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February 26, 2020, 12:08:17 pm


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[Old] Yet another problem

Started by Kokojo, September 01, 2010, 08:46:18 pm


September 01, 2010, 08:46:18 pm Last Edit: February 02, 2012, 09:06:24 am by Kokojo

So, while transfering to chapter 2, I spotted some (ok, major) problems...

1: Lysay will wield Gospel old equipement
2: Lysay will have the player name (or gospel, like here)
3: Don't mind the duplicate Lysay and gafgarion and a lot of units : they should not be there, and it's because of my testing that they are.

I wanted to suggest that :
1: We should not care, since beside axes, they can both wield many things.
2: If I can't find a solution, il just have the initial ''Gospel'' to be ''PlayerName'' and keep it like that for the 3 heroes. It won't affect the script at all.

What do you say?
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I have a problem.


Other than that, you could always make Lysay and gospel have access to the same equipment, just for simplicity.

ANNDDDDD, Could you not have Gospel leave (or is that impossible to make the main character leave?) and add Lysay.

Failing that, could you just make it so that Gospel and Lysay have forced names instead of the primary character name? Like, the name you choose only affects your save, not the actual name of the character? Or at least skip the name process anyway...
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so I guess it's normal that you can't be him anymore... but you will meet him later (and if I ever get to chapter 4, play with him)

I cannot find a solution to get rid of the name selection screen, but if I could, I could suggest either ''PlayerName'' or ''Current Hero'' to make the thing more fun/plausible. Of course they would have their name over their normal one, but It won't affect gameplay...

I cannot force name on individual heroes, since they use the ramza slots.
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Use different patches for every chapter (1 patch for chapter1, 1 for chapter 2 and so on)
In this way, you can change the name and the equipment easily (Lysay should have his own and his own abilities)

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Is it possible to just take "Ramza" out of the party, or does that break the game?  Similarly, would it be possible to designate "Ramza" a guest to make him unusable?


You can remove the Ramza character from the party and the unit in the second slot will become the new party leader, taking over Ramza's duties.

Edit- To clarify, I haven't tested this. But I"m basing it off of this post by Zodiac: viewtopic.php?p=109465#p109465 which points to it being possible to replace Ramza and have another unit take over the spot. Unless, of course, I'm misunderstanding what's being said.
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I tried many ways I can't still find a solution... I guess this is it.
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Wait... you're stopping because of this? Tactext has Ramza_Ramza_Ramza under names, one for Ch1, one for Ch2-3, and one for Ch4, meaning a name change is simple. FFTPatcher has the same thing. You can completely re-do the skillset, job class stats, and equips for each individual chapter.
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It does not work like that once implanted, the player choice > Ramza's used name.

But do not fear, I found the solution.
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As long as you've found a solution, we're happy.


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Quote from: mav on April 03, 2011, 06:02:41 pm
As long as you've found a solution, we're happy.

I fourth that.
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