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February 25, 2020, 06:57:21 pm


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My Patch - FFT WOTL Reimagined

Started by Foreclosure, March 01, 2018, 07:24:59 pm


Hello there! I've just made this account so I can be part of this awesome community. I've been into game modding in the recent years and this is the second game I'm giving it a shot. Thanks to the wonderful work of this community, and the japanese one, I was able to do almost everything I wanted to in my patch. I thank you all deeply.

I would like to share some info about my patch, and with this I hope some of you can help me rebalance it a little further.

I added some new classes by using empty slots and replacing some others. Thing is, after some gameplays I feel they need a little more thinking. Could anyone help me figure it out?

In particular, there are two classes I'd like some insight. I've created the Blue Mage and I turned Alicia into a Viking.
The Blue mage has the following skillset (I replaced skillset A5 and renamed it with fftactext):
Choco Cure (5 MP cost); Choco Esuna (9 MP cost); Choco Meteor (3 MP); Goblin Punch (8 MP); Dischord (16 MP); Mind Blast (18 MP); Doom (8 MP); Guardyan and Shell Nymph (8 MP cost each); Beam (8 MP); Bad Breath (20 MP); Tri-thunder (24 MP); Tri-Flame (36 MP); Nanoflare (18 MP); and lastly I added skill Night (24 MP).

For Night Skill, I copied celestial stasis, but instead of disabling/stopping/immobilize now it puts everyone to sleep (except the caster). I gave it to a Lamia job class I created.

All of the Blue Mage's skills are learnt on hit. There is an issue, however, with the Night and Mind Blast skills. I can make my mage learn all of them by hit, except those two, and I believe it is because of the specific status effect they add. Has anyone ever tried making a blue mage? Anyone got any idea how to go around this? Plus, did what did you guys think about the skillset? and what would you guys use for multipliers and equiment? I also gave him Arcane Defense as innate ability.

The Viking job has the following skillset:

Rend Weapon, Rend Armor, Rend Shield, Rend Helm, Magick/Speed/Power/Mindsap, Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, Leviathan, and a spell I made called Thor's Hammer, which is just Unholy Darkness but lightning element based. This job can use only Axes and Spears and has Innate Swim, Doublehand and Lifefont. It was meant to be a tank/damage dealer.

I'm struggling to find multipliers for those classes. I will post more info about my patch if there is further interest from the community. Thanks in advance, and any help is very appreciated.

Yours, Fore

P.S: This is my first post so if I made any mistakes please excuse me.

  • Modding version: PSX & WotL


Could you post a .ppf file so people can try it out for themselves?  It would also help to be able to compare them with the other player classes.

I like your take on Blue Mage.  It's usually a cool idea in theory but far too difficult to actually get going, giving them a few easily obtainable and useful skills will really make them a good option.
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL


Jot5 gives its Blue Mage one skill from each of the 16 monster families. Every monster within that family shares two skills - one basic attack and one that turns out to be the Blue Magic for their family. (They all get different third skills.)

I think that's the best possible approach to designing Blue Magic accessibility. It's really straightforward and intuitive. That does mean you'll need to rethink the monster skills for all monsters, but honestly, the end result would be worth it IMO. You'd come out with a solid, strong, intuitive Blue Mage as well as pretty well rounded monsters.

If you're really set on learning those skills while keeping them close to the way they are now, you may want to consider altering their effects. Make Night cause Sleep and Blind, for example. Give the Blue Mage a sleep proof accessory. Get them Blinded by the effect. Nerf the skill a little to compensate.

Innate abilities are hard to balance around, and I would not give out Arcane Defense like that to a generic Job.

Your Viking is a bit overdone. 8-ish skills per set is closer to ideal (with some exception being made if you're using the base-ra-ga spell progression), too many innates (and innate Lifefont can cause issues with other "move and trigger effect" skills), and too much overlap with generic Jobs - its skillset is just a merged Knight and Black Mage.
I get that you're trying to emulate FFTA2's Viking, but... don't. It doesn't work so well here because of the different Job system.

Cut the extra Bio spells or something and use those slots to think up some new skills for special units.

My advice? Give your Viking some thunder-based physical or weapon range attacks. Give them Scream from the SuperSquire skillset. Toss in one or two more skills after that. Don't let her overshadow Agrias, her canonical superior.
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL