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July 06, 2022, 10:02:07 am


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Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2: Vanilla Spiced

Started by DeSgeretjin, May 23, 2018, 07:46:06 am


May 23, 2018, 07:46:06 am Last Edit: August 12, 2018, 05:32:06 am by DeSgeretjin
Keeping the same flavor while giving the balance a revamp.

General changes:

Base stats generally unchanged. Stat growths down by roughly a quarter while hp growths up.
This should result in units being roughly 60% more durable. The intent is to give status effects more relevancy as the game progresses instead of degenerating into one-shotting everything.
Monsters are given a stat growth buff to offset their lack of equipment.
Level scaling increased by three quarters.

Most equipment is given effects and/or elements. This allows for more diversity in choosing what elements to use. Also allows non monster units to join in the element game.

Mana cost increased for higher level abilities. Higher level abilities are stronger by introducing scaling. This is accomplished by adding extra hits of varying strength. There are more ways of gaining mana while blood price is removed.

Move from boots lowered.

Enemies are properly equipped.

Now gets a custom class; Keeper of the grimoire.
A hybrid offence class. The abilities should sound familiar.

Rends are replaced with the equivalent crushes.
Mug removed.
Gauge removed.
New ability, Assault break: Lowers Atk, M.atk and speed in a line.

Steal gil replaced by Mug.
Steal items replaced by burgle.
Loot lvl.1 and Loot lvl.2 condensed into one and deals damage.
Loot lvl.3 and Loot lvl.4 condensed into one and deals damage.
New skill, Vanish: Give Invis and evasion up.

Raising allies is really powerful, especially when the enemy don't really use it.

Cura mana cost up, scales by 1.25x more.
Curaga mana cost up, base heal amount lowered but scales by 1.5x more, damage to undead up.
Araise mana cost up.
Reraise mana cost up.

Now its actually worth casting higher level black magicks.

Fira mana cost up, Aoe + 1.
Firaga mana cost up, damage scales 1.5x.
Blizzard single target,damage scales 1.25x.
Blizzara mana cost up, default aoe, damage scales 1.5x.
Blizzaga mana cost up, default aoe, damage scales 1.75x.
Thunder single target , 6 range.
Thundara single target , 7 range, damage scales 1.25x, mana cost up.
Thundaga single target , 8 range, damage scales 1.5x, mana cost up.

Move down to 3. Mana cost added to most skills.
Focus give accuracy up as well.
Take aim does full damage.
Lightning Strike scales 1.25x.

With increased hp growth and lowered offence in most units, parley's draw back of only working on critical enemies
is less crippling.
Parley range increased to 4.
Saint Cross, damage scales by 1.25x.(Now less of a let down.)
Holy Blade, base damage removed now  damage scales by 2x.(Like it was back in the day and how it should be.
It does cost 22 mp after all.)

Mana cost added to skills.
Wild swing aoe increased.(So you'd have a reason to use it instead of aurablast)
Airblast, damage scales by 1.25x.(So you'd have a reason to use it instead of aurablast, now if only the animation wasn't so ugly.)
Backdraft: Base dmg down. Deals 1.5x and takes 0.5x.(You'd take 1/3 of what you deal instead of 1/4)
Beat down: From 2x to 3x. Really low base damage.
Blitz: From 0.5x to 1x.
Aurablast: Cast range down to 2.

Windslash: Aoe up.
Iai blow: Damage up.
Blade bash: damage up.
Shimmering Blade, Hoarfrost blade, Skyfury Blade: Damage down to 1.5x, 20mp cost.
(Double dmg, debuff, elemental and no mp cost ain't happening.)
Lifethread blade. 30 mp cost.(Gotta keep some power in the class.)

Move up to 5
Veils: From half damage to full.
Unspell: range up to 4.
Oblivion: Damage scales 1.5x. 12 mp cost.

Mp cost down to 20, Accuracy halved.
Now illusionist can cast every 2 turns instead of 3.(assuming no mp shenanigans.)

