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[OLD] KoI's Sprite Thread

Started by Kagebunji, October 13, 2010, 12:19:51 pm


October 13, 2010, 12:19:51 pm Last Edit: December 31, 2014, 11:24:32 am by Xifanie
Well, we got one sprite down! Lenneth has taken her place in spoiler bracket. If all goes well, we will have Cleric too(I hope Mav will do the palettes on HK).

Female:[attachment=0:8vbyo1aw]Fem demo.bmp[/attachment:8vbyo1aw]


[attachment=2:8vbyo1aw]Lenneth Demo.bmp[/attachment:8vbyo1aw]







Male:[attachment=1:8vbyo1aw]Guardian demo.bmp[/attachment:8vbyo1aw]



Mage Slayer

Chocobo Knight






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Ok, so we have first image. I bet the arm will look way different in my attempt, getting such thing done is very hard. Hair and legs are very doable, I actyally want to use Agrias's redone sprite as base, change the hair, palette and try to differ it from base more, sounds good enough?
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I added some images to the jobs, Zod said it is okay to take those from main, so that is what I did. Suggestions are welcome. Oh, I didn't knew how you want some characters to look (for example Undead), so you may think they are out of place.
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Asmo X

Same critiques I always make about these sprites. All of Lijj's ports need to be redone by mav or someone competent and a lot of the palettes for sprites that come from IA are pretty ugly to look at. The cleric sprites have a lot of problems. The hoods in particular appear to be shaded on all sides and a little too minimally. The female Cleric should be made from scratch in my opinion. It's pretty boring.


the only sprites I feel fit are those rogues and maybe guardian

everything else needs to be original content

(btw undead are supposed to be undead humans, not skeletons and not vampires)


So all except these three are out? Shit this makes my work surely harder, haha. I could paste other hood over Cleric, but since Arch says they don't fit, I see no reason for doing it. So what do you think would work for undeads? I thought of something like Lich from Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis.
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I don't think guardian fits so well.
I thought We could just use Kage's Valkyrie, after all, it's a Valkyrie. He just needs to complete it.
Zozma had some sniper female sprite we could use for marksmen.
I like scholar for historian.
Alchemist? lol? this shitty palette swap? the original palette was better.
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I think I will ditch adding the braid on to Lenneth, it is not fitting very well(size I mean), I had many problems doing the damage taking frame with braid, I still didn't found solution. So I will just ditch the braid, no one said it has to be exact like the original lol. So Valkyrie is done, I just need to erase the braid on those few frames. Jimmy's scholar fits very well to me too. Melodia is a nice sprite, and will probably fit for marksmen yeah, but her breasts are gigantic, hehe.
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I was browsing through the old topics in spriting section and came across this link
There are many portraits and sprites in there, most of them aren't executed very well, but they are nice ideas to work with. Check it out and say if you like anything from there.
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cool page, nice find. I'm going to paste the concepts i feel have potential to become something in KOI and why

War Chocobo

A sprite of this would be perfect for special recruitable (and enemy) chocobos, and for people who like to use Choco Knights

Satyr monster?


Female Assassin?

This is interesting, could work well for female assassin. She looks very serious business, and the colors fit well

Goblin Mage

Also very cool concept, coud totally turn into a new monster job (I have a feeling zodiac's gonna improve monster system a ton, whether by switchable skills or something else)

Evil Spirit

Needs work obviously but could function for a demon or undead monster


Potential? dunno



Lol, what is the thing on his head? Some kind of mask? It won't look well in sprite-form. Overall killer design, looks like some crazy clown-knight, haha.
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the mask doesn't need to be like that.. this is just a concept

but yeah looks pretty interesting right?


Ok, Lenneth is done

I also PM'd Mav to help me with HK palette, since there are many problems with the current. I also fixed the sprite overall, since there were some bugs.
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I renamed the tree and erased old ideas, though I left scholar in the arcanist bracket, dunno if it fits though. Arch told he will post concpets anytime soon.
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eff fr

Some ideas

Cultist (but with a human face, not the one this guy has)

Cultist 2

Warrior (without helmet)


Haven't we decided on Warrior already, my Guardian was s'posed to be him? :o But if you don't want Guardian, it's fine. This Warrior consists of:
-chest that is very similiar to Delita(these buttons and all)
-legs look surprisingly similiar to Delita'a as well(bottom part armor, upper is chain mail(Delita has leather, not chainmail but who cares))
-arms looks like biggest pain to me, IMO Ramza CH2 would fit, spikes and shit
-hair is all our imagination
So all I said results in this:

Am I right?
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no way

your guardian isn't perfect, but it's ALOT better than that sprite of mr. conquistador



Mav is working on palettes for Guardian so that he will fit in more. I also found this by accident, it works very well for that Evil Spriit if you ask me.
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