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February 22, 2020, 11:18:32 pm


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[Sprite] Generic Samurai_W

Started by Lijj, July 01, 2010, 04:02:53 am


July 01, 2010, 04:02:53 am Last Edit: July 02, 2010, 05:15:17 pm by Lijj


I made the middle panel flat I was going for slightly bowed out (but how unnecessary). I changed the side pieces segmented to look more like her brother's. This cobalt blue isn't the real palette but maybe will be for another team or something not sure on R999's plans for palettes yet.


These are the hardest arms I've attempted yet: Female Dark-Knight combined with a small piece of Male Samurai.
A lot of custom work there and elsewhere as well.

[I need a little more shadow on the front arm on our right]
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Let me do the GIFs next time. (The X-axis alignment is off in both of yours)

^I gave Crits in chat.

Getting there now! I know these arms would drive anyone to insanity so I held back from letting you finish this sprite. Anyhow it looks like you caved in and managed to do an outstanding job. Keep at it, but don't get exhausted! Good job.


I saw this sprite already, and said what I think. I think that her armor on front diagonal is kinda too big(too wide), post smaller size so I can edit it and show exactly what I mean.
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Some crits:

These white lines on her cape thing stand out too much, and look pixelated to the point of even annoying a bit. Needs some refining there.

And secondly, I fail to recognize the thing hanging from the chest area and between the legs in the front pose. Pillowing seems to suggest it's like a solid, rounded piece of metal or something instead of a flat sleek armor plate. (Which is my guess)

The movement of the arms look great though, as well as the entire upper part. And yeah, like what Kage said, I think the bmp should be avilable for edits to flow.


I agree the shading on the front mid panel is horrid.  Something like this?

^ I didn't include that extra grey decoration on the red "skirt" that Lijj was attempting to do, of which I still couldn't make out what he wants to accomplish.

However due to the limitation of generic palettes, we cannot change the white color much. In the above sample I have colored the white to a blue tint showing that they are independent of the other greys.

The Samurai_W has the requirement that her armor must be highly colorizable, along with the reds. They and the whites are all independent of eachother.

@Kage: The Chest armor piece is meant to be that size, not any larger nor smaller. We have had many iterations of the chest armor piece previously, have you seen them all? Anyway, Lijj attempted to make even larger, of which I had asked him to redo because it was already as large as it is.

Please feel free to make any necessary adjustments / improvements. We'll pick the best ones.

Edit: Marginal improvement shading on the front chest.


No, no, no. I didn't want to make it smaller, I just wanted to delete one shade that looks out of place. Time to resize, ugh..
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Kage: Well we made the armor A tiny smaller(slight shading edit). I say it looks good... I don't know what I was trying to make her bulkier at 1st hehheh.(sometimes I don't know what the heck I'm doing)
Smash: The white looks pretty pixelated but I think in-game it'll look much smoother even zoomed out a little it looks a lot better. Tha cobalt takes down the stark contrast a bit though so it's not that I ignored your request. Maybe we could make her a lighter red if we go with red(most likely)..kinda like the Mediator's red almost a salmon color.
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This is a follow up over today's discussion in chat.

Your "metal" piece should look like this (my rendition base on your idea which you described, on the left). I fixed some of the problems that I have discussed earlier but not all of them. This is not an easy concept to pull off correctly. If you want to do it, do it all the way.

R70 (Left), Lijj's latest (right)

1) The White Line at the top of skirt gives the illusion that the plate is embedded inside the skirt, must be changed or eliminated.

2) The White dots at the left side are not suppose to be visible, covered by arms' shadows.

3) The brightest red shading is just off. The skirt simply cannot be that bright, and it gives too much contrast problems.

4) The metal plat that is sitting on top of the skirt needs more room to move, so I have extended it, it is very important to show that it overlaps the skirt.

5) The lines on the plate are too straight for isometric view, it is important to give the armor that angled curvature.



I don't want to do it like that it looks dented. And now it overlaps the white line, which i think literally collides.
You might want to delete the white line all together if the armor's to hang like that. Well you can finish it however you want.
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Brand new back walking frames with the new plate design (Lijj's idea, my rendition).  Still needs major cleaning up, and the right lower panel animation needs work.

I don't think there's enough pixels to show a good movement of this idea... hmm  will need to be revised.


Screw that. Sometimes starting over is the best solution to problems, rather than going into editing hell mode, R85

^ Nice and simple. No more super whites. Not only that, the sheet now has one extra free color for future touchups.

Sprite needs clean up, but that's so easy in this case.

Edit: Hmm... there are some "black holes" in the sprite, I am not sure how did this happen.  It also appears that the new shading for the front armor has been put into place yet.


I like this newest one, R, simple and nice.
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