Actually decently balanced.
White wind: 30 mp.
Angel Whisper: 32 mp.
Night: 16 mp.
Mantra Magic: 22 mp.
Unction: aoe up.
Quake: 16 mp, 1.5x damage scaling.

Sonic boom: More satisfying animation.
Oust: 16 mp, now works on any hp, 0.25x accuracy.
Advice: range up to 4.
Vitals shot: 0.5x Damage.
Hunting: Full damage.
Counter Force: Full damage.
Ultima Shot: 60 mp.
Sidewinder: Down from 2x dmg to 1.5x dmg. 12 mp.

Fira,Blizzara,Thundara removed.
Aero, Water, Darkga added.
Magick frenzy removed.
Doublecast Added.

No more magick frenzied illusions.

Rends replaced with Crushes.
Body slam: 1.5x damage scaling, 0.5x self damage. (you take 1/3 damage dealt instead of 1/4 now)
Lifetap: accuracy increased to 50%, 16 mp.

Roundhouse: Uses weapon damage and element.
Revive:14 mp. (Limit glove shouldn't be too easy to get to.)

Less Atk growth more M.atk growth.

Jump: Damage increase to 3x
Lancet: Drains mp as well.
Wyrmtamer: Now works at any hp,0.25x Accuracy.
Breaths: Now magical and pierces defense.
Wyrmkiller: 2x damage to drakes, 16 mp.
Bangaa Cry: Pierces defense and confuses enemy.

Rend weapon: 18mp, does 1x dmg.
Mow Down: base dmg down, 1.25x damage scaling.
Aura:28 mp.
Bulwark: 16 mp.

Removed fire soul, blizzard tackle, and thunder assault.
Added Wyrmfire, arc, and frostbite.(Reasons.)

Dark fist: range up to 4, actually dark element.
Lifebane: now uses weapon damage instead of 5 base. accuracy of debuff up.
Holy strike: 1.5x damage scaling, 16 mp.
Inner focus: Now removes all debuffs.
Rend armor: Does full dmg, 18 mp.

Holy: mp up, 2x damage scaling.
Aero, Water: Mp up, 1.5x damage scaling.
Break: Deals Earth damage.
Pilfer removed.(Why do bishops have this?)
Arise added.

Piercing cry: Dmg added.
Discipline: Defense up added.
Haste: Cast range up to 4.
Lifebreak: accuracy up from 0.25x to 0.5x.

Move and jump down to 2.
Prime, Foresight, Buckshot and scope now cost 10 mp, and grants quicken, but immobilizes for 1 turn.
Mortar: 10 mp, 6 range.
Target: 6 range.

Atk growth up M.atk down.(Cards are actually worth using instead of just for ultima.)
Snigger: range up to 6, blind added. (Blind with rage, ha)
Suggestion: Range up to 6, mp cost up to 28, Sleep added. ( Toad at 6 range is scary)
Hypochodria: range up to 6, silence added.
Shadow of doubt: Range up to 6, 12 mp, disable added.
Charisma:Range up to 6, 24 mp, confuse added.(What gender are they?)
Agitate: Accuracy up from 0.25x to 0.5x, mp cost up to 16.
Traumatize: Range up to 6.
Mug removed.

Hastega: range up to 4.
Slow: range up to 4.
Stop: range up to 4, mp cost up to 28.( A stopped unit is probably a dead unit)

More of a support class to distinguish from sage.
Protometeor and flare removed.
Turbo-ether and megapotion added.
Poison replaced with bio.

In a good spot.
Lv.3 Dark: Base dmg up.
Lv.? Shadowflare: 1.5x damage scaling.

For when you really need to nuke things.
Bio removed.
Blind: Mp cost up to 12, Aoe up.
Scathe:Base dmg down, 2x dmg scaling, mp cost up to 40, range increased to 6.
Gigaflare:1.75x dmg scaling.
Protometeor added: 4 hits at 0.25x accuracy.
Ultima: 60 mp, range 4.

Natural selection: No longer hits the casting unit.
Tomes: 20 mp.
Mad Scientist: mp cost down to 14.

