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July 02, 2020, 02:00:31 am


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The Esper/Lucavi Thread, Shemhazai, Mateus, Famfrit.

Started by Smash, July 04, 2010, 06:39:04 pm


"Decoding" the altima spritesheet

Red spaces: Main poses (18)
Yellow spaces: Complementary spaces(Overlap and extend)
Grey spaces (Extend)

Note: Some poses and/or extensions may repeat, like the two swords when attacking.

For example, spaces P1-P3 are the front idle frames, spaces P4-P6 are back idle frames, and so on. To understand this, you need the original altima spritesheet and Shishi, to see where goes what. Spriting limits shouldn't be a problem now.



Great work analyzing the Ultima1 sheet. This will come in extremely handy... although do beware that those yellow box boundaries are perfect; the real boundaries may not be perfect rectangles, so it is possible for some cut offs (although, I am not sure about this sheet, I know for humans that is the case).

Shemhazai is looking really nice. Let's discuss this sprite in chat further.


FFT Isometric Angle

FF12 RW reference



dude... where is all this talent coming from

are you guys sure I didn't die and go to FFTHeaven?


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Cape Outline possibly? And covering the horse body in the back,

Small edit since I don't have the original sprite.  Played around with the colors a little bit also.  The outline gives the cape a more definitive shape but I am not sure if this is necessary. Currently using 2 extra colors, which might be more trouble than it is worth.

Gotta say, I really do love the head shape thing at the top with the mask.

By the way, frames starting from 50 to 100 are 100% repeats in Ultima1's sheet. So if you exclude the spinning sword frames, there are only a handful of frames to do for the entire sprite.


Wow, this looks great. So far I have no objections. But, is there some way to make her eyes more visible?
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posting this as a suggestion

^ I circled the part that is not very recognizable from the concept to the sprite

on the sprite it looks like some skin folds or something... perhaps shade that a little bit so it looks like cloth?


Mateus Pisces; It won't be easy :

In serpentine form, as suggested. No staff yet
To tired to write anything.. update later.
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@Lijj:  Mateus looks fantastic. You may want to reduce her details a little bit to give yourself some extra room for shading (and make it easier to do animations). You've got the serpent bottom correctly as well, of which I thought it maybe impossible to pull off!  I would suggest you brighten up the coloring on her blacks. The helmet armor piece looks just about perfect.

And finally, I am strongly against putting a staff on her. She already has enough detail as it is.

@Voldemort: We could try it but there likely won't be enough colors for that. Yes, we can try changing the color of that section, but keep in mind, more detail isn't necessarily always a good thing. Just look at some of the FFT Lucavi's. The important to do here is to get the shapes, shading and coloring to matchup with the concepts. Too much detail will make the sprite looking too busy, like those FF12 RW sprites. It'll also make shading and animations that much more difficult to do.


Lijj, it has too many details, it resembles the japanese style of spriting, many details = bad quality. And I cannot tell what is really goin on with this sprite either, even when lookin at reference I still have no idea what is where. Overall looks a bit flat. I know you must be a bit enraged, but I really don't like it. IMO following Mateus concept from FFTA would be easier, he seemed less detailed there.
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@Kage: I would say Lijj was definitely on the right track. FFTA Mateus would have too much armor (won't resemble the FFT style of Lucavi). This one could use a few tweaks and it's done. Mostly her back. Possibly remove *some* of those red lines in her armor and give her better shape / shading.


He is on right track, but I am sure you see what I mean. I personaly can't see jer face, where are the eyes? Original FFT Lucavi had eyes clearly visible, and were more, hmm, "organised". This one isn't all that bad, just need some good polishing. And I agree with R999, staff would only ruin the quality.
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yeah I agree with the above two comments about details

simplifying the sprite to get the basic characteristics is FFT's style

no detail



Loving the concept so far. My only crit with the design is the tail. I think it should be shorter, and the less it bends, the better.
As for shading, it literally needs to be redone. I agree with Kage here, it needs at least some FFT'ism to it, especially the pallete. I could get an edit in somewhere these days. (Life a bit busy, been absent for some days)

As for Shemhazai, got good crits some days ago along with those here. Indeed, the altima pallete didn't work out well for the clothing on the chest, as I was defining the basic shapes first. Will update soon.


This is a very nice illustration of Mateus (FF12 form) that shows clearly what those "sticks" are composed of,


So he actually have two arms, 4 sticks at the top, and more sticks near the center.


and now... Famfrit

Tweaks still need to be made:
Body thicker
Facial structure
Water holder
Decoraction on back

Any other suggestions?

Anyway, its a decent start.


Btw, this sprite has 11 colours, therefore 5 colours are remaining, open for suggestions for these may be used on, but it is not necessary.
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This isn't based on anything, but Twinees got me started on working on his eyes... since I felt he didn't look menacing enough,

Famfrit R1

By the way, superb job on this Famfrit Twinees. This is a nice start indeed.


wtf happened with the top of his head

what are all those spiky things

famfrit doesn't have visible eyes... more like a helmet

he's all armor