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IA Generic Jobs Overview (Under Revamp)

Started by R999, July 16, 2010, 04:40:00 pm


This is only meant to be an overview of the generic jobs in IA. We will have specific threads for each job in the future. In the meantime, please use this thread for general generic jobs discussion.

For the most part, Generics are new but they are designed in such a way that do not alienate old players. They are similar in the sense that they share a similar theme (for example, Rogues combines the roles of the Thief and Ninja) but are more advanced, diversified iterations of the original FFT jobs optimized for 4 vs 4 and AI play. Generic jobs in IA have various status immunities and passive abilities, in addition to having a unique weapon type.

edit: Forgive me for the not so well done job descriptions, we could use some help here... but I have spent enough time with this as is. Should have just went for the a new thread per job.

4.1 Generic Jobs Roster

Playable Generics:

  • Jobless (place holder)
    -- Role: Undefined.
    -- Equipment: All Weapons, All Gear
    -- Immunities: None
    -- Passive Abilities: Safeguard, Equip Change

  • Chemist
    -- Role: Tossing items, curing status effects, HP and MP healing.
    -- Bag Unique Ability: Haste Pill, an Item that grants 100% Haste.
    -- Equipment: Bag, Hat and Clothes
    -- Immunities: None
    -- Passive Abilities: Throw Item, Equip Change, Move-Find Item

  • Monk
    -- Role: Support fighter with decent combat abilities and great status immunities.
    -- Armlet Unique Ability: Endurance, when Critical Status, self-recover 40% HP and grant Haste.
    -- Equipment: Fist, Hat and Clothes
    -- Immunities: Confuse, Darkness, Don't Act, Sleep, Slow
    -- Passive Abilities: Brawler

  • Hunter
    -- Role: Powerful ranged fighter, with good utility skills.
    -- Crossbow Unique Ability: Volley, shoot a barrage of arrows at minimum range.  
    -- Equipment: Crossbow, Hat and Clothes
    -- Immunities: Darkness, Poison, Slow
    -- Passive Abilities: Monster Skill, Monster Talk

  • Rogue
    -- Role: Assasination techniques with great speed and power.
    -- Ninja Blade Unique Ability: Assassinate, instantly kill a target inflicted with Darkness.
    -- Equipment: Dual Ninja Blades, Hat and Clothes
    -- Immunities: None
    -- Passive Abilities: Duo Wield

  • White Mage
    -- Role: Dedicated healer with very powerful defensive abilities, limited only by MP.  
    -- Staff Unique Ability: Runic Barrier, grants Protect, Shell and Reraise to an ally.
    -- Equipment: Staff, Hat and Robe
    -- Immunities: Berserk, Innocent
    -- Passive Abilities: Distribute, Half of MP, Initial Runic Barrier (Protect, Shell, Reraise)

  • Black Mage
    -- Role: Caster made for firepower, no more no less.
    -- Rod Unique Ability: Aurora Thunder, instant destructive magick that also hits the caster.
    -- Equipment: Rod, Hat and Robe
    -- Immunities: Berserk
    -- Passive Abilities: Magick Attack Up

  • Warlock
    -- Role: A fast caster using Dark Magick to cripple souls.
    -- Book Unique Ability: Petrify, turn an Unholy target into stone.
    -- Equipment: Book, Hat and Robe
    -- Immunities: Berserk
    -- Passive Abilities: Teleport, Absorb Dark

  • Shooter
    -- Role: A long ranged sniper armed for combat.  
    -- Gun Unique Ability: Aimed Shot, take time to aim precisely and deal 50% damage to a unmoving target, with a 25% chance to inflict Darkness and Don't Move.
    -- Equipment: Gun, Hat and Clothes
    -- Immunities: None
    -- Passive Abilities: Concentrate, Equip Change, Move-Find Item

  • Gladiator
    -- Role: Fearless defensive knights in the frontlines, they are made for survival.
    -- Knight Sword Unique Ability: Frostbite, sword damage and immolizing the target at the same time.
    -- Equipment: Knight Sword, Helm and Armor
    -- Immunities: Berserk, Don't Act
    -- Passive Abilities: Safeguard

  • Summoner
    -- Role: Long range caster with balanced defensive and offensive capabilities.
    -- Harp Unique Ability: Fairy, resurrect all fallen allies.  
    -- Equipment: Harp, Hat and Robe
    -- Immunities: Berserk
    -- Passive Abilities: Critical MP Restore

  • Phantom
    -- Role: A slow magician but with devastating spells that can turn battles around.
    -- Magick Lance Unique Ability: Mind Control, 100% chance to turn an enemy unit into a traitor.
    -- Equipment: Magick Lance, Hat and Robe
    -- Immunities: Confusion, Charm, Frog
    -- Passive Abilities: Teleport

  • Shaman
    -- Role: Offensive fighters that use Earth Mantra Magick and Axe strikes.
    -- Axe Unique Ability: Blitzaxe, powerful lightning Axe attack that also removes Protect and Shell.
    -- Equipment: Axe, Hat and Robe
    -- Immunities: None
    -- Passive Abilities: Any Ground, Any Weather