Abilities now uses weapon dmg instead of 20 base.
Swarmstrike: 0.5x chance to poison and blind.
Shadowstick: 4 mp cost, delays target. 1x dmg.
Checkmate: 1x dmg, 12 mp.
Featherblow: also grants focus.
Swallowtail:10 mp, grants evasion up.
Manastrike:4 mp.
Piercing blow: range 3.
Nighthawk: 12 mp, 1.25x dmg.

Cast range up for most spells.
Oil: Aoe increased.
Mp increased for tranq and leap.

Fine as is.

Double cast replaced by magick frenzy.(Mist frenzy is a thing.)

Blood price removed.
Poison blade replaced with drain blade.(Vieras have enough poison abilities.).
Confusion Blade replaced with Charm Blade.(Its sad viera don't have much access to charm.)
Doom blade replaced with Ultima blade.(There's enough doom infliction in other viera skill sets)

Summons can now distinguish friend from foe.
Cast range reduced to 0.
Maduin: mp cost to 32. 1.5x dmg scaling.

Move up to 5.
Atk growth regained.
Equips guns instead of bows.(Guns needs more love, guns also tends to deal less dmg.)
Shadowbind,rockseal,Last breath. Mp cost up.
Ague and aphonia does 1x dmg.
Ultima masher removed.(Given to spellblade.)
Vanish added, also gives evasion+.

Move down to 3.
Doubleshot: Down to 1.5x dmg
Death sickle:12 mp.
Vanish removed.
Wallet shot removed.
Snipe added. 10 range, 1x dmg.

Sheep count: 20 mp.
Cuisine: 30 mp
Friend:Cast range down.

Moogle is replaced with mog.(I have reasons.)
Can equip ribbons.
Mog rush: 3x dmg.
Ultima charge removed.
Hidden Mog added. Unleashes the power within to deal holy damage in a small area.

Fireshot,Boltshot,iceshot replaced by wyrmfire,arc and frostbite.(paravirs shouldn't be the only one to get cool names.)
Charmshot: 8mp, debuff accuracy 0.5x.
Stopshot: 12 mp, debuff accuracy 0.5x.

Move up to 5.
ring toss: 20 mp.
Ball toss: Addles instead of confuse.
Dagger toss: Uses weapon dmg.
Smile toss: 20 mp.
Gil toss: Actually does decent damage.(3 hits)

Skills now only affect ally or foe as appropriate. 0.5x accuracy.
Foe skills also deal 1x dmg.Mp cost up.

Stat growth revamped.
Skills refer to chocobo.

Cure and ether cannon gained aoe.
Protect and shell cannons: gained aoe, also gives a random buff.
Teleport cannon: 2x dmg.
Ether boost: 1.5x dmg in aoe.
Blow back: 3x dmg. Takes 1/2 current hp as recoil.
Ultima Blast: 60 mp.

Hone sense: Added accuracy up.
Ground Shaker: 6 range.

Item Lore removed.
Trap range increased to 4.
Life Bond: 6 range.

Soul eater: 1.5x dmg. 0.2 current hp taken.
Sword of darkness: MP cost down to 8.
Block! and Strike! Now only target allies.
Razzle Dazzle: Mp cost down to 20.

M.atk growth up.
Tsunami:12 range.
Pickpocket: berserks the enemy on success.

Gria tends to have decent magick growth.

Sonic boom replaced with cyclone.

Cyclone moved.
Bulwark removed.
Thunder flare added. 30 mp, low range, small aoe,2x dmg lightning spell.
Whirlwind: Adjacent 4 tiles.

Mp cost added to most abilities.
En garde: Grants bulwark instead of defense.(If you're gonna override strikeback or bonecrusher you'd better have something good.)
Battle Cry: grant critical up.
Overpower: Uses weapon dmg.

Actually have M.atk growth as befitting a spell caster.
Embraces range up to 8.
Natures embrace: Added delay.
Shining flare: Added blind.
Mist Storm: Aoe up.

Trophy hunt: full dmg.
Shadow Stalk: 1.25x dmg scaling.
Steal: Amount stolen tripled.
Swipe: Deals 1x dmg.
Razor's edge: Critcal up added.

