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September 29, 2020, 06:27:32 am


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Elric's Fallout 4 Mods

Started by Elric, October 29, 2018, 09:35:22 am


I know this thread won't get much attention, nor do I expect it to, but since it is a collection of other works I have done, I thought I would share it here as well.


STS Base Game (Core mod for Scrap that Settlement!)        PS4 | XB1
STS Vault Tec Workshop (addon for STS)  PS4 | XB1
STS Nuka World (addon for STS)  PS4 | XB1
STS Far Harbor (addon for STS)  PS4 | XB1
STS Automatron (addon for STS)  PS4 | XB1
STS All-In-One  PS4 | XB1
STS Extras - Living & Dead (Base Game)  PS4 | XB1
STS Extras - Living & Dead (Season Pass)  PS4 | XB1

For more info, see the FAQs HERE

The list of remaining addons/versions is as follows:

    STS: Structures, Walkways, Light Sources & Idle Markers
    STS: Structures, Walkways, Light Sources & Idle Markers: Season Pass Edition
    STS: Bonuses (includes STS: Structures, Walkways, etc + Living & Dead)
    STS: AIO GOLD (includes AIO &  STS: Bonuses)


PAWA Base Game (Power Armored Wasteland Adventures)  PS4 | XB1
PAWA Collectibles  PS4 | XB1
PAWA AWKCR 4.0+ Compatibility Patch  XB1
PAWA Bounty Hunting  Still in Development
PAWA Brotherhood of Steel Restructure  Still in Development

PAWA is a mod that does quite a few things, including but not limited to adding 100+ new Paintjobs/Coatings for Power Armor & Much More!
FAQs for this mod can be found HERE


Cages Overhauled & More (Wasteland Workshop)                 PS4 | XB1
Cages Overhauled & More (Season Pass)  PS4 | XB1

This mod adds hundreds of new cages to catch just about everything in the wasteland and in varying sizes.
FAQs for this mod can be found HERE


Manufacturing Overhauled (Contraptions)  PS4
Manufacturing Overhauled (Season Pass)                             PS4

This mod adds ~60 new Builders for the Contraptions, giving you much more freedom when it comes to factory builds.
FAQs for this mod can be found HERE


Standalone Shipment Packager                                            PS4 | XB1

A standalone version of the Shipment Packager, which normally only comes with Manufacturing Overhauled (by request).


Power Armor Frame Crafting & Moving (Base Game)  PS4 | XB1
Power Armor Frame Crafting & Moving (Season Pass)           PS4 | XB1

The main function of this mod is actually that it lets you not only scrap frames to create new ones, but that it also lets you pick up and move power armor frames around in your settlements. I know some other mods do this, but most of those only work with the frames you are able to create via the mod itself, rather than all the frames in the game.


Wild Plants, Drinks & Chems for Settlements (Base Game)  PS4 | XB1
Wild Plants, Drinks & Chems for Settlements (Season Pass)  PS4 | XB1

My first Fallout 4 mod. This mod allows you to plant wild plants in your settlements, craft any alcohol, soda or chem, that wasn't previously craftable, as well as their ice cold variants.


Whispering Pines                                                                 Still in Development

This is a story/new worldspace mod loosely based on Silent Hill. We've currently got a worldspace built, along with a town layout and a large portion of the town itself, as well as many interior cells and quite a bit of navmeshing. There is still much to be done, but we are moving along steadily.

  • Modding version: PSX
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