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July 15, 2020, 08:12:49 am


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No Idea how active board is. Hope to get a response. (Speeding up the game).

Started by Sonata, December 06, 2018, 09:13:48 am



I am a long time addict of FFT (I bought it when it first came out, before the 'special edition' before anyone had heard of it. Probably played through it like 20 times over the years and now that it's out on android,   well nostaglia ya know?)

I have been searching for a while, trying to phrase it different ways,  but really, every time you search for 'speed hack' or 'gameplay hack' or whatever,  just comes up with the same 5 responses on how to exploit the game / speed up leveling.

What I really want to know is if there is ANY hacks out there on ANY platform that will speed up the entire game.  I mean let's face it,  I'm 45 now and as much as I would love to revisit the game,  I don't have the time for battles to take 30-45 minutes anymore when 80% of that is just the walking animations / casting animations / battle intro / finish 'instructions / rewards'... stuff like that.

If anyone knows of any program or combination of program to make all of THAT stuff go faster (I don't want to cheat and lvl my characters fast,  or remove any of the strategy from the game by automating skill's).    I simply was wondering if there is a way to play this game as if it was on fast foward.

I have it for the psp / ps1 / android all registered bought copies and original machines.  I also have every emulator you can think of.   So any help would be so much appreciated because again,  the game is long and complex enough without it taking 10 minutes per turn watching all of your characters do their slow as hell animations.


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I know the PSX emulator I use on the PC has a fast forward option.

And you could use the Patcher for the PSX/PSP versions to null all animations for all skills if you were so inclined. Or replace them all with a fast, simple animation like Spin Fist.
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