Blade dance: damage down to 1.5x.
Forbidden , Slow dance: Aoe increased. 12 mp.
Witch hunt : Aoe increased, 8 mp.
Polka: defense down added.
Heathen Frolic: resistance down added.
Mincing minuet: Pierces defense.

Hide: grants evasion up.
Angel song: 12mp, aoe up.
Battle Chant: Aoe up, grants attack up, 10 mp
Magickal refrain: aoe up, grants magick up, 10 mp.

Stats worthy of being gifted.
Lennart: 12mp, 6 range, pierces defense.
Hilo: Addles.
Viola: Full Max - current hp dmg, Accuracy 0.5x
Ldja: Aoe up.
Elpe: 20 mp.
Adelaide: 32 mp, reraise added.

Stats worthy of a boss.
Time Blade: 2x damage.
Saber: Added critical up, focus.
Dimensional rift: 90% hp.
Abyssal slash: 4 range.

Gains item lore.
Flourish: double accuracy
Fawn: range 6
Enchant: range 6
Succor removed.
Showstealer added: Steals smash gauge from all enemies.
Reckless abandon: added delay.

Monsters don't usually get much methods of gaining mp so their costs is adjusted accordingly.

Meteorite: 16 mp, 1.5x dmg, range 5.
Lvl.? Holy: 12mp

Petrifying rattle: 16 mp.
Poisonous Frog: 12 mp

Screech: 0 mp.

Evasion up.
War dance: Added Critical up.
Hip attack: added Berserk.

En Garde: see ravager.

Sandstorm:10 mp
Subsidence: pierces defense.

Limit Glove: Range 3
Rain Of Stone: 1.5x dmg scaling.

Eerie Sound Wave: Aoe up.

Speed growth increased.

Fluster: Grant Move up and attack up as well.

Choco flame: 8 mp.
Choco meteor: pierce defense.
Choco beak:12 mp, base dmg down, 1.5x dmg scaling

Unction: aoe up.

Spark: Mp cost 14.


Steal thoughts: Deal 1x dmg.

Skill cast ranges up.
Binding circle: Aoe up.

Quake: 1.25x dmg scaling
Sunder earth: 0 mp.

Aoe up.

Restoration ray: 2x healing.

Darkra: 1.25x dmg scaling.
Darkga:1.5x damage scaling.:24 mp

Exodus: Aoe up.
Ultima: Heal down to 0.5x max hp.

Comes with Archmage passive

Comes with pugilist passive

Soldier and warriors seem to randomly gain passive abilities.Some nu mous are reported too.

On equipments Luso's custom abilities are displayed as soldier skills, this is due to hard coded limitations that skills that isn't the generic jobs are displayed as soldiers.

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Currently in process of editing formations.
In the mean time have some shinies.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


Uh, normally you're not supposed to break the Law on the first/tutorial mission of the game which i find pretty funny...
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown
  • Discord username: Zeke Aileron™#0606


Quote from: Zeke_Aileron on May 23, 2018, 12:24:56 pm
Uh, normally you're not supposed to break the Law on the first/tutorial mission of the game which i find pretty funny...

It is part of the new learning curve.

Jokes aside, the tutorial can be a bit rough on hard if you're not careful.
There's also a little extra fun in the demo that plays when you leave the title menu run.
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Quote from: DeSgeretjin on May 23, 2018, 09:50:19 pm
It is part of the new learning curve.

Jokes aside, the tutorial can be a bit rough on hard if you're not careful.
There's also a little extra fun in the demo that plays when you leave the title menu run.

Oh well that's interesting.

Edit: Ok, i saw the title screen demo, and it's pretty funny.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown
  • Discord username: Zeke Aileron™#0606


Thanks for this and all your work on the editors!

How long do you think it'll take to mess with the formations? Trying to decide whether to start on this version or wait for the next one. Looking forward to playing it either way.


Doing roughly 20 to 30 formations a day, so I'd say round 2 weeks.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


Version updated, nearly final.
Formations are done alone with everything else.
All that is left is beta testing and final adjustments.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


Hello! I've been following your hack for a long time and finally it appears to be -nearly- completed.