  • Dragoon
    -- Role: Well trained offensive knights, ready to exchnage blood for power.
    -- Spear Unique Ability: Skydragon, a long ranged jumping lance attack for the price of blood.
    -- Equipment: Spear, Helm and Armor
    -- Immunities: Death Sentence, Haste
    -- Passive Abilities: None

  • Blue Mage
    -- Role: Drawing power from the monsters of Ivalice, they carry a unique arsenal of useful abilities for any team, just don't run out of monster gems.
    -- Magick Cloth Unique Ability: Chocobo Missiles, fire 1 or 2 or 3 missiles at a target, the lower the faith, the higher the damage.  
    -- Equipment: Magick Cloth, Hat and Robe
    -- Immunities: Berserk
    -- Passive Abilities: MP Shield, Move-HP Up

  • Samurai
    -- Role: While their strikes are precise and powerful, however, they need time draw power from the katana, making them vulnerable to damage while in preparation.
    -- Katana Unique Ability: Crescent Cutter, a charged up ranged blade strike that does damage = target HP loss.
    -- Equipment: Katana, Helm and Armor
    -- Immunities: Darkness, Haste, Slow
    -- Passive Abilities: Meatbone Slash

  • Paladin (Male only)
    -- Role: These divine knights excel exceptionally in healing power and speed, but they lack fundamental White Magick to resurrect the dead and curing curses.
    -- Sword Unique Ability: Holy Light, for a huge MP cost, instantly replenish 100% of a target's HP as well as granting Faith.
    -- Equipment: Sword + Shield, Helm and Armor
    -- Immunities: Berserk, Innocent, Petrify, Unholy, Vampire
    -- Passive Abilities: Defense Up, Magick Defense Up

  • Hermit (Female only)
    -- Role: These women are trained to destroy the soul rather than the body, their diversion abilities are unmatched, but they lack the power to crush anybody.
    -- Armlet Unique Ability: Seal Arm, instantly disable the target by sealing their arms at melee range.
    -- Equipment: Dual Fists, Hat and Clothes
    -- Immunities: Berserk, Charm, Frog, Don't Act
    -- Passive Abilities: Duo Fists, Reflexes, Fly


4.2 Generic Stats At A Glance

In IA all jobs will begin at level 40, end at level 40. There is no EXP nor JP progression, all units start with all abilities mastered and are ready to go into battle.

SP Growth 255 fixed
SP Tier4 x 200 = 13 Rogue, Hermit
SP Tier3 x 185 = 12 Shaman, Mantra Knight, Monk
SP Tier2 x 170 = 11 White Mage, Hunter, BlackMage, Shooter, Samurai
SP Tier1 x 155 = 10 Gladiator, Paladin, Summoner, Phantom, Dragoon

HP Growth 8 fixed
HP Tier4 x 190 = 317 Gladiator, Phantom
HP Tier3 x 160 = 267 White Mage, Hunter, Dragon Knight
HP Tier2 x 130 = 217 Monk, Summoner,  MantraKnight, Samurai, Paladin, ShadowPriest
HP Tier1 x 100 = 167 Rogue, BlackMage, Shaman, Shooter, Hermit  

HP with Equipment (The Lionel HP Set is used here)
Clothes/Hat +283 ==> { Hat=100, Cloth=185, Robe(1.2*Cloth)=222 }
Helmet/Armor = +400,  ==> { Helm=145, Armor=255 (Helm and Armor ratio 2:3) }
Tier 4 Clothes = 600, Armor = 717
Tier 3 Clothes = 550, Armor = 667
Tier 2 Clothes = 500, Armor = 617
Tier1 Clothes = 450, Armor = 567
Max aggro damage is 290, on charging units 290*1.5 = 435, which is less than 450.

MP Growth 5 fixed (33 MP difference per tier)
MP Tier4 x 230 = 95 Summoner,  
MP Tier3 x 180 = 74 WhiteMage, Black Mage, Phantom, Paladin, ShadowPriest
MP Tier2 x 130 = 54 Monk, Shaman, MantraKnight, Hermit
MP Tier1 x 80 = 33 Hunter, Rogue, Shooter,  Gladiator, DragonKnight, Hermit, Samurai

PA Growth 50 fixed
PA Tier4 x 130 Monk
PA Tier3 x 120 Hunter, Rogue, Gladiator
PA Tier2 x 110 MantraKnight, DragonKnight, Hermit
PA Tier1 x 100 WhiteMage, BlackMage, Shaman, Shooter, Summoner, Phantom, Paladin, Samurai

MA Growth 50 fixed
MA Tier4 x 130 BlackMage
MA Tier3 x 120 WhiteMage,Summoner, Paladin
MA Tier2 x 110 Monk, Shaman, MantraKnight, DragonKnight, Phantom, Hermit
MA Tier1 x 100 Hunter, Rogue, Shooter, Knight, Samurai

Each job's unique weapons will further balance out the classes, because weapon types are unique to each class. Weapon Damage, PA/MA bonuses will be given out via weapons.




The MP values listed in this thread are out of date, and I believe the actual HP values you're listing are off by around 5 points or so (lol).

The MP scale we agreed upon while balancing Half of MP / Move-MP UP was:

-Tier 1: 33 (Mult 080)
-Tier 2: 54 (Mult 130)
-Tier 3: 74 (Mult 180)
-Tier 4: 95 (Mult 230)

-Growth Value: 20