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FFTA2 Level Scaling, Luso Requirement, and MP Regen help???

Started by dudeofthewesternfront, March 01, 2020, 12:10:16 am


March 01, 2020, 12:10:16 am Last Edit: March 02, 2020, 03:44:25 pm by dudeofthewesternfront
Hi, I want to try making my own mod too and I've seen that a lot of the popular mods/hacks have level scaling, changing the value of mp regen, and removing luso as a required unit during story missions. I know you do these things through hex editing, but where can I find the offsets to change this? How does the other hacks do this?

I found things like max mp here on this forum but can't seem to find any info on how people do everything else?
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Ok, so after some more digging, I realized I didn't actually find everything and have found the threads that talked about level scaling and mana regen. citricking made the leveling scaling delta patches(found on https://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=11063.120(I also uploaded them myself) and lennart had already posted the mp related hexes:

MP gained per turn

MP Channeling bonus

Start with Max MP
BD180: B8 03 C4 E1
BD18C: 00 10 A0 E3
BEC44: BA 03 D5 E1

BUT, there is still something missing that I couldn't really find which was removing Luso as a required unit in missions. Please, someone tell me how to do this. I hate Luso so much. Dude, looks like an ugly tomato.
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OK, I'm back at it again, and found out how to replace tomato boy. Kairestu had posted this here: https://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=12061.20, where you can find a bunch of neat hex data. All you have to do is replace the FF FF hex values.

Just in case and to compile all the answers here in this thread, here is the data:

Story Mission Name:      Offset:    New Values(Old values were FF FF)
A Paw Full of Feathers           0512B664   06   07     
The Yellow Wings                  0512B798   09   04     
You Say Tomato                   0512B944   06   05     
Wanted: Ugohr                     0512BB2E   05   0C     
Wanted: Gilmunto                 0512BCD8   08   08     
Now That's a Fire!               0512BE48   09   06     
Pearls in the Deep                0512BFF4   06   03     
Mountain Watch                   0512C166   03   06     
Grounded!                       0512C2D0   02   07     
Rumors Abound                    0512C480   01   06     
Sleepless Nights                0512C66A   09   08     
Making Music                    0512C812   03   08     
Making Music                    0512C9BE   04   0A     
Seeking the Stone                0512CB32   04   05     
Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan       0512CCD8   02   07     
A Request                       0512CEC4   04   0C     
The Rift                        0512D070   0A   08   09   08
The Dig                         0512D220   04   04     
Through Another's Eyes          0512D3CC   0B   06     
Pirate Problems                 0512D576   05   09     
The Ritual                      0512D71E   0E   06     
The Two Grimoires                0512D894   06   05     
From the Rift                   0512DA40   0A   0D

So, thanks for the community for already having all this stuff figured out.
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