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June 07, 2020, 04:10:58 am


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Change attack animation

Started by aacroke, August 23, 2019, 11:12:44 am


August 23, 2019, 11:12:44 am Last Edit: August 23, 2019, 04:02:51 pm by aacroke
Is there a way to modify which attack animation happens when a unit attacks with a weapon of a certain type?

Specifically, I've changed the following:
  -The bag weapons are now rugs (making 7 consecutive rug-type weapons in the inventory)
  -The menu graphic for all 7 rugs have been changed to various gloves - the weapons will be fist items (like Tifa uses)
  -The generic menu item icon for rugs in FRAME.BIN has been changed to the fist icon from the Armguard accessories

So far, all of this gives me the desired effect. The only thing missing is that I'd like to make the attack animation look like an unarmed punch - right now, units still bust out the rug when attacking.

I've reviewed PSX FFT Hacking / weapon sprites (in battle), but there's not enough there to help me with this one.

EDIT: I've looked an alternative solution to the issue. I've found that, if I set the item's Item Type to 'Nothing' in the patcher, I get the desired punch animation. However, it raises the issue of the incorrect generic menu icon (from FRAME.BIN) being pointed to - it shows a piece of the Move/Jump menu graphics with 'Nothing' set; also, any unit could equip these weapons, as 'Nothing' is the first (blank) checkbox in the equippable types box on the jobs tab in the patcher - and all units can equip 'Nothing' types, as it's the type used by unarmed attacks. For these reasons, I can't go that way.
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That sounds like a toughie... When it comes to ASM hacking my guess would be to find out where the stored animation # is when it happens, and breakpoint on that to find the routine which looks at the item IDs to determine which range of items the item is in, which is likely what's used to determine the animation type.
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Anything is possible as long as it is within the hardware's limits. (ie. disc space, RAM, Video RAM, processor, etc.)
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August 24, 2019, 07:58:34 pm #2 Last Edit: August 27, 2019, 10:23:17 am by aacroke
I really appreciate the suggestion, but that's beyond me.

I've moved this request to the ASM Requests thread. Please feel free to close this topic :).
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