conversion of it to the psx.

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April 10, 2011, 06:40:14 pm #2 Last Edit: April 10, 2011, 06:40:50 pm by wemustexpandordie
the last 1.3 has onion knight and dark knight? Does that include easytype, and is that for the psx you're talking?


no it doesn't not include easytype, it only includes dark and onion in the sense that you get one of those characters, generics cannot turn into them.

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QuoteNow i am guessing it is either really hard or imposibble?

Not imposibble, but, yes, really hard.

There is no easy mechanism to unlock Dark Knight
There is no easy mechanism to level up an onion knight
There is no easy way to expand the job wheel
There is no easy way to introduce the unique formula Dark Knight uses
There is no easy way to insert the PSP-only items (Felswords and Onion equips, notably)]

That said, the best thing we can hope to achieve in the current state is to include special-jobbed characters that are similar to the Dark and Onion Knight and just leave it at that.  Yes, there is job space btw, but doing stuff like combining squire and knight or removing other specials to make room for these is beyond the intent of this patch. 

Quoteramza can become a dark knight at least

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Actually, we have the resources to make all of WotL's dark knight skills...
all we have to do is change its reqs to be less hard coded.

As for onion knight, yeah, that's an outright buttfuck.


Quote# Abyssal Blade has a "cone" attack pattern.  Within its vertical range of 2,
it strikes the first tile in the orientation you're facing, three tiles in a row
behind that, and five tiles in the row behind *that*.  In other words, it looks
something like this:
    X      Damage = Physical Attack x BF Factor x (Weapon strength + 3)
   XXX     Damage = Physical Attack x BF Factor x (Weapon strength + 1)
  XXXXX    Damage = 0.5 x Physical Attack x BF Factor x (Weapon strength + 0)
The damage formula for each row is different; MORE damage is inflicted to the
units CLOSER to you.

Just another rebel plotting rebellion.



The reasons for why all the WotL content was not included was more about the scope of the project than technical limitations, though there certainly are some. Mostly I don't want this patch to compete with recent official release by Square Enix, if you want all the WotL content you should buy and play WotL. This has been the stance of the project from the beginning.
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I suppose that i could just buy wotl. That would be much easier, but isn't it impossible to modify any of the newer versions of the psp to play something like 1.3?

Ultimately i suppose i should try to get over it, i can't ask for too much. This patch was very good and i'd imagine painstaking, for that thank you.

I just have one question.
Now you said that you could put onion knight and dark knight in, easily as an entd thing, right?
Now can there just be a battle set up so we automatically and easily get one of each? or is that something else that is disagreeable?


The sprites would be easy, the skillset would be rather difficult and involved. Others have made attempts I believe, either way it wouldn't be a part of this patch. If you just want the sprites I would recommend reading up a little and doing it yourself.
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The attack animations are always in the game, and it's pretty obvious which they are. For most of them, you can just change them to be easier to hack (like a flexible damage for Abyssal Blade)


April 14, 2011, 02:56:28 am #12 Last Edit: April 14, 2011, 03:11:20 am by formerdeathcorps
You know...I'd rather directly port the formula from the PSP into PSX freespace than try to personally code how Abyssal Blade works; that AoE is just too odd for it to be anything but custom.

However, all the other Dark Knight formulas are doable simply with my formula hack.
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Quote from: wemustexpandordie on April 10, 2011, 03:39:49 pm
Does anyone like the idea of merging knight and squire to get a job in? (or any multiple jobs)
squire and knight are so similar. Doesn't squire become obselete anyways?

First of all, Squire and Knight are MASSIVELY different. Knight is all about wearing heavy armor and breaking stuff off other people, while Squire's ability set gives you a series of (usually) underperforming but varied abilities. Second, Squire isn't as obsolete as it may seem. I actually keep Fundaments (Basic Skill) on a lot of my characters (especially Mettle for Ramza) until quite late in the game (chapter 3 or so), mostly because Focus (Accumulate) and Tailwind (can't remember) are useful in situations where your character is nowhere near anything else and doesn't have other means to put his turn to profit (you only get points for successful actions). Ramza also gets Ultima through his Squire job.

Just for fun, try putting Fundaments as a second action skill for a Monk, pump up a few times, then use Chakra, you'll get a better healer on flat terrain than any other class. the higher the Physical Attack, the higher the recovery. it restores HP+MP with no casting time. Have one of these follow your heavy spell casters, and you'll be dealing big damage at a constant rate without having to worry about MP. Plus: Beefcake Monk.

I can't imagine taking away or combining Squire and Knight, it would seriously imbalance the skillset


Why not try this:
Switch out Dancer and Bard for Dark Knights?
Just give them higher job requirements to keep the playing field level, make it a chore to get them, and make the Job Point needs relevant to WotL's requirements?
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IIRC It's possible to add new classes without removing others with RAD

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I just never found Bards or Dancers really usable and don't know how to use RAD, don't really know what RAD is though...
A sword left planted rots of age.
As does it's wielder, when cut down in pride.