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"mercenary" recruits

Started by Zozma, September 08, 2010, 07:01:20 pm


This may seem a little strange, but because there are too many characters simply handed to you...:
I've been considering this for a little while due to the fact that I have disabled the skill "invitation".  I'm thinking about removing the item "Remedy" from the chemist set and replacing it with a rare item used to hire special unit mercenaries. The reason being, because there are so many special units available to join your party that you will not be able to collect them all anyway. I'm considering this alternative to making them all set to join you automatically so that  you can save up this rare item and pick your own (if they are at the point where they will drop out of the story permenantly anyway such as gafgarion at lionel) certain actions will reward you these rare items.

the characters you can recruit this way will be:

Gafgarion [Dark Knight] (you must sacrifice getting boco, the only available monster unit in order to get gaffy)
Miang [Terror Knight] (otherwise dies at lionel)
Beatrix [Paladin] (otherwise never seen again after church outside of town)
Vicks (new) [Blue Mage] (????)
Jessie [Blue Mage] (????)
Frimelda [White Knight] (plans have her to be seen with Beatrix  at back gate of lezalia, this is her only appearance)
Tamara [Brawler] (????)
Miluda [Cross Knight] (otherwise dies at Finath river, recruiting her is the only way to get the Golden Lion knight sword)
Monica [Valkyrie] (otherwise dies at murond temple, outside)
Golagros [Cross Knight] (otherwise dies at murond temple, outside)
Ignis [Arch Knight] (otherwise never seen again after DD quest, recruiting her is the only way to get the final katana)
Gretchen  (temporary name for the 20yo female, seen with Tietra in chapter 1)(lol LD dont kill me) [Green Mage]
???? [Brawler] (unamed unit so far, the male "monk" unit seen with Tietra in chapter 1)
Ultima/Archaic Demons (go for it, if you really want one bad enough to use one of your 4)
Apanda  (go for it, if you really want one bad enough to use one of your 4)
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Ramza: But im a monk!!


...I'm sorry I don't get it Zozma. Who would join with the use of this item?
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its like this, there are a good number of characters that join automatically, like Alicia, Lavian, Rad, Izlude etc

but i have a lot of characters that drop out of the story completely after the last battles with them, or with them that I had intention of making join at that point, or making alternate B0 command choices to get them such as gafgarion or monica. However, the majority of them are quite powerful units and on top of that you get so many specials originally that you will have to make a choice on who to kick out normally... so instead Im trying to make a limited number of them that actually get handed to you in the first place.

you'll probably only get about hmmm 4 of these in the whole game and I'm also trying to set up specific conditions for them to actually work such as being in critical status already.

basically, these characters are the ones that don't have a specific need to stay on the enemy side 100%, some of them are actually guests from the start anyway. And other than Gaffy, and probably Frimelda, the rest all are recruits for chapter 4.
4 items (for now)
Sacrifice saving Boco to get the first one
the rest will come from defeating the first three zodiac demons

I will probably add more to this list, however I will not be making it possible to gain any more than 4 or these items (which i gotta find a name for lol)
Wiegraf: Draw your sword Ramza!
Ramza: But im a monk!!


Hm, don't you think there are too many Knights in here? Cross, Terror, White, Arch. I kinda didn't liked it in original FFT, now there are even more of them, heh. Let's think of something new. Harvester sounds cool, IMO since it is kinda cruel to harvest people bodies, this should be given to Miang, she is Terror Knight right now anyway. Something like Avenger for Golagros and Miluda, since they both fight against nobility wich turned their back on them after 50 year war.
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that thought actually occured to me as i made this list here are my planned changes for the names

Holy Knight -> Paladin (White Knight and Dark Knight will remain as such)
Cross Knight -> Avenger (i like that, thanks)
Arch Knight (this is the version that elmdor and ignis are) -> Daimyo
Arch Knight (delita version) -> Lord
Arch Knight (Alicia version (former Zalbag job)) -> Currently Mystic Knight (which still ends in knight
Terror Knight? (still looking for a better name, im not sure about harvester lol)
Divine Knight -> (still need something here, technically Izlude has assumed this job but kept the name "Knight Blade")
Wiegraf: Draw your sword Ramza!
Ramza: But im a monk!!


Blood Warrior for terror knight replacement!


hmm i donno, i mean think about her skills, they are the "Fear" skills that do HP damage as well, more like "phantasm" or something is where im going with this one
Wiegraf: Draw your sword Ramza!
Ramza: But im a monk!!


How about mesmer from guild wars? I loved that game.
Or necromancer.