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April 06, 2020, 08:06:54 am


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[Sprite] Lavian & Alicia, The White Knights

Started by R999, July 09, 2010, 04:56:04 am


From rivals to best friends sharing almost identical personalities, Alicia and Lavian are the best knights under Agrias' command at Lionsguard. Rookie Holy Knights as they maybe, they are a major threat on the battlefield as a team, even to knights of much higher ranking.

Lavian & Alicia

Lavian R4, Alicia R5


Lavian R13 --Final

^ No more tomboy Lavian.

Lavian R8

^ Hair polish up. Both Lijj and Winshmo liked this particular design.

Lavian Alternative Colors R9, R10

Lavian R7, R6


Alicia R20 --Final?--

Alicia R15 vs R9

Alicia R13, R12

Alicia R10, R9

Alicia R8, R7

Old Notes:

Yes, they are suppose to look like almost twins.

I will be doing several different hair styles for these two lovely knights, in the next few days.

Major WIP.  I know Lijj had been working on another concept already, but he didn't know we could use Agrias as a base. Lijj's Alicia prototypes.

These are the concept hair I wanted to do for Alicia so as you can see she needs some work still.

Hairstyles I will be working on,

Priscilla's hair for Lavian:

Miria's hair

Riful's hair

As always, suggestions are welcome. But they'll have to 1) Dress very similar, like twins,  2) be Blonde, so they look like trios when standing next to Agrias      3) Wearing light colored clothing or light colored armor preferably.  I wanted to give them that "Celia & Lettie" feeling when you fight them.


Lookin good! So I realize you have had a vision for their look. Well I hope you just go for these; at least the bodies.  I like the pastels for them; all 3 should look great together!

Lest  the Alicia proto go to waste... maybe she can be generic Mantra Knight.
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more reference for the hair
-taken from danbooru



@Winshmo: That site has a ton of stuff I have never seen before. And that hair is nice~ but is this, Meliadoul?

Edit: Love these, they look like they are inspired from Agrias' clothing


yep it is, very many rare FFT pics on that site


Updated Lavian with Priscilla hairstyle, R6 and R7 (See main post).  Slight tweaks to clothing.


New hair for Alicia, R7 (see main post). This is a good example of hair depth.


Alicia R7 seems like the hair is blowing in the wind. This frame that u created should probably be used for the walking frames, but you need to do one that is standing still. Otherwise it looks nice. I also prefered when she had arms like in R5
Lavian looks alright. The different colours and hairstyle work well to differentiate them but like i said before, imo i think the arms need to be different too, because they will be moving the whole time, thus your eyes drawn to them, like the hair.
This is looking really good.
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Toned down Alicia's hair, see Alicia R8 (main post). I'll test out their arms some more. I gave Alicia those arms originally because I felt that there was too much weight on her hair.

Edit: opps... looks like i made some mistakes with that white ribbon on her hair.

Edit2: Alicia R15, R13, 12, 10, 9

Alicia R15

Alicia R13, R12

Alicia R12, R10, R9

Final round between R15 and R9.


Alicia R20, R18, R17,  combining features of R15 and R9,


R18, R17


i really wish i had my pc back, i wanna play with both of their hair a little...
Wiegraf: Draw your sword Ramza!
Ramza: But im a monk!!


Simple recolors on Lavian, just to see how it'll look like...

Lavian R9, R10 (main thread).

Edit: Updated with new arms, see top of main thread (Lavian R14, Alicia R22).


they look great now, could i perhaps see lavian with slightly darker hair tho?
Wiegraf: Draw your sword Ramza!
Ramza: But im a monk!!


The plan was to keep Lavian, Alicia and Agrias having the same hair colors (as per Celia & Lettie). But a small tweak may surface. I am still not sure on Alicia's hair, I might change it again to favor something that is easier to animate with. Have you gotten any hair designs Zozma?

Speaking of Celia & Lettie, I am working on them right now.


unfortunately im in the middle of a move, and dont have my pc so work on hair hasn't happened as of yet, but im thinking dont quite finalize lavian's hair yet...
Wiegraf: Draw your sword Ramza!
Ramza: But im a monk!!