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March 30, 2020, 05:50:42 pm


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FFT: WOTL - Valeria 1.5.3 "Ivalice Reborn" (With Valeria Job System completed)

Started by Windows X, December 11, 2017, 04:33:54 am

Windows X

Quote from: thiagobprj on February 24, 2020, 02:54:13 pmHI !
Im enjoying the mod so far and have a couple of questions.
I noticed Healing spells are kinda meh compared to items, my Cure spell heals for 24 on average, so do I need to get units with higher faith to cast those spells ? How do I get higher than 70 faith on generic units since you can't maipulate Faith/Bravery ?

Second question: in regards to the items collected from multiplayer mode, did you add them to the game world or they continue to be exclusive from those modes ?

Thanks for the great job !

Hi. I'm glad to hear you enjoy Valeria mod. Healing spell is HP percentage based so it will scale better over time. In early game potions will be very useful and you can use healing summon from Summoner for magic power based healing.

If you want to get stronger heal with cure spells, use Cura/Curaga can help healing better though White magicks will not be very powerful enough until later chapters. However, it heals with regen status so that's a lot with regen combined.

For multiplayer items, they're mostly broken items so I won't include them in main game for re-balance purposes. Even 40WP Chaos Blade was nerfed so bad and become Fellsword for Dark Knight job instead. You can get them from multiplayer mode with your friends or second save file if you want to.
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