Is it playable or do you recommend a bit longer for you to adress your final touches before playing it?

Thanks again for your huge work!
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


It's playable.
The final touches are for player feedback.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


Thanks! I'll start a new game tonight - might be a bit before I can provide you with meaningful feedback.


June 06, 2018, 10:42:41 am #11 Last Edit: June 06, 2018, 10:51:14 pm by chocolatemoose
Small bug: the Loot skill appears to deal damage and not steal loot. Think I used it with Adelle.

Edit: nevermind, finally got the steal loot to fire. Looks like it's a certain % that's independent from dealing damage.


Similar to a clan's journey Moorabella also black screens.
The cause is known and is patched on parent post.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


Not sure if this was intentional, but post-patch Luso's keeper class has gone a little wonky. When I started 0.98 Luso had the free energy skill that he learned from a card (the ace of spades?). After renaming the save file he can no longer use the skill or equip cards. I started a new game to see if it was just the save file - the Growth skill set got renamed Turning, and Luso can't use any of the skills even though he starts with the card equipped.


Made wrong patch, sorry.

Correct patch should be up.
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June 10, 2018, 12:49:48 pm #15 Last Edit: June 10, 2018, 02:16:48 pm by SvenVolfied
First of all, thank you for all the work you put in the hack. It's awesome!

Bug report:

Keeper's Warp doesn't do anything, same as Gladiator/Fighter's Wild Swing.

Not only warriors and soldiers learn random passive abilities, it happened with my nu mous. When I changed class, the abilities disappeared. Nothing annoying, it only applies on non-learned abilites.

I don't know if it's intended but the yellow chocobo has a lot of Atk stat, like twice the normal rate.

Thank you again!

Edit: Warp worked on a monster when I tried it, weird. My first try was on human targets.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


Thanks for feedback.

Warp subject to accuracy so it'd probably just missed even though the animation goes through regardless.

Wild swing is fixed and would be included in next patch.

The chocobo was a typo and is fixed.(It was actually 12x normal growth lol.)
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  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


June 17, 2018, 08:07:07 pm #18 Last Edit: June 17, 2018, 08:35:07 pm by MountainDew~
Few things I've noticed so far and currently remember thinking was off:

Ranger still get Item Lore from wiz hats, change log says they shouldn't.

Wideswing has increased aoe, roundhouse does not. I assume this was done to persuade use of roundhouse? Aurablast is a white monk skill just like roundhouse.

Luso randomly knows the water and aero spell under high magic, haven't unlocked Seer yet. do soldiers learn random stuff besides Support skills?

Red Spring only costs 8 Mana for a party wide haste that usually hits one or two people, even with low hit%. loving it, but maybe put it a little higher? Green Gear is 16 mp for only damage+poison. Silver disk is also 8mp, seems a tad low, but blind isn't a hindering status, though, so ehh.

Sheep count 20MP, Regular sleep spell is 12. They're the same aren't they?

Maybe give Keeper a few abilities on earlier weapons. Not much incentive to stay and use it as of right now (currently at sand Lord fight in galleria deep)
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  • Discord username: Holographic #1363


June 17, 2018, 11:38:48 pm #19 Last Edit: June 18, 2018, 12:00:13 am by DeSgeretjin
Good catch on the ranger.

Roundhouse use weapon elements and damage so can potentially be a lot stronger. You do also get white monks at the start unlike fighters being a locked behind ability and quest requirements. Maybe I'll add knockback and see how well that works, and give whirl burst more effect. Any suggestions?

Luso shouldn't know water and aero and it doesn't happen my side.

Consider that hastega can haste 5 people at once and costs 16mp. Red spring is fine.
The other mechanic skill are properly adjusted.
Green Gear is 12mp.
Black ingot 18 mp.
Chroma gem 18 mp.

Sheep count is on a skillset with really strong skills so it cost more compared to the sleep spell so the other skills in the skillset can be used less.

Keeper skills are strong, it make sense to have them available when you get access to skills with comparable strength.

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